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17 January 2022 • Track and Field

Weekly Round Up: 17 January

2022 South Island Colgate Games (Photo: Debbie Fahey Photography -

New Zealand Track & Field results


McKinnon Shield Meeting #6 and Sir John Walker Junior Mile, Mt Smart Stadium – 15 January 2022
Zane Powell made it two years in a row in the annual Sir John Walker junior mile running a personal best 4:09.87. James Ford set the pace for the elite field with the aim of breaking Richard Potts’ 1990 race record of 4:05.01.

He covered the first lap well clear in 61 seconds. Will Taylor, Karson Vesty were next through with James Harding and Powell further back. At the three quarter passed in 3:14, Harding led Christian de Vaal and Powell.

Into the finishing straight Powell dug deep alongside Harding and carried on for the victory. Vesty pipped Harding for second in 4:10.46 PB, to Harding’s 4:10.71 PB. de Vaal was fourth in 4:16.51 PB.

Powell, who was third in 2020 in his previous best time of 4:16.50, was pleased with the result given the hot conditions.

“I’m happy to see the New Year’s training is paying off, so hopefully I’ll get another good race in next week at the Potts Classic and the week after at Whanganui.

“James was the dedicated pacer and I tried to go with him and I got boxed in at the start, so I had to settle in and work my way up,” said Powell.

Laura Nagel won the women’s mile in 4:49.40 from Alannah Van Hout 4:56.70 PB and Isabella Richardson 4:59.47 PB. Tomas Barry won the open mile in 4:24.22 PB, from Toby Tasker 4:26.32 PB and Lakshay Bawa 4:31.57 PB.

Jaden Movold T54 under 18 1500m 4:39.55.

Tommy Te Puni captured the sprint double in 11.40 -2.8 over 100m and 22.61 -2.2 for the 200m. In a close finish Mikael Starzynski held out Matthew Alty and Flynn Marshall to win the 400m in 49.49. Alty ran a PB 49.77 and Marshall recorded 49.82.

Matthew Aucamp won the 110m hurdles in 15.59 -2.8 and the javelin with a throw of 50.48m PB. Ettiene Du Preez cleared 4.40m in the pole vault, Jools Peters a PB 4.10m, and Charles Devlin was out to 13.28m +2.7 in the triple jump. Talia van Rooyen won the 100m in 12.40 -2.8 from Amelie Fairclough 12.64. Fairclough went on to win the 200m in 25.58 -3.8. Sophie Atkinson 400m 56.64, Lucy Shennan 57.12, Samantha Korck 57.64 PB.

Elena Edgar-Nemec TJ 11.34m +4.0, also 11.13m +1.6. Diana Ismagilova 11.30m +3.7, also 10.92m +0.3. Alisha Lovrich PV 3.50m, Isabella Murrell PV 3.50m, Lillian Bing 3.20m. Bree Ackland 600g JT 34.58m PB.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 15 January 2022
Julian Oakley 1500m 3:46.13, Russell Green 3:47.04 PB, Harry Ewing 3:50.72 PB, James Corbett 3:52.68 PB, Ben Bidois 3:55.32 PB. Kerry White 800m 2:10.49, Hannah Gapes 2:13.09 PB also 1500m 4:33.01, Boh Ritchie 2:13.34 PB, Jessie Speedy 2:13.48 PB. Jemima Antoniazzi 1500m 4:48.25.

Grace Wisnewski 300m H 44.80 PB, Sophie Hancock 44.88 also LJ 5.13m +0.3. Wiremu Knowles 300m H 42.60 PB, Nathan Browne 43.10 PB. Teeka Rendell 100m 12.83 +0.8, 200m 25.54 -0.5 PB. Jacob Douglas 100m 11.25 +0.6, 200m 22.90 -1.1. Michael Sutton 3000m steeplechase 9:48.38. Kamaia Minhinnick 3kg SP 12.76m. Amelia de Lautour HJ 1.63m. Savannah Scheen DT 52.09m, Losaline Lose 38.48m. Manaia Christiansen 5kg SP 12.95m PB.


