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23 March 2021 • Track and Field

Q and A with Amy Robertson

Amy Robertson in action at the Sir Graeme Douglas International last month in Auckland (Photo: Alisha Lovrich) 

New Zealand’s number one sprint hurdler Amy Robertson has enjoyed an outstanding unbeaten season so far. Ahead of the Jennian Homes New Zealand Track and Field Championships, we find out more about the 21-year-old North Harbour Bays athlete in our Q and A segment.

Why did you start athletics? 

I was always running around when I was little and loved playing tag/bullrush at primary school. So mum thought I might enjoy athletics and took me to the local athletics club. The rest is history!

What was the last piece of athletics advice you received? 

My coach telling me when I am at the start line to only focus on my hurdles, block out the background noise and get to that finish line. 

What has been your career highlight? 

Running the 100m hurdles qualifying time multiple times for the World University Games this season!

What has been your athletics low? 

Falling over a hurdle while in first place in my last year competing at the NZ Secondary Schools Championships.

Where do you see your athletics career ten years from now? 

I’m not sure if I will still be competing. I’ll see how my body is holding up but I would love to be coaching or still involved with the sport in some way.

What is your greatest mistake in athletics? 

Comparing myself to other athletes’ journeys and their achievements as it made me doubt my process. Over time, I learnt that everyone’s process is different. All you can control is your journey and mindset. 

Which athlete is the most interesting to follow on social media? 

Queen Harrison-Claye (US sprint hurdler) is amazing. I love her confidence. She makes me realise that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader and take positives from the highs and lows. 

Do you have a favourite athletics social media post? 

There’s a slow-motion video of Keni Harrison (world 100m hurdles record-holder) racing over hurdles from a front-on view and you can see the amount of strength and power she has. Amazing!

If you could change one thing about the sport, what would it be and why? 

Having televised events in New Zealand like the Nitro Athletics competition that was held in Australia a few years ago. It would be a lot of fun and would add a different layer to what a traditional athletics competition is like. It would be so much fun to mix things up a bit within our community and potentially grow a larger audience!

Which athlete do you most admire from your event? 

There are so many amazing women who are incredible hurdlers but for me Sally Pearson is still the athlete who really stands out to me. Watching her hurdles final at the London 2012 Olympics still gives me goosebumps.

Outside of athletics what is your greatest accomplishment this year? 

Graduating with a Bachelors in Architectural Studies!

What was your most embarrassing moment in high school? 

Probably when I was playing in a final of futsal with half the school watching but as I went to kick the ball into the goal I slipped and fell straight onto my face.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 

I would be a beaver because they build dams and design and build beaver lodges to live in!

Do you have a nickname? 

There’s no real way to shorten or nickname Amy but my Dad has always called me Flossy.  

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? 

To be able to teleport, it would be great to spend a half day on the beach in Hawaii then be able to end the day with dinner in Paris. Would save you a lot in airfares, that’s for sure!

What is the funniest joke you know? 

Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his scrabble letters on the road. I asked him, “Hey, what’s the word on the street?”

Where do you see yourself when you are 50? 

I see myself as a registered architect and practicing potter. 

What is the most ridiculous fact you know? 

Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float away from each other.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why? 

To not put so much praise and emphasis on the economy and making as much money as possible. Instead, measuring success more on wellbeing and community by putting more of an emphasis on human connection/relationships. 

If you could have three dinner party guests who would you invite and why?

Sally Pearson, because her athletics career was sensational and I would love to talk to her about her incredible work ethic and struggles she faced.

Jane Goodall is an amazing primatologist and anthropologist who advocates for the preservation of the world’s wildlife and showing young women that you can become one of the greats. 

Dame Jane Drew was one of the pioneers of women in architecture in the 20th century and really paved the way for women to feel like they are integral in the world of architecture.

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Jennian Homes New Zealand Track and Field Championships
Friday 26 March – Saturday 27 March
Mitre 10 Park Hawke’s Bay, Hastings
The last major athletics meet in New Zealand before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics