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11 January 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 11 January

Grade 13 girls flying down the home straight at the North Island Colgate Games (Photo: Ken Davies) 

New Zealand Competition Results

Twilight Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 1 January 2021
Sam Tanner elevated himself to tenth on the New Zealand all-time rankings with an outstanding 1500m of 3:36.44 PB to herald in the New Year. The 20-year-old improved on his previous best of 3:38.04, recorded in Whanganui last month.

Tanner accelerated over the final lap to win from Hamish Carson who ran 3:41.98, Julian Oakley was next in 3:45.74 followed by James Preston in 3:48.74. Tanner’s time would have been ranked 50th in the world and 16th in the Commonwealth for 2020.

Eddie Osei-Nketia collected the sprint double in 10.39 +3.3 over 100m and 21.19 +3.6 in the 200m. Joseph Millar was second on both occasions in 10.44 and 21.29. Tommy Te Puni was third in 10.76 and 21.30.

Brooke Somerfield won the women’s 100m in 11.85 +3.2 and 200m in 24.83 +1.8. Hinewai Knowles was second in the 100m in 12.04 and won the 100m hurdles in 14.34 +2.7. Michael Goldie 200m 21.86 +3.6.

Saravee Sos 400m 52.71. Susannah Lynch 1500m 4:31.82 PB, Anneke Grogan 4:40.12, also 3000m 9:59.55. Hannah Gapes 1500m 4:42.58, 3000m 10:05.30. Kerry White 3000m 10:45.83. Lachlan Haycock 3000m 8:59.77. Hayden Wilde 3000m 8:23.62.

Connor Bell 2kg DT 62.60m. Stiann Botes 700g JT 59.44m. Two-time national long jump champion and in her first competition in over three years, Mariah Ririnui jumped 5.75m +3.9. Nicolas Moratella LJ 6.82m +3.5. Corran Hanning F12 5kg SP 12.33m PB, NZ Para-Athlete youth record.

Mount Maunganui King and Queen of the Mount Race, 4.5km – 26 December 2020
Olivia Burne carved a substantial 27 seconds off the women’s race record with her winning time of 21:42. Megan Edhouse held the record of 22:09 since 2000.

The race is from the main beach at Moturiki Island to the summit of Mauao via the Waikorire Track and return via the Oruahine Track.

Burne, who won the first AIMS Games Year 8 Girls race in 2004, has gone on to win national half marathon, 10km and 3000m and 5000m track titles. Second was Sue Crowley 24:34, with Kerry White third in 24:40.

Daniel Jones collected his seventh King of the Mountain title in 19:00. Jones holds the race record of 18:32 set in 2015. Sjors Corporaal, 2010 winner, was second in 19:23 with David Haunschmidt third in 19:32.

Ben Winder was the first master 35-49 in 20:45, followed by Matt Backler 22:46 and Harley Sutton third in 23:42.

Sarah Backler was first masters woman 35-49 in 25:24 with Anna Berthelson second in 26:25 and Tracy Snow third in 29:37.

In the masters men 50 plus Gary Foreman was first in 25:34 with Allen Berthelson second in 25:51 and Alan Crombie third in 25:58, while Kerris Browne won the masters women 50 plus in 43:59 from Jenny Brady 44:11.

Jack Murray was the first junior in 22:33 and Mikaela Salmon the first junior woman in 34:03.

North Island Colgate Games, TET Stadium and Events Centre – 8/10 January 2021
Highlights from the three days of competition:
Boys 14: James Trathen collected the middle distance treble, 400m 51.54 PB, 800m 2:03.95, 1500m 4:23.94. Joshua Lotsu sprint double 100m 12.03 -4.7, heats 11.50 -1.1 PB, 200m 22.82 +0.8 PB. Finlay Neale HJ 1.81m PB. Va’a Tui SP 12.11m and DT 41.05m. Ben Ward 100m H 14.53 -0.9. Kaiden Warren LJ 5.80m -2.4. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 2000m RW 9:55.56.

Girls 14: Talia Van Rooyan three titles, 100m 12.41 -0.6, 200m 25.90 -2.5, heats 25.47 +0.7 PB, 80m H 12.27 -1.5. Kate Borton 400m 57.75 and 800m 2:20.40. Renee Carey 1500m 4:50.30. Sophie Hancock LJ 5.17m +2.4 also 5.10m +0.9. Suzannah Kennelly SP 12.99m and DT 39.23m. Amber Trow HJ 1.61m. Sarah Du Toit 2000m RW 12:12.80.

