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1 February 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 1 February

Julian Oakley and Laura Nagel claimed victory last Sunday to secure mile titles at Cooks Gardens. (Credit: Mark Roberts)

New Zealand Track & Field results


Cooks Classic, incorporating New Zealand Mile Championship, Cooks Gardens – 30 January 2022
Julian Oakley cemented his place as the number one middle-distance runner in the country at the moment after winning the national mile championship to add to the New Zealand 1500m title won last summer.

Oakley dug deep over the final 250 metres to win in his 13th sub four minute time of 3:58.88. Matthew Taylor rallied well over the closing stages chasing Oakley down to take the silver medal and becoming the 44th New Zealand to break the four minute barrier. Taylor recorded 3:59.80 with Russell Green third in 4:01.24 PB. Times posted by Oakley and Taylor become sub four minute miles number 70 and 71 at the iconic Cooks Gardens venue, coming 60 years after Sir Peter Snell’s world mile record at the ground.

It was a major disappointment for Eric Speakman who fell with a lap to go after clipping the back of Taylor, putting him out of the race.

Oakley added the mile title to the national 3000m title won the previous week in Hastings. Laura Nagel likewise added the New Zealand women’s mile title to the 3000m. Nagel was all class over the final lap winning in a meeting record of 4:35.23 PB, breaking Lucy Van Dalen’s 2013 time of 4:36.07. Anneke Grogan was second in 4:37.48 PB and Kara Macdermid, who was second last year, third in 4:38.35 PB.

There were upsets in both 400 metre races with Josh Ledger beating national champion Hamish Gill by nine hundredths of a second in 48.70. Izzy Neal finished strongly to head in national champion Camryn Smart in the women’s 400m in a PB 53.75.

Portia Bing in her first 400m hurdles race since June last year in Townsville equalled her second best ever time of 55.99 just outside her PB of 55.86.

Will Anthony was outstanding leading from start to finish in the under 20 national 3000m championship in a New Zealand under 19 record of 8:04.25, breaking Declan Wilson’s 2012 record of 8:07.90. Anthony adds the 3000m record to the national under 18 6km road record that he set in Auckland in November 2020.

Chloe Browne successfully defended her national under 20 3000m title. Chloe edged out her twin sister Bella for the title in 9:56.78. Bella recorded 9:57.29 and Hannah Gapes bronze medallist in the senior championship last week gained the junior championship bronze in 9:59.63.

Tom Walsh with a series of 20.62, 20.32, 20.76, x, 20.10 and 20.41 won the shot put with his third round effort. Nick Palmer was second with a 26cm PB of 18.97m and Nathaniel Sulupo third with 16.14m.

James Preston continued his charmed run in the 800m notching up his second straight win in 1:48.26, slightly faster than his victory at the Potts Classic.

Also victorious were; Cody Wilson 100m in 10.82, Zachary Saunders the 200m in 21.86, Jared Neighbours in the javelin with a throw of 61.84m, Scott Thomson the triple jump with 13.82m and Anna Thomson the women’s triple jump with 12.62m.

Talia Van Rooyen won the women’s 100m in a PB 11.96 -1.0, Sophie Hancock the long jump with 5.51m and Keeley O’Hagan the high jump clearing 1.81m. Corran Hanning F12 Para Athlete, had a PB in the 6kg SP 11.14m.

Daniel Clendon (46) won the masters mile in 4:40.52 and 83-year-old Roger Robinson ran 8:13.09 an improvement on his time of 8:22.38 in December.

Meeting records to:
Will Anthony under 20 3000m 8:04.25.

Hamish Kerr high jump 2.28m.

Georgia Hulls 200m 23.51, electronic time superior to Raylene Boyle’s 1977 hand time of 23.5s.

Laura Nagel mile 4:35.23.

Portia Bing 400m hurdles 55.99.

Lauren Bruce hammer throw 72.05m.

Tori Peeters javelin throw 58.95m.


Summer Throws Series #3, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 29 January 2022
Arno van der Westhuizen HT 48.00m. Kate Hallie 3kg SP 15.11m PB, 4kg SP 11.84m, DT 40.51m. Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 14.64m, DT 33.45m, 3kg HT 51.14m. Fiona Siaopo 3kg SP 13.48m, DT 37.38m PB. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 3kg SP 13.02m, DT 43.28m PB. Chitar Jane Skelton Fagaiava DT 39.19m PB. Jasmine Le Ling 3kg HT 45.50m PB. Nora Caffery 3kg HT 38.55m PB. Brianna Tirado 600g JT 35.18m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 29 January 2022
Annalies Kalma, 2020 national 400m champion, 100m 12.65 -2.0, 400m 57.19. Kurt Sweeney 100m 11.39 +0.2 PB, LJ 6.28m +1.5. Maddie Kelso-Heap 300m H 47.22. Holly Fausett 800m 2:20.85. Aimee Ferguson 1500m 4:53.35. Benjie Fairclough 300m H 0.762m 46.38. Conor McGiven 400m 51.97. Louie Endres 1500m 4:05.56. Losaline Lose DT 36.50m. Connor Brown 1.5kg DT 39.77m.


