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8 February 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 8 February

Tori Peeters in action at the 2021 Sir Graeme Douglas International (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


Team Ledger Harcourts Capital Classic, Incorporating New Zealand under 20 mile championships, Newtown Park – 4 February 2022
Tori Peeters highlighted the annual Team Ledger Harcourts Capital Classic sending the javelin out to 60.51m, an improvement on her New Zealand resident record of 60.14m set in Hamilton in December. It is the 27 year old’s second best ever throw and her fourth over 60 metres. The five times national champion has a best of 62.04m from the Sydney Track Classic meeting two years ago.

Caitlin Bonne and Abbey Moody also relished the favourable throwing conditions with personal best throws of 46.72m and 45.80m. Holly Robinson F46 was out to 36.70m and Maddie Wilson a PB of 35.69m.

Head winds down the main straight thwarted any chance of sprint records being set. Tiaan Whelpton made it his fifth victory over 100m this season clocking 10.43 -1.8. Cody Wilson was second in 10.83.

Zoe Hobbs won the women’s 100m in 11.46 raced into an even stronger wind of -3.2mps. Anna Percy was second in 11.88 and 15-year-old Talia Van Rooyen coming in third in 11.89 faster than her previous best of 11.96 at the Cooks Classic meeting.

Hobbs had earlier teamed up with Percy, Rosie Elliott and Georgia Hulls in the 4 x 100m relay setting a meeting record of 44.77, just outside the New Zealand resident record of 44.60.

Hulls later won the 200m in 23.85 -2.6 from Elliott 24.08 and Amy Robertson 25.35. Twenty minutes earlier Robertson had taken out the 100m hurdles in 13.78 -1.7.

Zachary Saunders won the 200m in 22.01 -3.2 after competing in the 4 x 100m relay with Hayato Yoneto, Whelpton and Wilson where they recorded 41.27.

Tom Walsh with his second round effort of 21.01m claimed the meeting record from Ryan Ballantyne in the shot put. Ballantyne set a record of 19.85m in 2020.

Lauren Bruce was out to 68.78m with the hammer and Nicole Bradley cleared 67.54m.

Holly Manning added the Capital Classic women’s 800m to the Potts Classic victory. Manning recorded 2:06.57.

James Harding fresh from his 4:08.26 clocking in the mile at the senior championship in Whanganui ran a well-judged race to win the resurrected national junior mile championship in 4:10.50. Will Anthony attempted to outrun the field as he did in the 3000m championship but Harding struck in the back straight on the last lap and went on to take the title, the first since Rod Dixon won in 1969 in 4:19.8. Anthony recorded 4:11.48 with Karsen Vesty third in 4:13.92.

14-year-old Boh Ritchie of Hamilton debuted over the mile distance with success winning the inaugural national junior women’s title in 5:02.69. Compatriot Jemima Antoniazzi was second in 5:04.26 PB and Feilding’s Emma Ferguson third in 5:06.20 PB.

Julian Oakley continued his winning ways in the 1500m in 3:45.19. Russell Green was second in 3:47.58, two seconds ahead of Harry Ewing. Laura Nagel set a meeting record of 4:19.90 in winning the women’s 1500m from Anneke Grogan PB of 4:21.77 and Kara Macdermid 4:22.98.

Keeley O’Hagan won the women’s high jump with 1.83m while the men’s high jump went to Marcus Wolton clearing 2.08m. Hamish Kerr came into the competition at 2.24m but missed in his three attempts.

Anna Grimaldi F47 LJ 5.79m +1.1. Corran Hanning T12 6kg SP 11.31m. Caitlin Dore F37 3kg SP 8.25m.

Meeting records set:

Tom Walsh shot put 21.01m

Felix McDonald long jump 7.61m +0.9

Scott Thomson triple jump 13.61m +0.6

Laura Nagel 1500m 4:19.90

Tapenisa Havea shot put 15.92m PB

Tori Peeters javelin throw 60.51m

Women 4 x 100m relay (Anna Percy, Rosie Elliott, Georgia Hulls, Zoe Hobbs) 44.77.

