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20 October 2020 • General

Weekly Round Up: 19 October

New Zealand Competition Results

New Zealand Trail Running Championships, Port Hills – 18 October 2020

Weston Hill, winner of the Crater Rim Ultra in 2017, returned to claim the New Zealand title over the gruelling 53km around Port Hills in a race record time of 4:38:31. Scotty Hawker, who would normally be racing in Europe at this time of the year, was second in 4:47:01 with defending champion Vajin Armstrong third in 4:57:33 and Will Jones, third last year, fourth in 5:08:22.

“I’m really stoked to pull it off,” said Hill, who works as a mechanical engineer and represents Trentham United Harriers.

“There are some fast dudes here and I knew I would have to get it right on the day if I was to win the race.

“The lads went reasonably fast at the start and were testing each other out. We had a steady climb up Mt Herbert and I power-hiked away from the group in an effort to feel whether they would chase me but nobody did,” said Hill.

Nancy Jiang regained the women’s title after winning the inaugural national championship in 2018. Jiang also clocked a race record of 5:43:38, eclipsing Mel Aitken’s title win last year in 5:57:44. Katie Smith was second in 6:25:43 and Aitken third in 6:28:04, followed in by Kirstin Foley in 6:49:42.

“I felt really good,” said Jiang, despite her hampered preparation caused by a tendon tear in her foot in June.

“I was strong on the climbs and good on the descents – the ski touring must have worked. There was very little wind out there and it was super sunny. I even think coming from Queenstown it was a little hot!
“It is a really good feeling to win the national title and I’m just stoked to be out there running. We are in a really privileged position here in New Zealand,” she added.

Other results:
30km; Ryan Carr 2:24:00, Steven Melton 2:34:59, Hayden Zervos 2:35:09. Meggie Bichard 3:06:20, Sarah Munro 3:07:11, Catherine Wilson 3:15:16. 22km; Richard Melton 1:45:35, Buddy Small 1:52:22, Edward Cromwell 1:58:34. Louise Darwin 2:05:12, Savanah Stewart 2:07:53, Fiona Gilroy 2:13:27. 10km; Kevin Grimwood 46:46, Matt Dawson 49:54, Lee Butts 51:09. Sarah Bryant 56:39, Holly Weston 1:01:31, Alice Walsh 1:02:44.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 17 October 2020
Joshua Bull PV 3.90m 1.75kg DT 43.58m PB. Eliza Meekings PV 3.30m. Josh Thiele PV 3.80m 700g JT 41.13m. Andis Quinn LJ 6.50m +2.5, also 6.25m +1.3, 5kg SP 13.47m. Max Attwell LJ 6.68m +1.3, SP 11.97m. Victor Lusis 800g JT 40.11m. Alfie Baker 800g JT 43.44m PB. Angie Petty 2000m 6:18.13. Sam Petty 2000m 5:50.10. Julia Burnham 60m 7.88 +1.4, 145m 18.60 -2.1. Jordyn Blake 60m 7.88 +1.4, 300m 41.19. Tapenisa Havea 3kg SP 15.73m. Anna Lynch DT 30.09m. Kirsty McCarthy Dempsey 3kg SP 11.70m, DT 33.84m. Eli Leifi HJ 1.84m, Ethan Bone HJ 1.81m PB.
Athletics Canterbury Awards Night – 16 October 2020
Among the award winners were: Tom Walsh, Senior Athlete of the Year; Julia Burnham, Junior Athlete of the Year; and William Stedman, Para Athlete of the Year.
McKinnon Shield Meeting, Herb Towers Track Mt Smart Stadium – 17 October 2020

National junior 100m and 200m champion Tommy Te Puni showed fine early season form taking out the sprint double in 10.93 +1.3 and 22.04 +2.3. Zachary Saunders was second in the 100m in 10.99 and Liam McKellar second in the 200m in 22.54. 

National under 17 800m record holder James Harding held out James Ford to win the 800m in 1:59.32. 

Zane Powell was a clear winner of the 3000m in 8:38.21, in which Wim Luijpers set an Auckland masters M50 record of 9:13.62 and Nick Moore an Auckland masters M45 record of 9:17.62.

