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28 March 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 28 March

James Harding created history with a blistering display to win the men’s A 800m in a New Zealand U19 and U20 record of 1:47.96 (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


Night of 5’s, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 23 March 2022
James Harding stole the limelight, starring during a lightning strike evening with not one but two national age group records over 800m.

The 18-year-old, who already holds the national under-17 800m record, added the under-19 and under-20 records after an almost solo clocking of 1:47.96 PB for the two lapper.

This bettered Jason Stewart’s 2000 under-19 record of 1:48.73 and James Preston’s 2016 under-20 record of 1:48.06.

Jeremaiah Rogo set the scene taking Harding through the first 400m in 52 seconds, leaving Harding well out in front to make it a race against the clock.

Fellow Whippets club member Michael Dawson was second in a PB 1:49.60 and 18-year-old Luke Hitchcock clinched a World Junior Champs performance standard time of 1:50.35 PB.

After a season where he hasn’t quite matched his ambitions, Harding wanted to redeem himself and finish a season the season in a way he could be proud of.

“I was hoping to go a bit slower for the first 200m, but the pacer went out and I didn’t want to be on my own. I thought I’d track him down. I got to 400m and I thought we are on for a good time, so I tried to hold it down the back straight and with 200m to go I gave whatever I had left. I’m pretty stoked,” said Harding.

“I had been targeting those records, although I wasn’t expecting the U20 mark. Getting both of them takes a lot of pressure off for next year and I can focus on competitive racing when I get over to Oregon (at the University of Oregon in August).”

Holly Manning had to call on all her reserves to hold out Jennifer Hauke to win the women’s 800m in 2:04.07. Hauke’s hard work was rewarded with a PB 2:04.56. In a talent stacked race Rosa Twyford was next in 2:06.86 followed by Kerry White 2:07.78 PB, Macey Hilton 2:08.39, Penelope Salmon 2:10.26 PB and Bella Browne 2:10.94 PB.

“I felt I didn’t go out hard enough today which was unfortunate because it was a good opportunity to run really fast but I’m still happy with the time,” said Manning.

“I’m happy with everything because Jennie was right up there, and Camryn (Smart) did a great job pacemaking.”

Laura Nagel with her trademark powerful last lap won the women’s 5000m in 16:01.94, from Anneke Grogan 16:11.92 PB and 2016 winner Olivia Burne 16:54.90.

It has been a long season for Nagel, a co-organiser of the meeting with Paul Hamblyn, having won national titles in the 1500m, mile, 3000m and 5000m.

“The first 2km felt hard and each kilometre felt harder, I kicked to the finish and just trusted my training which has gone well.

“It is awesome, I am obviously slightly biased but it one of the best meets in the country in terms of being participant focused, the music a lot of the fun stuff. It is really cool to finish the season with another good win and another good battle with Anneke,” said Nagel.

Sam Tanner provided the early pace for the Blincoe Cup men’s 5000m, giving Oli Chignell, Julian Oakley and Hayden Wilde an honest first half. Chignell took control with two laps to go and went on to win in a PB 13:34.82. Oakley was second in 13:37.55 and Wilde third in 13:43.89. Cameron Avery was next in 14:00.71, Matt Taylor 14:04.90 PB, Zane Powell 14:12.90 PB and World junior champs performance standard, Will Anthony 14:15.08 PB, Christian De Vaal 14:15.22 PB.

Chignell said he was happy but never satisfied.

“We were hoping to have a good crack at the Commonwealth Games record and the resident record by Nick Willis, so it was not as fast as I’d like but thankfully this is not the be all and end all for me and I’m going overseas,” he said.

Julia Ratcliffe in her first competition this season was impressive sending the hammer out to 72.33m with Nicole Bradley throwing 67.85m.

“I’m pleased with how it come together. I came into this competition a lot calmer than past comps, I’m just trying to take the stress out and bring a more light-heartedness to the event,” said Ratcliffe.

Anthony Nobilo threw his fourth best ever hammer of 66.15m. Damien Anae 6kg HT 48.43m PB.

