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8 November 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 8 November

Anna Percy (on the left) in action at the New Zealand Track & Field Championships 2021 (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand competition results


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sport Hub – 6 November 2021
Anna Percy, National 400m hurdles champion in 2016 and 2017 and runner up in 2018, sped to the fastest recorded 60m by a New Zealand woman of 7.31 +0.7. Zoe Hobbs had the previous best time of 7.33 +2.0 earlier this year and before that Rochelle Coster 7.37 +1.9 in 2014.

New Zealand does not list an outdoor 60m record, but has an indoor record for the distance which is 7.43 set by Kim Robertson in Paris in 1985.

Percy said it was pretty cool to be the fastest over 60m. “I was previously a 400m hurdler and I made the switch in January and did the 100m and 200m at the nationals. I’ve had a good winter of training with Rosie Elliott and Tiaan Whelpton, and I think that we’ve all helped each other along and it’s been really good.

“I didn’t do the hurdles in the last couple of seasons, down to injury. I pulled my hamstring three times in the past two years, always injuring in February so it put me out for the nationals which has been frustrating,” said Percy who also competed in the 200m on Saturday 23.53 +4.9.

Christina Ryan 100m H 14.81 +2.7, SP 11.93m, LJ 5.09m -0.5. Beau Brackenridge 110m H .914 15.99 +0.8, 700g JT 37.49m. Jody Mccarthy Dempsey 80m H .762 13.44 +2.1. Kirsty Mccarthy Dempsey 500g JT 35.59m PB. Max Attwell 800g JT 40.44m, SP 12.42m. Masaki Tomooka 800g JT 46.65m PB, 6kg SP 13.52m PB. Abbey Moody 500g JT 45.00m, DT 38.30m. Eli Leifi HJ 1.93m, Levi Murdoch 1.93m, Adam Stack 1.88m, LJ 6.57m +1.2. Maddie Wilson HJ 1.58m, SP 10.97m. James Moore 5kg SP 13.16m PB.

Tapenisa Havea 4kg SP 14.17m, DT 48.21m. Izzi Leifi 3kg SP 11.88m. Sam Averill 800m 1:53.51 PB, Daniel Roswell 1:53.65, Sam Petty 1:54.91. Rosa Twyford 800m 2:12.18, Kiera Hall 2:12.31, Rosaria Gibson 2:15.69, Laura Smith 2:16.48. Tiaan Whelpton 60m 6.72 +2.1. Jordyn Blake 100m 12.16 +2.4, 200m 24.52 +4.9. Rebecca Peterson 100m 12.54. Rosie Elliott 200m 23.29 +4.9, 4kg SP 10.01m PB. Asher Pettengell-Brand 100m 11.36 +0.8, 200m 22.58 0.0, LJ 6.41m +0.3. Max Abbot 1.75kg DT 46.66m. Chanel Muir 3000m 8:59.43. Katherine Camp 3000m 9:59.32 PB. Neve Moulai 3000m 10:19.97 PB. Torin Ward PV 3.20m PB. Niah Williams PV 2.90m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 6 November 2021
Teeka Randell WU/16 100mm 12.71 +0.8, 200m 26.47 +2.1, 300m 43.06. Max Brebner 100m 11.26 +0.8, 200m 23.11 +2.1. Gurpreet Singh 11.64, 24.18. Eleanor Pugh (13) 800m 2:22.07 PB. Lulu Johnson 1500m 4:47.68, Renee Carey 4:53.68. Connor Brown 1.5kg DT 44.12m PB. Saskia Rhind 3kg SP 11.25m, Ruby Jones 3kg SP 11.19m PB, DT 34.90m PB.


Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park – 6 November 2021
Imogen Skelton HJ 1.73m, Naomi Waite 1.70m. Celena Gotico LJ 5.01m -0.1. Mikayla Sola DT 33.00m. Ruby Muir 5000m 17:01.88.

Oliver Krijnen 100m 10.96 +0.3, Jake Paul 11.00. Corran Hanning F12 5kg SP 11.64m, 1.5kg DT 39.26m. Daniel du Toit 3000m RW 13:18.29. Ethan Mckenzie 400m 50.98, Saravee Sos 51.99. Max Karamanolis 5000m 15:15.44, Hirotaka Tanimoto 15:15.78.


Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 5 November 2021
Camryn Smart sprint double, 100m 12.38 +0.5, 200m 25.34 -0.8. Celia Ward 12.71, 26.49. Hayley Bond 12.94, 27.08. Micayla Whiti 13.18, 26.75.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 6 November 2021
Fiona Centers 100m 13.08 -3.2, 200m 25.96 -1.6. Tamsin Harvey 200m 25.34 -1.6. Schuyler Orr 100m 11.66 -1.9, 200m 23.92 -3.6. Fergus McLeay 11.67, 23.49. Billie Crowe 800m 2:23.08. Jedidiah Thompson-Fawcett 800m 1:57.99. Becky de la Harpe 3000m 10:47.13. Catherine Lund .762 2000m steeplechase 7:39.6. Luke Moffitt 300m H .838 43.12, Cole Gibbons 43.43, PV 3.40m.
Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 54.02m, Teagan Ashley 42.47m. Jamin Millar 5kg HT 40.87m, 5kg SP 12.82m. Ethan Walker 800g JT 52.24m, Michael Mitchell 50.60m, Anton Schroder 49.65m. Keira McNeill TJ 10.33m +4.9. Luke Moffitt TJ 13.31m +2.3.

New Zealand and Otago master records to Kieran Fowler (32) M30 SP 13.91, breaking Michael Schoulten’s 2012 record of 12.37m and Myrtle Rough (81) W80 3000m 17:00.94.


Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 30 October 2021
Mike Beable brought a group of Aspiring Athletes from Wanaka to compete and his influence was apparent with the number of the noteworthy  early season performances.    

100m hurdles Georgie Bruce (Aspiring) 17.64. 100m women Niamh Townsend (Asp) 13.34, Bruce 13.69. 400m Mackenzie Napier (Gore) 65.33. 100m men Jackson Rogers (Asp) 100m 11.77 (into a 3.3 headwind), William Roberston (Inv) 11.80, Jack Stalker (Wint) 11.95. 300m hurdles Pippa Raffills (Asp) 51.86. PB’s for first three in the 1500 – James McLeay (15, StP) 4:16.13, Benny Britton (19, Qtwn) 4:16.25, Jude Deaker (14, Qtwn)) 4:22.17. Kennedy Taylor (StP) 5:01.62 in 1500m. 5000m Kimberley Iversen (Inv) 19:32.47. High Jump Quinn Hartley (Inv) 1.95m, Rogers 1.90m. Eliana Collins (Qtwn) 1.60m.  Hammer Teagan Ashley (4kg Taieri) 41.10m. Discus Rico Fisher (1.5kg, StP) 44.41m, Trent Hogg (1.75kg, StP) 43.49m.  Shot Put Hogg 14.15m. Triple Jump Ryan Young (Asp) 13.44m +0.1. Sienna Watson (Qtwn) 10.28m +3.8. Collins 10.18m +0.6. Long Jump Young 6.32m +1.8.

Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 6 November 2021
Kennedy Taylor (16) 3000m 10:41.73, Kimberley Iversen (15) 10:54.49. Isla MacCallum 3kg SP 11.38m. Carlie Scherp (14) 3kg SP 10.54m, DT 34.74m. Sister Ashlynn Scherp 3kg SP 10.20m, DT 34.21m. James McLeay (15) 3000m 9:08.70. Otago visitor Mate Poduje 30m 4.62, HJ 1.97m PB, 800g JT 44.64m PB. Trent Hogg (18) 6kg SP 14.05m, 1.75kg DT 43.66m PB. Chris Knight, 2kg DT 34.82m. William Robinson (15) 100m 11.63 -0.2.

International Results

USA Collegiate Cross Country

Nuttycombe Invitational, Madison WI, 15 October: 8km; Liam Back 24:12 (67), James Uhlenberg 24:41 (125), Toby Gualter 24:42 (130), Mitchell Small 25:14 (176), Angus White 26:06 (214), David Moore 26:07 (216). B race 8km; Murdoch McIntyre 24:52 (7).

Big 10 Championships University Park, State College Pennsylvania PA, 29 October: 8.3km; James Uhlenberg 25:42 (28).

South Eastern Conference Championships, Gans Creek, Columbia MO, 29 October: 8km; William Sinclair 23:59 (13), Nick Moulai 24:13 (20), Mitchell Small 24:21 (28).

Big East Championships, The Hill at Northview Church Carmel IN, 29 October: 8km; Liam Back 24:33 (8), Angus White 26:53 (44=).

Mountain West Championships, UNM Golf Course, Albuquerque NM, 29 October: 8km; Murdoch McIntyre 24:21 (27).                                                                                                                                    

Big West Championships, Wildhorse Golf Course, Davis CA, 29 October: 6km; Eva Goodisson 20:53 (10).

Big 12 Championships, Stillwater OK, 29 October: 8km; Isaiah Priddey 24:47 (17).

