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11 December 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 11 December

James Ford (Kings College) was one of the star performers at the 50th anniversary edition of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Track & Field Championships in Christchurch, striking gold in the 400m, 800m and 4x400m relay. Credit: Gary Nesbit

50th New Zealand Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships and 48th Road Race Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 8/10 December 2023

Hannah Collins, in her home city, soared out to a personal best triple jump of 12.46m +1.3 to win the senior girls’ title and in the process added a centimetre to Kayla Goodwin’s 2019 championship record.

Para Athlete Jaxon Woolley T38 of Papamoa College went on a record breaking spree, setting a series of championship records and New Zealand records in the 100m 12.28 -0.2, 200m 24.90 -1.2 and 400m 59.54

Joe Dolphin won the senior boys’ 100m title, 22 years after his father James Dolphin landed the same crown. Joe narrowly won from Kadin Taylor in a wind assisted 10.58, which was under Ben Potter’s 1997 championship record of 10.60.

Rylan Noome was also under the championship record of 21.39 in the 200m with his wind assisted time of 21.28.

James Ford captured the senior boys 400m and 800m double as well as anchoring his Kings College team to victory in the 4 x 400m relay. Ford headed in Kahurangi Cotterill in the 400m the same two senior placings as at last year’s championships in Inglewood.

Daniel Prescott recorded a personal best 3:54.64 in claiming the 1500m title beating Jamie Mora who clocked 3:55.65. Mora had earlier won the 3000m in 8:33.75.

Senior titles retained from last year were: Ford 400m, Noome 200m, Jonah Cropp 3000m race walk, James Hansen 300m hurdles, Louie Endres 2000m steeplechase and Blessing Sefo shot put.

Mia De jager won the senior girls 200m in 24.19 +2.9 and the high jump with a PB 1.80m. Boh Ritchie, a year after winning the junior girls 1500m/3000m titles, collected the 800m/1500m double and Catherine Lund maintained her winning form in the 3000m and 4km road title.

Rina Maka with a PB 47.67m won the senior discus throw while her brother Troy won the junior boys shot put and retained his discus title.

Senior girls titles retained from last year: Alana Mathews 3000m race walk, Charlotte Goldsmith long jump, Hannah Collins triple jump and Catherine Lund 4km road race. Goldsmith also teamed up with her St Cuthbert’s College team to win both senior girls relays.

In the junior boys Ben Oxford, last year’s steeplechase winner, opted for the 1500m/3000m double which he secured in 4:06.87 and a PB 8:39.55. Sam Ruthe was a close second on both occasions.

Rianco Haggard was the hurdles champion, with clear victories in the 100m and 300m hurdles.

Alysa Brown set a championship best performance time of 10:13.30 in the junior girls 2000m race walk. Imogen Barlow was a double winner racing through to take out the 1500m and 3000m.

Kendra Scally-Tu’i impressively completed the junior girls’ sprint double in 12.28 +1.2 and the 200m in a PB 24.64 +1.2.

Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz caught the eye in the junior girls’ throws with personal bests of 14.80m in the shot put and also a championship record of 46.63m in the discus.

Lisa Hellyer, last year’s junior girls 800m champion, moved up in distance to win the 4km road race. Paige Fletcher threw nearly ten metres further than her last year’s winning throw in the junior girls hammer retaining the title with a PB 53.61m.

Results at a glance:

