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26 June 2023 • Road

Weekly Round Up: 26 June

Michael Voss upgraded on his 2022 New Zealand Half Marathon silver medal to strike gold in Wellington. Credit: (Wellington Marathon)

New Zealand Half Marathon Championship, Sky Stadium Walkway – 25 June 2023

Michael Voss claimed his first senior national title, with a clear cut victory over Daniel Balchin in 1:06:21. Voss, who was second to Oska Inkster-Baynes last year in Cambridge, finished a minute 21 seconds ahead of Balchin. It was yet another second for Balchin following on from his silver medals in 2014 and 2018 and bronze in 2015. Cullern Thorby backed up his third at the Rotorua Marathon with the bronze medal in a personal best 1:08:32. Jayden Kuijpers was fourth in a PB 1:09:01, followed by Japan’s Naoto Akiba 1:10:19 and recent Huntly half winner Mike Robinson 1:10:26. Voss also had the satisfaction of trimming six seconds off Kenyan Kip Kemei’s 2012 race record.

Voss said: “I went down to Wellington with the first goal to get the win, but I’ve also had that race record on my mind for a few years as an achievable target. Then when the weather was perfect on the day, I thought it could be on. I took it out hard and me and Dan (Balchin) went through the first 5km in 15 minutes. I then hit a rough patch for a few kilometers and he got a bit of a gap on me. Thankfully I managed to get back on him and I started to feel good by the turnaround. Once I got a gap, I managed to run away with it.” 

Sarah Drought was too strong to take the women’s title by more than two minutes in 1:15:44 and claim her first New Zealand title since banking the 10km national title back in 2012.

Drought is currently in the form of her life and in February finished the lead Kiwi in the senior women’s race at the 2023 World Cross Country Championships in Bathurst.  

Finishing just four seconds outside her personal best Esther George in 1:18:03 took out the silver with Deb Fuller securing a podium placing in bronze – courtesy of a PB of 1:19:31. Deborah Lynch was next in 1:21:13 PB, followed home by Mel Brandon 1:21:59 and Natalie Dryden 1:24:33.

Drought said of her win: “I’m really pleased to take the title. Following my run at the Christchurch Half in April when I ran a big PB (of 1:13:41) I knew was in pretty good shape going in. To take the title and break the course record as well, I’m over the moon.”

“It was an amazing day. I wanted to have a good crack at going out for a fast time, but through 5km I probably realised a PB would not happen. I then eased back at the 10km and focused on what I needed to do to get the title.”

NZ Masters Championship Results:

Women 35; Sarah Drought 1:15:44, Floortje Kaars 1:24:40 PB, Shar McDonald 1:42:30. W40; Kristy Staples 1:44:09, Rachel Watson 1:48:45. W45; Lindsay Barwick 1:27:10, Rachelle Green 1:45:15, Paula Conder 1:59:23. W50; Paula Canning 1:28:18, Christina Needham 1:43:40, Sue Kim 2:26:37. W55; Victoria Humphries 1:38:36, Jan Sheppard 1:52:52, Denise Limby 2:03:52. W60; Betty Harp 1:38:05. W65; Bev Hodge 2:20:11. W70; Judith Bradshaw 1:58:29, Jane Lee 2:36:42.

Men 35; Dion Gamperie 1:18:06, Brad Wong 1:23:52, Nicolas Vessiot 1:29:45. M40; Alasdair Saunders 1:14:05 PB, Alvirg Busa 1:17:20, David Taylor 1:21:18. M45; Daniel Clendon 1:12:42, Josh Campbell 1:12:50, Stephen Day 1:14:14. M50; Troy Harold 1:14:09 PB, Ben Evans 1:14:27, Andrew Kerr 1:17:30. M55; Grant McLean 1:19:44, Michael Peak 1:22:54, Peter Caudwell 1:25:17. M60; Bruce Edwards 1:23:02, James Turner 1:26:35, Tim Cross 1:37:14. 

M65; Tony Price 1:39:03, Phil Gulbransen 1:45:46, Malcolm Chamberlin 1:47:41. M70; Graeme Lear 1:33:25, Adrian Brouwers 1:41:35, Derek Shaw 1:45:43. M75; Fred Needham 2:07:29, Rod Gill 2:17:49.

Auckland Cross Country Championships, A & P Showgrounds, Pukekohe – 24 June 2023

National U20 cross country champion Christian De Vaal stepped up to the senior ranks and had no trouble winning the 10km title in 33:45. Ronan Lee was second in 34:01 with Jono Jackson third in 36:12.

De Vaal’s coach had him testing himself over the longer distance prior to defending his junior title in Taupo in five weeks’ time. De Vaal leaves on 16 August to take up an athletics scholarship at the University of Wisconsin.

Sophie Hogan (Owairaka) was a decisive winner of the senior women’s 10km and New Zealand senior women’s cross country champion Lisa Cross claimed top spot in the masters women 6km event.



