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22 February 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 22 February

Julian Oakley on his way to setting a meeting record in winning the 1500m at the Capital Classic (Photo: Sharon Wray)

New Zealand Competition Results

Capital Classic Meeting, Newtown Park – 20 February 2021
Hamish Kerr can finally lay claim to holding the New Zealand national high jump record outright after clearing 2.31m to highlight the 17th edition of the Capital Classic.

Since June 2019, Kerr has shared the record of 2.30m with Glenn Howard who had achieved the height in March 2000 in Christchurch. Kerr now holds both the national and resident record at 2.31m.

The 24-year-old came into the competition at 2.10m which he cleared at his first attempt, followed by 2.18m and 2.23m before taking his third attempt to clear 2.27m. The bar was then raised to 2.31m for his record attempt which he sailed over on the third attempt. The five times New Zealand champion then set his sights on the Olympic Games qualifier of 2.33m, which he narrowly missed.

Kerr said it felt awesome clearing 2.31m and he was so stoked to get a personal best.

“It’s the greatest feeling in the world, I’m so happy,” he said in a post-jump interview.

“After all those earlier heights I didn’t have the legs for 2.33m, I was so tired by the end of it.”

Kerr said with a change in strategy at the Sir Graeme Douglas International meeting he knows that it is definitely there.

“Now that I’ve got the PB and I know I’m the outright national record holder, I’ll probably start a little higher and then not muck around and get up to 2.33m sooner.

“It’s such a mental event and for me now that I have a PB I’ll go for the big one,” he added.

Nick Saunders of Bermuda holds the New Zealand all-comers record of 2.36m set at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.

Keeley O’Hagan won the women’s high jump on a count back from Josie Taylor, both clearing 1.80m.

Four meeting records were set; Kerr in the high jump, Julian Oakley with 3:41.96 in the 1500m, Lauren Bruce 71.66m in the hammer throw and Olivia McTaggart and Imogen Ayris with 4.31m in the pole vault.

Eddie Osei-Nketia clocked 10.69 +0.9 in the 100m, heading in Cody Wilson 10.86 and Mogammad Smith 10.89. 16-year-old Oliver Krijnen dipped under 11 seconds for the first time, finishing fourth in 10.94.

Natasha Eady won the women’s 100m in 11.87 +2.3 from Briana Stephenson and Genna Maples. Stephenson was second in the long jump with 5.87m, which Lili Szabo won with a wind assisted 5.98m. She also had a 5.70m -0.9.

Katherine Camp, women’s 800m meeting record holder at 2:02.63, held on to win the 800m in 2:10.12. For the second week in a row Sophie Atkinson came from behind to flash through for second in a PB 2:10.23, edging out Rebekah Greene who ran 2:10.68.

Max Karamanolis was all strength winning the 800m in 1:55.71, holding out Karsen Vesty 1:55.92 and Jack Hunter 1:56.32 both personal bests.

Hamish Carson couldn’t peg back Julian Oakley down the stretch in the 1500m, finishing second in 3:42.40. Liam Lamb was third in a PB 3:50.00 and 17-year-old James Harding also recorded a PB of 3:52.74 in fifth.

Impressive 400m finishes came from Hamish Gill 48.92 and Camryn Smart 55.66.

Connor Bell was out to 62.52m in the discus and Alexander Parkinson, who cleared 60 metres at last year’s Capital meeting, was second with 58.03m. Savannah Scheen continued to dominate the women’s discus with a throw of 53.80m.

Anthony Nobilo launched his second best ever throw, and best since June 2019, in the hammer with 63.42m. Ettiene Du Preez won the pole vault clearing 4.61m. Andrew Allan won the triple jump with 13.92m from Matthew Wyatt 13.83m. Sprint hurdle winners were James Sandilands and Amy Robertson, her seventh straight victory in the 100m hurdles this season in a PB 13.58 +1.5.