Senior Boys
100m: Joe Dolphin (Rangitoto C) 10.58 +3.0, Kadin Taylor (Avondale C) 10.59, AJ Madondo (Christ’s C) 10.87.
200m: Rylan Noome (Napier BHS) 21.28 +2.8, Dolphin 21.38, Blake Dalton (Taieri C) 22.15.
400m: James Ford (Kings C) 47.99, Kahurangi Cotterill (King C) 49.14, Jordan Veitch (Chch BHS) 50.23.
800m: James Ford (Kings C) 2:02.04, Thomas Cowan (Westlake BHS) 2:02.97, Luca Evett (Te Aho O Te Kura Pounamu) 2:03.30.
1500m: Daniel Prescott (St Thomas of Cant) 3:54.64 PB, Jamie Mora (AGS) 3:55.65, Etienne Calonne (Westlake BHS) 3:56.15. 
3000m: Jamie Mora (AGS) 8:33.75, George Wyllie (Tauranga BHS) 8:34.13, Elliott Pugh (Bethlehem C) 8:34.16.
3000m race walk: Jonah Cropp (St Andrew’s C) 12:53.06, Toby O’Rorke (Francis Douglas MC) 14:04.72, Richie Trathan (Macleans C) 14:29.85 PB.
110m hurdles .914: Joseph Dunn (Kings C) 14.03 +2.3, Noah Retford (Botany Downs) 14.38 in heats 14.63 +1.0 PB, James Hansen (Marlborough BC) 14.43.
300m hurdles .838: James Hansen (Marlborough BC) 38.12, Charles Howlett (AGS) 39.39 PB, Noah Retford (Botany Downs) 39.74, in heats 39.35 PB.
2000m steeplechase .838: Louie Endres (Hillcrest HS) 6:11.39, Roman Matson (Westlake BHS) 6:19.46, Max Poland (St Pat’s Silver) 6:20.16 PB.
Shot put 5kg: Blessing Sefo (Kelston BHS) 17.90m, James Moore (Chch BHS) 17.23m, Reid Davidson (Rangitoto C) 16.10m. 
Discus throw 1.5kg: Finn McLeod (Chch BHS) 51.46m, James Moore (Chch BHS) 48.15m, Blessing Sefo (Kelston BHS) 47.82m.
Hammer throw 5kg: Alex Hewitt (St Pat’s Silver) 59.17m, Levi Pupuali’i (Manurewa HS) 59.11m, Heath Abbot (Wellington C) 55.90m PB.
Javelin throw 700g: Blaine Knapman (St Pat’s Silver) 56.39m, Keagan Sharkey (St Pat’s Silver) 52.83m PB, Jonathan Thomson (AGS) 51.63m PB.
Long jump: Ollie Davis (Central Sthld C) 7.07m +0.3 PB, Ben Walker (Waimea C) 6.61m -0.3, Brayden Neilson (N/P BHS) 6.59m +0.1 PB.
Triple jump: AJ Madondo (Christ’s C) 14.17m +3.3, Ryan Mallon (St Pat’s Kilbirni) 13.16m +4.9, Zhan Bowden (Rangitoto C) 12.86m +5.8, also 12.47m +2.0.
High jump: Samasoni Hewitt (St Pat’s Silver) 2.02m PB, Hugo Jones (Scots C) 1.99m, Ben Walker (Waimea C) 1.96m.
Pole vault: Tai Rhodes (Westlake BHS) 4.15m PB, Finlay Neale (St Bede’s C) 3.65m, James Hansen (Marlborough BC) 3.35m.
4 x 100m relay: Christchurch BHS (Jordan Veitch, Harry Williamson, Sacha Tahi, Hunter Scott) 43.47, Wellington C (Kirin Simonsen, Ben Sneddon, Rauri Meo, Leo Yousuf) 43.55, Auckland Grammar School (James Dew, Jonathan Thomson, Charles Howlett, Samuel Paris) 44.30.
4 x 400m relay: Kings College (Joseph Dunn, Jack Erikson, Kahurangi Cotterill, James Ford) 3:23.53, Westlake BHS (Conall McLean, Etienne Calonne, Cameron Maunder, Thomas Cowan) 3:24.60, Christchurch BHS (Hunter Scott, Zavier Toaolamai-Holden, Sacha Tahi, Zack Walton) 3:26.37.
Mixed 4 x 400m relay: Mt Aspiring College (Cody Armstrong Amaya East, Matthew Botting, Millie East) 3:47.19, Whanganui Collegiate (James Hercus, Pascale Bowie, Louise Brabyn, Daniel Sinclair) 3:53.70, Kings College (Sophie Sones, Zara Ford, Quinn Moss, Jonty Batchelor) 3:54.70.
6km Road Race: Caleb Wagener (AGS) 18:28.90, Cameron Maunder (Westlake BHS) 18:30.60, Azrael Cabusao (Tauranga BC) 18:33.70.