Twins Chloe and Bella Browne ran personal bests in the 3000m, knocking considerable amounts off their previous efforts, Chloe winning in 10:07.68 and Bella second in 10:08.42. 

Jayden Williamson HJ 1.96m. Charlie Milford TJ 12.09m + 3.7 also 11.96m +1.7. Talia van Rooyen 100m 12.42 +3.7, 80m hurdles 12.06 +2.1. Nadia Evans 200m 24.66 +2.4. Diana Ismagilova TJ 11.67m +2.6. Imogen Skelton HJ 1.73m.
Throwers Spring Series #2, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 17 October 2020
A record number of competitors took part, with 35 athletes setting a string of personal bests.

Liam Ngchok-Wulf 5kg SP 16.78m PB, 5kg HT 57.43m PB, 1.5kg DT 47.44m. Levi White 4kg HT 55.09m PB. Nadja Kumerich 3kg HT 47.37m PB, 3kg SP 11.54m PB. Suluama Vaeau Muliatlo 4kg HT 38.76m PB, 3kg HT 46.00m. Sionann Murphy T37 3kg SP 7.64m PB, 1kg DT 19.39m PB. Kaia Tupu-South 3kg SP 17.83m PB. Jasmine Saimoa 4kg HT 47.72m PB, Jasmane Saimoa 4kg HT 42.99m PB. Anthony Barmes 7.26kg HT 54.83m. Nick Hailes 7.26kg HT 44.08m. Natalia Rankin Chitar DT 43.23m, 4kg SP 13.04m. Brianna Tirado 500g JT 39.69m PB, 600g JT 36.84m PB. Katie Hallie DT 36.20m, 3kg SP 10.67m.
Athletics Auckland Road Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 18 October 2020
After a long layoff from racing, Commonwealth Games silver medallist Alana Barber tested herself over 10,000m, winning the Auckland 10,000m race walking title in 49:37.54. 

Barber said it was good to be able to race after the lockdown.

“I last raced at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships in March in Christchurch,” said Barber.

“It’s been a long time and I’ve really needed to get back racing again, so this has been welcomed now that we’re back down to level one again.

“This was a chance to shake my legs out just to get used to racing again and wake my body up, so the time was what I was expecting. I’ve got a lot to work on, particularly my speed. I’ve done my base phase and now I’m starting to work on the speed stuff,” she added.

Barber said that she has also experimenting with altitude training.

“I’m also in the middle of an altitude block which involves sleeping in a tent which pumps lesser oxygen into the tent and more nitrogen, so I’m getting that feeling of being at 2500m altitude. That will also have had a tiring effect on me today.”

The 33-year-old six-times New Zealand walking champion said that she is looking forward to travelling overseas again.

“I’m waiting for that Australian bubble to open up as they are my training partners over in Australia and my boyfriend is in Europe as well and we haven’t seen each other for a year. I need to get over to Europe to get to that next level if I want to qualify for the Olympics.”

Barber added that she is looking forward to the New Zealand Road Championships in three-week’s time and getting a 20km distance done.

Antonia Martin won the under 20 10,000m title in 1:10.01.43 and Lyndon Hohaia the master men 50 in 59:30.55.

Olivia Burne, in a warm up for the Auckland half marathon in two weeks, was impressive in the senior women’s 10km, winning by a wide margin from Hayley Green. Burne recorded 36:30 and Green 37:16. National cross country champion Maiya Christini was third in 37:49.

Burne said she found the conditions very humid after two days of cold weather in Auckland.

“I’ve just started getting back into training in the last two months and it was awesome to race and it was awesome to have Hayley and Maiya, two top class athletes, back in Auckland.”

Green, who competed in last year’s World Cross Country Championships, returned from the States in March just before lockdown.

“I haven’t been running for the last year and when I came back I thought it would be a good way to get back into the New Zealand community so I set up with Bays and Paul Hamblyn and he’s been steadily getting me back,” said Green.

The 31-year-old, formerly from Wellington, has been out of the country for 12 years.

“It’s been a bit of a transition from wearing a WHAC singlet, but I wanted to represent Bays at the New Zealand Road Relay Championships.”

Peter Wheeler swept to victory in the senior 10km in 33:07, over two minutes ahead of Hayden Rodger.