Hirotaka Tanimoto ran a PB 8:54.52 in the 3000m with Daniel du Toit claiming the mile walk in 6:20.55 and Laura Langley the women’s walk in 7:32.80.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Championships, Porritt Stadium – 20/21 February 2021
Julia Ratcliffe HT 72.13m. Charles Annals LJ 5.89m +0.3, TJ 13.48m +1.0. Ben Tuimaseve F37 further improved on his New Zealand Para Athlete F37 5kg SP record to 12.78m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 6kg SP 15.85m, 6kg HT 51.83m. Liam Pavier 5kg SP 15.88m, 1.5kg DT 41.46m.

Abby Goldie 100m 12.05 +0.7, 200m 25.15 -0.8. Michael Goldie 100m 11.22 +0.1, 200m 22.35 0.0, 400m 50.07. Tommy Te Puni U/20 100m 10.75 +0.8, 200m 21.42 -0.2. Aimee Ferguson 800m 2:23.19, 1500m 4:50.39. Hannah Gapes U/20 1500m 4:32.74. Jacob Douglas U/16 100m 11.83 +1.7. Mitchell Taylor U/16 400m 54.78. Liam McKee U/20 400m 55.50. Boh Ritchie U/16 800m 2:18.22. Sophie Hancock U/16 300m H 45.38, LJ 5.12m +2.2, TJ 10.94m 0.0. Jemima Antoniazzi U/20 800m 2:19.53. Robert Unsworth U/16 200m 23.91 -0.2, 300m H 41.51 PB.

Lisa Adams F37 3kg SP 15.38m. Amelia de Lautour HJ 1.67m. Natalia Rankin-Chi Tar 3kg SP 15.62m, DT 46.41m. Nicolas Moratalla LJ 6.49m -0.5, TJ 13.81m +0.5. Melelosaline Lose 3kg HT 44.11m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 4kg HT 47.47m. Nadia Kumerich 3kg HT 46.69m. Connor Brown U/16 LJ 5.91m +0.3. Harpreet Singh 7.26kg HT 52.28m.

Mahar Cup, Saxton Athletic Track – 13 February 2021
Joseph Brooks 100m 11.78 -0.4, LJ 6.18m PB. David Hansen 400m 53.66, 2kg DT 34.74m, 7.26kg SP 11.96m. James Hansen U/17 400m 52.09, HJ 1.70m. Tom Haunch 800g JT 47.50m PB. Toby Henry 800g JT 42.85m. Josh Gill 3000m 9:18.14. Jamie Shaw 3000m track walk 15:43.84.

Canterbury Track and Field Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 19/20 February 2021
Tapenisa Havea 4kg SP U/20 14.52m PB Canterbury record, DT 45.87m PB. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 52.51m, DT 40.32m, 110m H 16.29 +2.0. Anna Percy 100m 11.95 +0.2 PB, 200m 24.49 +0.2 PB, Maia Broughton 100m 12.27, 200m 24.55, 400m 57.47. Rebecca Peterson 100m 12.27. Elliot Nye 100m 10.93 +0.2, 200m 21.93 +1.8. Max Attwell PV 4.50m, Charlie Cameron 4.20m =PB. Dylan Forde 1500m 3:56.38 PB, Chanel Muir 3:55.52 PB, Charlie Hazlett 3:56.87 PB. Laura Smith 1500m 4:35.88, Jessica Schofield 4:37.35 and 5000m 18:15.79, Tillie Hollyer 4:38.05 and 800m 2:16.22. Louis Andrews 400m 50.24. Anna Hayward 400m 57.09, Rebecca Hayward 57.09, Rebecca Joubert 58.35, Maddy Spence 58.57. Lexi Maples 4kg HT 49.78m. Kirsty Mccarthy 3kg HT 44.62m. Quinn Andis LJ 6.49m +0.6, Adam Stack 6.46m +1.2. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.82m +0.4, Christina Ryan 5.62m +1.7. Helena Dinnissen TJ 11.63m -1.4.