11th Sola Power Throwers Academy Meeting, Moera Lower Hutt – 5 February 2021
Todd Bates added 76cm to his best hammer throw sending the implement out to 57.66m. Tatiana Kaumoana won the discus with a throw of 52.81m from Te Rina Keenan 50.83m. Keenan also had a SP of 13.41m.

Nathaniel Sulupo SP 14.18m, DT 49.44m. Jared Neighbours DT 42.13m, HT 25.08m, SP 12.93m, JT 53.18m. Thomas Waldrom SP 11.24m, DT 30.69m.

Nora Caffery 3kg SP 11.23m, DT 28.22m. Orla Motley 500g JT 25.87m, 3kg HT 37.63m PB. Caitlin Bonne SP 12.58m PB, DT 33.23m, 600g JT 35.95m.

Holly Robinson F47 SP 10.83m. Iorana Tafili DT 40.01m, HT 38.72m, JT 23.09m. Lauren Bruce HT 66.87m, Mayce Ballantyne 54.58m, Dyani Shepherd-Oates 53.13m, Lexi Maples 49.93m. Tapenisa Havea 4kg SP 15.65m, DT 48.01m, Natalia Rankin-Chi Tar 13.19m and 39.74m. Elizabeth Hewitt 4kg SP 11.73m, DT 42.49m PB, 600g JT 24.43m, 4kg HT 49.85m. Jamane Saimoa 4kg HT 45.74m PB. Jasmine Saimoa 4kg HT 43.42m. Anya Dunlop-Brown HT 37.42m. Chelsey Moananu 500g JT 31.85m PB.

Suzannah Kennelly 3kg SP 13.61m, DT 42.24m. Mikayla Sola 3kg SP 12.82m, DT 35.57m, 3kg HT 46.20m. Sionann Murphy F37 3kg SP 7.60m, DT 19.61m. Heath Leonard Abbot 4kg HT 45.04m. Keagan Shakey 700g JT 42.58m.

Max Abbot 6kg SP 13.87m, 1.75kg DT 47.83m, 6kg HT 52.20m. Hanno Nel 6kg SP 13.65m, 1.75kg DT 40.29m PB, 6kg HT 47.15m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 1.75kg DT 46.20m, 6kg HT 54.54m, 7.26kg SP 14.74m. Corran Hanning F12 1.75kg DT 34.69m, 6kg SP 10.97m. Quinn Motley 1.75kg DT 39.72m, 800g JT 33.35m. Kaleb Sola 6kg HT 52.20m, 800g JT 48.33m. Blessing Sefo 5kg SP 17.31m PB, 1.5kg DT 39.74m. Va’a Tui 1.5kg DT 40.79m PB.

Alexander Hewitt 5kg HT 57.45m PB, 5kg SP 13.66m PB.

Peter Jack Throwers Meeting, Newtown Park – 29 January 2022
Max Abbot 6kg SP 14.98m, 1.75kg DT 47.32m, 800g JT 31.90m, 6kg HT 51.26m. Kaleb Sola 800g JT 44.80m, 1.75kg DT 39.66m, 6kg HT 49.14m. Nikora Wharehinga-Sime 5kg HT 43.45m. Alexander Hewitt 5kg SP 13.51m PB, 5kg HT 43.01m. Elizabeth Hewitt 4kg SP 10.43m PB, DT 38.01m PB, 4kg HT 51.10m. Mikayla Sola 3kg SP 11.92m, DT 34.61m, 3kg HT 44.08m. Anya Dunlop-Brown 4kg HT 38.86m. Mia Bartlett 3kg HT 38.43m, JT 30.88m.


Athletics Auckland Championships, Mt Smart Stadium – 5 February 2022
Jordan Bolland won the 100m in 11.29 raced into a strong head wind. Hayato Yoneto after competing in Wellington the night before was second in 11.54 with Ethan Bush third in 11.58. Lex Revell-Lewis 100m 11.35 +0.2, Troy Middleton 11.48. Ethan Lagatule 100m 11.82 -4.1.

Amelie Fairclough 100m 12.84 -3.3. Mia Powell 100m 12.90 -4.6.

Pole vault: Imogen Ayris 4.45m, Hannah Adye 3.70m PB, Alisha Lovrich 3.60m PB, Aria Rhodes 3.50m, Isabella Murrell 3.40m, Amayah Wingfield 3.20m, Lilli Bing 3.20m. Ruben Vogel 4.20m.