Open Jumps Meeting, Hicks Park – 12 January 2022
Ashleigh Bennett LJ 5.89m +2.4, also 5.72m +0.1. Ellie Hurley-Langton TJ 10.10m +1.4. Angus Lyver LJ 6.81m +1.6. Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.27m -0.7.


Summer Series #1, Colin Pugh Sports Bowl – 16 January 2022
National 200m champion and runner up in the 100m Cody Wilson 100m 10.80 +0.2, 200m 22.08 +1.9. Jake Paul 11.03 and 22.93. Ben Lambert 11.18 and 23.11. Saravee Sos 200m 22.67. Liam Lamb 800m 1:52.59 PB, Max Karamanolis 1:58.03, Liam Chesney 1:59.24. Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.52m +0.7. Josh Ledger 400m 49.40, Charles Roil 51.79, also 1.75kg DT 34.42m PB.

Tamsin Harvey 100m 12.33 +1.0, 200m 25.51 +1.3. Kimberley Walsh 25.84 and 58.51. Shannon Gearey 400m 59.11. Lili Szabo LJ 5.18m +0.7. Naomi Waite HJ 1.65m. Mia Bartlett 3kg HT 41.27m PB, DT 28.07m.

Martin Lucas 3000m RW 13:48.62. Jacqueline Wilson 3000m RW 20:25.43, Daphne Jones 23:17.72 NZ masters W80 record.

Natasha Rae 3000m 10:16.23 PB. Roger Robinson 3000m 15:48.04 NZ masters M80 record breaking Stanley Gawler of Canterbury 2011 record of 15:54.96.


Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 12 January 2022
Camryn Smart 200m 25.76 -2.1. Luke Hassan 800g JT 45.39m. Izzy Neal 60m 8.06 -4.0, 100m 12.86 -4.1, 200m 25.96 -2.1. Mark Agnew 100m 11.91 -3.1, 200m 24.32 -3.1.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting #9, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 15 January 2022
Helena Dinnissen, silver medallist national triple jump, 60m 7.85 +1.6, 100m 12.62 +0.2, 200m 25.93 +1.7. Jared Neighbours PV 4.00m, Finlay Neale 3.40m, Eliza Meekings 3.40m. Amy Robertson 100m H 14.23 -1.2, 200m 25.08 +1.7. Kelsey Berryman LJ 5.77m +1.1, Rebecca Peterson 5.23m +0.3. Jack Henry LJ 6.42m +1.1, JT 54.14m PB. Todd Bates HT 55.09m.

Daniel Roswell 1500m 3:57.26, Connor Melton 3:58.76, Cameron Avery 3:59.20 PB. Cameron Clark 3000m 8:41.32. Mark Agnew 60m 7.39 -1.4. John Wells 100m 11.29 +1.0, 400m 49.43 PB. Jessica Hendren HJ 1.65m. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 13:57.61, Laura Langley 14:17.14. Ethan Bone HJ 1.90m, Tia Wynyard 1.80m. Beau Brackenridge 110m H 0.914 15.53 +1.6, 300m H 41.20. Asher Pettengell-Brand 110m H 0.914 15.05 +1.6 PB, 400m 49.60 PB, John Mottus 50.46 PB. Kiera Hall 400m 59.43. Marcus Wolton 200m 23.20 -1.3 PB. Rosa Twyford 1500m 4:26.47 PB, Tillie Hollyer 4:32.07 PB, Eva Pringle 4:39.10, Kiera Hall 4:42.23. Charlotte Lambie 4kg HT 37.18m PB. Orla Motley 3kg HT 35.21m PB.

Para Athlete William Stedman F36 LJ 5.18m -2.8. Zach Lappin F38 800g JT 25.25m. Sarah James Wheelchair 200m 43.22 +2.0.


Yvette Williams Memorial Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 13 January 2022
Lauren Bruce highlighted the memorial meeting with her tenth best ever hammer throw of 72.15m. Her winning throw came in round three and she finished off with 71.67m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates was second with 55.26m and Lexi Maples third with a PB 54.84m.

Tori Peeters was out to 56.32m with the javelin, Caitlin Bonne threw 42.53m for second.