Tatiana Kaumoana scored a win in the discus with 53.16m to Te Rina Keenan’s 51.39m. Connor Bell DT 58.81m and Troy Maka threw a world’s best for a 13 year old of 69.25m with the 750g discus.

Isabel Neal won the 100m in 11.82 -0.1 PB from Talia Van Rooyan 11.97 and Marielle Venida 11.99. Jordan Bolland excelled in the 100m with a PB 10.60 +1.2, from Tommy Te Puni 10.70 PB and Zachary Saunders 10.72.

In the pole vault Isabella Murrell and Aria Rhodes were first equal with 3.60m and Eliza Meekings was third with the same height. Nick Southgate cleared 5.20m in the pole vault and Ettiene Du Preez was over the bar at 4.80m. In the high jump Kelley O’Hagan was over at 1.80m, Jayden Williamson 1.98m and Rafe Couillault 1.98m.

Double Paralympic medallist Danielle Aitchison (T36) took out the women’s para 100m on percentages clocking a time of 14.40 (2.1m/s) with fellow Tokyo Paralympian Anna Steven (North Harbour Bays) second in 13.78.

Joe Smith T37 edged the men’s para 100m on percentages, recording 12.23 with Mitch Joynt T64 in 11.97 just shy of his PB for second. Jaden Molvold won the wheelchair 5000m in 13:28.46.

Athletics Auckland Combined Events Championships, New Zealand Under 20 and Under 18 Combined Events Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 26/27 March 2022
New Zealand Combined Events Championships;

Men, Decathlon
Under 20: Angus Lyver (Palmerston North) 100m 10.90s +1.3 PB, long jump 6.88m, shot put 11.35m, high jump 1.83m PB, 400m 51.19s PB, 110m hurdles 16.22s, discus throw 32.50m, pole vault 2.60m, javelin throw 45.59m, 1500m 5m 4.90s, 6191 points 1.

Under 18: James Hansen (Marlborough) 11.23s +1.3 PB, 6.43m, 12.41m PB, 1.75m, 51.80s, 15.53s, 33.36m, 3.30m, 32.98m, 4m 55.93s 6115 points 1, Connor Brown (Tauranga) 5755 2, Aphicha Khothersen (Lynndale) 4392 3.

Women, Heptathlon
Under 20: Maggie Jones (Whanganui) 100m hurdles 14.71s, high jump 1.51m, shot put 7.83m, 200m 26.55s, long jump 4.98m javelin throw 21.32m, 800m 2m 47.18s, 4010 points 1, Samadiana Fariz (Pakuranga) 3406 2, Ane Peasley (Pakuranga) 3220 3.

Under 18: Saskia Rhind (Tauranga) 16.13s, 1.54m, 11.55m, 28.62s, 4.39m, 24.32m, 2m 42.07, 3898 points 1, Savannah Atoaga (Papatoetoe) 3183 2, Jade Nomani (Papakura) 2643 3.

Auckland Combined Events Championships;
Men, Decathlon
Senior: Max Attwell (Christchurch) 100m 11.24s, long jump 7.01m, shot put 11.53m, high jump 1.89m, 400m 49.87s, 110m hurdles 16.58s, discus throw 38.23m, pole vault 4.70m, javelin throw 50.81m PB, 1500m 4m 41.02s, 7120 points 1, Ethan Phillips (North Harbour Bays) 6134 2, Jared Neighbours (Christchurch) 5840 3.

Attwood fully recovered from injury which kept out of competing in the national decathlon championship was happy to get through the event and enjoy it at the end of the season. He now looks forward to the Oceania Area Championships in Mackay Queensland in June.

The Vance Latta Memorial Trophy, in the spirit of the decathlon, was presented by Roy Williams to Ethan Phillips who has made great progress this season and epitomises the spirit of the decathlon. At the nationals in Hastings Phillips carried on in the decathlon after not clearing a height in the pole vault.

Masters Decathlon: David Anstiss (NHB) 5900 points 1.

Masters Pentathlon: M40 David Hansen (Marlborough) 3194 points, M45 Glenn Riseborough (Takapuna) 2150, M55 Adrian Stockill 2401.