Cameron Maunder (16) 2000m steeplechase 0.838m 6:19.69 PB. Amy Hurly (13) 2000m steeplechase 0.762m 7:44.67. Ben Oxford 2000m steeplechase 0.762m 7:06.40.

Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 500g JT 32.76m. Brianna Tirado 600g JT 38.79m. Leala Willman 500g JT 32.13m PB. Finn Burridge 700g JT 49.33m, Daniel Shaw 47.14m, Antonie Smal 40.82m PB.

Olivia Power HJ 1.65m, Evie Maclennan 1.65m, Riley Couillault 1.60. Rafe Couillault HJ 1.95m PB, Kaelan Paranihi 1.85m, Benjamin Langley 1.85m PB, Thomas Wynne 1.85m, also 800g JT 35.53m. Stephen Thorpe 800g JT 39.48m.

Arno van der Westhuizen MM45 HT 7.26kg 48.88m. Mark Lambert MM45 60m 7.68 -2.6, 100m 11.99 -2.4. David Anstiss added 4cm to his New Zealand masters M75 high jump record clearing 1.35m. He was also over the pole vault bar at 2.30m. Anne Goulter (59) PV 2.30m, 3kg HT 37.07m, HJ 1.15m. Chris Waring MW75-79 60m 11.50 -2.8, 100m 19.03 -3.7.

Para Athlete 100m, Mitch Joynt 13.42 -5.9, Jaden Movold 21.44.


Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 2 February 2022
Celia Ward 100m 12.63 +0.3, 200m 25.92 +0.7. Hayley Bond 12.71 and 26.13. Micayla Whiti 12.97 and 26.15. Josh Gill 1500m 4:03.75, Angus Wemyss 4:07.86. Misha Worboys HJ 1.80m PB.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting #12, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 5 February 2022
3000m championships: SM; Chanel Muir 8:27.94, Cameron Clark 8:31.04, Daniel Roswell 8:35.04 PB, Corban Straker 8:44.32 PB. Men U/18; Pai Wynyard 9:00.86, Ben Airey 9:01.16, Daniel Prescott 9:06.04. SW; Tillie Hollyer 9:44.84 PB, Eva Pringle 9:45.93 PB, Elspeth McGuinness 10:25.69 PB. Masters; Simon Kerr 9:54.85, Michael Anderson 10:05.47, David Sewell 10:28.47. Serena Kelly 11:36.16.

Ethan Smolej 800m 1:55.35. Laura Smith 800m 2:16.24, Neve Moulai 2:20.58. Ben Brackenridge 300m H 0.838m 41.04 PB. Alizjah Campbell 60m 7.36 -0.4, 100m 11.31 -0.6. Helena Dinnissen 60m 8.14 +0.3, 100m 13.00 -1.2. Kobi Maslin 3000m RW 19:42.12. Holly Gray 80m H 0.762m 12.94 -1.0, 200m 27.00 -0.1. Joseph Nash 200m 22.98 -0.7.

Due to wet weather field and jump events were cancelled.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 22 January 2022
Fiona Centers 100m 12.35, 200m 25.01 +3.0. Schuyler Orr 100m 11.44 +1.3. Felix McDonald 200m 22.80 +2.7. Jordan Evans-Tobata 800m 2:22.67. Jedidiah Thompson Fawcett 800m 1:57.55. Becky de la Harpe 3000m 10:54.81. Oliver O’Sullivan 10,000m 32:11.79 PB. Cameron Moffitt 400m H 0.914m 58.21. Luke Moffitt 300m H 0.840m 41.53 PB, PV 3.40m. Cole Gibbons PV 3.40m. Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 5.63m +1.7, Jorja Gibbons 5.29m +1.1 PB. Ryan Young LJ 6.47m +1.8 PB, TJ 12.99m +2.2 also 12.70m +0.6. Hugh McLeod-Jones 7.26kg HT 37.68m, 7.26kg SP 11.87m. Mike Scholten 7.26kg HT 37.17m. Jamin Millar 6kg HT 37.72m PB, 6kg SP 12.26m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 29 January 2022
Schuyler Orr 60m 7.06 +1.9, 100m 11.16 +1.6. Jorja Gibbons 60m 7.99 +2.6, 100m 12.86 +1.1. Fiona Centers 60m 8.01 +2.6, 100m 12.31 +1.1. Jordan Evans-Tobata 400m 59.96. Felix McDonald 400m 50.74. Billie Crowe 1500m 4:57.06, Becky de la Harpe 4:57.74. Emelia Adamson HJ 1.60m. Mate Poduje HJ 2.01m PB. Luke Moffitt PV 3.30m. Kieran Fowler DT 48.23m. Jamim Millar 1.75kg DT 33.12m PB, 6kg HT 36.47m, 6kg SP 12.62m PB. Shyah Beattie DT 41.43m, Zharna Beattie DT 40.53m. Renee Willis 3kg HT 41.96m, 3kg SP 11.62m. Sarah Jamison 100m H 0.762m 15.68 +1.2 PB. Dyani Shepherd-Oates SP 10.35m PB, HT 56.34m.

