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30 January 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 30 January

Rebekah Aitkenhead edges a thrilling women's mile to retain her NZ mile crown in Whanganui. Credit: (Nat Kirk)


Cooks Classic Meeting, Cooks Gardens – 27 January 2024

Sam Tanner was in complete control with an impressive victory to claim his third New Zealand mile title in 3:55.11. Callum Davies provided plenty of competition over the middle stages, but could not match Tanner over the final lap, settling for second in 3:56.16, David Lee recorded a personal best 4:02.21 in third with William Little also setting a PB of 4:03.66 in fourth.

It was the tenth time Tanner has gone under four minutes, the fourth time he has broken four minutes at Cooks Gardens and the 76th sub-four at the hallowed ground.

Tanner said he loves running in Whanganui: “It comes with the history too, so it is special to be able to stand in a place where I broke four minutes for the first time (3:58.41 in 2019) and world records have been set here too.”

In a thrilling finish Rebekah Aithenhead just edged out Laura Nagel to retain the women’s title in 4:33.55. Nagel, the champion in 2022, clocked a PB 4:33.59 with Tillie Hollyer collecting the bronze medal in a PB 4:43.11.

Aitkenhead said she was just trying to get to the line. “I know Laura has a very good kick and I’ve been on the receiving end of it, so it was really nice to be able to hold it and have the confidence to take it right to the line.

“I had no idea I had won the race I just hoped I had dipped a bit better.”

In the master women’s mile Sally Gibbs set a New Zealand W60 record of 5:45.11, just 17 seconds outside world record of 5:28.02.

Hamish Kerr won the high jump for the sixth year in a row clearing 2.27m, just a centimetre shy of his 2022 stadium record. Hugo Jones was second clearing a fresh PB of 2.07m.

Kerr, who also won at the Jumps to Music meet in Hawera on Wednesday with a 2.21m clearance, said: “The legs are more sore jumping 2.27m than they normally would, but that is what happens when you jump midweek as well. But today is great prep early in the season for some of the bigger comps to come.

“It is awesome jumping with the locals. I love jumping in Whanganui and it was exciting to see Hugo jump 2.07m tonight.”

Jake Doran set the only stadium record during the meeting erasing Gus Nketia’s 2000 100m record of 10.49 with a classy 10.40 +2.0. Cody Wilson, who had earlier won the 200m in 21.20 (+4.0), was second in the 100m in 10.63.

Portia Bing doubled up in the sprints winning the 200m in 24.12 (+3.9) and the 400m in 53.73.

James Ford won the 400m in 48.09 from Zachary Saunders 48.76 and Thomas Cowan in a personal best 48.82. Eighteen-year-old Blessing Sefo had a massive PB with 17.09m 7.26kg shot put.



100m: Jake Doran (Australia) 10.40 +2.0 (Stadium Record), Cody Wilson (Mana) 10.63, Ben Lambert (Paraparaumu) 11.07, Ryan Shotter (Hastings) 11.16.

200m: Cody Wilson (Mana) 21.20 +4.0, Zachary Saunders (Pakuranga) 21.60, Kahurangi Cotterill (Waitakere) 22.39.

400m: James Ford (Takapuna) 48.09, Zachary Saunders (Pakuranga) 48.76, Thomas Cowan (NHB) 48.82 PB, Aden Porritt (Pal/Nth) 50.12. Masaki Tomooka (Chch Old Boys) 50.27 PB (1RB).

800m: Joe Martin (Wgtn Scottish) 1:57.07 PB, Nicolas Rey-Virag (Hill City) 1:57.47, Jag Willers (WHAC) 1:58.62 PB.

New Zealand mile championship: Sam Tanner (Tauranga) 3:55.11, Callum Davies (Australia) 3:56.16, David Lee (Whippets) 4:02.21 PB, William Little (Whippets) 4:03.66 PB, Matthew Taylor (NHB) 4:04.05, Jack Paine (Whippets) 4:04.24 PB, Liam Lamb (Wairarapa) 4:04.48 PB, Julian Oakley (Tauranga) 4:05.88, James McLeay (St Pauls Sthld) 4:06.14 PB, Callum Murray (Tauranga) 4:06.55 PB. B Final: Daniel Prescott (Selwyn) 4:07.27 PB, Benjamin Bidois (Hamilton) 4:09.64.

Masters mile: James Conwell M40 (Palmerston North) 4:42.80 PB, Brendon Sharratt M40 (Whanganui) 4:51.19 PB, Nathan McKinlay M35 (Whanganui) 5:08.61 PB.

3000m: Lorcan Rabbitte (Victoria Univ) 8:47.15, Desmond Reddy (Olympic) 8:53.89 PB, Bede Colbourne (Egmont) 8:55.94 PB.

400m hurdles: Jonathan Maples (Whanganui) 54.87, James Hansen (Marlborough) 57.30, Joseph Dunn (Papakura) 58.65.

Shot put: Nick Palmer (Hastings) 18.93m, Liam Ngchok-Wulf (Papakura) 16.82m, Nathaniel Sulupo (Titahi Bay) 15.87m. 6kg; Blessing Sefo (Waitakere) 17.09m. 5kg; David Mora (Tauranga) 13.29m.

Javelin throw: Felise Sosaia (France) 74.73m, Douw Botes (Papakura) 63.05m, Blaine Knapman (Mana) 54.06m, Masaki Tomooka (Chch Old Boys) 54.00m.
Long jump: Lewis Arthur (NHB) 7.48m +3.0, Masaki Tomooka (Chch Old Boys) 7.04m +1.7 PB, Max Attwell (Chch Old Boys) 6.87m (+2.2).

Triple jump: Scott Thomson (ACA) 14.34m +4.5 also 14.30m +1.8, Mirza Abbas (Hawera) 13.89m +1.9 PB, Elliot Wills (Hawera) 12.36m +0.4.

High jump: Hamish Kerr (Chch Old Boys) 2.27m, Hugo Jones (WHAC) 2.07m PB, Jayden Williamson (NHB) 2.02m.

4 x 100m relay: NZSSAA (Joseph Dunn, Samasoni Hewitt, Luke Jarvis, Zack Ziogas) 44.71.

Para athletics results:

100m: Joshua Taylor T20, F20 (Wairarapa) 13.98 +3.5.

400m: Joshua Taylor T20, F20 (Wairarapa) 1:05.11.

Shot put 7.26kg: Corran Hanning F12 (Kiwi Athletic) 11.74m.

Javelin throw 800g: Corran Hanning F12 (Kiwi Athletic) 35.61m PB.


100m: Chayille Collette (Pal/Nth) 11.75 +3.7, Kendra Scally-Tu’i (Waitakere) 12.06, Emila Goldsmith (ACA) 12.07.

200m: Portia Bing (Waitakere) 24.12 +3.9, Chayille Collette (Pal/Nth) 24.13, Kendra Scally-Tu’i (Waitakere) 24.50.

400m: Portia Bing (Waitakere) 53.73, Camryn Smart (NHB) 55.67, Amelie Fairclough (Waitakere) 55.80, Poppy Healy (WHAC) 58.05.

800m: Issy De Hair (Mana) 2:26.10, Pascale Bowie (Whanganui) 2:28.94.

New Zealand mile championship: Rebekah Aitkenhead (Hill City) 4:33.55, Laura Nagel (NHB) 4:33.59 PB, Tillie Hollyer (Whippets) 4:43.11 PB, Peyton Leigh (ACA) 4:50.60 PB, Boh Ritchie (Hamilton) 4:53.20, Aimee Ferguson (Hamilton) 4:59.91.

Masters mile: Heather Walker W50 (Wellington Scottish) 5:27.50 PB, Sally Gibbs W60 (Whanganui) 5:45.11 (NZ W60 Record, just 17 seconds outside world record of 5:28.02), Vanessa Hodge W45 (Palmerston North) 6:21.90 PB.

3000m: Jacquelyn Kowalewski (Egmont) 10:46.00, Vivi Hale (Egmont) 10:56.80 PB.

400m hurdles: Sophie Hancock (Hamilton) 1:02.70, Nadia Chiara (Hamilton) 1:05.01.

Shot put: Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Papatoetoe) 15.12m, Maddie Wilson (Chch Old Boys) 11.30m, Mikayla Sola (Lower Hutt) 10.57m, Saskia Rhind (Tauranga) 10.46m PB.

