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21 March 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 21 March

Hamish Kerr jumps to win a magnificent high jump bronze medal at the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade. (Photo: Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)

2022 World Athletics Indoors Championships

Štark Arena, Belgrade – 18/20 March 2022

18 March
Zoe Hobbs 60m heats 7.13 (3H3) Q, New Zealand and Oceania Indoor Record, breaking Sally Pearson’s 2009 record of 7.30 in Boston. Zoe Hobbs 60m semi-final 7.16 (3H2), missing making the final by 0.02s

Hobbs said it was hard not to be disappointed at not making the final.

“I did re-focus well after the morning heat and I warmed up quite well, but I just didn’t manage to execute that start.

“I felt like the girl in the lane next to me might have flinched and that might have thrown me a little, but I finished strongly so I can take that as a positive for what was only my third race ever indoors.

“I was running blind in lane eight and when I crossed the line, I had no idea where I had finished. I heard my name over the loudspeaker which I was shocked about because I thought I had finished further down the field than third.   

“Then I just had to play the waiting game. The third semi-final had a false start which added to the suspense. I then watched the race on a TV monitor for the athlete gear collection area – it was agony.

“Looking back, I’m immensely proud. I’m excited for the future and hopefully I can build on this performance.”

Hobbs was 11th out of 47.

Geordie Beamish 3000m heats 7:51.71 (2H2) Q.

Beamish said that his plan was to make one move and make it stick.

“Once I hit that last 800m, the idea was to keep an eye on the guys in the top four. I made a move with maybe 300m to go.

“Putting on the Black Singlet for the first time was special and it was a really cool experience to be around other New Zealanders again. After five or six years living in the States it is all starting to feel pretty real.”

19 March
Olivia McTaggart pole vault 4.60m Sixth. Her vaults: 4.30m o, 4.45m o, 4.60m xxo, 4.70 xxx. Sandi Morris USA won clearing 4.80m.

McTaggart said that she was very happy.

“It was awesome to come out at my first major and get a result like that.

“I only landed in Belgrade at noon on Thursday, so I had a struggle to stay awake and get into the time zone in two days. It was not the best prep going into the biggest competition of my life, but it is something I am proud of.

“Competing here was completely on another level to any other competition I’ve been at, and I was nervous coming in feeling I might not belong here. But I had been given an invite, so to come away with sixth against girls I’ve looked up to for years was an awesome experience. I just wanted to make people back home very proud of me and I think I’ve done that.”

Tom Walsh shot put 22.31m Bronze medal Equals his Oceania and NZ indoor record. Walsh’s series: 22.29, x, 21.78, x, x, 22.31. Darlan Romani from Brazil won, his series 21.74, 21.79, 22.53, 21.31, x, 22.18. Ryan Crouser USA was second, his series 22.44, 21.55, 21.86, 22.32, x, 21.93.
Walsh said it was great to get a season’s best out.

“I always hold myself in high regard for always showing up at major championships, and I’ve done that for seven or eight years now, and know I’ve still got it.

“Today I threw the same distance as I did when I won this title four years ago to win it, so that shows men’s shot put has come on leaps and bounds. If you don’t go with it, you get left behind. I know I’m a better thrower and a better athlete than four years ago and it is now about me and my team figuring out how to throw even further.”

20 March
Hamish Kerr high jump 2.31m third equal, Bronze medal. Equals his New Zealand outdoor record and breaks Roger Te Puni’s 1983 indoor record of 2.16m. 

Kerr said that he knew he was one of the athletes that had a quiet chance of doing well.
“I am amazingly stoked and feeling a lot of relief because I knew coming into this competition I was in amazing form. So just to be able to execute the plan we put in place and to be able to get an awesome result is cool.

“At 2.31m I always had the belief I could get it I just had to commit to my last few steps which has been an issue for me all season. I didn’t quite commit to the first attempt but that second attempt I committed and it was one of the nicest jumps of my life.”

Geordie Beamish 3000m final 7:46.91 (10).

