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27 May 2019 • General

Weekly Round up: 27 May

Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round up.This week’s edition includes:

Cross Country, Steeplechase and Winter Throws results
International results from the USA and China
Road and Trail race results from around the country
Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent
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New Zealand Track & Field Meetings
Auckland Grand Prix Cross Country, race two, Lloyd Elsmore Park Pakuranga – 25 May 2019
Tayler Reid on the eve of leaving for the European triathlon season, rounded out his preparations with a win in the annual Pakuranga 10km event. Jono Jackson, Peter Wheeler and Reid led for four of the 2km circuits before Reid put the hammer down of the last lap to break clear of Jackson and carry on to a 32:33 victory, five seconds ahead of Jackson. Wheeler dropped back to third in 33:06.

Reid, last year’s world under 23 champion, heads to Europe in a week’s time with his first race in Leeds and later a world cup race in Antwerp Belgium where he finished second last year and is hoping to go one better. “It was great to get a win today, I was really stoked that Jono and Peter made it a good race. “I drove up from my base in Cambridge this morning to compete, after swimming for just over an hour. It was definitely worth coming up here as it’s great to have the competition to get the best out of yourself. “This the last key session before I go away and it shows that I’m in good form,” said Reid.

Katrina Andrew, back in action following a stress fracture, won the women’s 10km in 38:17. The former Otago cross country champion and silver medallist in the national 10,000m championship in Inglewood in 2017 was pleased to be in action again. “I’ve been based in Auckland from Dunedin for the past two years, but I’ve had a run of injuries,” said Andrew. Alana Lythe was second in 40:48 and Amanda Holyer third in 44:10.

Nick Moore was a clear winner of the masters 8km in 27:45 from Ben Winder and Chris Robb. Ethan Verner took out the U/20 8km in 28:02, Luke Clements the U/18 6km in 20:33 and Christian De Vaal the U/16 4km in 13:21. Shamiso Sisimayi was first master woman in 25:10 for the 6km. Carolyn Smith was second in 25:58. Ella Lythe U/20 6km 27:26, Kimberley May U/18 4km 15:12 and Siobhan Balle U/16 2km 6:54.

Winter Throws Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium – 25 May 2019
Nicole Bradley HT 62.71m. Anthony Nobilo 7.26kg HT 60.83m. Anthony Barmes 7.26kg HT 49.26m. Nikolas Kini 5kg SP 17.73m, 1.5kg DT 52.72m. Zion Trigger-Feitele 5kg SP 15.68m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 1.5kg DT 49.68m, 5kg SP 13.71m PB. Matthew Aucamp 800g JT 44.93m PB. Kaia Tupu-South 3kg SP 16.7m PB, DT 45.25m.

Tauranga Open Cross Country, Waipuna Park, Welcome Bay – 25 May 2019
Lachlan Haycock SM 8.06km 27:53, Michael Sutton 28:35. Dean Chiplin MM 8.06km 30:56. Kristie Baillie SW 4.06km 17:31. Hannah Knighton W20 4.06km 15:00. Charli Miller W18 4.06km 15:08. Vicki Rees-Jones MW 4.06km 18:10. 2.95km; Jackson Jones B16 10:51, Elliot Pugh B14 10:45, Charo Heijnen G16 11:34, Renee Carey G14 11:19.

Hastings Harrier Club Steeplechase, Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds – 25 May 2019
Theo Purdey SM 6km 22:12, Zach Manning 22:45, Mark Searle 22:56. Neville Smith MM 6km 23:36, Philip McKay 24:10, Nick Fitness 24:55. Kate O’Malley SW 6km 27:06, Nicole Sattler 28:06. 4.5km; Kane Elms U/20 15:24, Mitchell Snell U/18 16:21, Andrea Harris MW 21:08. 3km; Callum O’Keeffe U/16 10:27, Jonty Roil U/14 12:11, Brianna Lee U/18 11:35, Nikita Wain U/16 12:02, Amelia Smith U/14 11:54.