Javelin throw: Sae Takemoto (Japan) 54.47m, Jona Aigouy (France) 52.03m, Yuka Sato (Japan) 51.87m, Mia Bartlett (Wairarapa) 33.60m, Maddie Wilson (Chch Old Boys) 31.42m.

Long jump: Phoebe Edwards (Kiwi Athletic) 5.89m +1.0 PB, Charlotte Goldsmith (ACA) 5.71m +1.0, Hannah Collins (Chch Old Boys) 5.22m +1.4.

Triple jump: Anna Thomson (Mana) 12.11m +2.4, Hannah Collins (Chch Old Boys) 11.92m +2.8 also 11.59m +1.4, Zarah Rattray (Hamilton) 11.01m +1.2.

High jump: Imogen Skelton (ACA) 1.80m, Naomi Waite (WHAC) 1.75m PB, Amber Trow (Palmerston North) 1.70m.

4 x 100m: NZSSAA (Sophie Hancock, Kendra Scally-Tu’i, Zarah Rattray, Amelie Fairclough) 48.28, NZSSAA B team (Juliet McKinlay, Niamh Gedye, Sacha Kilmister, Daisy Goodman) 49.42.

Para athletics results:

100m: Sasha Al-Dazhani T38 (Egmont) 100m 15.61 +3.6.

400m: Sasha Al-Dazhani T38 (Egmont) 1:18.24 PB.

Jumps to Music, Hicks Park – 24 January 2024

Maddie Wilson HJ 1.80m, LJ 6.03m +2.0 PB. Briana Stephenson HJ 1.72m, LJ 5.81m +3.0 and 5.39m +0.5. Naomi Waite HJ 1.72m, Amber Trow 1.67m, Mia De jager 1.67m. Aliyah Johnson LJ 5.31m +2.0, Juliet McKinlay 5.22m +2.3 and 5.07m +1.5.

Hamish Kerr HJ 2.21m, Rafe Couillault 1.97m, Jayden Williamson 1.97m, Hugo Jones 1.92m, Mate Poduje 1.92m, Ben Walker 1.92m, Tia Wynyard 1.87m. Lewis Arthur LJ 7.42m +0.3, Angus Lyver 7.28m +2.6 and 7.14m +1.9, Stephen Thorpe 6.59m +1.6, Forbes Kennedy 6.47m +1.5, Kieran Sinclair-Lomax 6.30m +1.6.

Waikato Bay of Plenty Masters Championships, Tauranga Domain – 21 January 2024

Junior Lupena M35: 60m 8.96, SP 9.68m, DT 26.98m, JT 39.65m, HT 32.10m, WT 9.50m.

Bruce Solomon M60: 60m 8.46, 100m 13.74, SP 11.21m, DT 35.53m, JT 33.24m.

Brenda Davis W50: SP 9.63m, DT 27.72m, HT 38.20m, WT 13.33m.

Beverley Savage W75: SP 8.14m, DT 18.29m, HT 27.63m, WT 10.39m.

Laini Inivale M55: SP 12.16m, DT 27.52m, JT 25.67m, HT 33.96m, WT 12.72m.

Bruce Edwards M60: 3000m 10:54.91. Gavin Smith M70: 800m 3:16.22, 1500m 6:38.38, 3000m 13:28.11. Matt Parsonage M40: 1500m 4:42.45, 5000m 17:07.05.


Peter Jack Throws Meeting, Newtown Park – 28 January 2024

Elizabeth Hewitt 4kg HT 51.27m. Junior Lupena 800g JT 45.31m PB. Hugh McLeod-Jones 7.26kg SP 11.31m, 7.26kg HT 39.68m, 2kg DT 42.82m, 800g JT 41.27m PB. Shaka Sola 7.26kg SP 11.85m, 2kg DT 32.32m. Ana Ellison-Lupena 3kg SP 11.25m, DT 39.11m. Faith Sola 3kg SP 11.07m PB, 3kg HT 37.19m, DT 30.19m. Mikayla Sola 4kg SP 9.91m, DT 35.98m PB, 4kg HT 38,96m. Heath Abbot 1.5kg DT 39.71m PB, 5kg HT 56.26m PB. Xavior Sola 1.5kg DT 39.15m. Nikora Wharehinga-Sime 1.75kg DT 33.00m. Iorana Tafili DT 39.56m, 4kg HT 39.51m. Conor Sharkey 4kg HT 35.12m.