Under 16: Benjamin Langley (Ellerslie) 100m 11.71s, long jump 5.39m, shot put 7.57m, 400m 55.07s, 100m hurdles 14.78s, high jump 1.81m, javelin throw 26.48m, 1000m 3:18.60, 4223 points 1, Oliver Barnett (Papakura) 3867 2, Zhan Bowden (NHB) 3289 3.

Under 14: Connor Brady (Takapuna) 13.55s, 4.41m, 8.95m, 1m 5.79s, 80m hurdles 14.43s, 1.36m, 28.17m, 3m 25.88s, 2587 1, Cyrus Jesudas (Papatoetoe) 1467 2, Jy Gonzales (Lynndale) 1347 3. 

Women, Heptathlon
Senior: Maddie Wilson (Christchurch) 100m hurdles 15.28s, high jump 1.75m, shot put 12.31m, 200m 25.66s, long jump 5.40m, javelin throw 30.79m, 800m 2m 25.12s, 5148 points 1, Christina Ryan (Christchurch) 5106 2, Alexandra Hyland (Auckland City Athletics) 4265 3, Celine Pearn (Waitakere) 3991 4.

Under 16: Avah Sila (Papakura) 80m hurdles 12.60s, 1.53m, 9.28m, 27.26s, 4.72m, 19.12m, 2m 51.64s, 3777 points 1, Amelie Wood (Cambridge) 3430 2, Amani Farry (Lynndale) 3245 3, Mackenzie Guy (NHB) 2890 4.

Under 14: Maddy Jackson (NHB) 15.45s, 1.23m, 5.22m, 29.85s, 4.18m, 12.41m, 2m 32.19s, 2604 points 1, Kenzie Bowden (NHB) 2314 2, Tiana Davis (NHB) 1526 3.

Masters Pentathlon: W30 Cherie McAllister (NHB) 1160 points, W40 Ai Osugi (Waitakere) 1957, W55 Karen Hulena (NHB) 1984.

McKinnon Shield Meeting – 26 March 2022
Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 3kg SP 13.91m PB, Auckland grade 13 record, Leila-Jae Saifiti 11.54m PB. Kurt Sweeney LJ 6.46m +1.9, 200m 23.17 +2.5. Para Athlete SP Ben Tuimaseve 5kg SP 12.66m. Jordan Bolland 100m 10.67 +0.6, Tommy Te Puni 10.77, Elliot Kitchener 11.27 PB. Jeremiah Rogo 200m 23.23 +2.5, Mark Lambert 23.40. Anna Tucker 200m 26.51 +2.8.

College Sport Auckland Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 22 March 2022
Talia Van Rooyan broke Andrea Miller’s 1997 record of 11.80 in the 80m hurdles with her time of 11.78. Van Rooyan also won the intermediate girls 100m in 12.40 -3.4.

James Trathen was just outside Jordan Vandermade’s 2002 record of 50.36 in the intermediate boys 400m which he won in 50.89 PB. Kahurangi Cotterill 400m 51.55 PB.

Imogen Barlow JG 1500m 4:43.61. Sascha Letica IG 1500m 4:49.87. Charlotte Greenwood SG 1500m 4:50.46. Quinn Moss JB 1500m 4:33.99. Zach O’Dwyer IB 1500m 4:13.54. Tomas Barry SB 1500m 4:09.32.

Emila Goldsmith JG 100m 13.11 -1.8. Amy Hurly JG 2000m steeplechase 7:51.01. Kate Borton IG 400m 58.18. Marielle Venida SG 100m 12.30 -2.4. Amelie Fairclough SG 400m 56.15, Maddie Kelso-Heap 57.35, Anna Tucker 58.46. Alana Mathews 2000m RW 11:09.83.

Ethan Lagatule SB 100m 11.65 -3.6. Thomas Cowan 400m 52.18. Toby Tasker 2000m steeplechase 0.838m 6:16.41. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 3000m RW 15:35.66. Para Athlete 100m Sionann Murphy 100m 17.47 -3.3.

Joseph Dunn 110m H .914m 15.09 -2.6, Liam McKenzie 16.60. Owen Lamb JB LJ 5.63m -1.5. Benjamin Langley IB HJ 1.86m PB. Kainoa Keereweer IB LJ 6.23m -1.5, TJ 12.21m +3.0. Kaelan Paranihi SB HJ 1.85m, TJ 13.60m +2.1.