Boys 13: Jack Marra three titles 200m 24.36 +0.7, 400m 54.77 and LJ 5.14m 0.0. Henry Smith 100m 12.40 -1.4. Tim Wallace 800m 2:08.63. Athan Thompson 1500m 4:28.18. Stipe Ukich 80m H 11.99 -0.5. Lucas Lambert HJ 1.63m. Dante Ford-Tuveve SP 13.63m, 2nd DT 39.02m. Jesse Humberstone DT 41.42m. Richie Trathen 1600m RW 9:07.66.

Girls 13: Amponsaa Tubi-Amponsah 100m 12.48 +1.9 PB. Madeleine Waddell 200m 26.00 -4.5 and LJ 5.13m -1.6 PB. Maia Poutawera 400m 59.32. Boh Ritchie 800m 2:18.11. Hayley Cornwall 1500m 4:43.85 PB. Jade Wilson 80m H 13.10 -0.2. Melelosaline Lose DT 37.91m. Kate Hallie SP 12.16m, 2nd DT 36.89m. Savannah Atoaga HJ 1.55m. Amelie Wood 1600m RW 11:01.65.

Boys 12: Karson Hawkins sprint double 100m 13.57 -4.1, 200m 25.92 +1.4. Quinn Moss middle distance treble 400m 58.85, 800m 2:13.92, 1500m 4:36.18. Nelsson Tiumalu field event double SP 12.13m, DT 32.16m. Aubrey Chunga and Asher Robertson HJ 1.53m. Elliot Barr LJ 4.96m +0.1. Blake Delehanty 80m H 14.27 -1.2. Campbell Donovan 1200m RW 7:50.74.

Girls 12: Sienna Moyle sprint double 100m 13.20 -0.5, 200m 27.18 -2.1. Imogen Barlow 800m 2:25.33 and 1500m 4:49.75 PB. Lily Anderson 400m 61.49 and LJ 4.36m -1.5. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz SP 3kg 11.58m PB, DT 42.04m. Eva Jeffries 80m H 14.28 -1.5. Mia Hewson LJ 4.36m -1.5. Holly Robins HJ 1.43m. Kobi Maslin 1200m RW 6:27.59.

Boys 11: Matthew Fleming treble 100m 13.65 -2.2, 200m 26.83 NWI, 400m 59.69 and 2nd LJ 4.64m 0.0. Jonty Batchelor 800m 2:20.46. Sam O’Dwyer 1500m 4:52.47. Jai Pirini HJ 1.43m, 2nd SP 8.65m. Dante Minhinnick SP 9.00m. Jack Burns DT 31.17m. Alex Lister LJ 4.98m +1.8. Harrison Day 1200m RW 6:59.56.

Girls 11: Daisy Goodman 100m 13.66 -0.2. Esme Reid 200m 28.91 -2.4 and 400m 65.30, 2nd 100m 13.76. Ava Edge 800m 2:35.24. Georgina Collinge 1500m 5:30.25, 2nd HJ 1.39m. Fernanda Tirado jump double HJ 1.49m, LJ 4.71m -1.9. Paige Fletcher field event double SP 11.57m, DT 35.60m. Jordyn Tukukino 1200m RW 7:52.65.

Boys 10: Cruz Malo sprint double 100m 14.12 -2.4, 200m 28.36 +0.4. Jack Johnston middle distance treble 400m 66.20, 800m 2:35.31, 1500m 5:14.45. Luke Rawiri Te Ta field event double SP 11.66m, DT 32.00m. Jackson Hepi LJ 4.61m NWI. Benjamin Brown HJ 1.31m. Kieran Dunlop-Brown 1200m RW 6:57.47.

Girls 10: Hana Symes from Hastings was outstanding claiming four titles 100m 14.05 NWI, 200m 28.60 -2.9, 400m 66.36 and the LJ 4.17m +0.5, 2nd HJ 1.20m. Ariana Vosper 800m 2:41.44 and 1500m 5:28.55, 2nd 400m 68.82. Te Koha Kete-Kawhena field event double SP 10.23m, DT 21.26m. Sobhan Cameron HJ 1.27m. Morgan Day 1200m RW 7:29.83.

