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14 January 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up 14 Jan

Welcome to the second edition of the Weekly Round Up for 2019 which includes:

Upcoming events
New Zealand Track and Field Meetings, including the South Island Colgate Games, Throwers Camp and Athletics Auckland, Waikato Bay of Plenty, and Canterbury Meetings
International results from Australia and the USA
Road and Trail race results from around the country

South Island Colgate Games, Caledonian Ground – 11/13 January 2019

Highlights from the three days of competition over the various grades:
Girls 14: Monique Hanlon 100m 12.65 (-1.6), 200m 25.37 (-0.3). Txai Anglin 400m 59.69. Jordan Evans-Tobata 800m 2:23.04. Emma Parke 1500m 5:12.44. Winnie Palamo 80m H 12.10 (+3.0). Angelina Tignani SP 11.86m, DT 28.50m. Abbie French LJ 5.79m (+2.4). Matilda Brown HJ 1.57m. Courtney Hillyer 2000m RW 11:30.19. 4 x 100m relay Aspiring 52.91.

Girls 13: Emma Becroft 100m 13.33 (-3.6), 200m 27.11 (-0.2), 80m H 12.51 (+5.7). Charlotte Mercer 400m 63.42. Niamh Motley 800m 2:24.22, 1500m 4:55.02. Nirvana Hepi-Breen SP 10.70m. Shyah Beattie DT 33.51m. Caitlin Hartley LJ 4.81m (+6.5). Jessica Hendren HJ 1.64m. Kayla Simons 1600m RW 10:21.10. 4 x 100m relay South Canterbury 54.47.

Girls 12: Talia van Rooyen 100m 13.42 (-2.6), 80m hurdles 12.86 (+4.0), LJ 4.1m (+1.3). Micayla Whiti 200m 27.06 (+0.4). Billie Crowe 400m 61.50, 800m 2:26.58, 1500m 5:00.71. Suzannah Kennelly SP 12.04m, DT 43.63m. Charlotte Byers HJ 1.43m. Madeline Thomas 1200m RW 6:03.47. 4 x 100m relay Aspiring 54.54.

Girls 11: Brooke Harper 100m 14.50 (-3.0). Leah Pratten 200m 28.92 (+.2). Ava Rattray 400m 64.83, 800m 2:30.59. Maddie Taylor 1500m 5:10.55. Meg Edwards LJ 4.16m (-1.7), HJ 1.41m. Jody McCarthy Dempsey SP 10.58m. Carlie Scherp DT 28.44m. Orla Motley 1200m RW 7:01.15. 4 x 100m relay South Canterbury 57.84.

Girls 10: Hannah Patterson 100m 15.14 (-3.0). Isla Tilbury 200m 30.43 (+2.7), 400m 69.69. Lila Rhodes 800m 2:38.20, 1500m 5:26.23. Charlotte Blake SP 7.80m. Greer Knowles DT 18.01m. Elly Baird LJ 3.85m (+1.4). Eliza McDonnell HJ 1.34m. Kobi Maslin 1200m RW 6:44.15. 4 x 100m relay Christchurch Avon 62.90.

Boys 14: Caden Faulkner 100m 11.57 (+0.2), 200m 24.11 (-5.8). Charlie Roil 400m 54.03, 800m 2:05.91. Jacob Neal 1500m 4:23.09. Xavier Wehi 100m H 14.80 (+4.0). Quinn Hartley LJ 6.25m (-3.3), HJ 1.93m PB. Jaykob Kramer SP 11.75m, DT 40.55m. Lachlan McCure 2000m RW 11:35.02. 4 x 100m relay Invercargill 47.11.

