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22 July 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up: July 22

Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round up.This week’s edition includes:

Cross Country results from around the country
International results from England, Samoa, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Wales and Australia
Road and Trail race results
Obituary: Shirley Peterson (nee Hardman)
Murray McKinnon
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Cross Country Results
Auckland Cross Country Championships, Barry Curtis Park, East Tamaki – 20 July 2019
Jono Jackson notched up his fifth Auckland senior cross country title with an effortless performance of 35:06 for the 10km. He won by over a minute from William Harris (36:12) and Andrew Catley third for the second year in a row in 36:43. Jackson first won the senior title in 2013, followed by 2014, 2016 and 2017. Last year’s champion Peter Wheeler did not start. Audrey Gregan, 2013 national U/20 and U/18 3000m gold medallist, won the senior women’s title over 10km in 41:02 over a minute ahead of Alannah Van Hout with master runner Anwen Robinson third.

Nick Moore MM45 blitzed the master’s 8km in 29:20. Dan Nixon MM40 from Wellington was second in 29:57 from Adam Gallagher MM35 in 30:13.
Shamiso Sisimayi led in the master women 6km in 26:53 from Margie Peat MW60+ 28:31 and Shiri Friedler 29:48. Harrison Porritt U/20 8km 31:10, Krystal Clark U/20 6km 28:11, Zane Powell U/18 6km 21:58, Arabella White U/18 4km 17:16, Ayub Sadikau U/16 4km 14:49 from Ronan Codyre 14:51, Amelia Green U/16 4km 16:25, Jack Erikson U/14 3km 11:20, four seconds ahead of Connor Boulton, Sophie Robb U/14 3km 12:05.

Other 2km winners Quinn Moss U/12 7:51, Amy Hurly U/12 8:05, Kyle Johnston U/10 8:20, Biahn Pallister U/10 9:14.

Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships, Tauhara Park – 20 July 2019
Sally Gibbs won the senior women’s title recording 37:58 for the 10km. Grace Ritchie was second in 38:28. Steve Rees-Jones was a convincing winner of the senior men’s in 31:58 for the 10km. Jai Davies Campbell was second in 34:15 from Jake Jackson Grammar 34:34.

William Swales U/20 8km 28:14, Aimee Ferguson U/20 6km 22:18, Ben Bidois U/18 6km 18:59 from William Taylor 19:13, Charli Miller U/18 4km 13:46 from Jemima Antoniazzi 14:33 and Hannah Gapes 14:57, Matt Parsonage MM 8km 27:26, Dennis Litt MM 6km 23:26, Maria Bentley MW 6km 24:45, Adisen Mahy U/14 3km 11:27, Renee Carey U/14 3km 11:34.

Taranaki Cross Country Championships, Karo Park – 20 July 2019
Nathan Coombs SM 10km 36:27 from Robert Rawles 37:51. Nathan Foley MM 8km 28:32 from Zane Bolger 30:58. Murray Laird MM 6km 65+ 28:22, Sarah Shepherd MW 6km 27:56, Hannah O’Connor U/20 6km 23:24, MacCallum Rowe U/18 6km 20:52, Abby Carver U/18 4km 16:32, Drew Sutherland U/15 3km 11:45, Grace Foreman U/15 3km 12:38.

Wellington Cross Country Championships, Grenada North Park – 20 July 2019
Seamus Kane (19) won the senior 10km title in 34:36, from Isaac Murphy 34:45 and Niam Macdonald-Joslin 35:07. Brian Garmonsway was the best of the masters in 36:2 from Stephen Day 36:45 and Daniel Clendon 37:04. Maiya Christini won the senior women’s title in 39:24 from Melissa Black 40:48 and Esther George 42:14. Mel Stevens won the MW 10km in 43:14, Tamara Winkler 44:00 and Mel Aitken 44:12 while Victoria Humphries won the W50 5km in 21:16. Liam Back U/20 8km 28:37 from Finn Molloy 28:49 and Max Karamanolis 29:01. Jayme Maxwell U/20 6km 29:28. Lucy Hegan U/18 5km 18:56, Jack Hunter U/16 4km 14:52, Eliza Squire U/16 4km 16:42.

Canterbury Cross Country Championships, Halswell Quarry – 20 July 2019
Connor Melton won the senior 10km in 33:28 from Ieuan van der Peet 34:49 and Matt Dryden 35:03. Katherine Camp won the women’s 10km in 38:27 from Angela Doig 41:21 and Navajo Prentice 42:09. Chris Kelly MM 8km 28:42 from Ryan Kiesanowski 28:47. Maggie Chorley MW50 was the fastest in the masters 6km in 25:00. Taonga Mbambo U/20 8km 27:43, Eva Pringle U/20 6km 23:17, Maximillian Yanzick U/18 6km 20:22, Morgan Flanagan U/18 4km 15:49, Theo Walker U/16 4km 14:05, Maddie Sharpe U/16 3km 12:26, Daniel Prescott U/14 3km 11:24, Elspeth McGuinness U/14 3km 12:24.

Otago Cross Country Championships, Waikouaiti Race Course – 20 July 2019
Janus Staufenberg of Leith won the senior 10km in 32:30 from Daniel Balchin 32:42 and Nic Bathgate 35:30. Rebekah Greene had an almost five minute winning margin in the senior women’s 10km in 37:32 over Kristy Eyles and Bella Bloomfield. Glen Chisholm MM 8km 28:26, Andrew Lonie 29:03 and Neale McLanachan 29:20. Danny Baillie MM50+ 30:01 from Geoff Anderson 32:46. Heather Evans MW6km 26:21, Michelle Watt 28:18. Russell Green U/20 8km 27:20 from Logan Slee 27:56. Georgia Mitchell U/20 6km 25:40, Luke Geddes U/18 6km 25:40, Rebecca Dalphin U/18 5km 22:28, George Hamilton U/16 3km 10:33, Catherine Lund U/16 3km 12:08.