Para-Athlete: Brian Wilson 100m 26.39 -0.4, 200m 54.95 +0.7, SP 5.10m, DT 12.12m. Rylee Sayer 100m 16.58 -1.5, 200m 35.75 -0.8, LJ 3.10m +2.7. Charli Gardiner-Hall SP 6.90m, DT 17.55m.

Relays; 4 x 100m: G10 Fairfield Athletic Club, G11 Paraparaumu T & F Club, G12 Lynndale AA & HC, G13 Waitakere City AC, G14 Hamilton City Hawks Athletics, B10 Waitakere City AC, B11 Pakuranga AC, B12 Fairfield Athletic Club, B13 Pakuranga AC, B14 Waitakere City AC. Mixed Medley: 10 Hastings Athletic Club, 11 Pakuranga AC, 12 Mana AAC, 13 Pakuranga AC, 14 Pakuranga AC.

Christmas Cracker Twilight Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 30 December 2020
Quinn Motley 1.5kg DT 43.18m, 5kg SP 12.91m. Tapenisa Havea DT 39.82m, 3kg SP 15.40m. Jared Neighbours DT 40.52m. Jonah Cropp one mile race walk 7:08.87, Courtney Ruske 7:19.37.

Christopher Dryden 3000m 8:24.94, Daniel Roswell 8:38.39, Ieuan van de Peet 8:41.82. Matt Dryden 5000m 16:24.60.

Lovelock Classic Meeting, Aorangi Stadium – 9 January 2021
Daniel Roswell has developed into a class middle distance runner since his secondary school days, when in his last year at school he finished sixth in the 2018 senior boys 1500m in Dunedin. On Saturday he stuck to the task in hand, outrunning last year’s winner Chanel Muir to win the Lovelock Mile in 4:16.12 and pocket $600 in prize money.

Fresh from a personal best 3000m of 8:38.39 at the end of December, Roswell improved a full seven seconds on his eighth placing in the Lovelock Mile last year. Muir made a bid for victory heading into the last lap but Roswell responded on the final bend and finished strongly to beat Muir by two seconds.

Less than an hour later the 19-year-old Roswell was back on the track dominating the 800m in 1:58.00.

After finishing third in the mile in 4:19.72, Christopher Dryden repeated his win from last year in the 3000m, seven seconds faster, in 8:36.65. Ethan Smolej, fourth in the mile, ran a PB 4:20.20.

Katherine Camp made it three years in a row in the women’s mile, albeit in a slightly slower time of 4:51.44. Tillie Hollyer, second for the second year, recorded a time of 5:07.18.

Tiaan Whelpton, a former national junior 100m champion, collected the sprint double with clear wins in 10.68 +3.7 and 21.97 +0.8. Rosie Elliott also replicated a double from last year, clocking 11.98 -0.4 in the women’s 100m and 24.76 +0.9 in the 200m. Felix McDonald, after taking second in the 100m in 11.07, went on to win the long jump, clearing 7.09m +0.5. Amy Robertson opened the programme with a fast time of 13.79 NWI over the 100m hurdles. The 2018 national junior champion was slightly faster than her PB of 13.80 in early December. Robertson later finished second in the 200m in 25.20.

John Gerber, national junior 400m champion for the last two years, won his specialty event in 50.37 before going on to take second in the 200m in 22.81. Jordyn Blake won the women’s 400m in 56.31 from Jessica Vogel, who went close to her best running 58.63. Vogel later ran a PB 25.76 +1.2 to win the B grade 200m.

Samantha Fookes, national secondary schools junior girls 800m champion, won the open women’s 800m in 2:16.48. Camp started in the 800m but using it as a training exercise, withdrew at 600m. Kennedy Taylor won the women’s 3000m in 10:32.87.

Hannah Maloney was out to a personal best of 5.45m -0.2 in the long jump, beating both three-time national champion Kelsey Berryman, who cleared 5.39m +0.5, and three-time national heptathlon champion Christina Ryan, 5.37m -0.1.

Ethan Bone and Reuben Bowen both cleared 1.85m in the high jump, for Bowen it was a PB. Olivia Ellis was also over the bar in a PB 1.58m in the women’s high jump.

Personal bests were achieved by Tapenisa Havea and Violette Perry in both the 4kg shot and discus throws. Havea with 14.24m and 41.51m and Perry 11.08m and 44.75m.