Senior girls
100m: Marielle Venida (Sancta Maria C) 11.71 +3.1, Jorja Gibbons (Queen’s HS) 12.08, Charlotte Goldsmith (St Cuth’s) 12.15.
200m: Mia De Jager (Rototuna HS) 24.19 +2.9, Niamh Gedye (Paraparaumu C) 25.30, Micayla Whiti (Nayland C) 25.42.
400m: Amelie Fairclough (Western Springs C) 56.71, Sophie Hancock (Rototuna HS) 57.82, Kate Borton (St Cuth’s) 58.13.
800m: Boh Ritchie (St Peter’s S) 2:14.11, Sofia Lumbreras (Havelock Nth HS) 2:16.16, Samantha Lascelles (St Margaret’s C) 2:17.74.
1500m: Ritchie 4:30.59, Poppy Martin (John Paul C) 4:35.61 PB, Sascha Letica (Takapuna GS) 4:36.87 PB.
3000m: Catherine Lund (Otago GHS) 9:53.10, Poppy Martin (John Paul) 9:54.15 PB, Siena Mackley (Wakatipu HS) 9:59.56 PB.
3000m race walk: Alana Mathews (Rosehill C) 18:05.96, Molly O’Reilly (Villa Maria C) 18:43.07, Stacey Hooper (Rolleston C) 19:30.56.
100m hurdles .762: Holly Gray (Avonside GHS) 14.72 +2.9, Zarah Rattray (Hamilton GHS) 14.98 in heats 15.12 +1.3 PB, Jody McCarthy-Dempsey (Darfield HS) 15.01.
300m hurdles .762: Sophie Hancock (Rototuna HS) 44.43, Holly Gray (Avonside GHS) 45.17, Zarah Rattray (Hamilton GHS) 45.67 PB.
2000m steeplechase .762: Niamh Motley (Craighead DS) 7:03.64, Courtney Fitzgibbon (Waiopehu C) 7:03.73 PB, Louise Brabyn (Whanganui Collegiate) 7:11.24.
Shot put 3kg: Kate Hallie (Takapuna GS) 14.19m, Suzannah Kennelly (Kings C) 14.00m, Isabella Pua (Home Sch) 13.98m.
Discus throw 1kg: Rina Maka (Lynfield C) 47.67m PB, Suzannah Kennelly (Kings C) 45.17m, Melelosaline Lose (Hamilton GHS) 42.61m.
Hammer throw 3kg: Nadja Kumerich (Rangitoto C) 57.13m, Margaret Mannering (Avondale C) 51.82m, Mikayla Sola (Hutt Valley HS) 48.79m.
Javelin throw 500g: Alex Duff 44.58m PB, Leala Willman (Kings C) 38.71m, Mia Bartlett (Wairarapa C) 38.20m.
Long jump: Charlotte Goldsmith (St Cuth’s) 5.99m +3.1, also 5.97m +0.7, Hannah Collins (Te Aho O Te Kura Pounamu) 5.51m +1.8 PB, Jody McCarthy-Dempsey (Darfield HS) 5.30m +2.0.
Triple jump: Hannah Collins (Te Aho O Te Kura Pounamu) 12.46m +1.3 PB (record), Charlotte Goldsmith (St Cuths) 11.91m +3.4, also 11.77m +1.3 PB, Zarah Rattray (Hamilton GHS) 11.29m +0.5 PB.
High jump: Mia De Jager (Rototuna HS) 1.80m PB, Amber Trow (P/N GHS) 1.75m PB, Naomi Waite (Western Academy of Beijing) 1.69m, Lisa Lokman (Otago GHS) 1.63m.
Pole vault: Elaine Zhai (Macleans C) 3.30m, Angalla Carney (Iona C) 3.10m, Miah Taylor (St Andrew’s C) 2.90m.
4 x 100m relay: St Cuthbert’s C (Lily Allen, Emilia Goldsmith, Kate Borton, Charlotte Goldsmith) 49.77, St Peter’s School (Eva Jeffries, Boh Ritchie, Georgie-Rose Boyd, Milla Taylor) 50.03, Fiji Athletics (Leila Sanday, Claudie Davids, Letiara Alfred, Adi Asenaca Tuipelehaki) 51.04, Rolleston C (Sophie Mercer, Eden Innes, Sophie Warren, Caitlin Baxter) 52.23.
4 x 400m relay: St Cuthbert’s College (Emilia Goldsmith, Lily Allen, Charlotte Goldsmith, Kate Borton) 4:03.81, St Margaret’s C (Alex Rees-Jones, Elsie Seeto, Isabelle Harrison, Samantha Lascelles) 4:07.12, Villa Maria C (Beth O’Donovan, Bridie Restieaux, Alessandra Jowsey, Amelia Henstock) 4:09.67. 
4km Road Race: Catherine Lund (Otago GHS) 13:44.91, Ava Sutherland (Wellington GC) 13:45.58, Lucy Jurke (Wellington GC) 13:47.39.

