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4 April 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 4 April

Zoe Hobbs, Georgia Hulls, Livvy Wilson and Rosie Elliott set a New Zealand 4x100m record of 44.05 at the 99th Athletics Australia Track and Field Championships in Sydney (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


One More Run, Manawatu Community Athletic Track – 2 April 2022
Former national under-20 3000m and 8km road champion Liam Lamb won the 1500m in a PB and his best time in 12 months of 3:42.82. National under-20 1500m champion Karsen Vesty was second in 4:01.27. Two weeks ago in Hastings Vesty ran a PB 3:48.26. Darian Sorouri was third in a three second PB of 4:01.74. Will Larkin 4:24.36 PB and 13-year-old Will Sablerolle-Stone a ten second PB of 4:53.84.


Athletics Canterbury 10,000m Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 2 April 2022
Mountain running exponent Andy Good won the 10,000m in a PB 30:12.59. Former national under-20 champion Christopher Dryden was second in 30:15.07 followed by Thomas Richards 31:55.45 PB, national steeplechase champion in 2011 and 2012 Brett Tingay 33:06.03 PB, Noah Fenwick 34:37.62 PB and Tom Galloway 34:39.25.

In the women’s race, the top three – Hannah Oldroyd 36:40.08, Navajo Prentice 37:07.26 and Anne McLeod 38:28.21 – all claimed PB’s.

International Results


99th Athletics Australia Track and Field Championships, Sydney Olympic Park – 26 March/3 April 2022

Medals won by New Zealand athletes over the nine days.

Gold (8): Zoe Hobbs SW 100m, Isabel Neal SW 400m, Natalia Rankin-Chitar U/20 SP and DT, Liam Ngchok-Wulf U/20 SP, Boh Ritchie U/16 1500m, Georgia Hulls SW 200m, SW 4 x 100m relay NZ (Livvy Wilson, Rosie Elliott, Georgia Hulls, Zoe Hobbs) 44.05 NZ national record.

Silver (5): Eddie Osei-Nketia SM 100m, Mia Powell U/20 400m, Joshua Lush Ambulant LJ, James Ford U/18 800m, Portia Bing 400m H.

Bronze (10): Tori Peeters SW JT, Rosie Elliott SW 400m, Quentin Rew SM 10,000m RW, Macey Hilton U/20 800m, Lex Revell-Lewis U/20 400m, Amelie Fairclough U/18 400m, Jaxon Woolley Para Athlete U/17 100m and 200m, Jaden Movold T54 wheelchair 400m, Brad Mathas SM 800m.

28 March: Mia Powell U/20 400m Final 54.35 PB (2), World Junior Champs qualifier. Macey Hilton U/20 800m prelim 2:09.37 (2H1) Q, Peyton Leigh U/20 800m prelim 2:14.37 (6H2) DNQ. Zachary Saunders U/20 200m prelim 21.62 +0.1 (3H2) DNQ, Troy Middleton U/20 200m prelim 21.77 +1.1 PB (6H1) DNQ, Lex Revell-Lewis U/20 200m prelim 22.34 -1.3 (7H3) DNQ. Boh Ritchie U/16 800m prelim 2:15.96 (3H2) DNQ.

29 March: Liam Ngchok-Wulf U/20 6kg HT 55.88m (5). Macey Hilton U/20 800m final 2:07.17 (3), World Junior Champs qualifier. 

30 March: Micayla Whiti U/17 100m 12.67 -0.8 (4H1) DNQ. Anna Thomson TJ prelim 11.95m -2.6 (6F1) (13) DNQ. Aria Rhodes PV prelim NH, Hannah Adye PV prelim NH, Isabella Murrell PV prelim NH. Rebekah Greene 1500m prelim 4:23.40 (5H1) q. Liam Webb 400m prelim 47.89 (2H3) Q. Isabel Neal 400m prelim 53.39 (1H1) Q, Rosie Elliott 400m prelim 54.61 (1H3) Q. Joshua Lush T20 Ambulant LJ 6.07m +2.4, also 5.99m +1.2 (2). Quentin Rew 10,000m RW 41:46.41 (3).

31 March: Amelie Fairclough U/18 400m prelim 57.19 (1H1) Q. Jaden Movold T54 U/20 100m 19.74 -2.0 (4H2) q, final 20.33 -0.6 (8), 1500m 4:49.64 (5). Gabrielle Wright T54 U/20 100m 23.10 -1.3 (6H2) DNQ. Jaxon Woolley T38 U/17 100m 12.88 +0.1 (3). Lewis Arthur LJ 6.45m -0.5 (12F2) DNQ. Holly Manning 800m prelim 2:07.09 (5H2) DNQ. Brad Mathas 800m prelim 1:49.04 (1H3) Q. Livvy Wilson 100m prelim 11.73 +1.7 (2H1) Q. Zoe Hobbs 100m prelim 11.35 +1.5 (1H3) Q. Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m prelim 10.28 +1.3 (1H2) Q. Liam Webb 400m semis 47.77 (3H1) Q.