Jared Neighbours sent the 800g javelin out to 54.44m, just short of his career best. He also won the 2kg discus, throwing 39.23m. National decathlon champion Max Attwell won the shot with 12.01m and was second in the discus with 38.46m.

Winton Meeting, Surrey Park – 18 December 2020
Sam McDonald 60m 7.76 +0.6, 100m 12.19 -0.7, LJ 5.86m 0.0. Jack Stalker 100m 11.89 -0.7, 400m 55.99. Gavin O’Rourke 400m 55.71. Norman Tudor 800g JT 42.71m. Quinn Hartley LJ 6.14m -0.7.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 21 December: Finn Harrison 18:05, Rubin Whiteley 20:28, Sarah Blyde 20:51.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 22 December: Chris Smith 17:52, Harry Coles 18:09, Rhys Mildon 18:42.

Bay Run 5km Series, 22 December: Karel Van Wyk 19:05, Olivia Cummings 19:15, Simon Frappell 19:43.

Waterfront 5km Series, 5 January: Thomas Strawbridge 15:54, Ben Twyman 16:06, Bert Prendergast 16:29. Esther George 18:04, Madison Wos 19:21, Katie Jordan 19:37. Walk; Daniel du Toit 23:35, Sean Lake 29:58, Clive McGovern 31:16. Sarah du Toit 32:08, Jacqueline Wilson 32:32, Daphne Jones 37:03.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 21 December: Eddie Hohepa 18:38, Matt Newberry 19:14, Mike Beever 19:25. Robyn Deane 21:18, Colette Read 21:45.

Eddyline Maple-Saxton 5km, 23 December: Hayden Squance 17:03, Curtis Moore 17:43, Alan Fergusson 17:59. Angela Leck 20:23, Paula Canning 20:39, Colette Read 22:03.

New Year’s Day 10km, 1 January: Matt Bowen 36:49, Angus Wemyss 37:36, Tom Somerville 37:43. Angela Leck 42:02. 5km; Tim Bolter 18:12, Matthew Bolter 18:20, Mia Cain-Townley 19:54.

Ocean Lodge 8.24km, 2 January: Curtis Moore 31:54, Chris Sharland 35:28, Tim Cross 35:40. Colette Read 38:15.

2020 Rankings

Sam Tanner 1000m 2:21.78 (27).
Nick Willis mile 3:56.72 (15)
Geordie Beamish mile 3:56.90 (20), 3000m 7:44.67 (31).
Theo Quax mile 3:58.13 (44).
Hamish Kerr High jump 2.27m (25=).
Tom Walsh Shot put 21.70m (8).
Jacko Gill Shot put 21.07m (18).
Connor Bell Discus throw 63.25m (31).
Portia Bing 400m hurdles 56.55 (27).
Imogen Ayris Pole vault 4.50m (50=).
Olivia McTaggart Pole vault 4.50m (50=).
Valerie Adams Shot put 18.81m (9).
Maddison-Lee Wesche Shot put 18.08m (28).
Lauren Bruce Hammer throw 73.47m (6).
Julia Ratcliffe Hammer throw 72.35m (10).
Nicole Bradley Hammer throw 67.11m (46).
Tori Peeters Javelin throw 62.04m (15).
New Zealand 4 x 100m relay (Livvy Wilson, Zoe Hobbs, Georgia Hulls, Rosie Elliott) 44.20 (6).

Sam Tanner 1500m 3:38.04 (23), 1500m indoors 3:39.44 (5).
Nick Willis mile indoors 3:56.72 (3).
Geordie Beamish mile indoors 3:56.90 (4), 3000m indoors 7:44.67 (4).
Theo Quax mile indoors 3:58.13 (8).
Julian Oakley mile indoors 3:58.86 (10).
Matt Baxter 3000m indoors 7:47.85 (9), 5000m indoors 13:27.61 (5).
Nick Southgate Pole vault 5.40m (10).
James Steyn Pole vault 5.32m (12).
Hamish Kerr High jump 2.27m (3).
Connor Bell Discus throw 63.25m (7).
Alexander Parkinson Discus throw 60.86m (11).
Marshall Hall Discus throw 59.00m (16).
Tom Walsh Shot put 21.70m (1).
Jacko Gill Shot put 21.07m (2).
Ryan Ballantyne Shot put 19.85m (9).
Max Attwell Decathlon 7041 points (7).
Katherine Camp 800m 2:02.97 (27).
Camille Buscomb 5000m 15:28.24 (28).
Lydia O’Donnell 5000m 15:42.16 (44).
Portia Bing 400m hurdles 56.55 (9).
Keeley O’Hagan High jump 1.85m (9).
Josephine Reeves High jump 1.83m (12).
Imogen Ayris Pole vault 4.50m (4=).
Olivia McTaggart Pole vault 4.50m (4=).
Te Rina Keenan Discus throw 55.35m (10).
Lauren Bruce Hammer throw 73.47m (1), Discus throw 54.56m (12).
Julia Ratcliffe Hammer throw 72.35m (2).
Nicole Bradley Hammer throw 67.11m (4).
Tori Peeters Javelin throw 62.04m (1).
Stephanie Wrathall Javelin throw 54.07m (9).
Valerie Adams Shot put 18.81m (4).
Maddison-Lee Wesche Shot put 18.08m (6).
Alana Barber 20km Race walk 1:35.52 (8).

