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19 March 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: 19 March


Jennian Homes New Zealand Track and Field Championships, Newtown Park – 14/17 March 2024

Tiaan Whelpton retained his 100m title in 10.38 +1.7 from John Gerber. Angus Lyver was a surprise winner of the 200m, upstaging Lex Revell-Lewis in 21.09+0.6. Revell-Lewis the previous day retained his 400m crown in 46.56.

Zoe Hobbs made it eight years in a row in the 100m final in 11.13 +0.8. Georgia Hulls raced to her fourth straight title in the 200m beating Rosie Elliott. Portia Bing won her first 400m title.

James Preston put up one of the most impressive performances of the championships with a personal best time of 1:44.87 for his fourth straight title. Sam Tanner was second in 1:47.70 and on the Sunday he convincingly won his fourth 1500m title to go with the 3000m, mile and road mile titles this season. Alison Andrews-Paul defended her 800m title heading in Rebekah Aitkenhead. Aitkenhead narrowly won the 1500m from defending champion Laura Nagel.

William Little and Brigid Dennehy won the 5000m titles. Josh Hawkins made it title number eight in the 110m hurdles.

Jacko Gill made it two years in a row in the shot put with 21.57m, six centimeters further than Tom Walsh. Connor Bell retained his discus title and Anthony Barmes was just over a metre better than Anthony Nobilo in the hammer throw.

James Steyn defended his pole vault title and Eliza McCartney chalked up title number five in the women’s pole vault. Lauren Bruce made it three in a row in the hammer throw and Tori Peeters collected her eighth javelin title.

Ethan Olivier improved on his New Zealand resident triple jump record with a jump of 16.62m, which was just 5cm off his New Zealand national record.

Jonah Cropp set a New Zealand under 20 and under 19 10,000m track walk record of 43:41.07. This breaks Tony Sargisson’s 1995 under 20 record of 43:52.80 and his 1994 under 19 record of 44:36.4.

Lucas Martin won the senior 3000m and 10,000m race walking titles. Laura Langley knocked three minutes off her previous best in winning the senior women’s 10,000m title in 46:34.97.

Danielle Aitchison set a world T36 Para Athlete 100m record of 13.41 +0.8.

Senior results:


100m: Tiaan Whelpton (Canterbury) 10.38 +1.7, John Gerber (Otago) 10.50 PB, Cody Wilson (Wellington) 10.52.

200m: Angus Lyver (Canterbury) 21.09 +0.6, Lex Revell-Lewis (Auckland) 21.19, Tommy Te Puni (Auckland) 21.27.

400m: Lex Revell-Lewis (Auckland) 46.56, James Ford (Auckland) 47.58 PB, Liam Webb (Wellington) 47.89.

800m: James Preston (Wellington) 1:44.87 PB, Sam Tanner (WaikBoP0 1:47.70, Luke Hitchcock (Auckland) 1:51.97.

1500m: Sam Tanner (Waikato BoP) 4:05.90, Russell Green (Canterbury) 4:07.50, David Lee (Canterbury) 4:07.73.

5000m: William Little (Whippets) 14:44.72, Connor Melton (Canterbury) 14:50.51, Julian Oakley (WaikBoP) 14:51.61.

110m hurdles: Josh Hawkins (Auckland) 14.03 +0.5, Jack Henry (Canterbury) 14.65, Masaki Tomooka (Canterbury) 14.83.

400m hurdles: Cameron Moffitt (Otago) 53.31 PB, Jonathan Maples (Manawatu Whanganui) 53.91, Nat Kirk (Manawatu Whanganui) 54.94.

3000m steeplechase: Toby Tasker (Canterbury) 9:12.44 PB, Matthew Arnold (NHB) 9:13.50 PB, Michael Sutton (Waikato BoP) 9:16.13.

3000m race walk: Lucas Martin (Manawatu Whanganui) 13:04.31, Alexander Brown (Otago) 14:23.14.

10,000m race walk: Lucas Martin 48:22.34, Alexander Brown (Otago) 52:38.69.

Shot put: Jacko Gill (Auckland) 21.57m (21.36, 21.57, 21.29, 20.30, 21.13, x), Tom Walsh (Canterbury) 21.51m (21.16, 21.32, 21.51, 21.12, 21.17, 21.06), Nick Palmer (Hawkes Bay Gisborne) 19.23m.