Nick Moore won the masters 10km in 34:08 from Greg Darbyshire 34:23. The under 20 8km went to Ronan Lee in 27:10, the under 18 6km to Ronan Codyre 21:01 and the under 16 4km to Christian De Vaal in 13:39.

Carolyn Smith headed in the master women over 5km in 22:09 and the under 20 5km went to Natasha Gordon in 24:47. Amelia Green won the under 18 5km in 19:58 and Sophie Robb the under 16 4km in 15:45. Imogen Barlow won the under 14 3km in 11:04, beating Amy Hurly by 15 seconds. Jack Erikson ran 13 seconds faster than Connor Boulton to win the under 14 3km in 10:45.
Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 17 October 2020

Alessandra Macdonald 200m 25.78 +2.2, 400m 59.49, 4kg SP 10.31m PB. Boh Ritchie U/16 1000m 3:01.93. Jemima Antoniazzi 1000m 3:04.09. Samantha Corbett 1000m 3:04.39. Alice Taylor HJ 1.65m, Josie Taylor HJ 1.65m. Charlotte Drabble LJ 5.04m +1.6. Melelosline Lose DT 37.78m PB. Losaline Lose 3kg SP 11.34m PB. Lily Middleton DT 31.88m. Ethan Wallace 200m 23.15 +1.5. William Taylor 1000m 2:39.99. Jacob Douglas 300m H 42.27, 200m 23.28 +1.5 PB.
Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 17 October 2020

Anna Grimaldi T47 bettered her own New Zealand Para Athlete long jump record of 5.62m from her gold medal performance at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Grimaldi was out to a wind assisted 5.70m +3.7, but her back up jump of 5.68m +1.9, added 6cm to her record.

Gabi Horo set an Otago W16 pole vault record of 2.70m. Another best performance went to Joshua Chisholm F40 SM and Men 19+Under in the 4kg Shot Put with 4.22m.

Schuyler Orr 60m 7.52 -1.3. Shay Veitch 100m 10.94 -1.2, LJ 7.10m +2.0, HJ 1.85m PB. Thomas Sullivan 400m 53.64. Jack Shaw 5000m 16:55.24. Alexander Brown 3000m RW 13:31.49. Cole Gibbons PV 3.40m PB. Felix McDonald LJ 7.54m +0.9. Jade Zaia DT 46.74m. Cameron Moffitt 110m H 16.19 -0.8, 1.5kg DT 40.08. Zhara Beattie DT 37.77m Todd Bates HT 51.51m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 49.78m. Sarah Langsbury 100m H 15.34 -0.8.
Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 17 October 2020

Quinn Hartley LJ 6.31m +0.9, 1.5kg DT 33.09m PB. Norman Tudor 800g JT 42.85m. Tessa Baird TJ 10.36m 0.0.

International Results

Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Open Meeting, Norman Park Athletics Track Bromley, 11 October: Georgie Grgec (Herne Hill Harriers) 3000m 9:20.11 PB mx (3 Ht 2 of 4).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 12 October: Connor Jamieson 20:36. Sophia Urlich 22:57.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 14 October: Mike Wanden 17:07, Damon Nicholas 18:26, Sam Mayhew 18:33.

Run Auckland Half Marathon, Millwater, 18 October: Troy Harold 1:17:45, Julian Ng 1:20:03, Matthew Peach 1:21:31.

Tuesday Tune-Up, Westshore Napier, 13 October: Jonathan Moore 17:45, Robin Moore 18:25, Dougie Kyle 18:37.

Waterfront 5km Series, 13 October: Thomas Strawbridge 15:46, Ben Twyman 16:20, Tom Sawyer 16:50. Sarah Riceman 19:05, Miranda Spencer 19:07, Madison Wos 19:23. Walk; Daniel du Toit 22:41, Clive McGovern 19:51, Stuart Beresford 29:59. Jacqueline Wilson 32:17, Daphne Jones 36:27.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 18 October: Hiro Tanimoto 34:25, Ben Twyman 34:48, Oliver Baxter 36:15.

Sprig and Fern 10km road race, 17 October: Eddie Hohepa 38:07, Curtis Moore 38:38, Paula Canning 42:12.