New Year Honours

Arch Jelley CNZM OBE, was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to athletics and the game of bridge.

Arch Jelley has been a long-term contributor to the sport of athletics and to the game of bridge. He served as a New Zealand Cross Country selector from 1975 until 1993 and has served in a multitude of administrative and coaching roles within the sport. Between 1976 and 1993 he was appointed as coach or manager to twelve New Zealand or Oceania teams, including three Olympic Games teams.

He retired from coaching in 2000 but returned in 2005 to coach runner Hamish Carson, who has since won the national 1500 metre title six times. Twenty of the athletes he has coached have represented New Zealand, with twelve competing either in the Olympics or World Championships. He has run several coaching courses nationally and internationally, most recently a workshop tour with Athletics New Zealand in 2012.

Arch was President of Athletics New Zealand in 1996/1997 and was Ombudsman from 1997 to 2006. He received an Athletics New Zealand Merit Award in 2009.

Outside of athletics, he has been involved with the Mt Albert Bridge Club and New Zealand Bridge. He joined the Mt Albert Club in 1990, has been a bridge tutor since 1996 and was President from 2003 to 2013. Arch helped fund-raise and was project manager for the construction of new club rooms.

Don Mackenzie MNZM, was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to athletics and the community.

Don Mackenzie has officiated for Athletics Canterbury for 50 years and continues to officiate at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships each year. He was the New Zealand 100 and 220 yards champion in 1964 and the national 440 yards champion in 1965, 1966 and 1967.

Don has officiated at international athletic events such as the World Games for the Deaf, World Masters Games and Pacific Conference Games, and was Technical Manager at both the 1974 and 1990 Commonwealth Games.

He has been a longstanding member of the Athletics New Zealand Rules Committee and was Athletics New Zealand President from 1991 to 1992. He was Oceania Area Technical Official from 2003 to 2010. He was made a Life Member of Athletics New Zealand in 2006 and received the Oceania Athletics Merit Award in 2016.

Using his civil engineering skills, Don made a major contribution to the design and construction of the Chevron all-weather track, laid at Queen Elizabeth II stadium for the 1974 Commonwealth Games. Since the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes he has volunteered his extensive structural engineering skills to assist the elderly with their earthquake issues. He has assisted the Anglican Parish of Fendalton and other Anglican churches with various earthquake issues. Don has chaired the organising committee of the St Barnabas Community Fun Day since its inception in 2012, as well as the St Barnabas Fair Committee.

Melissa Moon MNZM, was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to athletics and charitable causes.

Melissa Moon is a long distance runner who has won 21 New Zealand athletics titles over her career and in 2001 and 2003 was World Mountain Running Champion.

In 2001 Melissa was named New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year, in 2010 she won the World Tower Running Championship and World Vertical Running Championship, and in 2020 was recognised by the World Mountain Running Association as the second-ranked female mountain runner of all time.

In 2007 she was one of 20 selected international athletes who participated in the Blue Planet Run around the world, a 95-day non-stop relay race which began at the United Nations in New York with the aim of providing safe drinking water to 200 million people by 2027.

In 2015 she guided blind runner Maria Williams in the London Marathon, where Maria’s time earned her the number two spot in the International Paralympic rankings for the fully blind.

Melissa has volunteered at Wellington’s Compassion Centre for more than 10 years; is an Ambassador for the Malaghan Institute; and serves as a Patron of Project K, a mentoring programme for youth that uses adventure-based learning. In 2008 she was recognised as one of the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World.