Junior boys
100m: Rhian Douglas (Waimea C) 10.90 +1.2 PB, James Lowther (St Peter’s S) 11.10, Finn Hawkins (Chch BHS) 11.19.
200m: Cody Lawson (Sthld BHS) 22.60 +1.5 PB, Lowther 22.62 PB, Zack Kimmins (St Pat’s Kilbirnie) 23.31.
400m: Douglas 49.93, Isaac Saywell (St Bede’s C) 51.38, Noa King (Northcote C) 51.91.
800m: Quinn Moss (Kings C) 1:59.92, Justin Cunningham (Freyberg HS) 2:00.04, Jonty Batchelor (Kings C) 2:00.71.
1500m: Ben Oxford (Macleans C) 4:06.87, Sam Ruthe (Tauranga BC) 4:07.27, Logan Hopfler (Wellington C) 4:09.41.
3000m: Ben Oxford (Macleans) 8:39.55 PB, Sam Ruthe (Tauranga BHS) 8:39.67, Harry Witheridge (Westlake BHS) 9:06.40.
2000m race walk: Campbell Donovan (N/P BHS) 10:00.06, Nathan Baylis (N/P BHS) 10:13.89, Monty Bailey (AGS) 14:12.99.
100m hurdles .838: Rianco Haggard (Howick C) 13.82 +3.0, Van Couch (Taieri C) 14.43, Ethan Hole (Geraldine HS) 14.68. 
300m hurdles .762: Haggard 40.64, Asher Robertson (Hutt Intnal) 41.35, Jakob Voorkamp (Sthld BHS) 42.06.
2000m steeplechase .762: Max McGregor (St Peter’s C Gore) 6:35.02, Harrison Day (AGS) 6:35.25, Timo MacDonald (AGS) 6:35.83.
Shot put 5kg: Troy Maka (Lynfield C) 14.97m, Joshua Latu (Dilworth S) 13.99m PB, Marlee Jacobs (AGS) 12.71m.
Discus throw 1.25kg: Maka 53.91m, Jack Burns (Kings C) 46.96m, Leyon Caffery (AGS) 45.82m.
Hammer throw 4kg: Oliver Chung (Westlake BHS) 48.48m, Lui Tupuola (Christ’s C) 43.68m, Conor Sharkey (St Pat’s Silver) 36.59m.
Javelin throw 700g: Kade Westbrook (Wellington C) 44.16m, Otis Neely (AGS) 43.94m, Jake Boyd (Christ’s C) 38.28m.
Long jump: Asher Robertson (Hutt Intnl) 6.25m +0.2 PB, Hemi Peachey (Hamilton BHS) 5.93m -0.1, Auguz Thongskul (Whanganui HS) 5.85m +0.3.
Triple jump: Elliot Wills (Te Paepae o Aotea) 12.45m +5.1, also 12.10m +1.8, Ari Keshariya (Burnside HS) 12.39m +5.4, Gabriel Dos Santos (Middleton Grange S) 12.13m +4.8.
High jump: Asher Robertson (Hutt Intnal) 1.75m, James Knaggs (Papanui HS) 1.71m, Ari Keshariya (Burnside HS) 1.71m. 
Pole vault: Daniel Grounds (Burnside HS) 3.35m PB, Alfred Pask (Darfield HS) 3.25m PB, Otto Church (Christ’s C) 2.70m.
4 x 100m relay: Christchurch BHS (Jeremy Habwe, Finn Hawkins, Noel Ham, Lucas Stevens) 45.43, Auckland Grammar School (Max Browne, Jamieson Braun, James Licence, Luke Thomson) 45.99, St Patrick’s Silverstream (Kerr Botha, Max Lewer, Troy Waldrom, Josiah Tia) 46.00.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland Grammar School (Luke Thomson, Max Wilkins, Harrison Day, Joshua Smith) 3:33.49, Wellington College (Tom Hughson, Xavier James, Logan Hopfler, Alex MacBeth) 3:39.92, Westlake BHS (Jacob Howell, Harry Witheridge, Lorenzo Ferguson, Arran Brodie) 3:41.10.
Mixed 4 x 400m relay: St Peter’s S (Eva Jeffries, Chelsea Lea, Jake Lomas, James Lowther) 4:02.85, St Andrew’s C (Ollie Jackways, Sophie Lampe, Abi Scott-Douglas, Kupa Rule) 4:06.78, Whanganui High School (James McGregor, Annabelle Brown, Isla Jones, Justin Falconer) 4:17.96.
4km Road Race: Desmond Reddy (Rongotai C) 12:42.03, Harry Witheridge (Westlake BHS) 12:46.19, Kayden Theron (Tauranga BC) 12:53.44.
Year 9 3km Road Race: Daniel Wordsworth (Papanui HS) 9:38.84, Jack Gregory (Kapiti C) 9:44.05, Ethan Mora (AGS) 9:44.76.