Oli Chignell won the mile in 4:13.62 from Kirk Madgwick 4:29.52 and Oliver O’Sullivan 4:32.88.

Schuyler Orr 100m 11.17 +4.4. Liam Prouting-Gardner 400m 51.82, Cameron Moffitt 51.92, LJ 6.42m +4.4, Jedidiah Thompson-Fawcett 52.05. Jared Neighbours 110m H 16.48 +3.2, 800g JT 57.85m.

Sarah Jamison 100m H 16.34 +3.2.

Quinn Hartley HJ 1.95m, Mate Poduje 1.90m. Keira McNeill HJ 1.59m. Felix McDonald LJ 7.56m +3.4. Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 5.52m +2.9.

Kaleb Sola 7.26kg HT 41.86m, 800g JT 50.62m PB. Mike Scholten HT 35.30m, Jamin Millar 32.42m PB. Anton Schroder 800g JT 51.06m.


South Island Colgate Games, Surrey Park – 14/16 January 2022
Day one highlights:
B14; Harrison Laing South Canterbury 400m 54.35. Harry Williamson Canterbury 100m H 15.52 -0.8. Charlie Applegarth New Brighton LJ 6.20m +1.7 PB. Dante Ford-Tuveve Titahi Bay SP 13.67m PB.

G14; Josephine Tappenden Nelson 400m 59.30 PB. Jody McCarthy-Dempsey Selwyn 80m H 12.50 +1.1, LJ 5.20m -3.7. Kate Hallie Takapuna SP 13.82m.

B13; Cody Lawson Invercargill 400m 55.35, 80m H 12.70 +0.5. Isaac Saywell Barbosa Chch Avon HJ 1.60m.

G13; Isla Tilbury Marlborough 400m 58.90 PB. Molly McManus Nelson 80m H 12.80 +0.8. Arnika-Rose Gread New Brighton LJ 4.90m +3.1. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz NHB DT 43.16m PB. Kobi Maslin Canterbury 1600m RW 8:06.62.

B12; Alex Walker Hill City 400m 58.05, DT 34.50m. Bryn Veint Remarkable 80m H 14.60 +1.5. Otto Church Chch Avon HJ 1.50m.

G12; Scarlett Gwin Waitakere 400m 63.46. Fernanda Tirado NHB 80m H 13.74 -0.5, LJ 4.63m +1.6, SP 9.40m.

B11; Ruan Tahi Papanui TocH 100m 13.00 +0.8. Ferguson Hammond Winton 1500m 5:05.33. Leyon Caffery Manurewa DT 38.89m.

G11; Eseta Qalivutu Canterbury 200m 28.22 +2.4, SP 11.59m. Isabel Prescott Selwyn 800m 2:37.16. Hannah Williams HJ 1.30m.

B10; Alex Horrell Riverton 100m 13.83 +1.4. Jacob Williams Lower Hutt 1500m 4:52.99. Ludvig Persson Nelson DT 35.44m.

G10; Monica Paese WHAC 200m 29.11 +0.4. Tia Korewha Papkura 800m 2:35.47. Mia Thomson Paraparaumu HJ 1.30m.

Para Athlete; Jonti Dillinger St Pauls 100m 19.54 +0.4, DT 8.13m. Rylee Sayer Paeroa DT 14.93m, LJ 3.59m -0.5. Charlie Gardiner-Hall Waiuku DT 20.03m.

Day two highlights:
B14; Daniel Mullens Pakuranga DT 35.57m. Hunter Scott University Canterbury 200m 24.03 +0.1. Harrison Laing Sth Canterbury 800m 2:04.35.

G14; Mia de Jager Hamilton HJ 1.60m. Brynne Gordon Port Hills 1500m 4:58.83. Brooke Harper Marlborough 100m 12.84 +2.1.

B13; Nelsson Tiumalu Titahi Bay SP 12.10m. Nawaf Abdalla Invercargill LJ 5.07m -0.3. Cody Lawson Invercargill 200m 24.21 +2.1. Jakob Voorkamp Invercargill 800m 2:15.64.