ACC Championships, Notre Dame South Bend IN, 29 October: Jacob Holmes 24:54 (67)

Conference USA Championships, Frank Liske Park, Concord NC, 30 October: 8km; Jack Beaumont 24:47 (17).

Ivy League Heptagonal Championships, Princeton NJ, 30 October: 6km; Maia Ramsden 20:44 (5).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

67th Feilding Marathon, 6 November: Mark Searle (President Feilding Athletics) 2:58:28. Serena Hammond 3:20:53. Walk; David Jones 5:06:58. Half marathon: Denis Owen 1:24:30. Dorota Starzak 1:32:59. Walk; Grant Dyer 2:21:11. 10km: Reuben Duker 36:09. Stephanie Walker 43:50. Walk; Ian Morton 1:10:50. 5km: Millie Evans 20:02, Harrison Stevens 21:29.

Wairarapa Country Marathon, 7 November: Nathan Tse 2:27:38 PB by nearly 5 minutes, Ben Twyman 2:43:17, Matthew Hallam 2:43:31, Geoff Ferry 2:45:21. Mel Stevens 2:53:22 PB, Ingrid Cree 2:58:10, Miranda Spencer 3:07:16 PB.

Lochmara Lodge Half Marathon, 6 November: Hayden Squance 1:22:37, Philip Taylor 1:33:16, Chris Cartwright 1:35:20. Ali Campbell 1:40:33, Ruby Knight 1:43:14, Toni Charles 1:46:29.

Boulder Bay 10.5km Classic, Taylors Mistake Beach, 31 October: Joe Lynch 36:58, Gus Marfell 39:30, Alex Braun 41:40. Annie Radecki 48:52, Trish Hastie 49:41, Lisa McNabb 50:32.

Selwyn Running Festival, Leeston, 7 November: Half marathon; Andy Good 1:06:56, Orestas Rimkus 1:10:56, Brett Clifford 1:10:56. Hannah Oldroyd 1:22:01, Lisa Brig 1:27:45, Serena Kelly 1:30:50. 10km; Oska Inkster-Baynes 30:39, Brett Tingay 32:22, Nathan Collins 33:59 PB. Olivia Ritchie 36:49 PB, Fiona Crombie 40:28, Alyx Day 40:37. 5km; Alex Witt 17:22, James Brown 18:38, Josh Hastie 18:50. Emma Roche 20:44, Pip Baker 21:33, Ngaire Baker 22:39.

Athletics New Zealand Annual General Meeting

The 2021 AGM of Athletics New Zealand was held on Saturday 6 November on line as a Zoom meeting. Over 75 hooked in from throughout the country to take part.

Election of office holders: Patron Sir John Walker. President Karen Gillum-Green New Plymouth. Vice President Sharee Jones Hastings. Board Appointments Panel Dianne Rodger Hamilton. Board election: Ian Olan, Cameron Taylor, Jo O’Sullivan. The meeting acknowledged retiring board member Paul Spinks.
Beverley Findlay Otago, Robin Ball Northland and Lillian Tudor Southland received an Athletics New Zealand merit award.

Geoff Annear of Canterbury was granted life membership of Athletics New Zealand.

Geoff has over 60 years involvement in the sport. An international race walking judge he is a former vice-president of Oceania Athletics Association and a former president of St Pauls Athletic Club. For 19 years from 1986 he was on the Board of Athletics New Zealand and at various times was convenor of the coaching, track and field and doping control commiittees.

He received an Oceania merit award in 1999, a IAAF veteran pin in 2001, an Athletics New Zealand merit award in 2003, Life Membership of Oceania Athletics in 2007, IAAF Plaque of Merit in 2011 and a IAAF Centenary Medal in 2012.

Geoff, who was on stream observing the meeting, was quite surprised to receive the honour of life membership.
“It’s something you don’t think of, you just do the sport and do what you want to and you never think of these things coming out of the Body.

“It blew me away, I got rung on Wednesday, asking me to go on line to attend the AGM and I thought oh yeah see what happens. I was blown away particularly when they reeled off what you’ve done from the time you’ve been in the sport, you suddenly think, yes it is a lot. But you do it because you enjoy it.
“I love my involvement with the sport and even though I’ve got some illness now which restricts me to a walking stick it doesn’t stop me going to athletics to do what I can.
“It’s been a wonderful career, I’ve seen a lot of the world, been all over the place and thoroughly enjoyed it and I’ve got some wonderful memories and it brought a lot of it back when Annette Purvis was reading out the citation.

“Life membership is an elite group from Sir John Walker down making up a special group of people. I appreciate the sport and I’ll keep going as long as my health permits me to.”

Next year’s Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held on the 3rd of September at the New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport in Upper Hutt. The national road championships will be on the 4th of September.