Junior girls
100m: Kendra Scally-Tu’i (Mt Albert GS) 12.28 +1.2, Maia Masters (Waitakere C) 12.62, Esme Reid (Baradene C) 12.62.
200m: Scally-Tu’i 24.64 +1.2 PB, Sacha Kilmister (Kapiti C) 25.56 PB, Masters 25.71 PB.
400m: Zita Meo (Napier GHS) 57.77, Isla Tilbury (Marlborough GC) 58.34 PB, Reid 58.41.
800m: Nina Chalmers (Mt Albert GS) 2:19.24, Paige Dobson (Napier GHS) 2:19.77, Abby O’Boyle (Verdon C) 2:20.09.
1500m: Imogen Barlow (St Kent’s) 4:45.30, Asha Edwards (Takapuna GS) 4:47.17, Scarlett Robb (St Cuth’s) 4:49.29.
3000m: Imogen Barlow (St Kents) 10:18.00, Scarlett Robb (St Cuths) 10:19.67, Asha Edwards (Takapuna GS) 10:30.84.
2000m race walk: Alysa Brown (Lincoln HS) 10:13.30 (best performance), Yandri Fourie (Epsom GGS) 10:32.18, Alyssa Velluppillai (Nelson CG) 12:33.71.
80m hurdles .762: Juliet McKinlay (Whanganui Collegiate) 11.95 +1.9, Jacinta Hoglund (Avonside GHS) 12.33, Fernanda Tirado (Pinehurst S) 12.42.
300m hurdles .762: Eva Jeffries (St Peter’s S) 46.45 PB, Tayler Trow (P/N GHS) 47.96 PB, Ellie Beever (Nayland C) 48.40.
2000m steeplechase .762: Millie McFadzien (St Peter’s C Gore) 7:39.58, Caitlin Kirk (Central Hawkes BC) 7:44.16, Jorgia Tucker (Sthld GHS) 7:46.40. 
Shot put 3kg: Karmen Maritz (Westlake GHS) 14.80m PB, Paige Fletcher (St Kent’s) 13.49m, Francesca-Lee Asiata (Baradene C) 12.50m PB.
Discus throw 1kg: Karmen Maritz (Westlake GHS) 46.63m PB (record), Ruby Jones (Tauranga GC) 40.48m PB, Charlotte Blake (Craighead Dio) 40.02m PB.
Hammer throw 3kg: Paige Fletcher (St Kents) 53.61m PB, Fernanda Tirado (Pinehurst S) 51.71m PB, Leila Saifiti (Avondale C) 39.57m.
Javelin throw 500g: Loata Lewageena (Fiji) 39.75m, Hayley Koppens (Rototuna HS) 39.34m PB, Charlotte Blake (Craighead Dio) 36.00m PB, Sarah Evans (Taieri C) 35.82m PB.
Long jump: Jacqui Nasrabadi (Dio) 5.36m -0.3, Juliet McKinlay (Whanganui Collegiate) 5.35m -0.3 PB, Lily Morrison (Kaiapoi HS) 5.35m +0.3 PB.
Triple jump: Jamie Fell (Hamilton GHS) 10.86 +1.3 PB, Juliet McKinlay (Whanganui Collegiate) 10.84 +3.7, Lauren Barrett-Hamilton (Green Bay HS) 10.62m +0.6 PB.
High jump: Zara McDonnell (Rangi Ruru) 1.68m PB, Eliza McDonnell (Rangi Ruru) 1.61m PB, Lauren Barrett-Hamilton (Green Bay HS) 1.61m PB.
Pole vault: Talaya Vorster (Rangitoto C) 3.20m, Pera Gordon (Cashmere HS) 2.65m, Isla Vick (Cashmere HS) 2.35m.
4 x 100m relay: Havelock North HS (Amy Nicoll, Hunter Avery, Maisie Simpson, Millie Woodham) 51.45, Christchurch GHS (Charley Campbell, Samara Taurima, Holly Donohoe, Ruby Simon) 51.45, Villa Maria C (Kim Kudinha, Keira O’Reilly, Alessandra Jowsey, Amelia Henstock) 52.59. 
4 x 400m relay: Diocesan School for Girls (Hannah McManus, Scarlett Gwin, Sophia Haines, Jacqui Nasrabadi) 4:08.16, Craighead Diocesan (Charlotte Blake, Faith Coffin, Lucia O’Sullivan, Ruby Mahuika) 4:09.73, Baradene C (Eva Houghton, Amy Towers, Greta Hunter, Esme Reid) 4:19.41.
4km Road Race: Lisa Hellyer (Onehunga HS) 14:38.41, Scarlett Robb (St Cuth’s C) 14:47.46, Emma Ward (Epsom GGS) 14:56.01.
Year 9 3km Road Race: Indie Williams (Diocesan S) 10:35.17, Sophie Lampe (St Andrew’s C) 10:41.23, Abby O’Boyle (Verdon C) 10:49.53.

