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6 December 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 6 December

Tori Peeters competing at the 2021 Sir Graeme Douglas International (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


McKinnon Shield #3 – 4 November 2021
Mt Smart Stadium,  Sprints and Hurdles
A strong head wind dogged the sprinters throughout the competition. Zachary Saunders, 2020 national under 18 200m and 300m hurdles champion, 60m 7.25, 100m 11.27. Joe Dolphin second in the 100m 11.34 and winner of the 200m in 22.85. Troy Middleton 100m 11.52, 200m 23.08. Joseph Dunn 300m H 0.838m 42.00, Thomas Wynne 44.32.

Briana Stephenson, 2020 national long jump champion, 60m 7.64, 100m 12.41. Symone Tafunai 7.71 and 12.23. Talia van Rooyen 7.82 and 12.59. Amy Robertson 100m 12.65, 200m 25.41. Jade Henley-Smith 100m 12.82, 200m 25.96. Amelie Fairclough 25.37. Mia Powell 200m 25.64 PB.

Maddie Kelso-Heap 300m H 0.762m 46.21 PB.

Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga, Field Events
Suzannah Kennelly 3kg SP 13.98m, DT 46.09m. Matthew Wyatt 7.26kg SP 11.85m, 2kg DT 32.89m. Percy Maka 1.5kg DT 51.89m PB. Rina Maka DT 44.63m PB, Ana Ellison-Lupena 36.58m PB. Charlotte Goldsmith LJ 5.62m +4.53. Tom Moloney HJ 1.95m, Rafe Couillault 1.90m, Matthew Aucamp 1.80m. Kaelan Paranihi LJ 6.40m +4.3, HJ 1.80m. Riley Couillault HJ 1.55m, Evie Maclennan HJ 1.55m. Stephen Thorpe 6kg SP 12.43m, Max Teuruaa 11.43m. Kegan Richardson-Miller LJ 6.32m +4.9. Savannah Atoaga 3kg SP 9.71m, DT 33.86m PB. Alexandra Hyland HJ 1.68m.

AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore, Middle Distance
Macey Hilton 800m 2:12.84, Samantha Korck 2:15.62 PB, Charlotte Greenwood 2:22.01 PB. Holly Harding 3000m 10:36.38 PB, Amanda Hollyer 10:44.25, Indie Williams 10:48.08, Sophia Urlich 10:54.24.

Michael Dawson, 2020 national champion, 800m 1:52.63, James Ford 1:52.75 PB, Zane Powell 1:53.17 PB, Sam White 1:56.93, James Trathen 1:58.79. Christian De Vaal 3000m 8:28.31 PB, Sam Waldin 8:34.15 PB, Tomas Barry 8:55.07 PB. 

Note: At Massey Park Papakura last week, David Lee was second in the 1500m in 3:50 and not Michael Dawson as reported.

Virtual Throwers Competition, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 4 December 2021
Five times national hammer throw champion Nicole Bradley improved by nearly three metres with a massive personal best throw of 70.07m. Her previous best of 67.11m was set in Hamilton nearly two years ago.

Her series of throws on Saturday were, 66.19, 70.07, 68.40, 69.26, 68.88, 67.27. The 29 year old Radiologist now joins Lauren Bruce and Julia Ratcliffe as members of the 70 metre Club.

“It was nice” was Bradley’s initial reaction to the throw.

“I was actually in shock, because when I threw it I thought it just felt like a nice fast training throw and then Didier Poppe (who was running the competition) got really loud and I went over and OMG. I still thought at that point that it was 69 metres, I didn’t think I’d hit 70 metres,” she said.

“The whole series was very good with four of the other throws better than my previous best, which confirmed that we’re in good shape and my coach (Mike Schofield) is stoked as well.”

Recent training had indicated a big throw was in the offering.
“We’ve been doing some good training and my hammers have been flying quite well and we knew I was in better shape than I’ve been in for a long time.

“I had a four month break because I wasn’t kind of loving hammer any more after last season and since I’ve come back I’m loving hammer with a different mind-set and it’s paid off.”

