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21 September 2021 • General

New Zealand Trail Running Championships update

The 2021 New Zealand Trail Running Championships will regrettably not go ahead following the cancellation of the Crater Rim Ultra – which was scheduled for Sunday October 17.

Event organisers made the decision because of uncertainty created by the current Covid restrictions. The New Zealand Trail Running Championships were to be incorporated into the Crater Rim Ultra in Christchurch.

Crater Rim Ultra race director Peter King said in a statement: “Yesterday’s announcement and what has happened in the past few weeks mean we simply can’t be sure that level two will be extended or raised. Under the Covid rules, we can’t hold the Crater Rim Ultra safely at level two.

“Our decision to cancel was not taken lightly. We have put months of planning into the Crater Rim Ultra. Over the next four weeks, we would have faced significantly more spending on organising the event.

“If we cannot be confident of being at level one by race day, we think it is responsible to cancel now rather than risk having to cancel at the last minute and lose thousands of dollars. We also wish to avoid all the disruption to travel plans and accommodation bookings that last-minute cancellation would cause out-of-town entrants.”

The next edition of the New Zealand Trail Running Championships will be incorporated into the 2022 Crater Rim Ultra next October.

More info on the decision to cancel the 2021 Crater Rim Ultra here