Para Athlete
Jaxon Woolley (Papamoa C) T38 200m 24.90 -1.2 (championship record and NZ open, U20, U19 and U18 record), 100m 12.28 -0.2 (championship record and NZ open, U20, U19 and U18 record), LJ 4.14m +0.8 (championship record), 400m 59.54 (championship record and NZ U20, U19 and U18 record).

Luis Douglas (Havelock North HS) 800m 2:31.14, 1500m 5:03.44, 2000m road race 7:09.52. Daniel Kitts (Te Awamutu C) T37 800m 2:43.29, 1500m 5:53.90, 400m 1:14.88. Ethan Gray (Waitaha) T37 200m 32.93 -1.2. 

Kate Danaher (Marist College) T37 200m 35.29 -1.2 (record), 100m 16.72 -0.2.

Brian Wilson (Orewa C) F20 DT 16.01m. Zack Lappin (Rangiora) T37 DT 33.51m, SP 7.69m, JT 29.43m. Charli Gardiner-Hall (Waiuku) T37 DT 23.06m, 1500m 9:02.49, SP 8.59m, JT 11.50m. Milly Marshall-Kirkwood (Inglewood) T/F57 DT 17.68m.

Connor Carston (Riccarton HS) T20 Junior 100m 14.19 -0.2, LJ 4.39m +0.9 (NZ record). Una Kinajil-Reding (Rangi Ruru) F45 100m 19.00 -0.2, SP 8.29m, JT 16.73m. Lee West (Papanui) T20 Senior LJ 4.54m +0.9.

Adi Pathak (Papanui) F20 Junior SP 6.99m. Mac Denniston (Dunstan HS) F34 Senior SP 6.86m, JT 13.53m.

Toby Ireland (Hutt Valley HS) T11, Junior 2000m road race 8:40.85.

Happy Holidays Multi-Events, Crete NE, 3 December: Kayla Goodwin, pentathlon 3777 points (1), ( 60m 8.98, HJ 1.65m, SP 10.82m, LJ 5.64m, 800m 2:25.97). Goodwin won at the same meeting last year scoring 3890. Carmel Corbett holds the New Zealand record of 4148 points set in 1994.
GVSU Holiday Open, Allendale MI, 8 December: Sam Idiens 5000m 14:42.40 PB (3).
Dakota Alumni Classic, Fargo ND, 9 December: Hinewai Knowles 60m H 9.00 (4). Alexandria Maples WT 18.24m (3).
ISU Holiday Invitational, Ames IA, 9 December: Anthony Barmes WT 20.37m (2). Centaine Noom-Duckworth WT 18.99m (2).