Anthony Nobilo, national senior champion for the last three seasons also produced a personal best of 66.58m, adding to the throw of 64.93m in Townsville in June 2019. He is now ranked fourth New Zealander all-time behind Angus Cooper, Philip Jensen and Murray Cheater.

Savannah Scheen DT 52.67m, Kate Hallie 3kg SP 14.00m PB, 4kg SP 11.61m PB, DT 40.95m, Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 3kg SP 13.51m PB, DT 40.70m, 500g JT 33.68m. Jasmine He Ling 3kg HT 39.48m Bree Ackland 3kg HT 32.86m PB, 500g JT 36.42m.

Brianna Tirado 500g JT 41.35m.


Virtual Throwers Competition, Porritt Stadium – 5 December 2021
Tori Peeters improved on her New Zealand resident javelin throw record throwing 60.14m to better her mark of 57.79m set in winning the 2020 national title in Christchurch. Her series in Hamilton was 57.83, 58.85, 60.14, 57.90, 57.51, 59.30. Peeters holds the New Zealand national record of 62.04m established in Sydney in February 2020.

Peeters said it was a good start to the season.

“We’ve just been keeping our head down training doing the work and ticking along. I went out today with no expectation and used it as a measure of where we are at the moment.
“So it was nice to see a series like that on the board and start the season with a 60 metre throw. Hopefully the season continues in that fashion,” she said.

A further New Zealand record for Peeters to target is the All-comers record of 61.17m set by Russian Oksana Makarova in Hamilton in February 1999.

“I never really go into the comps with the intention to break records I just try to stick to what I’m working on, but it would be nice to tick off all three and have my name beside all of those. I guess that will be a cherry on top of the cake if that happens,” said Peeters.

Melelosaline Lose 3kg SP 11.34m, 3kg HT 45.00m PB, DT 37.53m. Bradley Bidois 700g JT 49.38m.


Central Athletics League, Colin Pugh Sports Bowl – 4 December 2021
Addira Collette 100m 12.01 +3.0, 200m 25.16 +1.8. Chayille Collette 12.07 and 25.34. Monique Gorrie 200m 25.82 +1.8 PB. Cody Wilson 100m 10.87 -0.3, 200m 21.49 +0.6. Jake Paul 10.97 and 22.09 PB. Oliver Krijnen 100m 11.01. Angus Lyver 200m 21.49 +0.6 PB, 700g JT 47.36m, LJ 7.18m +0.8. Aden Porritt 400m 50.60 PB, Louis Northcott 51.23, Dirk Botha 51.83. Bella Willis 400m 57.63 PB. Maggie Jones 300m H 0.762 45.89. Braxton Kauri 110m H 15.16 +0.7 PB, 300m H 39.70. Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.72m +1.5. Amber Trow HJ 1.60m. Simasoni Hewitt HJ 1.84m PB, Hugo Jones 1.84m.  Ellie Hurley-Langdon TJ 10.60m +1.4. Jacky Dai TJ 13.12m +0.7.

Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg SP 14.14m, DT 40.54m, 3kg HT 54.98m. Max Abbot 6kg SP 14.71m PB, 1.75kg DT 50.09m, 6kg HT 55.83m PB. Kaleb Sola 700g JT 50.92m, 5kg HT 55.52m. Anya Dunlop-Brown 3kg HT 44.74m. Hanno Nel 5kg HT 52.94m, 1.75kg DT 38.54m PB. Sofia Lumbreras 800m 2:22.79, Gabrielle Healy 2:23.17. Karsen Vesty 800m 1:55.69, 1500m 4:06.40. Callum O’Keeffe 800m 1:56.21, Max Karamanolis 1:56.27.

Daniel Du Toit 3000m RW 13:54.62. Jacqueline Wilson W75 3000m RW 20:29.01. Corran Hanning F12 1.75kg DT 36.77m PB.