Joel Taylor 700g JT 47.52m. Ethan Smolej 800m 1:57.95. Courtney Ruske 5000m RW 24:58.61. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 14:07.46. Thomas Richards 5000m 15:49.84. Louis Andrews 400m H 54.79. Jessica Vogel 300m H 47.33. Beau Brackenridge 300m H 43.21. Anna Lynch 4kg HT 42.20m PB and Canterbury W35 record. Alfie Baker HJ 2.00m, Levi Murdoch 1.95m, Jessica Hendren 1.65m. Couper KIllick 1.5kg DT 40.90m. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 49.12m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground, 20 February 2021
Shay Veitch set a Caledonian Ground long jump record of 7.61m -0.3. He also won the 100m in 10.55 +2.8. Renee Willis set an Otago W15 and W16 3kg SP record of 13.32m. She also had a 35.17m with the 3kg HT. Tony Tan Otago masters M55 record in the 100m 12.49 +1.7 and in the 200m 25.89 -1.3.

Jedidiah Thompson-Fawcett 800m 1:57.65. Janus Staufenberg 5000m Otago championship 14:28.46 PB. Cameron Moffitt 400m H 57.53 PB, LJ 6.31m +0.5. Cole Gibbons PV 3.70m PB. Leonie Palmer LJ 5.00m +1.8. Jamin Millar 700g JT 41.91m PB. Benjamin Baines F37 600g JT 32.97m New Zealand F37 SM and U/20 record.

Southland Track and Field Championships, Surrey Park – 13/14 February 2021
Jack Stalker 100m 11.46 +1.5, 200m 22.99 -1.4. Kennedy Taylor 1500m 4:48.52, 2000m steeplechase 7:11.83. Eliana Collins HJ 1.59m PB.

International Results

URI vs PC vs UM-Lowell, Kingstown RI, 11 February: Tessa Hunt 1000m 2:57.58 (2).

Warrensburg MO, 19 February: Kayla Goodwin SP 11.24m (7).

AACT Championships, Canberra, 13 February: Simon Rogers 1500m 3:49.50 (7S1). Rogan Ross LJ 6.96m +1.2 (7). 14 February: Jemima Tennekoon 400m 56.78 (4R2). Ebuka Okpala TJ 15.14m +2.1 (4).

Queensland Championships, Gold Coast, 13 February: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 3000m 9:55.66 (9).

ACNW League #1, Potchefstroom, 16 February: Miné de Klerk 4kg SP 17.55m PB (1). Takes de Klerk to fourth on the New Zealand women’s all-time list.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Hatea 5km Series, 17 February: Ben Winder 19:28, Tim Goodwin 19:42, Dwayne Collecutt 20:25.

Tuesday Tune-Up 5km, Westshore Napier, 16 February: Mark Fisher 19:04, Robin Moore 20:15.

Round the Bays, Frank Kitts Park to Kilbirne Park, 21 February: Half Marathon; Seamus Kane 1:08:03, Nicholas Sunseri 1:09:11, Daniel Jones 1:09:18, Nick Horspool 1:09:25. Mel Stevens 1:23:10, Debbie Donald 1:23:48, Sarah Riceman 1:27:21. 10km; Nathan Tse 31:52, Thomas Strawbridge 32:13 PB, L. E Pashley 34:29. Rhion Risati 35:27, Nicole Mitchell 37:52, Lindsay Barwick 38:27 PB. 6.5km; Isaac Murphy 20:02, Hirotaka Tanimoto 20:21, Malcolm Hodge 21:04. Madison Wos 25:48, Ayesha Shafi 26:32, Katie Jordan 27:09.

Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco, 15 February: Eddie Hohepa 19:10, Kevin O’Donnell 19:10, John O’Regan 20:24. Robyn Deane 21:33.

Eddyline 5km Series, Templemore Course, 17 February: Matt Bowen 17:16, Curtis Moore 17:54, Chris Sharland 18:02.


Don Wiberg, who held the honour of winning the first New Zealand road title in 1963, passed away on Tuesday 16 February 2021, aged 81.

A long-standing member of the Onehunga Club in Auckland, Wiberg competed in the inaugural New Zealand road championship in Masterton on 19 October 1963. The race was part of the Golden Games athletic meeting at Queen Elizabeth Park. Wiberg won convincingly, completing the four lap course in 52:02. Tom Marshall of Otago was second in 53:17. 

He won the Auckland junior cross country title two years in a row in the 1950’s. Another notable victory by Wiberg was the 1962 Great Eastern road race.

Wiberg was guest of honour at the 1999 New Zealand road championships in Albany, Auckland where he presented the senior medals.