Jimmy Grant Invite, Iowa City IA, 9 December: Christian De Vaal 3000m 8:12.23 (4).
Crimson & Gold Invitational, Pittsburg KS, 9 December: Tamara Reeves 3000m 9:47.03 (3RB).

Kalakaua Merrie Road Mile, Hawaii, 9 December: Geordie Beamish 4:00.8 (6) NZ national record, breaks Sam Tanner’s 4:10.7 set in Rotorua in May. Yared Neguse of the USA won in 3:56.58.

Treloar Shield #6, SOPAC, Sydney, 2 December: Liam Webb 200m 22.06 +1.2 (7H1).


Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 5 December: Chester Holt 17:24, Harry Harris 17:31, Jack Clendon 17:37. Tia Knight 19:40, Brooke Ross 21:38, Emily Richardson 22:36.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 6 December: Logan Horsford 18:36, Tom Hanrahan 20:09, Ben Latch 20:45. 29 November: James Parker 18:12, Andrew Harvey 18:48, Chris Weeks 20:17.

Whanganui 3 Bridges Marathon, Taupo Quay, 10 December: Wojciech Kopec (Poland) 2:38:38, Blair Coleman 2:45:19, Simon Angus 2:46:29. Emma O’Rourke 3:22:50, Sophie Nabbs 3:30:31, Ella Herd 3:52:47. Half marathon: Glenn Haden 1:17:49, David Rawnsley 1:18:17, Nathan McKinlay 1:23:38. Sally Gibbs 1:27:56.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 4 December: Matthew Moloney 16:15, Mike Beever 19:29, Jay Challenger 20:19. Robyn Deane 21:38.
Waimea 5km, Richmond, 6 December: Jack Goodman 20:41, Keagan Fernando 20:45, Matt Mazzucchelli 21:09, Robyn Deane 21:21.

Valley Ultra 54km, Craigieburn Valley, 9 December: Dayle McLauchlan 5:34:50, Greg Bassan 5:46:03. Rebekkah Middleton 7:13:04, Georgia Whiting 7:31:54, Steph Nevins 7:39:04.
Canterbury Half Marathon, Pegasus, 10 December: Leon Miyahara 1:18:40, Glenn Jaques 1:18:50, Korban Bastiaanse 1:19:57. Hayley Greenwood 1:31:33, Lucy Murphy 1:33:05, Rachel Monk 1:36:53.