Liam Chesney 3000m 8:35.22 PB, Henry Beliveau 8:37.05 PB, Hirotaka Tanimoto 8:45.30 PB. Natasha Rae 3000m 10:31.71, Courtney Fitzgibben (14) 10:45.26. Ronan Lee 5000m 14:55.84 PB, Robert Prendergast 15:50.38, Ben Twyman 15:50.99. Lindsay Barwick 19:21.11. Jamie Dunnett-Welch 1500m 4:51.79, Louise Brabyn 4:52.39, Phoebe Squire 4:53.21 PB. Lucas Lambert 100m H 0.838 15.35 +0.6.


Cockeram Cup, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 5 December 2021
Camryn Smart 100m 12.35 -0.6 PB, 200m 24.30 +2.9. Hayley Bond 12.64 and 25.05. Whiti Micayla 12.74 and 25.01. Brooke Harper 100m 12.91 +1.5. Hamish Kerr 100m 11.36 +0.3. Neve Mckenzie 800m 2:28.62, 1500m 4:51.15. Mia Cain-Townley 1500m 4:55.90. Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.71m, Josephine Reeves HJ 1.66m. Ben Walker HJ 1.80m. Lauren Bruce 7.26kg HT 45.18m. Max Attwell 800g JT 55.40m PB, DT 39.89m, SP 13.75m PB. Jared Neighbours JT 42.12m, DT 39.09m, SP 12.57m PB. Masaki Tomooka 100m 11.87 +0.3, 6kg SP 13.45m, LJ 6.52m, 1.75kg DT 34.47m. Dale Stevenson 7.26kg HT 43.21m. Maddie Wilson 600g JT 31.79m, SP 11.70m. James Hansen 1.5kg DT 31.09m, 700g JT 33.84m, 5kg SP 12.14m. Caitlin Bonne F37 4kg SP 11.77m PB.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting #7, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 4 December 2021
Anna Percy further reduced her best 100m time with a 11.40 +1.9 clocking. Jordyn Blake 100m 11.99 +1.9, 400m 55.73, Jessica Vogel 12.24 and 57.78 PB. Hannah Maloney 200m 25.83 +4.3. Alizjah Campbell 100m 11.11 +2.7, 200m 22.64 +4.1, Joshua Price 11.19 and 22.83, Jordan Veitch 11.25. Tapenisa Havea SP 14.34m, DT 46.92m. Kirsty Mccarthy Dempsey SP 12.57m. Couper Killick 5kg SP 14.80m.

Liam O’Donnell 1500m 4:06.23. Ethan Bone HJ 1.93m PB, Levi Murdoch 1.93m, Tia Wynyard 1.83m. Finlay Neale PV 3.40m PB, 100m H 0.838 14.42 +0.6. Torin Ward PV 3.30m PB, Niah Williams PV 3.10m PB. Joshua Price 110m H 0.914m 15.76 -0.8. Nora Quigley 3kg HT 39.17m PB. Rebecca Peterson LJ 5.15m -0.1. Adam Stack LJ 6.22m +1.2.

Joden Pratten 2kg DT 34.49m. Ben Phillips 1.5kg DT 39.19m. Abbey Moody DT 39.75m, 500g JT 47.12m PB. Hamish Gillett 300m H 0.838 46.09. Olivia Herman 300m H 0.762m 48.91. Oliver Dunshea 400m 51.06 PB, Daniel Roswell 51.60. Ethan Gow TJ 13.70m +3.4.

Caden Shields 3000m 8:37.06, Cameron Clark 8:51.39, Pai Wynyard 9:04.88. Tillie Hollyer 3000m 10:09.62 PB, Neve Moulai 10:44.76. Joel Taylor 700g JT 44.91m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 4 December 2021
Life member of Athletics New Zealand Jim Blair MNZM set two New Zealand masters M90 records, in the 3kg HT 19.53m and the 400g JT 18.65m.

Tamsin Harvey 60m 7.83 +0.3, 100m 12.32 0.0 PB. Jorja Gibbons 100m 12.68 PB, 80m H 13.21 +1.0, LJ 5.27m nwi. Fiona Centers 100m 12.69. Schuyler Orr 60m 7.22 +0.3, 100m 11.35 +0.3. Sebastian Ferro 100m 11.44 +0.3 PB. Jordan Evans-Tobata 400m 59.28. Liam Prouting-Gardner 400m 50.87 PB, Cameron Moffitt 51.90 also 6kg SP 13.20m, 1.75kg DT 39.42m PB. Josh Hou 400m 52.53m. Catherine Lund 1500m 4:43.78 PB, Zara Geddes 4:45.32 PB, Billie Crowe 4:47.05. Benjamin Wall 3000m 8:26.05 PB, Kirk Madgwick 8:33.22 PB, James McLeay 8:57.53. Becky de la Harpe 3000m 10:53.83.

