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2 February 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 2 February

Eric Speakman, Sam Tanner, George Beamish and Oli Chignell all broke the four-minute mark in the New Zealand Mile Championships at the Cooks Classic.

New Zealand Competition Results

Cooks Classic, incorporating New Zealand Mile Championship, Cooks Gardens – 30 January 2021
Sam Tanner kept the magic of the sub four-minute mile at Whanganui alive with an impressive time of 3:54.97 to win the resurrected New Zealand mile title.

Tanner was chased to the line by Eric Speakman who proved his 3:57.30 mile at Cooks Gardens in 2016 was no fluke, improving to 3:56.66 for second. George Beamish was third in 3:59.13 with fourth placed Oli Chignell becoming the 43rd New Zealander to break the barrier with his time of 3:59.77, posting the 69th sub four run at the Gardens.

Tanner said it was an honour to win the New Zealand mile title and was proud of how he performed on the eve of flying to the States to return to the University of Washington in Seattle.

Chignell described joining the exclusive sub four-minute milers club as awesome, and that it was a good thing to be alongside Theo Quax as the next to be admitted.

“It is a childhood dream, as a long distance runner there is a certain magic of a sub four mile,” said Chignell.

“Also, there is the Cooks Gardens magic and lining up with that field. Hitting the time was a realistic goal and I was through the 809m in 1:57 and I knew then I was on target. We went slow for the next bit and I was in shock that my legs didn’t give out.

“But around the final bend Geordie and I joined up and helped each other down the home straight,” he added.

Chignell said that after an alright run in the 3000m championship the previous week he was much better than that and ready for a fast mile. His next goal is to reduce his 5000m time at the Porritt Classic and earn points towards the Tokyo Olympics.

Twelve of the 15 who finished ran a personal best time, with the first ten all under 4:10.00.

Camille Buscomb won the women’s mile title in 4:38.78. Kara Macdermid was second in 4:41.44 and Katherine Camp third in 4:48.05. Buscomb now has twelve New Zealand titles, which includes the 2014 cross country, to her credit.

Cameron Clark, who won the under 20 cross country challenge in August, outran the rest of the field to win the New Zealand under 20 3000m title in a PB 8:32.02. Zane Powell, the schools champion, was second in 8:34.91 and Ben Bidois third in a PB 8:36.72. Chloe Browne took out the under 20 women’s title in 10:03.87 PB from 13-year-old Boh Ritchie 10:06.20 PB and twin sister Bella Browne 10:11.61.

Jacko Gill highlighted the field events, sending the shot out to a meeting record of 21.11m and in the process scoring a win over Tom Walsh who had a best throw of 20.79m. Gill’s series: 20.36, 21.11, 20.81, x, x, x. Walsh’s series 20.53, x, x, 20.20, 20.38, 20.79. Reijo Stahlberg of Finland held the previous record of 20.06m set in 1980. Ryan Ballantyne was third with 18.85m coming in the last round.

Lauren Bruce set a meeting record of 71.34m in the hammer throw, improving on Australian Bronwyn Eagles’ 2002 record of 65.83m. Hamish Kerr was over the high jump bar at 2.27m to add 5cm to his 2019 meeting record. Josie Taylor the women’s winner with a height of 1.77m.

Eddie Osei-Nketia won the sprint double; 100m 10.54 +1.4 and the 200m 21.22 +2.5. Joseph Millar was second in the 100m in 10.66 and third in the 200m 21.43. Tommy Te Puni was through second in the 200m in 21.42.

Natasha Eady was a clear winner of the women’s 200m in 23.94 +1.4. Chayille Collette won the 100m in 12.39 +1.0 PB and was second in the 200m in 25.36 PB.

James Robertson won the men’s 400m in 49.81 and Camryn Smart came away with a win in the women’s 400m in 54.77. Isabel Neal ran a PB 55.47 for second.