Para athletics results: Shaun Markham SP 3.10m, DT 10.55m. Corran Hanning 2kg DT 36.71m.

South Island Masters Championships, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 19/21 January 2024

Noni Callander W76: SP 7.75m, HT 20.77m, DT 19.30m, JT 11.46m, WT 9.79m, throws pentathlon 2664, HT 20.25m, SP 7.36m, DT 18.94m, JT 12.10m, WT 10.08m.

Jim Blair M92: HT 18.04m, SP 6.38m, DT 16.03m, JT 16.91m, WT 7.59m, throws pentathlon 2473, HT 16.50m, SP 5.95m, DT 15.14m, JT 16.51m, WT 7.57m.

Rick Davison M74: HT 35.41m, SP 8.92m, DT 32.05m, JT 25.40m, WT 12.89m, throws pentathlon 2790, HT 33.90m, SP 8.78m, DT 31.15m, JT 23.61m, WT 12.89m.

Simon Maole M51: HT 34.37m, SP 13.06m, DT 37.63m, JT 28.76m, WT 13.36m, throws pentathlon 2785, HT 32.24m, SP 13.03m, DT 34.08m, JT 25.94m, WT 13.65m.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 27 January 2024

Jody McCarthy-Dempsey 100m H .762 14.85 +3.1, 200m 26.75 +2.2, 500g JT 30.35m. Lilla Faivre TJ 10.67m +3.8. Ari Keshariya TJ 13.55m +6.4. Bill Quigley 5kg HT 40.96m PB, 700g JT 40.99m.

Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey 4kg HT 37.09m, 600g JT 34.94m PB. Orla Motley 3kg HT 48.44m, 500g JT 32.20m. Louie Howell 800m 1:57.33. Chloe Hughes 800m 2:19.96.

Hunter Scott 60m 7.17 +3.9, 100m 11.00 +2.2, 200m 22.58 +2.7. Yandri Fourie 3000m RW 17:17.11, Rozie Robinson 17:47.43.
Jack Henry LJ 6.71m +7.2, Harry Williamson 6.24m +7.8 also 6.04m +1.8. Kelsey Berryman LJ 6.04m +3.7 also 5.09m +1.8. Josh Woodhead 800g JT 44.64m PB. Christina Ryan 600g JT 37.13m, Mya Phillips 38.75m PB. Meg Edwards 500g JT 35.50m. Ethan Bone HJ 1.95m, Misha Worboys 1.80m, James Knaggs 1.80m. John Wells 200m 22.30 +2.7. Miriam Clark 3000m 10:24.24, Bridie Restieaux 10:27.25, Natalie Dryden 10:35.36, Caitlin Bassett 10:38.89. Noah Fenwick 3000m 9:09.99.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 27 January 2024

Schuyler Orr 60m 7.02 +1.2, 100m 11.03 +1.7. Niamh Townsend 100m 12.31 +2.6. Shay Veitch 100m 10.64 +1.7, LJ 7.39m +3.5 also 7.30m -0.2. Cody Armstrong 400m 50.83 PB. Jake Owen 1500m 4:08.69. Todd Bradshaw 110m H 1.067m 16.30 +1.5, Toby Martin 16.55, PV 3.70m. Luke Moffitt 110m H .990 15.70 +1.5, PV 3.90m PB, LJ 6.49 0.0. Keira McNeill LJ 5.02m +3.1, TJ 10.94m +1.2. Lisa Lokman TJ 10.85m +2.0 PB.

Jim Blair M92 5kg HT 16.24m, 5kg SP 6.02m. Gemma Millar 4kg HT 36.95m, Jessica Lake 31.13m. James Miers 700g JT 35.90m. Alexa Duff 600g JT 31.80m. Sarah Evans 500g JT 30.08m. Charlee Farquhar 3kg SP 10.85m PB.

10,000m: Nic Bathgate 34:45.98, Nathan Shanks 35:00.69, Leon Miyahara 36:23.41, Simon Rhodes 37:04.14.


VMC Meet #3, Hagenauer Reserve, Box Hill, Melbourne, 18 January
: Kosta Mills 800m 1:55.96 PB (2RC). Steven Langdon 1500m 3:59.48 (8RB). Katrina Anderson 800m 2:08.70 (3).

