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2 February 2022 • General

My Favourite – Holly Manning

Holly Manning competing at the Potts Classic in Hastings. (Credit: Mark Roberts)

Holly Manning is currently New Zealand’s fastest woman over 800m this year after her impressive victory in 2:06.23 at Potts Classic. We find out a few of the Hastings AC middle-distance athlete’s favourite things in our regular segment.

Favourite athletics venue

It has to be my home track, the Hastings Sports Park Track. I have so many memories there – good, bad and painful! 

Favourite piece of coaching advice

My coach Ryan Waite said, “the 800 is never going to feel good, so when it starts to hurt you might as well make it hurt even more”. The quote speaks for itself really!

Favourite training session

 8×200. I just love 200s

Favourite athlete of all-time

It’s hard not to say Athing Mu (Olympic 800m champion) she’s incredible. But recently I’ve also have been fangirling over Kelly Holmes, specifically her 2004 Olympic 800m and 1500m double.

Favourite competition you’ve ever watched 

I went to the 2016 Birmingham Diamond League and really enjoyed it! I watched Mo Farah win the 3000m and I saw lots of other big names. 

Favourite athletics website

Not a website but Kyle Merber’s (former US middle-distance runner) twitter account makes me laugh a lot

Favourite school athletics memory

Getting lost in Wellington when we had to drive from Napier to Ashburton for the New Zealand Secondary Schools cross country when the Iceland volcano erupted. My team and I went for a “run” in Wellington but instead went for a sneaky shop while we were waiting for the ferry, but then we ended up getting lost on Cuba Street and our whole team almost missed the ferry. On top of that we also ran about 6km more than we were supposed to…. but then the next day NGHS (Napier Girls High School) did really well. 

Favourite athletics room-mate

Clodagh O’Reilly from Ireland. We have the right amount of pre-race hype but also calm energy. Also the Kiwis and the Irish have got to stick together.

Favurite pre-competition song

Kill the Lights because it reminds me of my friends at Stony Brook University.

Favourite other sport

Hockey. I used to play but I kept injuring myself because I am too clumsy for any sport that involves coordination. I love watching it now though.

Favourite ice cream flavour 

That is a hard one because my parents own an ice cream shop! But I think this week it has to be Tiramisu. 

Favourite YouTube video

The Munich Olympic men’s 800m when Dave Wottle wins from the back. That’s an awesome race to watch. 

Favourite day of the week

Saturday because I am either racing or doing a track workout. I love getting a track workout done on a Saturday morning and then having the rest of the day to relax. 

Favourite toy as a child

My toy unicorn Uni. I took it everywhere with me until I was probably a little too old….

Favourite animal

Cats. Specifically, my own cat, Bandit. 

Favourite thing about New Zealand

There are so many things. On the list is that there are no ticks, it doesn’t snow, it’s acceptable to walk around in bare feet, fish and chips (food in general is so good) and my family!

Fav overseas country visited

America is my favourite. There are so many different parts, it’s like every state is its own country. I like the beaches there and more importantly I have so many great friends in the US.

Favourite 80s Movie

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Such a classic. 

Fav Treat

Potato chips are my weakness.