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9 March 2019 • General

Tom Walsh, Edward Osei-Nketia and Zoe Hobbs among winners on day one of the Jennian Homes Track & Field Champs

In a performance befitting a world champion, Tom Walsh clinched his tenth successive New Zealand shot put title with a magnificent heave of 21.70m to light up day one of the Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships.


In his home city of Christchurch, Walsh reigned supreme, seizing control of the competition with his opening round 21.52m.


Three frustrating throws followed until he found his groove firing the 7.26kg shot out to 21.70m with his penultimate effort – his longest ever throw at a national championships – before following up with a 21.63m effort in the final stanza.


Behind, former World U20 champion Jacko Gill put together an ultra-consistent series led by a best effort of 20.71m in round three to earn the Aucklander the silver medal.


European silver medallist Konrad Bukowiecki of Poland claimed third with a 20.25m effort with Australian Damien Birkinhead fourth (19.58m). Walsh’s training partner Ryan Ballantyne (Canterbury) finished sixth overall but claimed third in the New Zealand championship with 17.83m.


Walsh, who triumphed on Wednesday with 21.01m in the Lincoln University Street Athletics Festival at Christchurch Casino Car Park, produced a much better display some 48 hours later.


“I was happier with my processes and intent on Wednesday but today it (the shot) went further,” he says.


“In an ideal world I would have six perfect throws but three out of six isn’t bad.


“Title number ten makes me feel old but winning a national title now means more than that it once did because I was up against such a great field. To be up against such good competition is pretty cool.”


Eddie Osei-Nketia ushered in a new era for New Zealand sprinting as the 17-year-old speedster blasted to the national 100m title in 10.64.


In a tight tussle with Jordan Bolland, Osei-Nketia edged the battle by 0.08 to take ownership of the title from Joseph Millar, who disappointingly withdrew on the morning of the competition after feeling ill.


Osei-Nketia, whose father Gus Nketia claimed this title on five occasions in the 1990s, said “The way I train and work hard I am not surprised and I knew I had in the bag. I had a sore hamstring in the upper right leg leading into the final but it was all good…and I still have the 200m and relay to come.”


Rounding out the all Auckland podium was Hamish Gill (10.86) in bronze.


Zoe Hobbs completed a hat-trick of national women’s 100m titles to once again cement her status as New Zealand’s fastest woman.


In a clear illustration of her current superiority, the Auckland-based athlete clinched the crown in 11.61 – despite suffering a recent minor setback in the gym.


“I had a bit of a rocky lead in so I wasn’t quite sure where I was at,” explains Hobbs, who ran a PB of 11.37 to climb to second on the all-time NZ lists and is tantalisingly close to Michelle Seymour’s 26-year-old national record of 11.32.


“You never know what happens at a championship and I’m just stoked with the win.”


For the second successive year Olivia Eaton (Taranaki) collected 100m silver – recording 11.95 – with Brooke Somerfield (Waikato BoP) grabbing bronze by 0.01 from Livvy Wilson (Auckland) in 12.00.


Hamish Kerr retained his position as New Zealand high jump number one by clearing 2.20m to secure his fourth national title.


The Christchurch-based athlete, who posted a PB of 2.25m in December to climb to number two on the all-time NZ rankings, set the bar at 2.26m but despite three decent attempts found the height beyond him on this occasion.


“It feels good (to win a national title), I’m happy with how things are progressing but I obviously didn’t jump as far as I would have wanted to,” explains Kerr.


“I’m in great shape at the moment, it is just a matter of when (I will clear higher). All three attempts at 2.26m were good. I was dealing with a bit of calf cramp, which was a frustrating. I think that started to get to me but I they were some of my closest attempts at that height (2.26m).”


Marcus Wolton (Canterbury) cleared 2.06m to edge seven-time former champion Billy Crayford (Wellington) on countback in the battle for the silver medal.


Paralympic long jump champion Anna Grimaldi completed a busy day of action to cross the line first in 12.92 in the Para Women’s 100m final – just 0.06 shy of her lifetime best.


Earlier, competing in the worst of the weather, the Otago-based athlete leapt to 5.15m in the senior women’s long jump but enjoyed more favourable conditions for her 100m burn up.


“It felt pretty good,” she explains. “I haven’t done too many 100s this season so to get out there and perform against so many other para athletes was pleasing,” she explains. “I can’t remember the last time there was so many other para-women competing, it so cool,” adds Grimaldi. A record number of 40 para athletes are entered here at the 2019 New Zealand Championships.


