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13 May 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 13 May

Ethan Oliver added 13cm to his national triple jump record to bound out to 16.80m in Potchefstroom. Credit: (Alisha Lovrich).

New Zealand 24 Hour Championship, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 11/12 May 2024
24 Hour:

Men: Simon Cochrane (Hamilton, ANZ One Day) 236.837km, Keith Burrows (Owairaka) 216.800km, Shaun Hall (Auckland, ANZ One Day) 200.575km, Wayne Botha (Takapuna) 176.856km, Mitchell Carlyle (Owairaka) 168.074km.
Women: Lara Zoeller (Wellington Scottish) 198.041km, Lydia Ouellette (Beijing China, ANZ One Day) 184.952km, Jade Overy (Whippets) 155.994km, Claire Kenyon (TTT) 149.623km, Shirley Rolston (Port Hills) 124.474km.
Associated Events
12 Hour:
Angus Goodrick 92.8km, James Coppard 77.2km, Andrew Spence 50.0km. Jaime Stevenson 101.6km, Preetidutta Thorpe 81.2km, Niribili File 42.0km.
6 Hour: Shawn O’Leary 70.0km, Peter Marek 66.4km, Aron Thompson 63.6km. Yu-Fan Hsiao 59.2km, Stephanie Deacon 47.2km, Zoe Barrett 41.2km.
Pukekohe Cross Country, Pukekohe Showgrounds – 11 May 2024
Former national 800m and 1500m silver medallist Samuel Bremer (Pakuranga) won the senior 6km in 19:16, by two seconds over mountain runners Toby Batchelor (Pakuranga). Gavin Eccles (Whippets) was third in 19:31.
Charlotte Brown (Glen Eden), second in last season’s Auckland Road Championships, won the women’s race over the same distance in 24:06 from Odette Jennings (TTT) 25:43 and Niamh Corbett (NHB) 25:47.
U20 6km, men: Jack Snedden (Oratia) 19:38, Joshua Gordon-Glassford (Whippets) 19:55, Daniel Hayes (Whippets) 20:07. Women: Olivia Rooney (Whippets) 23:26, Abbey Bolton (ACA) 25:39, Isabelle Bannister (Whippets) 26:49.
U18 6km, men: Samuel Rickerby (ACA) 19:55, Redd Scampion (ACA) 20:28, Ben Oxford (ACA) 21:07. Women: Denika Clooney (TTT) 23:15, Grace Meredith (ACA) 24:24, Zara Pomfret (ACA) 24:50.
U16 4km, men: Moojin Lee (Pakuranga) 13:39, William Moulder (Akld Tri) 14:05, Kona Kelly (Oratia) 14:09. Women: Leah Marais (Pakuranga) 15:11, Ray Zhang (NHB) 15:33, Isabella Pickering (NHB) 15:55.
U14 4km, men: Leo Green (Pakuranga) 14:12, Huw Robinson (Ninjas) 15:03, James Keir (TTT) 15:25. Women: Georgia Stanton (NHB) 16:26, Jamie-Lee Lofroth (TTT) 16:30, Nyah Slade (NHB) 16:57.
U12 2km: Zachary Swain (Pakuranga) 7:16 and Cici Zhang (NHB) 8:13. U10 2km, Wolfgang Brunt (ACA) 8:19 and Zoe Mediratta (Lynndale) 8:45. U8 2km, Theo Mackie (Pakuranga) 9:20 and Dekota Fourie (TTT) 10:06.
Victoria University Relay – incorporating the Athletics Wellington Mixed Cross Country Relay, Queen Elizabeth Park, Mackays Crossing Paraparaumu – 11 May 2024

Open Relay 4 x 3.9km WHAC (Callum Stewart, Kumiko Otani, Nathan Tse, Andrea Peat) 50:11, Victoria 50:23, Scottish 51:37.
University Relay 4 x 3.9km Victoria (Luke Kuggeleiju, Nick Sasse, Simon Wills, Dan Hunt) 50:25, WHAC mixed Blue 50:54, Kapiti 53:12.
U20 4 x 3.9km Trentham (Josh Jordan, Zoe Hilton, Callum Wos, Madison Wos) 52:18, Olympic Harrier Club 52:27.
Daniel Reese Memorial Relay, North Hagley Park – 11 May 2024

Senior Men: Whippets 28:45, University 30:38, Selwyn 30:56. Master men: DGRS 34:51. U20 Run Timaru 33:11. U18 University 34:51. Senior Women: Whippets 34:24, Whippets 34:32, University 35:27. Master women DGRS 45:55. U20 University 38:06.
Individual results:
Olivia Ritchie won the women’s 4km in 14:13, from Ally Taylor 15:37 and Rachael Monkhouse 16:47. Brynne Gordon U18 4km 14:08, Brooke Fortune 16:29, Kobi Maslin 16:41. Masters Alex Hawke 15:25, Sarah Bryant 15:36.
George Guerin 4km 12:23, Daniel Redmond 13:16. U18 Henry Hiatt 13:29, Caleb Radcliffe 13:30. Masters Michael Anderson 13:23, Damien Cook 13:31, David Fitch 13:41.
U16 2km; Otto Church 6:23, Ben Lough 6:24, Billy Nelson 6:27. Tayla Cox 7:25, Maclane Gordon 7:42. U14 Jacob Radcliffe 6:47. Sascha Mitchell 6:49.
Leith Cross Country Relays and Ponydale Challenge, Pony Club, Three Mile Hill – 11 May 2023