Jumps to Music #9, Hick’s Park – 26 January 2022
Shay Veitch LJ 7.26m +0.4, Matthew Aucamp 6.86m -0.4, Angus Lyver 6.81m +1.3, Stephen Thorpe 6.69m -1.0, Forbes Kennedy 6.66m +0.6.

Mariah Ririnui LJ 6.04m +0.5, Ashleigh Bennett 6.03m +2.2 also 5.92m -0.5, Charlotte Drabble 5.46m -2.8, Hannah Maloney 5.42m +1.1, Lili Szabo 5.29m +3.3 also 5.13m +0.9.


Mid-Week Twilight Meeting #3, Newtown Park – 26 January 2022
Deborah Lynch 1500m 4:54.86, 5000m 17:51.48 PB. Saravee Sos 100m 11.67 +0.3, 200m 23.77 -1.2. Jack Shaw 5000m 16:19.73.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting #10, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 29 January 2022
Anna Percy 100m 11.85 +1.9, 200m 23.85 +2.0. Rosie Elliott HJ 1.70m PB. Christina Ryan 100m H 15.09 +0.8, JT 34.57m, LJ 5.48m -2.6. Asher Pettengell-Brand 100m 11.22 +0.3 PB. Helena Dinnissen 60m 7.96 +1.5, 100m 12.80 +1.9. Adam Stack LJ 6.38m -2.3, HJ 1.93m. James Sandilands LJ 6.37m -0.8, 110m H 1.067m 15.64 -0.3. Nathan MacDonell 200m 22.06 +1.3, Joshua Price 22.46 PB. John Gerber 100m 11.04 +0.3, 200m 22.06 +1.3 PB. Finlay Neale PV 3.52m. Eliza Meekings PV 3.52m. Todd Bates HT 53.60m. Mayce Ballantyne HT 48.94m. Kirsty McCarthy Dempsey 3kg HT 45.96m, 500g JT 38.61m. Ethan Bone HJ 1.97m PB. Tia Wynyard HJ 1.90m PB.

Ethan Smolej 1500m 4:04.69. Tillie Hollyer 1500m 4:34.12. Neve Moulai 1500m 4:53.94. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 13:59.68. Courtney Ruske 3000m RW 14:05.08, Laura Langley 15:14.58. Cameron Clark 5000m 15:08.88. Chantal MacDonald 400m 58.63. Josh Browne 400m 51.37. Julia Burnham 100m H 0.838m 15.18 +0.8 PB.

International Results


Michigan Invitational, Ann Arbor MI, 22 January: Nick Willis (Tracksmith) 3000m 7:59.69 (3).

FasTrak Collegiate Challenge, Houston TX, 22 January: Ben Collerton PV 4.35m (11), LJ 6.82m (6). Josie Taylor HJ 1.72m (1).

J.D. Martin Invitational, Mosier Indoor Facility Norman OK, 22 January: Matt Walsh TJ 14.29m (5).
Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational, Albuquerque NM, 22 January: Leah Belfield 60m 7.56 (1H1), 7.57 (4), 200m 24.48 (1RJ). Hannah Miller 3000m 9:30.90 (1).

Mark Colligan Memorial, Lincoln NE, 22 January: Welrè Olivier TJ 14.89m (3).

Cyclone Open, Ames IA, 22 January: Mitchell Small 3000m 8:27.70 (6).

Yale v Dartmouth v Columbia, New Haven CT, 22 January: David Moore mile 4:17.68 (3RB). Violette Perry SP 12.01m (6).

KMS Indoor Invitational, Birmingham AL, 23 January: Jack Elliott 3000m 8:34.61 (4).

Portland Indoor, Portland OR, 23 January: Maya Irving 3000m 10:12.91 (1).

Terrier Classic, Boston MA, 28 January: Alison Andrews-Paul 1000m 2:44.54 PB (2). Kimberley May 1000m 2:53.37 PB (3RB). Tessa Hunt mile 4:59.99 PB (11RC).

Great Dane Classic, Staten Island NY, 28 January: MacCallum Rowe 3000m 8:24.60 (6).