Matt Baxter demonstrated all the class of a former NCAA Cross Country silver medallist to win the senior men’s 5000m final in 14:04.44. The 24-year-old Taranaki athlete was a decisive winner from the 2018 champion Oli Chignell (Otago), who had to settle for silver in 14:11.92. Dan Balchin (Canterbury), the 2017 national 5000m gold medallist (14:18.84), banked the bronze.


Three-time former national women’s 5000m silver medallist Lydia O’Donnell (Auckland) finally upgraded to gold with a stylish victory in 16:10.10.  Behind, Emily Roughan (Taranaki) in 16:22.76 took silver with Maiya Christini (16:30.92) claiming bottom spot in the dais.


There was also a noteworthy performance in the U20 women’s 5000m as Kirstie Rae stopped the clock in 16:44.25 to defeat New Zealand Youth Olympic representative Hannah O’Connor (Taranaki) 16:55.61.


Nicole Bradley (Auckland) racked up her fifth national senior women’s hammer title with a best throw of 60.51m. Lauren Bruce (Canterbury) was the best of the rest with 58.46m.

Event Photos available here.



100m: Edward Osei-Nketia (Akld) 10.64s 1, Jordan Bolland (Akld) 10.72s 2, Hamish Gill (Akld) 10.86s 3.

5000m: Matt Baxter (Tar) 14m 4.44s 1, Oli Chignell (Otago) 14m 11.92s 2, Daniel Balchin (Cant) 14m 18.84s 3.

3000m walk: Graeme Jones (HBG) 14m 16.43s 1, Lyndon Hohaia (Akld) 14m 19.16s 2, Tony Sargisson (Akld) 15m 19.18s 3.

400m hurdles: Oliver Miller (Akld) 55.03s 1, Justin Menezes (Akld) 60.99s 2.

Shot put: Tom Walsh (Cant) 21.70m 1, Jacko Gill (Akld) 20.71m 2, Konrad Bukowiecki (Poland) 20.25m 3.
High jump: Hamish Kerr (Cant) 2.20m 1, Marcus Wolton (Cant) 2.06m 2, William Crayford (Wgtn) 2.06m 3.

Under 20
100m: Tiaan Whelpton (Cant) 10.73s 1, James Guthrie-Croft (Akld) 10.85s 2, TJ Paea (Akld) 10.85s 3.

3000m: Toby Gualter (Wgtn) 15m 51.97s 1, Stuart Hofmeyer (Akld) 15m 52.45s 2, Liam Lamb (Wgtn) 15m 52.55s 3.

3000m walk: Lucas Martin (Man/Wang) 14m 3.69s 1, Alexander Brown (Otago) 14m 42.38s 2.

400m hurdles: Daniel Parkes (Akld) 55.80s 1, Louis Andrews (Cant) 56.02s 2, Olly Parkinson (Akld) 56.74s 3.

Hammer throw: Anthony Barmes (Akld) 55.13m 1, Jordyn Hetaraka (Nthld) 49.85m 2, Nathan Whiteman (Wgtn) 46.09m 3.
Javelin throw: Cam Robinson (Wgtn) 56.23m 1, Shunsuke Sugiyama (Japan) 55.45m 2, Jared Neighbours (Cant) 52.36m 3, Ethan Walker (Otago) 50.54m 4.
Triple jump: Andrew Allan (Sthld) 14.09m 1, Tiaan Whelpton (Cant) 14.07m 2, Teihotaata Teaue (Tahiti) 13.40m 3, Shay Veitch (Otago) 13.19m 4.

Under 18
100m: Jacob Stockwell (Tar) 11.00s 1, Tyron Hilton (WaikBoP) 11.02s 2, Jordan Stewart (Wgtn) 11.12s 3.

3000m: Zane Powell (Akld) 8m 43.56s 1, Andres Hernandez (Man/Wang) 8m 46.61s 2, Maximillian Yanzick (Cant)  8m 48.13s 3.
3000m walk: Daniel Du Toit (Wgtn) 12m 49.03s (NZ under 17 record) 1, Nelson McCutcheon (Akld) 12m 51.55s 2, Ryan Jones (HBG) 13m 52.78s 3.

300m hurdles: Cameron Moffitt (Otago) 38.94s 1, Zachary Saunders (Akld) 39.86s 2, Charles Annals (WaikBoP) 40.55s 3.