New Zealand Track & Field results


McKinnon Shield Meeting #10 – 19 March 2022 – 12 March 2022
Sprints and Hurdles, Mt Smart Stadium
Strong head winds down the finishing straight thwarted the sprinters and hurdlers. Nadia Evans won the 60m in 7.98 and the 200m in 25.68. Camryn Smart won the 100m in 12.44 and less than an hour later won the 400m in an impressive 53.95. Tommy Te Puni 60m and 100m winner in 7.35 and 11.08. Lex Revell-Lewis 200m 22.72, Troy Middleton 23.12. Flynn Marshall 400m 49.71, Jeremiah Rogo 50.84, Liam McKellar 52.32. Joshua Hawkins signalled the end of the season with a win in the 110m hurdles in 14.94. Katelyn Quay-Chin was second in the 100m in 12.69 and won the 80m hurdles in 12.34.

Middle Distance and Field Events, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore
Richie Trathen 2000m RW 10:53.03, Harrison Day 13:45.58. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 3000m RW 15:58.75.

Imogen Ayris PV 4.45m, Hannah Adye 3.40m, Alisha Lovrich 3.40m. Elena Edgar-Nemec TJ 10.81m. Jasmine He Ling 3kg HT 42.48m, Nirvana Uta’atu 41.10m.
Ettiene Du Preez PV 4.65m, Charlie Cameron 4.55m PB, Rubin Vogel 4.45m PB. Scott Thomson TJ 13.76m. James Thomas 5kg HT 39.42m. Daniel Shaw 700g JT 53.87m PB.

College Sport Auckland Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 15 March 2022
Troy Maka aged 13 broke the record in the junior boys 1kg discus throw with 60.28m, extending his brother Percy’s 2019 record of 56.02m. Troy’s mark of 60.28m is also a world record for a 13 year old.

Fernanda Tirado set a record of 40.35m PB in the junior girls 3kg hammer throw. Karmen- Elizabeth Maritz set a record of 35.24m in the junior girls 500g javelin throw. She also won the discus throw with 42.57m.

Auckland City Athletics Club Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 16 March 2022
It was personal bests all round in the middle-distance events. Laura Nagel a one second improvement on her Sir Graeme Douglas meeting 1500m victory with a winning time of 4:14.31, Anneke Grogan 4:18.45 PB, Penelope Salmon 4:23.29 PB, Brigid Dennehy 4:27.27, Chloe Browne 4:29.71 PB, Bella Browne 4:30.15, Boh Ritchie 4:33.43 PB, Rosaria Gibson 4:36.17. Stella Hammond 3000m 10:20.88 PB.

Zane Powell 1500m 3:45.83 PB, Luke Hitchcock 3:49.58 PB, Jared Monk 3:52.03, Ronan Codyre 3:53.08 PB, Jack Paine 3:53.86, Christian De Vaal 3:54.56 PB.

Sophie Atkinson 800m 2:10.17, Lucy Shennan 2:12.54 PB, Kate Borton 2:12.71 PB, Joanna Poland 2:13.04, Samantha Korck 2:13.05 PB, Peyton Leigh 2:13.55.

Eliot Kitchener 100m 11.42 -0.4, Liam McKellar 11.58, 200m 23.14 -0.7. Joe Smith T37 100m 12.42 -0.1, Anna Steven T64 200m 28.87 +1.3. Dominic Devlin 400m 48.74, Matthew Alty 50.15. Macey Hilton 400m 56.91 PB, Holly Rule 58.35.

Ruben Vogel PV 4.10m, Lillian Bing PV 3.00m, Blessing Sefo 5kg SP 16.17m, 1.5kg DT 41.47m. Reid Davidson 5kg SP 15.89m PB. Percy Maka 1.5kg DT 55.87m. Levi White 5kg HT 62.12m PB. Finn Burridge 700g JT 48.52m. Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 14.01m, 3kg HT 50.30m.


Athletics Wellington Last Chance Meeting #2, Newtown Park – 19 March 2022
Todd Bates HT 56.83m. Mayce Ballantyne HT 49.72m. William Nicholson TJ 11.30m, 700g JT 39.04m. Kaleb Sola 6kg HT 47.88m, 800g JT 48.35m. Nikora Wharehinga-Sime 5kg HT 43.73m PB. Mikayla Sola 3kg HT 44.95m. Josh Ledger 200m 22.31 -0.4, Saravee Sos 22.86. Antonia Martin 2000m RW 10:55.09.  