Alex Beddoes of the Cook Islands won the 800m in 1:50.88 and James Harding was second in a career best 1:50.05.
Scott Thomson had a legal triple jump of 14.28m +2.0 while his sister Anna won the women’s triple jump with 12.84m +3.4 with a backup of 12.80m +2.0.

Tori Peeters fell short of the meeting record of 55.44m in the women’s javelin with her best throw of 54.28m. Ben Langton Burnell, who last threw at the spring series in Hastings in September, was out to 71.75m in the javelin.

Portia Bing broke Zoe Ballantyne’s 2013 meeting record of 60.85 in the 400m hurdles, recording 56.62, nearly a second faster than her opening performance of the season two weeks ago. Cameron French was around in 51.41 in the 400m hurdles.

Alexandria Maples won the 4kg shot put with 12.07m, was second in the hammer and third in the javelin. Para Athlete Lisa Adams, with 15.49m, was just a centimetre short of her world F37 3kg shot put record.

Throws Summer Series #2, AUT Millennium Stadium North Shore – 26 January 2021
Jacko Gill was just 14cm short of his career best in the shot put, sending the ball of steel out to 21.33m. His best of 21.47m was achieved back in September 2019 in the Czech Republic. The 21.33m came in the second round and he also had a throw of 20.63m in the final round.

Alexander Parkinson was second with 13.20m, and Connor Bell third with a PB 12.69m.

Parkinson also DT 56.26m. Savannah Scheen DT 53.66m. Kaia Tupu-South 4kg SP 15.10m. Centaine Noom Duckworth 4kg HT 48.63m. Jasmina He Ling 3kg HT 33.56m PB. Kate Hallie 3kg SP 12.82m PB. Brianna Tirado 500g JT 37.20m, 600g JT 32.98m.

North Island U16 and U18 Interprovincials, AUT Millennium Stadium North Shore – 30 January 2021
Boys under 18: Lex Revell-Lewis 100m 11.31 +0.3, 200m 22.70 +0.6, 400m 49.51 PB. Tyrone Trego 100m 11.41, 200m 22.69 PB. Christiaan Cumming 800m 2:03.30, 1500m 4:14.21. Tremayne Redman-Gardner 100m H .914 15.20 -1.4, HJ 1.90m. Liam McKee 300m H .838 42.03. Hanno Nel 5kg SP 14.05m. Kaleb Sola 1.5kg DT 43.65m, 5kg HT 55.20m PB. Connor McKnight 700g JT 47.06m PB. Seth Palmer-Rennie LJ 6.30m +1.2 PB. Jamie Kearns TJ 12.76m -0.6.

Girls under 18: Angelina Zickert 100m 12.83 0.0, 200m 26.22 -0.4, 100m H .762 15.34 -1.0. Mia Powell 400m 60.18, 800m 2:29.33. Samantha Korck 800m 2:29.33. Tara Sacke 1500m 5:20.73. Samadiana Farez 300m H .762 46.30, TJ 10.40m +0.9 PB. Elizabeth Hewitt DT 43.34m, 3kg HT 51.30m, 500g JT 27.31m. Natalia Rankin-Chitar 3kg SP 14.38m. Dane-Leigh Van Der Westhuizen LJ 5.13m +1.7. Hayley Greenhalgh HJ 1.52m.

Boys under 16: Ethen Lagatule 100m 11.43 -0.8, 200m 23.20 -1.7. Liam McKellar 100m 11.69, 200m 23.01. Robert Unsworth 400m 52.85. Jack Hunter 800m 1:59.02, 1500m 4:11.47. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 3000m RW 16:01.09. Tom Christie 100m H .838 14.07 -1.9, 300m H .762 40.36. Alexander Hewitt SP 5kg 12.14m, HT 4kg 43.01m. Va’a Tui DT 1.25kg 48.39m. Finn Burridge 700g JT 45.24m. Kainoa Keereweer-Taia LJ 6.05m NWI. Kaelan Paranihi TJ 13.55m +0.9. Jake Schofield HJ 1.78m.

