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22 May 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 22 May

On a successful day for New Zealand athletes, Tori Peeters, Tiaan Whelpton and Julian Oakley all achieved their respective 2023 World Athletics Championship performance standards at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Yokohama


Pakuranga Cross Country, Lloyd Elsmore Park – 20 May 2023

In the first taste of winter cross country running Ronan Lee and Brigid Dennehy prevailed in  atrocious conditions at the annual Pakuranga event.

Lee led throughout the 10km around the playing fields through heavy rain squalls and gale force winds. The further the racing progressed the more muddy and churned up the course became.

Although he lost some ground over the second half he was still clear at the finish in 35:09, making it three wins in a row. Toby Batchelor led the chasing pack and broke through for second in 35:48 with Jono Jackson third in 36:03.

“Definitely the toughest conditions I’ve run, muddy, wet, energy sapping, but good fun, proper cross country,” said Lee at the finish.

“I probably went a bit hard on the first lap, but I managed to get a decent gap on the rest and then just held it to the end and try not to blow up.

“I’m looking forward to running North Island champs and this was a good first hit out,” he added.

Dennehy ran with team-mate Anneke Arlidge throughout just pulling ahead of her at the finish. Dennehy won by one second in 43:32. Grace Anderson was third in 46:15.

“Pretty tough, nice opening to cross country running, lots of mud, lots of rain and wind,” said Dennehy.

“Good start to the season, Anneke and I were doing it as a training run, running together making sure we didn’t blow up,” she said.

“I’m training towards the Gold Coast half marathon on the first of July, and I’ll do national cross country after that.

“I’d like to get close to 75 minutes at the Gold Coast.”

Dennehy has a best half marathon time of 1:18:56 from the Christchurch Reboot event in May last year, and she was sixth in the 2021 national cross country in Dunedin.

Master men 8km; Nick Moore 30:36, Greg Darbyshire 31:14, Simon Mace 31:58.

Master women 6km; Karen Donaldson-Barron 25:52, Rachel Eade 29:54, Margie Peat 31:02.

Men U20 8km; Dion Wallwork 29:24, Nick Davies 29:26, Angus Monro 29:26.

Women U20 6km; Boh Ritchie 25:02, Olivia Rooney 26:24, Stella Hammond 27:23.

Men U18 6km; Caleb Wagener 21:45, Joshua Gordon-Glassford 21:52, Jack Snedden 22:49.

Women U18 4km; Sophie Robb 18:01, Zara Pomfret 18:17, Amelia Joyce 18:27.

Men U16 4km; Samuel Rickerby 15:02, Jake Lomas 15:18, Moojin Lee 15:47.

Women U16 2km; Imogen Barlow 8:16, Indie Williams 8:25, Hannah McManus 8:34.

U14 2km; Oliver McGuinness 8:03 and Leah Marais 8:15. U12 2km; Leo Green 8:07 and Nyah Slade 9:06.


Pac-12 Championships, Hilmer Lodge Stadium, Walnut CA, 13 May
: Kaia Tupu-South SP 16.96m (3). Tapenisa Havea SP 16.05m (6). 14 May: Kaia Tupu-South DT 52.51m (9).

The American Championships, Tampa FL, 12 May: Chanel Muir 1500m 3:51.53 (4H1). Macey Hilton 1500m 4:31.60 (5H2). 13 May: Macey Hilton 800m 2:09.55 (2H3). Jemima Antoniazzi 3000m steeplechase 10:41.83 PB (6). 14 May: Chanel Muir 1500m 3:47.76 (4). Macey Hilton 800m 2:13.38 (7), 1500m 4:36.36 (10). Jemima Antoniazzi 5000m 17:11.50 PB (8). Tamara Reeves 5000m 17:29.04 (12).

BYU Cougar Invitational, Provo UT, 13 May: Krystie Solomon 800m 2:10.28 (5).

Conference USA Championships, Denton TX, 14 May: Josie Taylor HJ 1.79m (2).

Redlands Final Qualifier, Redlands CA, 18 May: Maria Sartin 400m 56.34 PB (2).

Track Night NYC, Icahn Stadium, Randalls Island NY, 19 May: Liam Back 5000m 13:51.72 (4).

USATF Throws Fest, Tuscon Elite Classic, Roy P. Drachman Stadium, Tuscon AZ, 20 May: Tom Walsh SP 21.86m (1), (21.82, x, x, 21.39, 21.10, 21.86). Maddison-Lee Wesche SP 18.62m (6) (x, 18.09, 18.09, 17.62, 18.24, 18.62).

World Athletics Continental Tour Gold, Seiko Golden Grand Prix, International Stadium, Yokohama, 21 May: Tori Peeters JT 63.26m PB NZ National Record (2). Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.20 -0.4 (1). Tiaan Whelpton 100m 10.15 +1.5 PB (4H1), 10.14 +0.4 PB (5). Julian Oakley 3000m 7:50.60 (7). Hamish Kerr HJ 2.20m (6). Peeters, Whelpton and Oakley, who were all conditionally selected for the 2023 World Athletics Championships, all met their performance standards for Budapest and will earn selection for their respective events provided they remain high enough to fall inside the entry quota World Athletics has set.


Bay of Islands Half Marathon, 21 May: Dwayne Collecutt 1:25:05, Lee Greer 1:28:25, Trey Subritzky 1:35:49. Ady McKenzie 1:37:51, Tahlia Spink 1:44:33, Caris Teo 1:46:11.                                                                                                        


Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 16 May: Jack Green 17:20, Harry Harris 17:35, Brendon Fisher 17:52. Sophie Hogan 19:27, Tia Knight 19:43, Christel Hengeveld 20:05.

Rat Race, Takapuna, 17 May: Amelia Green 18:02, Chris Weeks 19:13, Andrew Harvey 19:28, Gareth Holbrook 20:30. Rebecca Bradley 21:19.

XTERRA, Waitawa Regional Park, 21 May: 21.5km; Logan Griffin 1:48:38, James Spence 1:51:34, Richard Vennard 1:53:28. Amelia Lythe 2:01:15, Gill Fullen 2:07:33, Talia Flannery 2:13:09. 17.3km; Matthew Gould 1:27:28, Tom Mowbray 1:29:30, Mark Paterson 1:37:05. Stella Hammond 1:47:30, Gilly Davy 1:50:36, Terri Bidwell 1:56:00. 11.5km; Nikko Kelly 59:25, Macs Green 59:32, Louis Pages 1:04:23. Denika Clooney 1:02:35, Alyssa Bullot 1:10:34, Amber Taylor 1:10:41. 7.4km; Ottis Oliver-Chambers 39:51, Ricco Korewha 40:16, James Suter 41:06. Biahn Pallister 44:45, Caitlin Hickford 48:22, Miranda Burdon 51:21.


The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 21 May: Magnus Monahan 34:42, Jeroen Mattheus 35:00, Jacob Kilmister 36:10. Emma Peron 37:31.

Drumduan Trail Run, Cable Bay, 21 May: 21km; Patrick Higgins 1:50:16, Dougal Shepherd 1:58:38, Tyler Russell 1:59:05. Georgia Whitla 2:25:02, Marina Comeskey 2:30:52, Deanna Elvines 2:30:55. 7km; Josie Wilcox 37:05, Tony Phillips 37:39.


Christchurch 10km Series, Dallington Landing, 21 May: Greg Bates 39:08, Chris White 40:42, Julien Hooker 41:06. Teresa Blackmore 41:51, Bayleigh Mcguire 43:33, Lisa McNabb 46:33.