Boys 13: Jack Sadler 100m 11.91 (+0.5), 200m 24.60 (-3.3). Liam McKellar 400m 54.79, LJ 5.41m (-0.4). Callum Murray 800m 2:12.06, 1500 4:28.69. Asher Pettengell 80m H 12.01 (+2.9). Rico Fisher DT 38.76m. Jacob Waide SP 12.78m. Millar McElrea HJ 1.61m. Jonah Cropp 1600m RW 8:51.47. 4 x 100m relay University of Canterbury 51.47.

Boys 12: William Robertson 100m 12.79 (+0.3). Flynn O’Keeffe 200m 26.95 (-3.3). Tom Geary 400m 61.00, LJ 4.72m (+0.2). Daniel Prescott 800m 2:19.52, 1500m 4:46.65. Armani Lemalu SP 10.42m, DT 34.33m. Walter Stevenson HJ .65m. Finlay Neale 80m H 13.31 (+2.9). Liam Dunlop-Brown 1200m RW 6:48.84. 4 x 100m relay South Canterbury 54.44.

Boys 11: Manaia Lesa 100m 12.56 (+3.1), 200m 27.74 (-1.4). Oliver Hercus 400m 64.18, 800m 2:27.86, 1500m 5:00.76. PJ Palamo LJ 4.29m (NWI), SP 9.58m, DT 33.41m, HJ 1.41m. Jasper Thomas HJ 1.41m. Ari Bennett 1200m RW 8:36.67. 4 x 100m relay Hill City 57.27.

Boys 10: Toby Grant 100m 13.72 (+4.7), SP 9.30m, DT 22.48m. Flynn Wilson 200m 29.38 (-2.7), 400m 66.01. Alex Hansen 800m 2:26.73, 1500m 5:17.80. 1200m RW Sam Burnell 9:57.32. Harry Townsend HJ 1.26m. Drew Materoa LJ 4.19m (NWI). 4 x 100m relay Invercargill 59.22.


Athletics Auckland Meeting, Massey Park Papakura – 12 January 2019Rochelle Coster surprised herself with a fast 100m hurdles time of 13.72 (+0.9). Coster, the 2016 national 100m champion, co-holds the national hurdles record of 13.10 set in Sydney three years ago.

This season she has directed her training towards the 400m hurdles, so the performance over the shorter race, which was well under Terry Genge’s 1991 New Zealand W30 masters record of 14.95, was a bonus.

“It was unexpected as I’ve been doing 400 hurdles training just as something different and have had a couple of sessions over the shorter hurdles and managed to do a time like that. So something is obviously clicking together really well,” said Coster.

The 30 year old is undecided whether to go short or long at the nationals in March. “Maybe I’ll do both who knows, they’re on different days so there is always the option of doing both. I’m definitely a lot better at the shorter ones, but I’ve had more than an appreciation of the longer hurdles now that I’ve done a little bit,” she added.

Perhaps the fact that she has never won a 100m hurdles title may sway her decision. “You never know I could chuck it in there, as it’s not going to disrupt the 400 hurdles anyway so I may as well give it a go.”

Coster, in early December, went faster than the New Zealand W30 masters 400m hurdles record of 65.23 with her time of 63.07. Amy Robertson was second to Coster in a PB 14.33.

Jordan Bolland won the 100m in 10.74 (+2.1) from James Guthrie-Croft 10.87 while Luke Mercieca improved on his previous best 400m of 48.82 at last year’s National Championships with a time of 48.57. Steven Langdon held out James Reid to win the 800m in 1:58.30. Matthew Aucamp 110m H 15.06 (+1.3) PB. Percy Maka 1kg DT 58.10m, Auckland B13 record. Laycian Leaso 1.5kg DT 38.14m PB.

Stella Pearless, national junior 800m champion, clipped nearly two seconds off her PB winning the 800m in 2:11.82. Charlotte Holland won the 100/400m double in 12.56 (+2.8) and 57.31. Diana Ismagilova LJ 5.36m (-1.9).