Girls under 16: Charlotte Goldsmith 100m 12.68 +0.1, LJ 5.34m -0.2, TJ 11.23m NWI. Niamh Gedye 200m 26.48 -0.9. Amelie Fairclough 400m 58.51. Olivia Hala 800m 2:20.06. Molly O’Sullivan 1500m 4:54.93. Katelyn Quay-Chin 80m H .762 13.14 -1.4. Maddie Kelso-Heap 300m H .762 48.34. Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 13.73m, 3kg HT 50.13m. Suzannah Kennelly DT 43.44m. Ashleigh Devine 500g JT 25.54m. Evie Maclennan HJ 1.55m. Hannah Coogan 2000m RW 13:46.58.

Para Athlete: Jaxon Woolley T38 100m 14.09 -1.5, 200m 27.04 -1.7, LJ 3.49m NWI. Sionnan Murphy T37 100m 16.72 NWI, SP 3kg 7.30m, DT 17.57m. Gabrielle Wright F54 100m 24.43 NWI, 200m 49.78 -0.9, 400m 1:40.51.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 30 January 2021
Madeleine Waddell 100m 12.76 +3.3, 200m 26.02 +1.9. Sophie Hancock 300m H .762 45.79, LJ 5.35m +1.4 PB. Melelosaline Lose 3kg SP 11.16m, DT 38.35m. Bailey Cotton 100m 11.22 +2.4, 200m 22.59 +2.6. Max Brebner 11.25, 22.80. Oliver Ashburn 400m 55.54. Matthew Parsonage 5000m 16:20.49, Liam Dooley 16:20.53, Aimee Ferguson 18:27.19. Henry Smith HJ 1.85m. Kurt Sweeney LJ 6.39m +2.0 PB.
Jumps to Music #8, Hick’s Park – 27 January 2021
National junior high jump champion Josie Taylor added 2cm to her personal best with a clearance of 1.85m. Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.79m, Imogen Skelton HJ 1.75m, Josephine Reeves HJ 1.71m, Courtney Trow HJ 1.67m PB, Maddie Wilson HJ 1.67m. Five times national champion Hamish Kerr set a meeting record of 2.24m in the high jump. Josh Inger HJ 1.98m, Tom Moloney HJ 1.88m, Jaundre Pienaar HJ 1.88m.

Nicolla Moratella LJ 6.72m -0.8, Angus Lyver LJ 6.67m -0.6, Abhi Parmar LJ 6.50m -1.3, Charles Annals LJ 6.46m -0.4, Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.41m +1.4. Lili Szabo LJ 5.72m +0.7, Lara Hockly LJ 5.50m -0.1, Charlotte Drabble LJ 5.28m -0.8, Hannah Maloney LJ 5.28m 0.0.
Twilight Summer Track Series, Newtown Park – 27 January 2021
Joseph Millar 100m 10.94 +0.5, 200m 23.02 0.0. Saravee Sos 200m 23.16. Ruby Barton 800m 2:20.17, Maia Wilkinson 2:21.10. Sam Waldin 1500m 4:22.38.
Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 30 January 2021
Charlie Cameron PV 4.10m, Jared Neighbours PV 4.10m, 110m H 1067 16.10 +2.5, JT 800g 52.97m. Amy Robertson 100m H .838 13.60 -1.1, Fiona Morrison 14.00, Hinewai Knowles 14.16. Gracie Pratten 100m H .762 15.04 -1.1, TJ 11.30m +2.2 also 11.06m +0.4. Quinn Andis LJ 6.13m +1.1. Helena Dinnissen LJ 5.53m +1.2. Max Attwell 800g JT 44.11m. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 14:04.73. Courtney Ruske 3000m RW 14:44.04. Louis Andrews 400m H .914 54.67 PB.

