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8 August 2021 • High Performance

Seasons best for Camille Buscomb in 10,000m Olympic final

Camille Buscomb competes in the 10,000m final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Photo credit: Alisha Lovrich)

Camille Buscomb has finished 19th in the women’s 10,000m Olympic final, crossing in 32.10:49, a seasons best for the 31 year old.

On her Olympic debut, Camille was the only female New Zealand athlete to take to the track in Tokyo and lined up twice, competing in both the 5,000m and 10,000m.

The conditions in the stadium for the 10,000m were stifling with barely a breath of wind. The pace set by the race leaders was relentless, with Camille starting near the back of the pack and dropping off the lead group around the 2,000m mark. Camille finished strong, the pain clear on her face as she sprinted to the finish.

After struggling with the heat in the 5,000m qualifying, Camille was happy to cross the line feeling good:

“My goal was to finish feeling good and I did that. I finished feeling really good. I know obviously the time wasn’t super fast but I feel like I competed and I enjoyed the race,” said Camille. “My worst nightmare was going to be blowing up, feeling horrible, getting heat stroke, not coping, so I just really wanted to be in control feeling good, enjoy it.”

Camille,  who hails from the Waikato, said that the next goal was clear: “I want to go to Paris in 2024, so that’s the goal. It’s just a matter of how I get there, what I do between now and then, but yes Paris in the goal.