Senior 10km: Sophie Hogan (Owairaka) 48m 58s 1, Odette Jennings (TTT Runners) 50m 56s 2.

U20 6km: Bella Earl (Owairaka) 24m 16s 1, Boh Ritchie (Hamilton) 24m 31s 2, Stella Hammond (Oratia) 25m 41s 3, Olivia Rooney (Whippets) 25m 46s 4.

Master 6km: Lisa Cross (TTT Runners) 23m 43s 1, Karen Donaldson-Barron (Whippets) 25m 23s 2, Rachel Penney (Pakuranga) 28m 19s 3.

U18 4km: Sascha Letica (Takapuna) 16m 35s 1, Georgia Lynch (TTT Runners) 16m 47s 2, Sophie Robb (Auckland City Athletics) 17m 18s 3.

U16 4km: Imogen Barlow (Pakuranga) 16m 13s 1, Scarlett Robb (ACA) 16m 25s 2, Denika Clooney (TTT Runners) 16m 40s 3.

U14 3km: Leah Marais (Pakuranga) 11m 49s 1, Ray Zhang (Owairaka) 12m 10s 2, Morgan Day (Pakuranga) 12m 12s 3.

U12 2km: Nyah Slade (North Harbour Bays) 8m 49s 1, Cici Zhang (Owairaka) 8m 56s 2, Angela Baird (Papakura) 9m 14s 3.


Senior 10km: Christian De Vaal (Pakuranga) 33m 45s 1, Ronan Lee (Whippets) 34m 1s 2, Jono Jackson (Auckland City Athletics) 36m 12s 3.

U20 8km: Dion Wallwork (Pakuranga) 28m 44s 1, Benjamin Rickerby (ACA) 29m 22s 2, Charles Buchanan (Whippets) 30m 42s 3.

Master 8km: Simon Mace (Owairaka) 29m 2s 1, Nick Moore (Owairaka) 30m 0s 2, Tim Hitchcock (Wesley) 30m 53s 3.

U18 6km: Caleb Wagener (Pakuranga) 21m 38s 1, Joshua Gordon-Glassford (Whippets) 21m 53s 2, Robert Fitzpatrick (Papakura) 21m 56s 3.

U16: 4km: Samuel Rickerby (ACA) 14m 12s 1, Jake Lomas (Hamilton) 14m 29s 2, Quinn Moss (ACA) 14m 52s 3, Noah Lazayres (ACA) 15m 9s 4.

U14 3km: Oliver McGuinness (Pakuranga) 11m 33s 1, Archie Felton (North Harbour Bays) 11m 43s 2, Tighe Healy (Papakura) 11m 53s 3.

U12 2km: Leo Green (Pakuranga) 7m 55s 1, Fletcher O’Brien (Pakuranga) 8m 33s 2, Eli Gill (Glen Eden) 8m 34s 3.


Track and Field Winter Series #1, Colin Pugh SportsBowl Lansdowne, Masterton – 25 June 2023

Tyrone Trego 100m 11.19 +0.2, Liam Kilby 11.34, Ryan Shotter 11.41. Liam Kilby 200m 23.00 -0.2, Tyrone Trego 200m 23.04 +1.5, Ryan Shotter 200m 23.64 +1.5. Hugo Jones HJ 1.85m.

Anna Thomson LJ 5.47m +0.7. Courtney Fitzgibbon 1000m 3:06.24. William Larkin 3000m 9:06.73.


Edmond Cup Cross Country, Otakou Golf Club, Otago Peninsula – 24 June 2023

Oliver O’Sullivan won the men’s 8km in 28:21, while Kirsty Eyles headed in Laura Bungard in the women’s 8km in 34:37.


Girls U12 2km: Arnelle Hamman (TAIR) 10:14, 1; Amelia Wilson (HCYU) 10:31, 2; Sammy Cotter (CAVH) 11:25, 3. 
Boys U12 2km:  Taylor Martin (ARIK) 8:32, 1; Lewis Anglemyer (HCYU) 8:51, 2. 
Girls U14 3km: Eva McLean (HCYU) 15:31, 1; Elzanne Hamman (TAIR) 17:13, 2. 
Boys U14 3km:  Henry Eyles (CAVH) 15:09, 1; George Solomon (HCYU) 16:06, 2; Nate Crawford (CAVH) 19:29, 3. 

Girls U16 4km: Lola Saunders (ARIK) 17:20, 1. 

Boys U16 4km: Thomas Weatherall (UNA) 17:01, 1; Marshall Watson (UNA) 17:46, 2. 
Open Women 4km: Melanie Button (ARIK) 17:48, 1; Georgina Pakeho (HCYU) 18:30, 2; Grace Brydges (HCYU) 18:41, 3.  

Open Men 4km: Josh Siloy (TAIR) 15:36, 1; Richard Fogarty (HCYU) 19:03, 2; Peter Hughes (LEIT) 21:55, 3. 