Elliot Nye 60m 7.01 +3.5, 100m 11.00 +1.2. Rebecca Peterson 60m 7.77 +4.0, 100m 12.49 +0.7, 200m 25.47 +2.6. Rosie Elliott 100m 11.79 +0.7, Knowles 12.16, Robertson 12.19. Dylan Forde 800m 1:55.69, Josh Hou 1:57.51. Todd Bates HT 52.55m. Mayce Ballantyne HT 49.69m. Eli Leifi HJ 1.90m. John Wells 200m 22.60 +1.6. William Laing 400m 53.00. Maddy Spence 400m H 62.99. Charlie Hazlett 3000m 8:45.20, Thomas Richards 8:53.47, Ethan Smolej 8:59.09. Jessica Schofield 3000m 10:03.56 PB.
Pole Vault Competition, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 25 January 2021
Max Attwell 4.51m, Joshua Bull 4.31m PB, Charlie Cameron 4.11m PB, Jared Neighbours 4.11m, Josh Thiele 3.71m, Nicholas Ryan 3.31m, Vincent Chen 3.21m. Eliza Meekings 3.31m.
Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 30 January 2021
Catherine Lund 2000m steeplechase .762 7:25.07 PB, Otago W16 and W17 record. Tim Horton 60m 7.31 -1.3, 100m 11.47 -0.1. Schuyler Orr 200m 23.83 -0.4. Abby Fisher 200m 25.31 +0.9 PB. Sophie McCormick 200m 25.78 +0.9 PB. Wiliiam Scharpf 800m 1:57.39. Jackson Rogers HJ 1.85m. Luke Moffitt PV 3.30m PB. Zharna Beattie DT 44.45m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 54.41m. Ethan Walker 800g JT 58.72m. Michael Mitchell 800g JT 50.70m. Holly Robinson F46 600g JT 41.85m.

International Results

Super Nova 5ish, Collingwood, Melbourne, 31 January: Quentin Rew 10,000m RW 44:08.9h (9).

Summer Series, Woden Park, Canberra, 30 January: Simon Rogers 800m 1:53.71 (4).

Zatopek Classic, Box Hill Athletics Track, Melbourne, 26 January: Brad Mathas 1500m 3:48.67 (11). Joshua Maisey 10,000m 30:20.52 (17).
Dane Bird-Smith Shield, QSAC Brisbane, 23 January: Jemima Tennekoon 400m 56.85 (6).

Magic City Elite Meeting #2, CrossPlex Athletic Facility, Birmingham AL, 31 January: Nick Willis 1 mile 4:01.26 (3)

Topeka KS, 29 January: Leah Belfield 60m 7.60, 200m 24.91.

Sollentuna, 30 January: Tim Robertson 3000m 8:31.80 PB.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 26 January: Josh Nishitani 16:58, Teddy Eyster 17:14, Steven Langdon 17:38. Skye Dick 18:47, Katie Rice 19:59, Kerry Ash 20:37.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 26 January: Harry Coles 18:05, Rhys Mildon 18:42, Dave Sears 19:28. Dawn Tuffery 21:29, Paula Ward 21:16.

Waterfront 5km Series, 26 January: Ben Twyman 16:20, Matthew Moloney 16:28, Liam Jones 17:11. Lindsay Barwick 19:21, Bridget Kiddle 19:58, Nina Maurer 20:16.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 26 January: Mark Bailey 15:45, Orestas Rimkus 16:14, Matt Dryden 16:16. Hannah Oldroyd 17:48, Olivia Ritchie 18:16, Melanie Angland 19:16.

Port Hills Ultra, Victoria Park, 30 January: 100km; Daniel Anderson 14:46:34, Brent Marshall 15:20:24, Richard Jackson 16:44:15. 75km; Paul Humphreys 11:37:39, Roland Meyer 11:46:28, Randy Van Der Gracht 12:51:31. 50km; Shannon Bateup 6:44:48, Elder Bejar 6:47:33, Isaac Malpass 7:17:36. Josie Parkinson 8:10:34, Eve Southan 8:29:30, Sarah Coxon 9:34:32. 21.1km; Peter Hatton 1:58:56, Nick Bailey 2:09:00, Craig Hutchings 2:22:48. Penny Brook 1:57:44, Annie Radecki 2:14:01, Char Porima 2:24:09.