G13; Emelia Adamson Hill City HJ 1.58m. Imogen Barlow Pakuranga 1500m 4:40.89 PB. Sienna Wright Sth Canterbury 100m 12.95 +0.7 PB.

B12; Harrison Day Pakuranga 1200m RW 6:56.11. Alex Walker Hill City 200m 25.62 +0.6, SP 13.55m. Otto Church Chch Avon 800m 2:17.15.

G12; Alysa Brown Selwyn 1200m RW 7:56.76. Fernanda Tirado NHB DT 31.97m. Abby O’Boyle St Pauls 1500m 4:54.69. Lyla Bowering Hill City 100m 13.42 +0.5.

B11; Cooper Paulo Marlborough HJ 1.47m. Conner Woodcock Selwyn 200m 27.39 -0.4. Ferguson Hammond Winton 800m 2:29.13. 4 x 100m relay Papanui TocH 55.23.

G11; Isabel Prescott Selwyn 1500m 5:33.43. Briar Craig Waimate DT 25.77m. Eseta Qalivutu University Canterbury 100m 13.50 +1.1. 4 x 100m relay Hill City 59.71.

B10; Alex Horrell Riverton 200m 30.01 +0.1, LJ 4.30m -1.3. Brock Smith St Pauls 1200m RW 9:53.64. Jacob Williams Lower Hutt 800m 2:25.48. 4 x 100m relay Christchurch Avon 60.13.

G10; Lauren Muir Gore LJ 3.94m -2.4. Hayley Hoare Selwyn 1200m RW 8:19.85. Phoebe Corin Paraparaumu DT 23.56m. Mia Thomson Paraparaumu 1500m 5:18.53. Monica Paese WHAC 100m 13.97 +0.6. 4 x 100m relay Papanui TocH 62.37.

Para Athlete; Jonti Dillinger St Pauls 200m 44.30 -1.0, LJ 2.59m -1.6. Charli Gardner-Hall Waiuku 1500m 7:20.75. Rylee Sayer Paeroa 100m 16.13 -0.9.

Day three highlights:
B14; Kahu Geary Alexandra HJ 1.76m. Richie Trathen Pakuranga 2000m RW 10:17.52. Cooper Wightman Selwyn 1500m 4:21.09. Katoa Turner University Canterbury 100m 11.73 +1.6. 4 x 100m relay University Canterbury 47.34.

G14; Molly O’Reilly Selwyn 2000m RW 11:25.13. Kate Hallie Takapuna DT 39.01m. Gabrielle Healy WHAC 800m 2:18.55 PB. Mia de Jager Hamilton 200m 26.13 +1.0 PB. 4 x 100m relay Christchurch Avon 52.03.

B13; Harry Fletcher Invercargill DT 47.38m. Cody Lawson Invercargill 100m 12.13 -1.7. 4 x 100m relay Invercargill 49.63.

G13; Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz NHB SP 12.92m.Isla Tilbury Marlborough 800m 2:16.97. Elijah O’Donnell Marlborough 1500m 4:37.82. Sacha Kilmister Mana 200m 26.88 -0.8. 4 x 100m relay Hill City University 52.74.

B12; Will Brown Invercargill LJ 4.49m -1.4. Otto Church Chch Avon 1500m 4:23.23. Alex Walker Hill City 100m 12.62 +1.6. 4 x 100m relay Christchurch Avon 56.01.

G12; Keira O’Reilly Selwyn HJ 1.45m. Abby O’Boyle St Pauls 800m 2:24.57. Lyla Bowering Hill City 200m 27.70 -1.1. 4 x 100m relay Christchurch Avon 56.99.

B11; Alexander Jonathan Nth Canterbury 1200m RW 7:57.69. Leyon Caffery Manurewa SP 10.48m. Conner Woodcock Selwyn 400m 61.81.Daniel Swardt Olympic LJ 4.87m +1.3.

G11; Ruby Stewart Invercargill LJ 4.42m +1.4. Morgan Day Pakuranga 1200m RW 6:42.49. Eseta Qalivutu University Canterbury 400m 65.94.

B10; Ludvig Persson Nelson SP 11.30m, HJ 1.35m. Jacob Williams Lower Hutt 400m 64.97.