Strive Program B, WA Sports Centre, Perth, 24 January: Nick Southgate PV 5.10m (2), (4.90o, 5.00-, 5.10o, 5.25xxx).

Denise Boyd Shield, QSAC, Nathan, Brisbane, 27 January: Nick Ash 200m 23.18 +1.8 (4R4). Nylah Goble-Lote 3kg HT 53.22m PB.

Supernova World Athletics, Race Walking Tour Bronze, Bruce Campus AIS Track and Field, Canberra, 27 January: Jonah Cropp (18) 10,000m RW 44:47.59 PB by almost four minutes. Cropp was just 11.2s shy of Tony Sargisson’s 1994 New Zealand U19 record. Evan Dunfee of Canada won in a PB 38:25.42.

ACT Championships, AIS Athletics Track, Bruce, Canberra, 26 January: New Zealand Para Athlete records set by Sarah James T53 Open and U20 800m 2:21.69. Milly Marshall-Kirkwood F57 U17, U18, U19, U20 1kg DT 18.14m. 27 January: Holly Robinson F46 4kg SP 11.74m, Oceania and Otago record as well. Josh Chisholm F40 Open SP 5.11m, Oceania and Otago record as well. Joshua Tia F64 U18, U19, U20 SP 8.86m. 28 January: Sarah James T53 Open and U20 200m 34.33 -0.3.

Open 26 January: Jemima Tennekoon 800m 2:12.87 (3RB). 27 January: Dhruv Rodrigues Chico 100m 10.36 -0.4 (2H3), 10.21 +1.9 =PB (5). Liam Webb 400m 49.16 (3RF). 28 January: Caitlin Shepperson HT 50.29m PB (3). Dhruv Rodrigues Chico 200m 21.34 -1.3 (1H1). Liam Webb 200m 22.54 -1.3 (3Prelim2).

Meeting Elite En Salle De L’eure, Stade Couvert Jesse Owens, Val-de-Reuil, 28 January
: Eliza McCartney PV 4.64m (2) (4.44o, 4.64o, 4.73xxx).

Boston University John Thomas Terrier Classic, Track and Tennis Centre, Boston MA, 26 January
: Geordie Beamish 5000m 13:04.33 PB (4 in Scarlet heat), breaks Adrian Blincoe’s 2008 National record of 13:10.19 and his own 2021 National Indoor record of 13:12.53, and Oliver Hoare of Australia 2021 Oceania indoor record of 13:09.96. Beamish was also under the Paris Olympic Games performance standard of 13:05.00.  Kurgat of Kenya won in 12:57.52. Theo Quax 5000m 13:16.83 PB (2). Liam Back mile 3:59.41 (7RB) third time under 4 minutes, Karsen Vesty mile 4:07.51 (7RF), William Johnston mile 4:09.46 (7RG). Zane Powell 3000m 8:09.36 PB by over five seconds (2RD). 27 January: Alison Andrews-Paul 400m 55.38 (1RC), 800m 2:05.75 (1RD). Krystie Solomon 800m 2:06.83 PB (2RC). Macey Hilton 800m 2:13.61 (5RF), mile 4:53.18 PB (1RF). Kiera Hall 800m 2:13.14 (3RG). Kimberley May mile 4:27.85 PB (2), second NZ all-time woman behind Kimberley Smith’s 4:24.14. Tessa Hunt mile 4:49.98 PB (2RE). 

Riverhawk Invitational, The Track at New Balance, Brighton MA, 26 January: Tapenisa Havea Invitational SP 15.54m (1), (14.73, 15.42, 15.40, 14.74, 14.84, 15.54).

McNeese State #2, Recreation Complex, Lake Charles LA, 26 January: Alex Martin 800m 1:51.35 PB (1).

Bob Pollock Invitational, Clemson Indoor Track, Clemson SC, 26 January: Emma Ferguson mile 4:55.52 (5). 27 January: Sam Waldin 3000m 8:22.75 PB (7). Isabella Richardson 3000m 9:49.14 PB (5RB). Emma Douglass 800m 2:07.54 PB (2).

UW Invite, Dempsey Indoor, Seattle WA, 26 January: Murdoch McIntyre 3000m 8:32.71 (18RC). 27 January: Chloe Browne mile 4:49.41 PB (10RB). Bella Browne 4:56.75 PB (10RC). Kaia Tupu-South SP 16.83m (1).