Shot put: Nikolas Kini (Nthld) 18.10m 1, Zion Trigger-Faitele (Wgtn) 16.04m 2, Trent Hogg (Sthld) 13.71m 3.
High jump: Quinn Hartley (Sthld) 1.91m 1, Jayden Williamson (Akld) 1.87m 2, Alfie Baker (Cant) 1.87m 3.
Pole Vault: Joshua Bull (Cant) 3.90m 1, Charlie Cameron (Cant) 3.38m 2, Cameron Hewitt (Cant) 3.38m 3.




100m: Zoe Hobbs (Akld) 11.61s 1, Olivia Eaton (Tar) 11.95s 2, Brooke Somerfield (WaikBoP) 12.00s 3.

5000m: Lydia O’Donnell (Akld) 16m 10.10s 1, Emily Roughan (Tar) 16m 22.76s 2, Maiya Christini (Wgtn) 16m 30.92s 3.

400m hurdles: Portia Bing (Akld) 59.63s 1, Mackenzie Keenan (Cant) 60.35s 2, Celine Pearn (Akld) 65.04s 3.

3000m walk: Laura Langley (HBG) 14m 17.69s 1, Rozie Robinson (Cant) 15m 27.81s 2, Corinne Smith (Nthld) 16m 21.64s 3.
Hammer throw: Nicole Bradley (Akld) 60.51m 1, Lauren Bruce (Cant) 58.46m 2, Montaya Wharehinga (Wgtn) 52.63m 3.

Long jump: Kayla Goodwin (WaikBoP) 5.86m 1, Corinna Minko (Australia) 5.82m 2, Ashleigh Bennett (Tar) 5.82m 3, Kelsey Berryman (Cant) 5.66m 4.
Under 20

100m: Leah Belfield (WaikBoP) 11.96s 1, Anna Hayward (Cant) 12.35s 2, Anoushka (Cant) 12.80s 3.

5000m: Kirstie Rae (Wgtn) 16m 44.29s 1, Hannah O’Connor (Tar) 16m 55.61s 2, Phoebe McKnight (Wgtn) 17m 7.18s 3.

3000m walk: Hannah Gilberd (Tar) 17m 0.57s 1.

400m hurdles: Alessandra Macdonald (WaikBoP) 64.21s 1, Jenna Thorne (Otago) 66.40s 2, Sophie Redmayne (Man/Wang) 67.85s 3.

Discus throw: Tatiana Kaumoana (WaikBoP) 44.28m 1, Kaia Tupu-South (Akld) 40.88m 2, Savannah Scheen (Akld) 38.63m 3.

Javelin throw: Savannah Scheen (Akld) 42.84m 1, Mahine Patu (Tahiti) 42.78m 2, Jessica Senior (Sthld) 42.61m 3, Caitlin Bonne (Cant) 42.30m 4.

Triple jump: Kayla Goodwin (WaikBoP) 12.74m (NZ under 19 and under 18 record) 1, Macdonald 11.10m 2, Emma McKay (Otago) 10.91m 3.
High jump: Josephine Reeves (Wgtn) 1.73m 1, Imogen Skelton (Wgtn) 1.69m 2, Maddie Wilson (HBG) 1.61m 3.

Under 18

100m: Sophie Williams (Man/Wang) 11.86s 1, Genna Maples (Man/Wang) 12.19s 2, Briana Irving (HBG) 12.33s 3.

3000m: Isabella Richardson (Akld) 10m 10.24s 1, Samantha Corbett (WaikBoP) 10m 30.09s 2, Martina Conner (Cant) 10m 38.00s 3.

3000m walk: Antonia Martin (Akld) 17m 15.05s 1, Taylor Bell (Akld) 17m 21.01s 2, Alice Ritchie (Cant) 17m 45.28s 3.
300m hurdles: Paige Bell (Akld) 45.59s 1, Samadiana Fariz (Akld) 46.00s 2, Julia Burnham (Cant) 46.45s 3.

Hammer throw: Mile Naime (Akld) 51.98m 1, Mateja Matijevich-Wiki (Nthld) 45.66m 2, Centaine Noom-Duckworth (Akld) 45.46m 3.

Long jump: Maples 5.93m 1, Maddie Wilson (HBG) 5.52m 2, Amy Alderton (Nthld) 5.52m 3.

Pole vault: Eliza Meekings (Cant) and Gemma Brock (Nthld) 2.76m 1 equal, Bella Pickering (Cant) 2.36m 3.