Nathan Tse 3000m 8:44.55, Hirotaka Tanimoto 9:00.22, Anthony Jackson 9:02.37 PB, Daniel Clendon 9:03.21. Maria Revelant 10:57.77. Ryan Hunt 5000m 15:56.02. Luca Evett 800m 1:59.56. Gabrielle Healy 800m 2:14.42, Amelia Abernethy 2:20.58.

Masterton mile challenge, Colin Pugh Sportsbowl Masterton, 19 March: Liam Lamb 4:07.24 (1).


Nelson Track Classic, Saxton Athletics Field – 20 March 2022
Angus Wemyss 800m 2:01.53, 1500m 3:57.79. James Hansen 400m 51.48 PB, LJ 6.34m 0.0 PB. Neve McKenzie 3000m 10:46.54. Ben Walker HJ 1.94m PB, Misha Worboys 1.84m, Dale Arbuckle 1.84m PB.

International Results


Jerry Quiller Classic, Boulder CO, 18 March: Welrè Olivier TJ 15.29m -0.6 (1).

TCU Invitational, Lowdon Track and Field Complex, Fort Worth TX, 19 March: Matt Walsh TJ 15.26m +0.6 (1).

Lewis and Clark Spring Break Classic, Griswold Stadium, Portland OR, 19 March: Maya Irving 5000m 17:21.63 PB (1).

Trojan Invite, Los Angeles CA, 19 March: Krystie Solomon 800m 2:11.67 (6).

Penn Challenge, Philadelphia PA, 19 March: Taonga Mbambo 1500m 3:51.63 PB (2), Maccallum Rowe 3:56.89 PB (4).

Laguna Beach Invitational, Laguna Beach CA, 19 March: Jai Dawson 400m 49.80 PB (1).


Melbourne Track Classic, Lakeside Stadium, 19 March:
Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.24 +3.4 (4).

Rosie Elliott 200m 23.27 +4.0 (5R1).

Rebekah Greene 1500m 4:15.94 (6).

Portia Bing 400m hurdles 55.76 (1).

James Preston 800m 1:47.39 (1).

Queensland Championships, QSAC, 10 March: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 3000m 9:43.37 (4).


Nachwuchs-Hallen Indoor Meeting, Munich, 12 March: Zoe Hobbs 60m 7.25 PB (1).


South Africa Schools Championships, Germiston, 17 March: Ethan Olivier TJ 15.95m +0.7 PB (1), New Zealand U/20, U/19, U/18, U/17 record.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 15 March: David Bagot 17:10, James Parker 17:49, George Painter 18:17. Rebecca Clarke 18:26, Kayla Fairbairn 20:01, Sophie Hogan 21:03.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 16 March: Sam Mayhew 17:28, Ben Park 19:26, Tom Hanrahan 20:18. Rachel Clarke 21:56.

Run Albany, 20 March: 15km; Ben Parker 57:05, Craig Butland 59:12, Philip McNamara 59:13. Maria Kroonenberg 1:12:19. 10km; Mark Paterson 35:01, Julian Ng 36:09, Gene Rand 37:08. Katie Wyrill 41:16. 5km; Troy Gilchrist 18:53, Mark Carryer 19:05, Stephen Tan 19:09. Ruth Gluckman 20:42.

Pauanui Half Marathon, 19 March: Liam Miller 1:15:54, Sam Schofield 1:17:01, Ben Gatting 1:17:20. Bex Stone 1:31:19, Amelia Lythe 1:32:22, Vivianne Bongard 1:35:58. 10km; Andrew Pointon 34:33, Jake Wilkinson 34:39, Reuben Tomlinson 39:34.

Kapiti Summer 5km Series, Raumati, 14 March: Alvig Busa 17:50, Luke Anderson 18:17, Thom Monckton 18:44. Lucy Lawlor 21:32, Carolyn Nelson 21:48, Renae Creser 23:10.

Trentham 5km Series, 15 March: Thomas Strawbridge 16:11, Hassan McCall 16:35, Brian Garmonsway 16:47. Zoe Hilton 21:25. 2.5km; Madison Wos 8:56.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 20 March: Jamie Duncan 34:41, Magnus Monahan 37:43, Pete Familton 37:57. Emma Peron 37:50, Ingrid Cree 38:57. 5km; Atley Durette 20:23.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 14 March: Mike Beever 19:26, Paul Heath 20:17, Gareth Cashin 20:59. Aimee Burnard 21:17.