Discus throw: Connor Bell (Auckland) 57.83m, Kieran Fowler (Otago) 49.64m, Nathaniel Sulupo (Samoa) 49.36m, Jared Neighbours (Canterbury) 47.22m.

Hammer throw: Anthony Barmes (Auckland) 68.64m 1, Anthony Nobilio (Auckland) 67.41m, Todd Bates (Otago) 56.16m.

Javelin throw: Douw Botes (Auckland) 63.76m, Jared Neighbours (Canterbury) 56.12m, Angus Lyver (Canterbury) 55.71m.

Long jump: Felix McDonald (Otago) 7.65m +1.9 PB, Shay Veitch (Otago) 7.42m +0.6, Angus Lyver (Canterbury) 7.36m -0.6 PB.

Triple jump: Ethan Olivier (Auckland) 16.62m +0.4, Welrè Olivier (Auckland) 15.81m -1.1, Scott Thomson (Auckland) 14.60m +1.5.

High jump: Adam Stack (Canterbury) 2.10m PB, Tia Wynyard (Canterbury) 2.06m, Hugo Jones (Wellington) 2.06m.

Pole vault: James Steyn (Auckland) 5.12m, Charlie Cameron (Auckland) 4.57m, Max Attwell (Canterbury) 4.57m.

4 x 100m relay: Otago (Fergus McLeay, Hayoto Yoneto, Felix McDonald, John Gerber) 40.63, Canterbury 40.94, Otago B 42.79.

4 x 400m relay: Otago (Fergus McLeay, Cameron Moffitt, Felix McDonald, John Gerber) 3:13.10, Auckland 3:16.02, Canterbury 3:19.42.

100m: Zoe Hobbs (Auckland) 11.13 +0.8, Brooke Somerfield (WaikatoBoP) 11.55, Portia Bing (Auckland) 11.67.

200m: Georgia Hulls (Hawkes Bay Gisborne) 23.24 +0.2, Rosie Elliott (Canterbury) 23.77, Brooke Somerfield 23.85.

400m: Portia Bing (Auckland) 54.14, Jordyn Blake (Canterbury) 55.42, Camryn Smart 55.42.

800m: Alison Andrews-Paul (Wellington) 2:04.54, Rebekah Aitkenhead (Otago) 2:05.96, Stella Pearless (Auckland) 2:07.76.

1500m: Rebekah Aitkenhead 4:11.65, Laura Nagel (NHB) 4:11.95, Brigid Dennehy (NHB) 4:15.23.

5000m: Brigid Dennehy (NHB) 16:10.85 PB, Lisa Cross (Akld) 16:14.85 PB, Anneke Arlidge (Akld) 16:18.63.

100m hurdles: Briana Stephenson (Hawkes Bay Gisborne) 13.94 +0.5, Aliyah Johnson (Auckland) 14.21, Alessandra Macdonald (Waikato BoP) 14.22.

400m hurdles: Alessandra Macdonald (Waikato BoP) 1:00.26 PB, Maria Sartin (Waikato BoP) 1:01.20, Hereiti Bernardino (French Polynesia) 1:04.34, Paige Cromarty (Manawatu Whanganui) 1:06.07.

3000m steeplechase: Eva Pringle (Canterbury) 10:45.02 PB, Saraya Lindsay (NHB) 11:47.48, Liberty McIntyre-Reet (Canterbury) 12:17.92.

3000m race walk: Arnika Nelson (Manawatu Whanganui) 14:15.86, Rozie Robinson (Canterbury) 17:33.47, Catherine McCarten (Taranaki) 18:43.32.
10,000m race walk: Laura Langley (Canterbury) 46:34.97 PB, Arnika Nelson (Manawatu Whanganui) 51:46.43.

Shot put: Maddison-Lee Wesche (Auckland) 19.43m, Kaia Tupu-South (Univ Washington) 16.38m, Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Auckland) 15.41m, Maddie Wilson (Canterbury) 12.18m.

Discus throw: Tatiana Kaumoana (Waikato BoP) 53.37m, Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Auckland) 48.67m, Savannah Scheen (Auckland) 48.54m.

Hammer throw: Lauren Bruce (Canterbury) 65.06m, Elizabeth Hewitt (Wellington) 51.80m, Nadja Kumerich (Auckland) 51.62m.