International Results


Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, Austin TX, 24 March: Jack Beaumont 3000m steeplechase 9:08.66 (7). 25 March: Leah Belfield 100m 11.52 +3.0 (2RB). 26 March: Jeff Lautenslager mile 4:11.84 (4), Craig Lautenslager 4:16.34 (6). Christopher Goodwin LJ 7.64m +3.5 (8).

Texas State Bobcat Invitational, San Marcos TX, 26 March: Ben Collerton 110m H 14.50 +3.8 (3RC), HJ 1.95m (10), PV 4.45m (25), DT 45.17m PB (19).

Raleigh Relays, Raleigh NC, 26 March: Liam Back 1500m 3:43.78 PB (11), Angus White 1500m 3:45.13 PB (9RC), Jacob Holmes 5000m 14:46.71 (17RD), Taonga Mbambo 5000m 14:26.27 PB (4RI), Toby Gualter 10,000m 30:00.71 (25RB), Maia Ramsden 1500m 4:18.06 PB (2RB), Kimberley May 1500m 4:28.14 PB (1RJ).

ORU Invite, Tulsa OK, 26 March: Tamara Reeves 1500m 4:36.37 (6).

CSU Pueblo Spank Blasing, Pueblo CO, 26 March: Tayla Brunger 100m 12.22 +1.5 (3RB).

ASU Invitational, Tempe AZ, 26 March: Theo Quax 800m 1:50.46 PB (2), 1500m 3:48.06 (6).

Grand View Viking Relays, Des Moines IA, 26 March: Anthony Barmes HT 61.26m PB (1). Centaine Noom-Duckworth DT 40.39m PB (4), HT 49.67m PB (3).


Runthrough Olympic Park 10km road race, London, 19 March: Georgie Grgec 34:22 PB (1).


99th Athletics Australia Track and Field Championships, Sydney Olympic Park – 26 March/3 April 2022

26 March: Natalia Rankin-Chitar U/20 4kg SP 14.07m (1). Hannah Adye U/20 PV 3.30m (9). Lex Revell-Lewis U/20 400m prelim 48.50 (1H3) Q, Troy Middleton 49.13 (4H1) DNQ. Liam Ngchok-Wulf U/20 6kg SP 17.58m (1). Peyton Leigh U/20 1500m prelim 4:38.61 (9H2) DNQ. Heath Abbot U/16 4kg HT 54.53m (4).

27 March: Mia Powell U/20 400m prelim 55.55 (1H3) Q. Natalia Rankin-Chitar U/20 DT 49.15m, World Junior Champs qualifier. Boh Ritchie U/16 1500m 4:27.18 PB (1). Lex Revell-Lewis U/20 400m final 48.21 (3).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 22 March: James Parker 18:07, Adam Berry 18:19, Reuben Beattie 18:58. Sophie Hogan 21:16.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 23 March: Joel Martin 18:57, Haoting Ma 19:19, Tom Hanrahan 19:26. Jacqueline Kemp 22:30.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 24 March: Sam Walker 39:30.

Omaha Half Marathon, 27 March: Mark Paterson 1:16:25, Mariano Piagentini 1:16:27, Ben Gatting 1:19:17. Maddie Dillon 1:22:46, Rebecca Stone 1:30:19, Yasmin Kessner 1:31:32. 10km; Marek Schirnack 34:49, George Mawson 36:42, Tayla Cox 38:59. 5km; Timothy Wallace 18:30, Jackson Brierly 18:46, Mark Carryer 18:56. Georgia Brierly 21:55.

Three Peaks Mountain Running Race, Leith Valley, 27 March: 55km; Gavin Dale 5:22:02, Ruth Croft 5:33:30, Cameron Kerr 5:40:53, Matthew Adams 5:43:38, Isabella Reid 5:54:33. 26km; Alexander Gorrie 2:11:24, Harry Wager 2:16:17, Liam Chesney 2:17:18. Kirsty Eyles 2:41:41, Kirsty Coombs 2:42:46, Sophie Wilkinson 2:42:48.