G10; Malyah Martin-Profit New Brighton 400m 66.12. Thalia Lam Papatoetoe SP 10.19m.

Para Athlete; Jonti Dillinger St Pauls SP 3.19m. Charli Gardner-Hall Waiuku SP 8.36m. Rylee Sayer Paeroa 200m 34.29 +3.1.

International Results


Run Rock Roll 5km, Phoenix AZ, 15 January: Matt Baxter 13:55 (1), New Zealand national record breaking Callan Moody’s 2020 record of 14:13.


Gene Edmonds Invitational, West Lafyette IN, 8 January: Welrè Olivier TJ 15.59m (1), New Zealand indoor record breaking Tuariki John Delamere’s 1970 record of 15.38m.


Canberra Summer Series #8 and Bill Jacobs Shield, Woden Park, 9 January: Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.92 -1.1 (1).

Supernova 10km Race Walk, Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra ACT, 15 January: Quentin Rew 40:35.2 (3). Rew holds the New Zealand 10,000m RW track record of 40:42.11 set in Christchurch in March 2020.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 12 January: Adam Berry 17:12, Keith Burrows 17:22, Haoting Ma 17:43.

YMCA 10km Series, Auckland Domain 13 January: Sam Walker 39:48, Daniel Yep 44:02, Christopher Robb 44:46.

Good Home Off Road Half Marathon, 15 January: Michael Erb 1:35:20, Tommy Hayes 1:38:14, Jon-Paul Heather 1:42:16. Christy Aish 1:54:07, Courtney Pratt 1:56:37, Grace White 1:58:48.

Kapiti Summer 5km Series #6, Waikanae, 10 January: Corey Kellogg 19:15, Alastair Shelton 19:26, Leon Goodwin 19:29. Lucy Lawlor 20:51.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 16 January: Will Bell 35:06, Jamie Duncan 35:35, Taro Morimoto 39:36. Sarah Drought 35:44. 5km; Emma Perron 18:28. Willie Gunn 20:04.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series #1, Hagley Park, 11 January: Corban Straker 15:20, Alex Kelliher 15:59, David Fitch 16:59, Richard Bennett 17:14. Hannah Oldroyd 16:57, Anne McLeod 18:08, Nicola Handley 19:26, Fiona Dowling 19:29.

Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grant, 15 January: 60km; Daniel Jones 4:37:37, David Haunschmidt 4:56:38, Andy Good 5:05:24. Ruth Croft 5:26:29, Nancy Jiang 5:53:12, Katie Morgan 6:06:44. 27km; Daniel Balchin 1:48:49, Jono Jackson 1:51:15, Richard Ford 2:00:11. Caitlin Fielder 2:07:25, Sarah Douglas 2:16:07, Fiona Love 2:20:22.


Cross Country running legend Barry Everitt of Waikanae died on Monday 10 January 2022 aged 84.

Everitt competed for New Zealand in the International Cross Country Championships in 1965 in Ostend Belgium finishing 40th, in Barry Wales in 1967 finishing 25th and in Glasgow Scotland in 1969 finishing 37th.

A stalwart of the Wellington Harrier Athletic Club for over 40 years, Everitt was enticed to going and running at the harrier club as a youngster with the incentive of free cake and cordial at the end of the run. He enjoyed the running and a further incentive to continue was that he started to win races. At Wellington Technical College he was breaking cross country records by a minute and a half.

He was second in the 1963 New Zealand three mile championship, and third in 1964. He was second in the 1966 New Zealand six mile championship. At the 1966 New Zealand cross country championship he was second.

He never missed a club or centre cross country or road race over his long career. He was a key member of the Club’s numerous road relay victories during the 1960’s and 1970’s including the Wellington to Masterton, Around the ranges Palmerston North, Motueka to Nelson and Marton to Whanganui relays.

He later competed in masters athletics winning the M45 5,000m and 10,000m titles in 1984.

He was President and made a life member in 1979, of the WHAC club and the Everitt Plate in his honour is presented each year to the top club at the Vosseler Shield cross country at Mt Victoria.