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 12 January 2019

Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.4 HT, 200m 24.19 (-2.9) Portia Bing 200m 24.53. Krystie Solomon 400m 58.19. Taylor Smith 400m 51.03, Phil Simms 400m 51.57, Henry Marr 400m 51.79. Josie Taylor HJ 1.68m PB.

Throwers Camp, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 6 January 2019

Lauren Bruce DT 51.31m, HT 58.42m. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 49.52m. Emma Werner (Aust) HT 46.19m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 44.16m. Tori Peeters JT 55.62m. Caitlin Bonne JT 43.22m. Victoria Owers SP 16.35m. Ashley Bologna (France) 15.27m. Jaidyn Busch 3kg SP 14.43m.

Nikolas Kini 5kg SP 18.02m, 1.5kg DT 58.58m. Aiden Harvey (Aust) 7.26kg SP 18.20m. Declan Carman (Aust) 6kg SP 17.11m, 1.75kg DT 55.89m. Nick Palmer 7.26kg SP 16.63m. Todd Hodgetts (Aust) 7.26kg SP 15.21m. Connor McLoughlin (Aust) 2kg DT 54.02m. Liam Johnston 6kg HT 44.43m. Ben Langton Burnell JT 70.71m. Cam Robinson JT 54.80m.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 12 January 2019

Anna Hayward 100m 12.73 (+0.9). Kelsey Berryman 100m 12.42 (-1.2) mx, 200m 26.19 (-1.2). Shannon Gearey 400m 58.84. Emilaya Ellis (Aust) TJ 11.88m (0.0). Sarah Edmiston (Aust) F44 DT 37.98m (Aust Para-record). Lauren Bruce DT 45.06m, HT 59.22m. Fiona Morrison LJ 5.51m (+0.2), betters NZ masters W30 1990 record of 5.30m by Terry Genge. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 45.21m. Kate Davies HJ 1.65m.

Hayden Hall 2kg DT 46.97m. Nikolas Kini 1.5kg DT 54.81m, 5kg SP 17.48m. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 53.12m PB. Matt Dryden 3000m 8:46.61 a 5 second PB. Flora Brocherie 3000m 9:43.55 mx. Ryan Ballantyne 7.26kg SP 15.98m. Nick Palmer 6kg SP 17.41m. Victoria Owers SP 14.99m. Macy Ballantyne HT 48.58m. Emma Werner (Aust) HT 47.70m.


AACT Summer Series, Woden Canberra, 5 January:

Simon Rogers 800m 1:54.97 (1R1).

Strive Program, WA Athletics Stadium Perth, 5 January:

Michael Cochrane 400m H 53.73 (1).

Queensland Combined Events Championships, QSAC, State Athletics Facility, Nathan, 12/13 January:

Max Attwell decathlon (100m 11.39 -1.3 776, LJ 6.71m +2.3 746, SP 11.11m 553, HJ 1.99m 794, 400m 49.05 859, first day 3728 points, 110m H 16.46 +1.4 682, DT 37.20m 608, PV NH, JT 34.88m 368, 1500m DNS).

Father Diamond Invitational, George Mason Field House, Fairfax VA, 5 January:

Ben Collerton (Texas State) LJ 6.98m (2).


Eastside Riverpath 5km, 8 January:

Kent Hodgson 19:04, Ryan Jones 19:09, Ben Norris 19:15.

Kapiti Summer 5km Series, Waikanae, 7 January:

Cameron Forrest 17:33, Luke Anderson 18:22, Matthew Smaill 19:24. Jessica Hughes 20:34, Renae Creser 21:02, Lucy Lawlor 21:06.

Waterfront 5km, 8 January:

Daniel Jones 16:02, Bert Prendergast 16:26, Paul Barwick 16:29. Marsille Bowie 19:35, Letha Whitman 19:42, Lizzie Ingham 19:43. Walk; Joseph Antcliff 34:01.


Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 8 January:

Brett Tingay 16:11, Hayden Zervos 16:21, Daniel Redmond 16:23.


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