Leith team of James Staufenberg, Dan Hayman, Grayson Westgate, Liam Chesney won the 4 x 4km relay in 56:36 from Hill City University 59:40 and Leith #2 1:02:55. Fastest laps; Janus Staufenberg 13:43, Liam Chesney 13:45, Jake Owen 14:04.
Women’s 4 x 4km relay: Leith (Kristy Eyles, Kate Smith Margie Campbell, Mel Aitken) 1:11:43, Leith #2 1:12:03, Hill City University 1:12:52. Fastest laps; Margie Campbell 17:15, Rebecca Allnutt 17:18, Kristy Eyles 17:31.
Master men: Leith 1:09:10, Ariki 1:09:42. Fastest lap Nathan Shanks 14:57.
Ariki won the women 4 x 2km relay with Catherine Lund recording the fast 2km in 8:22.
Nic Bathgate won the three-hour challenge covering 38km and Lydia Pattillo 32km.

What Gravity Challenge, Katara Amphitheatre, Doha, 9 May:
Hamish Kerr was fourth with a clearance of 2.25m. His series 2.17o, 2.21o, 2.25o, 2.28xxx. Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar won with 2.31m, Sanghyeok Woo of Korea was second also over at 2.31m and JuVaughn Harrison of USA third at 2.28m.
Kerr was delighted to be invited to the new concept of competition:
“It was an awesome experience. It is new era of athletic meets and to be a part of something special like this is something I’m grateful for. In terms of the comp itself, the crowd was amazing and the atmosphere was electric. Personally, I’m proud of a lot of things and how we’ve built over the past few weeks, and we’ve been trialling a few new things in the build up to Paris. But, ultimately, I lacked consistency at the higher heights. It is something we will review and focus on the way home and rectify for the next few comps.”
Atlantic 10 Championships, Fairfax VA, 4 May:
Chris Devaney 10,000m 29:44.11 (1), Matt Hill 29:49.33 PB by 1:37 (3).
Big South Championships, High Point NY, 6 May: Sam Waldin 10,000m 30:44.60 (2). 8 May: Sam Waldin 5000m 14:52.16 (4).
West Point Twilight, West Point NY, 9 May: Nick Moulai 1500m 3:45.34 (7). Taonga Mbambo 5000m 13:50.05 PB (3), Matt Hill 14:17.38 (5).
Concordia Twilight, Seward NE, 10 May: Kayla Goodwin JT 35.68m (10).
West Coast Last Chance, Chabot, Hayward CA, 10 May: Courtney Quirin 1500m 4:46.98 (9).
Mountain West Championships, Buchanan HS-Veteran Memorial, Clovis CA, 10/11 May: Annalies Kalma 400m 54.21 (2H1), 54.16 (6).
MID American Championships, DeKalb IL, 10/11 May: Krystal Clark 800m 2:11.91 (2H3), 2:14.10 (6).
OVC Championships, EIU O’Brien Field, Charleston IL, 9/11 May: Angus Monro 1500m 3:58.55 (3H1), 3:55.66 (7).
Franson Last Chance, Azusa CA, 11 May: Colin Kirkpatrick mile 4:07.55 PB (10). Maria Sartin 400m H 1:00.43 PB (2). Big East Championships, Villanova PA, 10 May: William Johnston 800m 1:53.05 PB (4H2). Mia Powell 400m 56.56 (4H2). Tessa Hunt 1500m 4:26.84 (3H1), Kiera Hall 4:29.55 (4H1). Maddie Kelso-Heap 400m H 1:03.27 (3H2). 11 May: Kiera Hall 1500m 4:26.22 PB (7), Tessa Hunt 4:27.99 (8). Kimberley May 5000m 15:26.60 PB (1). Maddie Kelso-Heap 400m H 1:02.52 (6).
Summit League Championships, St Thomas Arena, St Paul MN, 9 May: Alexandria Maples HT 61.06m (1). 10 May: Nadia Evans 400m 58.18 (4H1).
Asun Championships, Conway AR, 11 May: Emma Ferguson 1500m 4:28.20 (8).
Big 12 Championships, Waco TX, 11 May: Krystie Solomon 800m 2:04.68 PB (1).
ACC Championships, George C. Griffin Track, Atlanta GA, 9 May: Will Anthony 10,000m 29:18.80 (2), Toby Gualter 30:18.45 (14). Hannah Gapes 1500m 4:24.39 (4H3). 11 May: Will Anthony 5000m 13:40.17 (3). Hannah Gapes 5000m 16:05.48 (10).
SEC Championships, Gainsville FL, 9 May: Brianna Lee 800m 2:11.90 (7H2). Big West Championships, San Luis Obispo CA, 10 May: Tayla Brunger 100m 11.75 +2.3 (2H3). 11 May: Tayla Brunger 100m 11.81 +2.4 (8).
St Francis Fighting Chance Invite, Joliet IL, 10 May: James Corbett 1500m 3:49.88 PB (3). Lee University Last Chance, Cleveland TN, 11 May: Sam Idiens 800m 1:48.94 PB (2).
Yale Twilight, New Haven CT, 11 May: Penelope Salmon 1500m 4:21.23 (1).
Loper Twilight, Kearney NE, 11 May: Kayla Goodwin JT 35.76m (12).
Southland Conference Championships, Rice University, Houston TX, 11 May: Alex Martin 1500m 3:54.89 (5), 800m 1:51.76 (1).
Sound Running Track Fest, Jack Kemp Stadium, Los Angeles CA, 11 May: Theo Quax 1500m 3:38.69 PB (2).