Robert Platt Invitational, Houston-Yeoman FH, Houston TX, 26 January: Alice Taylor pentathlon 3496 points PB (2) (60m H 9.77, HJ 1.77m, SP 9.95m, LJ 5.17m, 800m 2:32.09). 27 January: Josie Taylor HJ 1.80m.

UND Open, High Performance Centre, Grand Forks ND, 27 January: Alexandria Maples WT 18.96m (3).

New Mexico Team Open, Convention Centre, Albuquerque, 27 January: Leah Belfield 60m 7.57 (5H2).

Dr Sander Invitational, The Armory, New York NY, 27 January: Charlie Hazlett mile 4:13.78 (1RC). Jared Lautenslager 3000m 8:33.55 (1RB).

Razorback Invitational, Randal Tyson Centre, Fayetteville AR, 27 January: James Harding 800m 1:48.97 (2RC), (New Zealand Indoor Record, breaks Mark Rodgers 2001 record of 1:49.25 in Lisbon). Craig Lautenslager 3000m 8:08.55 (7RB).

Penn State Open, Ashenfelter Track, State College PA, 27 January: Will Anthony 3000m 7:53.77 PB (2).

Wendy’s Invitational, Robert W Plaster Centre, Pittsburg KS, 27 January: Kayla Goodwin 60m H 9.61 (6H6), LJ 5.56m (4).

Black and Gold Invite, Iowa Recreation Building, Iowa City IA, 27 January: Anthony Barmes WT 21.07m (1). Centaine Noom-Duckworth WT 18.99m (3).



Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 23 January: Gavin Eccles 16:55, Greg Darbyshire 16:55, Jack Clendon 18:16. Christine Adamson 22:39, Emily Richardson 22:59.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 24 January: Joel Martin 19:14, Tom Hanrahan 19:20, Alana Lythe 19:30, Andrew Harvey 19:50, Maia Lythe 20:40, Daniel Middleton 21:10, Tania Hammond 21:29.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 25 January: Sam Walker 38:06, Leon Dickison 38:08, Callum Walsh 41:10.


Wellington Scottish Waterfront 5k #12, Oriental Bay, 23 January: Daniel Gardner 17:23, Alistair Richardson 17:55, Will Critchlow 18:02. Ali Wilson 19:00, Natalie Hardaker 19:29, Bex Hutchinson 20:45.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5K Series, Hagley Park, 16 January: Harry Witt 15:35, Giles Witt 15:49, Richie Boon 15:56, Mat Wiseman 16:06, Carl Ritchie 16:09. Brea Roderick 16:57, Hannah Oldroyd 17:04, Olivia Ritchie 18:23.

23 January: Tom Galloway 15:49, Mat Wiseman 16:17, Vajin Armstrong 16:20, Daniel Redmond 16:34. Hannah Oldroyd 17:00.

Pegasus Bay Vine Run Half Marathon, Waipara Valley, 28 January: Albin Ridefelt 1:16:06, Jamie Coulter-Smyth 1:23:03, James Millar 1:29:41. Hannah Oldroyd 1:27:35, Johanna Ridefelt 1:30:33, Clara Fergus 1:35:58. 10km; Lee Caldron 38:34, Chris Norman 39:18, Sherif Abdrabou 40:50. Thea Taylor 42:42, Lauren Cross 46:14, Sophie Hogan 46:52.

55th Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 25 January: 10km; Liam Turk 39:31. 5km; Ryan Whitburn 18:34, Mark O’Neill 18:59, Mica Goldsmith-Lonie 19:14, Claudia Sole 19:29, Stephanie Wilson 19:30, Margie Campbell 19:31.


Former leading Athletics Canterbury timekeeper Ross Young passed away on Saturday 20 January 2024 aged 93.

Ross was outstanding in his leadership in developing the time keeping systems used in Canterbury. He also visited many countries as a timekeeper.

He was chief timekeeper for over 30 years and was made a Life Member of Athletics Canterbury in 1995. Ross was the chief timekeeper at the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games.

For many years he was a selector of Canterbury teams to national championships.

A former Canterbury 120 yards hurdles champion, he married Valerie Young, five times Commonwealth Games throwing gold medallist and 37 times New Zealand champion, in 1961.

He received an inaugural Athletics New Zealand long service award in 1990.