1 April: James Ford U/18 800m prelim 1:59.34 (1H3) Q. Tai Rhodes U/17 PV 3.90m (4). Brent Newdick decathlon 100m 12.34 -0.4 586, LJ 5.40m +2.8 461, DNF. Amelie Fairclough U/18 400m final 55.82 (3). Scott Thomson TJ final 14.53m +1.8 (11). Zoe Hobbs 100m semis 11.19 +4.5 (1SF2) Q, final 11.17 +1.1 (1). Livvy Wilson 100m semis 11.77 +0.7 (3SF3) DNQ. Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m semis 10.36 +2.6 (2SF3) Q, final 10.17 +3.7 (2). Portia Bing 400m H prelim 57.75 (1H1) Q. Joshua Lush T20 Ambulant 100m prelim 12.07 +2.0 (4H1) DNQ. Jaden Molvold T54 100m wheelchair 18.25 -0.2 (6). Tori Peeters JT final 52.62m (3). Isabel Neal 400m final 52.86 (1), Rosie Elliott 400m final 53.48 (3). Liam Webb 400m final 47.37 (4). Rebekah Greene 1500m final 4:24.41 (8).

2 April: Micayla Whiti U/17 200m prelim 25.48 -0.1 (3H2) Q, final 25.15 -2.4 (5). Amelie Fairclough U/18 200m prelim 25.56 +0.1 (3H1) Q, final 25.60 -1.1 (4). Maddie Kelso-Heap U/18 400m H prelim 65.29 (2H3) Q. Gabrielle Wright T54 U/20 200m Para prelim 39.73 -0.9 (5H2) DNQ. Jaxon Wooley T38 Para Athlete U/17 200m prelim 27.51 -0.6 (2H2) q, final 26.48 -0.7 (3). Eddie Osei-Nketia 200m prelim 20.87 0.0 (1H5) Q, final 20.95 -0.9 (4). Georgia Hulls 200m prelim 23.39 -2.7 (1H5) Q, final 23.17 -0.5 PB (1). Isabel Neal 200m prelim 24.22 +0.4 (2H2), B final 24.18 -1.1 (1). Nick Southgate PV 5.10m (4). James Ford U/18 800m final 1:53.97 (2). Jaden Movold T54 400m wheelchair 68.27 (3). Portia Bing 400m H final 57.13 (2). Brad Mathas 800m final 1:49.52 (3).   

3 April: Jaden Movold T54 Para Athlete U/20 800m 2:07.61 (1S2) (5). Maddie Kelso-Heap U/18 400m H final 64.68 PB (4). SW 4 x 100m relay NZ (Livvy Wilson, Rosie Elliott, Georgia Hulls, Zoe Hobbs) 44.05 (1) NZ national record, breaking the record of 44.20 set by the same quartet in Canberra in February 2020 and equaled by Anna Percy, Rosie Elliott, Georgia Hulls and Livvy Wilson at the Sir Graeme Douglas International in February.


University Cardiff Half Marathon, Cardiff, 27 March: Blair McWhirter 1:10:03 (23).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 29 March: Simon Mace 16:16, David Atkinson 16:20, Nick Holtum 17:30. Sophie Hogan 20:52, Christine Adamson 22:11, Sophie Ridoux 22:54.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 30 March: Joel Martin 18:04, Haoting Ma 18:15, Andrew Harvey 20:42.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 31 March: Sam Walker 36:40, Daniel Yep 41:57, Conrad Langridge 42:45.

Trentham 5km Series, 29 March: Thomas Strawbridge 16:02, Brian Garmonsway 16:11, Hassan McCall 16:24. Zoe Hilton 21:05.


Well known and popular master athlete Hector Mein of Mt Maunganui died on 18 March 2022 aged 91.

Hector was a member of the Mount Joggers and Walkers and competed for New Zealand Masters Athletics.

Gold medals won at New Zealand masters championships 1991 M60 1500m and 1996 M65 heptathlon and he continued to win titles right through to the 2018 national championships. Hector set numerous Waikato Bay of Plenty masters records and he holds the national masters M85 pentathlon record.

He competed at Oceania masters games with considerable success. 1990 Games in Auckland gold in the M60 pentathlon, 1996 games in Tahiti gold in the M65 1500m, 5000m, 2km steeplechase, pentathlon, 15km road race and 9km cross country and at the 1998 games in Hastings gold in the M65 pentathlon.

At the 2017 World Masters Games at Douglas Track and Field Henderson he competed in six M85 events winning three gold, two silver and a bronze medal.