American Athletic Conference Championships, San Antonio TX, 10/11 May: Alice Taylor heptathlon 5111 points PB (6) (17th New Zealand All-time list), (100m H 15.55 +3.0, HJ 1.91m (1.67o, 1.70-, 1.73o, 1.76o, 1.79o, 1.82xo, 1.85xo, 1.88xxo, 1.91o) Performance now ranked 2 equal on New Zealand All-time list, SP 9.75m, 200m 26.86 +1.5, LJ 5.42m +1.0 PB, JT 31.94m, 800m 2:22.11 PB). 12 May: Josie Taylor HJ 1.84m (1), Alice Taylor HJ 1.80m (2=).

ACNW League, Potchefstroom, 11 May:
Ethan Olivier TJ 16.80m(A) 0.0 PB (1), Welrè Olivier TJ 16.29m 0.0 (2). A National senior, U20 and U19 record for Ethan Olivier.
Tag Der Überflieger, Essen, 9 May:
Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.82m (6), (1.72xo, 1.77o, 1.82o, 1.86xxx).
Puma Nitro Lange Laufnacht, Karlsruhe, 11 May: Brad Mathas 800m 1:46.02 (3).
Transvulcania 72km +4350m Ultramarathon, La Palma, 11 May:
Ruth Croft 8:02:49, 1st woman, Ida Nilsson (Sweden) 8:16.32 (2), Sunmaya Budha (Nepal) 8:20.31 (3).
Brdska trka Boroša, Zagreb, 12 May
: Croatian Mountain Running Championships (Uphill Only) 11.8km +900m, Michael Sutton 55:10 (1).

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 1 May:
James Parker 18:30, Andrew Harvey 19:16, Tom Hanrahan 19:17. Becky Bradley 21:42. 8 May: James Parker 18:45, Andrew Harvey 19:05, Tom Hanrahan 19:05. Becky Bradley 20:36.
WhyWomenRun 10km, Auckland Domain, 12 May: Caitlin Peers 38:18, Anna Williams 40:34, Tia Knight 41:32. 5km; Maricar Donila 19:09.
Manawatu Striders Marathon, Massey University, 12 May:
James Conwell 2:40:35 PB, Brad White 2:54:38 PB, Karl Kalders 3:04:46. Lizzie Deane Jackson 3:23:41, Anita Chan 3:39:41, Natasha Whyte 3:39:58. Half marathon: Hayden Zervos 1:14:44, Joshua Stewart 1:19:00, Liam Jones 1:21:36. Sarah Imbush 1:31:31, Anthea Oliver 1:33:22, Morgan Bailey 1:34:09. 10km: Robbie O’Brien 36:47, Ewen Campbell 37:21, Reo Kawabata 37:27. Amanda Wallis 42:44, Monica Burnard 43:24, Samantha Bradley 44:00.
Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon, 11 May:
Seb On 1:14:14, Jack Davies 1:15:17, Tommy Hayes 1:16:00. Hannah Oldroyd 1:20:28, Nat Sutton 1:25:50, Bridget Kiddle 1:26:35.
South Island Ultra Marathon, Greymouth to Hokitika, 11 May:
100km: Louis Schindler 8:22:02, Matthew Gummer 8:51:13, Nathan Vile 9:08:43. Billie Haresnape 9:19:05, Maggi Johnson 9:24:04, Ketina Chivasa 10:27:03. 54km: Randy Van Der Gracht 4:21:17, Ange Wreford 4:24:15, Maddie Dillon 4:28:52, Alex Hilditch 4:46:00, Emily Chirnside 4:46:49, Cameron Day 4:48:59. 24km: Jason Watts 1:39:21, Charlie Hunter 1:43:03, Chloe Meijer 1:50:51, Maddy Conway 1:52:04.

Former Athletics New Zealand (NZAAA) Councillor and Management Committee member Brian Tyler of Wellington passed away on Friday 10 May 2024 aged 92. He served on both for three years from 1969 to 1971, representing the Auckland Centre. He attended Auckland Grammar School and competed for the Owairaka Club. On shifting to Wellington in the 1960’s he joined Wellington Scottish and became a valuable member with his financial expertise.
In the 1992 Queen’s Birthday Honours he was made a Commander of the British Empire, CBE, for services as Controller and Auditor-General of New Zealand from 1983-1992.