Adidas Classic, Bob Devaney Sports Centre, Lincoln NE, 28/29 January: Ben Collerton heptathlon 5506 points PB (2). (60m 7.20 813 points, LJ 6.94m 799, SP 13.11m 674, HJ 1.99m 794, 60m H 8.28 913, PV 4.53m PB 769, 1000m 2:52.03 744)

114th Millrose Games, The Armory New York, 29 January: Geordie Beamish 3000m 7:39.50 PB (1) New Zealand indoor record, breaking Zane Robertson’s record of 7:44.16 set in the heats at the World Indoor Championships in Sopot Poland in March 2014. Beamish set the New Zealand indoor 5000m record of 13:12.53 in Boston in December.

Wanamaker Mile: Nick Willis (Tracksmith) 3:59.71 (9), the 38 year old’s 63rd sub four minute mile. 1500m En-Route 3:44.14 (9). He ran his first on 8 February 2003 indoors in Notre Dame in 3:58.15, making him the first runner to run a sub four minute mile over 20 consecutive years. Willis’ record in the Wanamaker mile; 2008 3rd 3:58.14, 2009 2nd 3:59.48, 2014 3rd 3:53.02, 2015 2nd 3:51.46, 2016 2nd 3:51.06, 2018 5th 3:57.72, 2019 6th 3:54.80, 2020 4th 3:56.72, 2022 9th 3:59.71. Theo Quax national events mile 4:02.67 (7), 1500m En-Route 3:44.88 (7).

New Mexico Team Open, Albuquerque NM, 29 January: Hannah Miller mile 4:48.80 (4).

Indiana University Relays Meeting, Bloomington IN, 29 January: James Uhlenberg 3000m 8:23.86 (9RB, 29 overall).

Razorback Invitational, Fayetteville AR, 29 January: Isaiah Priddey mile 4:04.95 PB (3RC).

Texas Tech Invite, Lubbock TX, 29 January: Jack Beaumont 3000m 8:41.40 (5). Leah Belfield 200m 24.74 (2).

Houston G5 & Super 22 Invitational, Houston TX, 29 January: Josie Taylor HJ 1.75m (1).

Bob Pollock Meeting, Clemson SC, 29 January: Jacob Holmes 3000m 8:24.15 (18).

University of North Dakota Open, Grand Forks ND, 29 January: Hinewai Knowles 60m heat 7.94 (2), final 7.94 (6).

Washburn Open, Topeka KS, 29 January: Christopher Goodwin TJ 14.41m (3). Tamara Reeves 3000m 10:13.07 (7).

UW Invitational, Seattle WA, 29 January: Jeff Lautenslager 3000m 8:11.53 (4RD). Krystie Solomon 800m 2:13.36 (4RC).


London Indoor Games, Lee Valley Milton, 23 January: Josh Nairne 800m 1:54.93 (3rC).


Indoor Meeting Regio 3, 29 January: Hamish Carson 3000m 7:48.43 (2), 2000m En-Route 5:15.38 (3).


Supernova 10km Race Walk, Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra ACT, 22 January: Quentin Rew 40:36.0 h (4).

Zatopek 10 Meeting, Lakeside Stadium Albert Park Melbourne, 26 January: Rebekah Greene 1500m 4:19.29 (4).

AACT Championships, AIS Athletics Field, Canberra, 29/30 January: Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.40 +0.9 (1H1) Q, final 10.29 0.0 (1). 200m 21.42 -0.5 (2H3) Q, final 21.25 -1.4 (3).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 18 January: Mitchell Carlyle 17:15, David Bagot 17:19, Keith Burrows 17:44. Tia Knight 19:29, Kayla Fairbairn 20:41, Isobel Emerson 22:28. 25 January: David Matthew 18:01, Keith Burrows 18:10, Matthew Heads 18:17. Maria Stegantova 26:12.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 26 January: Tom Hanrahan 19:32, Andrew Harvey 20:12, Daniel Mulcahy 21:50. Jacqueline Kemp 22:54.

31st Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 30 January: 5km; Sandor Toth 19:42, Josh Lewis 20:42, Ash Dustow 20:56. 10km; Simon Leaning 38:52, Sonya Cameron 42:06.


Former long serving Athletics Auckland official Vic Bartley died in Christchurch on Tuesday 21 December 2021 aged 83.

Vic pioneered the photo finish at Mt Smart Stadium during the 1970’s and continued on as an operator for the next 20 years.

Along with his then wife and son Ross they officiated the photo finish camera at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.

Vic was awarded an Athletics Auckland Merit Award.