Keira McNeill HJ 1.55m. Mate Poduje HJ 1.91m, 800g JT 46.61m PB. Eliza Meekings PV 3.20m. Luke Moffitt PV 3.30m, TJ 12.45m +0.6. Cole Gibbons PV 3.20m. Shyah Beattie DT 39.26m. Jamin Millar 5kg HT 40.61m, 5kg SP 14.16m PB. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 55.83m, Mayce Bates 49.78m. Renee Willis 3kg HT 42.66m PB. Ethan Walker 800g JT 55.93m.

Benjamin Baines F37 600g JT 30.45m, 5kg SP 9.00m. Holly Robinson F46 4kg SP 10.14m.

International Results


Geordie Beamish set a fresh New Zealand indoor 5000m record of 13:12.53 in finishing second at the Sharon Colyer-Danville season opener at the Boston University indoor track on Saturday. He kicked home over the final 200m lap in 26.25. His time breaks Matt Baxter’s January 2020 record of 13:27.61 set in Boston. Beamish’s previous best was 13:31.58 in Palo Alto in May 2019.

He is now number two on the New Zealand all-time list just behind Adrian Blincoe’s national record of 13:10.19 set outdoors in Belgium in 2008.


Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot, 12.9km road race, Dallas TX, 25 November: Craig Lautenslager 40:45 (5).


Joanna Stone Shield, QSAC, Brisbane, 27 November: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 3000m 9:36.10 (1) PB by 12 seconds.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 29 November: Chris Sharland 19:09, Jack Rawlings 19:19, Eddie Hohepa 19:23. Robyn Deane 20:37.

Hanmer Holiday Homes Alpine Marathon, 4 December: Allan Broomhall 3:21:03, Michael Anderson 3:21:38, Jesse Whitehead 3:34:40. Brooke Thomas 3:50:30, Vera Logan 3:54:58, Susannah Thompson 4:14:10. Half Marathon: Luke Sturkenboom 1:22:48, Matt Pepler 1:33:25, Richie Boon 1:33:57. Serena Kelly 1:37:34, Fleur Pawsley 1:40:42, Rosie Hay 1:47:38. 10km: Jonathan Roughan 41:51, Allan Staite 41:52, Ronen Sharvit 43:20. Dani Westland 46:06, Stephanie Farrant 52:19, Andrea Savage 54:14.

29th Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 5 December: 10km; Simon Leaning 39:38, Ralph Miller 41:41, Wayne Porteous 42:17. Stephanie Beech 42:00, Aly Craigie 43:05, Eva De Jong 45:48. 5km; Corey Lewis 17:22, Luke Geddes 17:40, Matthew Johnston 18:45. Cilla Dickinson 23:35, Natalie Smyth 25:41, Gail Sharp 25:48.


Prominent masters athlete Trevor Guptill of Glen Eden Auckland passed away on Monday 29 November 2021 aged 75.

At the world masters championships in Brazil in 2013 Guptill was second in the M65 200m in 27.32 and third in the M65 100m in 13.31. He also competed at the world championships in Malaga in 2018 and the world masters indoor championships in Hungary in 2014 and in South Korea in 2017. At the world masters games in Auckland in 2017 he was second in both the M70 100m and 200m.

Guptill holds the New Zealand masters M70 100m record of 13.78, the M65 200m record of 27.25 and the M70 200m record of 27.98.

Amongst the Auckland masters records Guptill, who was a member of the Waitakere Athletics Club, holds the M65 and M70 60m, 100m and 200m records.

He breed and owned trotting horses. When he was about 65, he was looking after the grandchildren and one of them went for a bit of a wander. He chased after him and afterwards realised he could actually run a bit.