96th Vosseler Shield Mountain Races, Mt Victoria – 25 May 2019
Niam Macdonald-Joslin SM 10km 39:53, Isaac Murphy 40:36, Seamus Kane 41:14. Brian Garmonsway MM 41:32, Dougal Thorburn 41:44, Stephen Day 42:16. Grant McLean MM 50 47:51, Michael Wray 48:44, Graeme Butcher 49:33. Paul Forster MM60 5km 26:14. Brian Hayes MM70 28:30. Toby Gualter U/20 19:42. Will Anthony U/18 3.5km 12:15. Thomas White U/16 13:37. Max Poland U/14 1.6km 7:02.
Maiya Christini SW 5km 22:02, Nicole Mitchell 23:31, Jess Kikstra 23:53. Mel Stevens MW 5km 24:02, Anna Douglas 25:43, Emma Bassett 25:56. Victoria Humphries MW 50 5km 26:55. Lesley Graham MW60 5km 30:57. Jayme Maxwell U/20 3.5km 15:02, Hannah Gordon 15:26. Maali Kyle-Ford U/18 14:26. Maia Wilkinson U/16 14:08. Ava Sutherland U/14 1.6km 7:42.

International Results
NCAA West Preliminaries, Sacremento CA, 23 May: Bailey Stewart 400m 47.11 (5H1), Theo Quax 1500m 3:49.77 (6H3). 24 May: Harry Ewing 3000m steeplechase 8:55.13 (22). 25 May: Geordie Beamish 5000m 14:06.00 (1S1).
NCAA Div II, Kingsville TX, 23 May: Christopher Goodwin LJ 7.68m (+6.3) (9).

Nanjing IAAF World Challenge Meeting, Olympic Stadium Nanjing, 21 May: Angie Petty 800m 2:02.33 (5).

Josephine Reeves set a New Zealand under 19 high jump record while competing at the Australian championships on 7 April 2019. The 18 year old cleared 1.86m to add 1cm to Elizabeth Lamb’s 2009 record.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 21 May: James Parker 16:54, John Mauro 16:55, Keith Burrows 16:58. Christine Adamson 20:18, Isabel Emerson 20:35, Cushla Barfoot 22:16.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 22 May: Mike Wanden 17:10, Michael Munday 17:57, Andrew Cave 17:59.
Hobsonville Point 10km Runway Challenge, 26 May: Davide Fontana 38:13, Greg McNeil 39:53, Johan Kvasnicka 40:20. Kelsey Waters 46:50.

Whitianga Half Marathon, 25 May: Matt Kerr 1:16:40, Tim Gould 1:17:43, Nathan Toma 1:18:48. Kirsten Milner 1:27:44, Vivianne Bongard 1:33:39, Jess Lusby 1:34:54. 10km; Kyle Macdonald 33:01, Iain Macdonald 33:08, Mark Jones 42:41. Molly Stanbridge 45:20. 5km; Grant Lincoln 18:13, Mark Carryer 18:43, Finnley Oliver 18:56. Kylie Dawbin 29:06.

Huntly Half Marathon, 26 May: Lachlan Haitana 1:10:49 PB, Tommy Hayes 1:13:21 PB, Casey Thorby 1:15:44. Megan Grant 1:25:52 PB, Dale Berrill 1:27:52, Charlotte Kerr 1:28:32. 10km; Mathijs Wetzels 36:52, Rhys Miloon 37:57, Ryan Jones 38:38. Maria Bentley 39:15, Fleur Walter 42:35, Sarah O’Grady 43:29. 5km; Finn Hamill 18:25, Grant Difford 20:16, Jack Pallister 23:34. Charli Miller 18:36, Sophie Hay 22:52, Tyla Wallis 27:40.

Palmerston North
Manawatu Striders Marathon, 26 May: Dan Swale 2:59:29, Nick Robilliard 3:10:56, Brad Green 3:12:09. Lee Radich 3:14:13, Lucy Lawlor 3:23:47, Heather Neill 3:25:05. Half; Chris Sanson 1:10:35, Mathew Bradbury 1:16:21, Shanon Stallard 1:16:53. Cath Cheatley 1:32:59, Samantha Hanson 1:36:32, Rachel McKinnon 1:37:57.