Southland Cross Country Championships, Waimumu, Gore – 20 July 2019
Buddy Small SM 9km 36:12 from Richard Ford 36:48. Jessica Campbell SW 9km 49:29. Dwight Grieve MM 9km 36:32, Ricky Gutsell MM 50-59 9km 43:51, Gary Kirkman MM 60+ 6km 32:37.

Lisa Simpson MW 6km 41:53, Debbie Telfer MW 60+ 6km 32:40, Gareth Harcombe U/20 9km 36:28, Carmen Woodhouse U/20 6km 30:42, Aleks Cheifetz U/18 6km 23:47, James McLeay U/16 6km 27:15, Sammy Fookes U/16 6km 28:54, Jacob Boniface U/14 3km 14:26, Kimberley Iversen U/14 3km 14:47.

International Results
IAAF Diamond League, Müller Anniversary Games, London Stadium – 21 July 2019
Nick Willis (36), Emsley Carr mile 3:55.45 (11), 15 years after Willis first broke four minutes for the mile with 3:53.51 in Eugene in June 2004. Willis has a PB of 3:49.83 in 2014. Samuel Tefera of Ethiopia won in 3:49.45 from Filip Ingebrigtsen of Norway 3:49.60 and Jake Wightman of England 3:52.02.
Hamish Kerr HJ 2.20m (7).

Samoa 2019 Pacific Games, Apia Park Stadium – 15/20 July: 15th; James Guthrie-Croft 100m 10.97 -0.7 (1H5) Q. Alex Beddoes 800m 1:59.73 (2H2) Q. 16th; Brayden Grant 400m 49.22 PB (3H1) q. James Guthrie-Croft 100m 11.04 +0.4 (5S2) DNQ. Alex Beddoes 800m 1:53.18 (1). Alana Ryan HT 39.86m PB (7), Emma Wilson HT 39.50m (8). 17th; Brayden Grant 400m 49.17 PB (7). Alex Beddoes 1500m 4:03.13 (1). 18 July; James Guthrie-Croft 200m 21.77 +0.1 (2H2) Q, final 21.97 -1.0 (5). Sarah Langsbury 100m H 15.41 +0.1 (4).

Eastern Track League, Washington DC, 14 July: Craig Lautenslager mile 4:09.97 (10).

Runners World Meeting, Utrecht, 12 July: Michael Cochrane 400m H 52.09 (1).

Meeting Arcobaleno, Celle Ligure, 18 July: Michael Cochrane 400m H 51.52 (2). Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 58.20 (3).

Bayerische Meisterschaften, Augsburg, 13 July: Rhys Bishop 800m 1:55.18 (6).

Meeting De Liege, Naimette-Xhovmont, 17 July: Anna Percy 400m 57.93 (3).
Night of Athletics, Heusden, 20 July: George Beamish 1500m 3:44.24 (11RB). Matt Baxter 5000m 13:40.88 (2RC). Oli Chignell 5000m 13:52.84 PB (2RD). Joshua Hawkins 110m H 13.82 +2.4 (7). Camille Buscomb 5000m 15:39.98 (14).

Welsh Championships, Cardiff, 14 July: Cameron French 400m H 52.33 (1).

Lakeside 10km, Albert Park Melbourne, 14 July: Josh Maisey 29:59 PB (14).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 17 July: David Fontana 16:56, Mike Wanden 17:07, Damon Nicholas 18:37. Noya Oporto 20:24.

WUU2K Ultra Trail Run, Khandallah, 13 July: 62km; Sam Hansby 6:11:11, Robert Rawles 6:16:18, Joe Murphy 6:20:31. Fiona Love 6:59:06, Emma Bassett 7:21:06, Andrea Peat 7:42:35. 43km; Walter Somerville 3:51:45 (course record). Ben Clendon 4:04:51, Tim Berry 4:05:17. Dani Nicolson 4:19:51, Nicola Hankinson 4:41:58, Georgia Halley 4:45:12. Team; Wellington Scottish, Stephen Day and Mel Aitkens 5:36:37 (course record), Wellington Harriers Seth Campbell and Sarah Drought 6:14:32, Mt Cook Juggernaults John O’Driscoll and Sarah Tatton 6:19:27.

Obituary:Shirley Peterson (nee Hardman)
Former New Zealand sprint champion during the 1940’s and 50’s Shirley Peterson (nee Hardman) of Christchurch died on Friday 19 July 2019 aged 90. Representing Otago, Shirley was eleven times a New Zealand champion, with five 75 yards, five 100 yards and a long jump title in 1946 to her credit.

She represented New Zealand at the 1950 Auckland Empire Games finishing fifth in the 100 yards and second in the 440 yards relay. Shirley later competed in masters athletics with considerable success winning New Zealand age group titles in the 100m, 200m, long and triple jumps.

Among her achievements at the world masters championships were gold in the 100m, 200m, long and triple jumps at the 1989 and 1993 championship and in the 100m, 200m and long jump at the 1987 championships in Melbourne. Her three children, Sandra, Beverley and Evan all competed in athletics, Bev winning four national titles over 100m and 200m during the 1980’s and Evan the national triple jump in 1986.

Her funeral will be held on Thursday 25 July at 11.00am Academy Funerals 65 Main South Road Upper Riccarton.