International Results


Terrier Classic, Boston MA, 30 January: Liam Back mile 4:00.32 PB (9). David Moore 5000m 14:30.67 PB (1RC).

New Mexico Classic, Albuquerque NM, 4/5 February: 4th Leah Belfield 200m 24.55 (2). 5th Welrè Olivier 14.18m (7).

Scarlet & White Invitational, Boston MA, 5 February: Maia Ramsden mile 4:39.01 PB (4).

Portland Indoor #3, Portland OR, 5 February: Maya Irving 3000m 10:11.00 PB (2).

Meyo Invitational, Notre Dame IN, 5 February: Toby Gualter 3000m 8:13.71 (9), Chris Devaney 3000m 8:33.67 (19).

Bearcat Invite, Maryville MO, 5 February: Christopher Goodwin 200m 22.79 PB (5).

Bison Open, Fargo ND, 5 February: Hinewai Knowles 60m heat 7.89 (2H2), 60m final 7.91 (5), 60m H 8.90 (5).

Dr Sander Invitational Columbia Challenge, New York NY, 5 February: Taonga Mbambo 3000m 8:15.64 PB (8). Krystie Solomon 800m 2:11.15 (7RB).

Charlie Thomas Invitational, College Station TX, 5 February: Josie Taylor HJ 1.73m (2).

Husher Invitational, Lincoln NE, 5 February: Matt Walsh TJ 13.85m (14).

New Balance Grand Prix, Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, Staten Island NY, 6 February: Tommy Leonard Memorial Mile Geordie Beamish 3:55.14 (4), 1500m en route 3:39.86 (4).


Sollentuna, 29 January: Tim Robertson 3000m 8:10.02 PB (5RB).


Regionaux CJES, Liévin, 6 February: Hamish Carson 1500m 3:43.37 (4).


AACT Championships, AIS Athletics Field, Canberra, 29/30 January: Jemima Tennekoon 400m 57.25 (2RC), 800m 2:13.96 (3RB).

Strive Program, WA Athletics Stadium, Perth, 4 February: Warren Button HT 57.93m (1).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 1 February: David Bagot 17:47, Keith Burrows 18:07, Adam Berry 18:50. Katie Evans 19:51, Carolina Guedes 21:40.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 2 February: Tom Hanrahan 19:08, Andrew Harvey 19:49, Antony Leveridge 22:12.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 3 February: Sam Walker 36:36, Andrew Harvey 41:51, Daniel Yep 43:51.

Kapiti Summer 5km Series, Raumati, 31 January: Pat Taylor 17:41, Alvirg Busa 17:58, Jonathan Armstrong 18:48. Kristina Cameron 22:39, Carolyn Nelson 22:50.

Trentham 5km Series, 1 February: Brian Garmonsway 16:41, Hassan McCall 16:57, Max Poland 17:17. Madison Wos 20:25.

Port Hills Ultra, Victoria Park, 5 February: 100km; Daniel Anderson 14:32:00, Anna O’Byrne 16:36:00. 75km; Leo Coles 11:39:00, Carolina Condron 12:41:00. 50km; Aaron Shaskey 5:43:00, Matthew Gummer 5:56:00. 21.1km; Otto Schuhmacher 1:50:00, Tyrone Low 2:00:00.