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12 May 2022 • General

My Favourite - Karsen Vesty

Karsen Vesty won the men’s 1500m U20 title at the 2022 Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

One of the leading teenage middle-distance athletes in New Zealand has enjoyed a memorable year, grabbing national U20 1500m gold and earning selection for the World U20 Championships in Colombia. Here the 17-year-old Hastings AC athlete answers our My Favourite questions.  

Favourite athletics venue


My home track, the Hastings Sports Park Track. There is nothing better than training and racing at your home track.


Favourite piece of coaching advice 


My coach Richard Potts yelling at me to “just relax” during training and races. It’s so simple yet so effective. 


Favourite training session 


It is a brutal session, but I think I would have to say 600m hill reps.  


Favourite athlete of all time 


The current Olympic 1500m champion, Jacob Ingebrigtsen. 


Favourite competition you’ve ever watched 


The 2021 Tokyo Olympics. There was just so much action and so many great races. 


Favourite athletics website 


The ANZ rankings website.


Favourite school athletics memory 


I think it would have to be when we get a bunch of distance runners to run the 4×400 at the end of a meet. 


Favourite athletics roommate 


My training partner Lorcan Rabbitte, we have some great chats before races. 


Favourite pre-competition song 


Any song that hypes me up. 


Favourite pre-competition snack 


Chocolate and manuka honey One Square Meal bar. 


Favourite Other sport 


Orienteering, it’s great fun and it breaks up the running. 


Favourite YouTube video 


The 2021 Tokyo Olympic 1500m final.


Favourite day of the week 


Sunday, I love a good Sunday long run with the team. 


Favourite video game 


I don’t really play games, but I would have to say Mario Kart. 


Favourite animal 


Dogs, I have two of them. 


Favourite thing about New Zealand 


The beaches and just how easy it is to get out in nature. 


Favourite overseas country visited 


America, it’s just such a big country with so much to do. 


Favourite 80s Movie 


The Karate Kid. 


Favourite extracurricular activity