Open Walk 6km: Alex Brown (CAVH) 33:31, 1; Alison Newall (CAVH) 48:35, 2; Cherie McKinnon (HCYU) 49:42, 3. 
Open Women 6km: Aly Craigie (HCYU) 26:25, 1; Amber Riddle (UNA) 27:54, 2; Joanna Hare (UNA) 28:31, 3; Alice Cuthbert (LEIT) 28:58, 4; Leia Silby (HCYU) 29:36, 5. 
Open Women 6km Team’s Race: Leith (Alice Cuthbert, Olivia Sutherland, Sue Hendry) 17 points, 1. 
Open Men 6km: McKay Watson (LEIT) 25:45, 1; Mark Watson (UNA) 26:29, 2; Timothy Dawbin (HCYU) 28:13, 3; Donald Bate (LEIT) 28:37, 4.  
Open Men 6km Team’s Race: Leith (McKay Watson, Donald Bate, Ash Dustow, Chris Sole) 18 points, 1.   

Open Women 8km: Kristy Eyles (CAVH) 34:37, 1; Laura Bungard (CAVH) 35:14, 2; Claudia Sole (LEIT) 35:25, 3. 

Open Women 8km Team’s Race: Caversham (Kristy Eyles, Laura Bungard, Claire Anderton) 8 points, 1. 

Open Men 8km: Oliver O’Sullivan (HCYU) 28:21, 1; Grayson Westgate (LEIT) 29:12, 2; Jake Owen (HCYU) 29:30, 3. 

Open Men 8km Team’s Race: Hill City University (Oliver O’Sullivan, Jake Owen, Alex Witt, Luke Geddes) 14 points, 1; Caversham 36 points, 2; Leith 53 points, 3. 


Tag der Überflieger, Essen, 18 June: Hamish Kerr HJ 2.31m (1), 2.10 o, 2.18 o, 2.21 o, 2.24 o, 2.27 o, 2.31 o, 2.35 xxx. Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 5.69m +0.3 (1).

Merck-Laufgala, Pfungstadt, 21 June: Laura Nagel 1500m 4:15.77 (2). James Preston 800m 1:46.37 (5). Brad Mathas 800m 1:45.75 PB (2RB). He has now achieved his performance condition for the World Championships. If he remains high enough in the world rankings he will have booked a ticket to Budapest. 

Kolner Leichtathletik, Cologne, 24 June: Briana Stephenson 100m H 14.72 -0.2 (1RC).

Internationales LAZ, Rhede, 25 June: Briana Stephenson 100mm 12.18 +0.5 (4H2), 12.15 +0.4 (6), JT 34.04m (5).

England Athletics Under 20 Championships, Chelmsford Essex, 17 June
: Mia Powell 400m 56.38 (2H3). 18 June: Mia Powell 400m 55.78 (5).

Loughborough University Track, Loughborough, 21 June: Liam Lamb 800m 1:53.43 (1).


Caltaf Classic, Calgary, 18 June: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:06.06 (1).

Rose City Meeting, Portland OR, 24 June
: Jeff Lautenslager 1500m 3:48.96 (22). Craig Lautenslager 5000m 14:19.44 (18).


Horst Mandl Memorial, Graz, 16 June: Briana Stephenson 200m 24.91 +2.2 (3).


Queensland Masters’ Athletics, Winter Competition, Brisbane, 22 June: Lauren Bruce HT 69.83m (1). 24 June: Lauren Bruce HT 70.28m (1). Mark Cumming (61) 7.26kg HT 47.82m (2).

ROAD AND TRAIL RACES AROUND THE COUNTRY                                                                                                                          


Wellington Marathon, Sky Stadium Walkway, 25 June: Kaito Iwasa (Japan) 2:28:20, Dougal Thorburn 2:29:06, David Haunschmidt 2:30:54. Ingrid Cree 2:48:19 PB, Gabriela Diver 3:02:55, Angela Hancock 3:08:41. Walk: Graeme Tindall 4:58:34, David Jones 5:05:58, Jenny Cheevers 5:15:45. Half marathon walk: Eric Kemsley 2:21:46, Sarah Rankin 2:28:28, Chris Paice 2:28:28. 10km: Simon Cromarty 32:02, Hirotaka Tanimoto 32:07, Tom Strawbridge 32:23. Genevieve Coffey 37:49, Mackenzie Morgan 38:12 PB, Sarah Murphy 38:41 PB. Walk: Lucas Martin 47:04 PB, Peter Fox 1:02:37, Clive McGovern 1:03:08. Serena Coombes 1:04:36, Jacqueline Wilson 1:09:16, Sharon Wright 1:10:25.


48th Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 25 June: 10km; Nathan Shanks 34:01, Liam Turk 38:27, Ryan Whitburn 38:32. Antonia Wood 49:58, Gretchen Brownstein 50:08, Siobhan McKinlay 51:29. 5km; Luke Geddes 18:45, Danny Baillie 19:20, Tim Hodgson 20:02. Sophie White 20:58, Ange Bishop 21:20, Alice Cuthbert 21:28.