Javelin throw: Tori Peeters (Waikato BoP) 55.81m, Jona Aigouy (France) 50.79m, Brianna Tirado (Auckland) 41.95m, Alexa Duff (Otago) 41.60m.

Long jump: Phoebe Edwards (Wellington) 6.28m -1.5 PB, Kelsey Berryman (Canterbury) 6.18m +0.1, Maddie Wilson (Canterbury) 5.90m +0.4.

Triple jump: Hannah Collins (Canterbury) 12.45m +0.3, Aliyah Johnson (Auckland) 12.05m +1.0 PB, Anna Thomson (Wellington) 12.01m +0.2.

High jump: Imogen Skelton (Auckland) 1.85m, Keeley O’Hagan (Canterbury) 1.85m, Naomi Waite (Wellington) 1.78m.

Pole vault: Eliza McCartney (Auckland) 4.70m, Imogen Ayris (Auckland) 4.39m, Elaine Zhai (Auckland) 3.69m.

4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Celine Pearn, Symone Tafuna’i, Abby Goldie, Danielle Galdeman) 47.34, Hawkes Bay Gisborne 49.15.

4 x 400m relay: Auckland (Camryn Smart, Peyton Leigh, Lilli Bing, Stella Pearless) 3:56.01, Waikato Bay of Plenty 4:01.96, Manawatu Whanganui 4:21.94.

Para Athlete

Men: 100m: Mitch Joynt T64 (Riverhead) 23.58. Shot put: Corran Hanning F13 10.98m. Discus throw 2kg: Corran Hanning F13 (Wellington) 37.17m (NZ record). Javelin throw: Corran Hanning F13 (Wellington) 33.11m, Jack Adams F46 (Hawkes Bay Gisborne) 32.90m, Zack Lappin F37 (Canterbury) 30.00m. William Stedman T36 (Canterbury) LJ 5.41m +0.1, 400m 54.22. Jaxon Woolley T38 (Waikato Bay of Plenty) 100m 12.64 -0.7, 200m 26.78.

Women: 200m: Danielle Aitchison T36 (Waikato BoP) 28.19 -0.1, Anna Steven T64 (Auckland) 30.65. 400m: Sasha Al-Dazhani T38 (Taranaki) 1:15.13, Gabrielle Wright T54 (Auckland) 1:17.96, Sarah James T53 (Canterbury) 1:15.23. Long jump: Paddy Walsh T64 (Auckland) 4.40m +1.5. Holly Robinson F46 (Otago) JT 36.83m, SP 11.65m.

Javelin throw: Charlie Gardiner-Hall F37 (Auckland) 17.88m, DT 23.33m. Discus throw Ella Hose F37 28.00m.


3 Peaks Mountain Race, incorporating the New Zealand Short Course 56km Trail Running Championship, Leith Valley – 17 March 2024

Cameron Kerr won the 56km event in 5:11:02. The 28 year old engineer from Queenstown came from behind to pass Wellington’s Tom Barnes and Dwight Grieve from Te Anau and go on to finish just over a minute ahead of Barnes.
Alison Wilson and fellow Wellingtonian Hannah Fletcher went one two in the women’s title. Wilson just ducked under 6 hours with Fletcher recording 6:01:22. Margie Campbell of Dunedin was third in 6:01:46.

New Zealand Champs 56km: Cameron Kerr 5:11:02, Thomas Barnes 5:12:22, Dwight Grieve 5:25:26. Alison Wilson 5:59:52, Hannah Fletcher 6:01:22, Magie Campbell 6:01:46.

26km: Logan Griffin 2:10:04, George Hamilton 2:14:36, Alexander Gorrie 2:15:42. Sophie Shallard 2:39:10, Claudia Sole 2:40:52, Kirsty Eyles 2:43:19.

11km: Leon Miyahara 51:08, Danny Baillie 52:48, Tadhg Ryan Charleton 54:59. Caitlin Dent 1:02:48, Harriet Heaphy 1:06:20, Annie Heron 1:15:39.


New Balance Indoor Nationals, Boston MA, 10 March
: Julian Baker mile 4:16.40 PB (1RD).


Ben Brown Invitational, Fullerton CA, 9 March: Nadia Evans 400m 59.83 (5RD). Hinewai Knowles 100m H 17.76 +0.8 (2RB).

PLU Invite, Pacific Lutheran, Tacoma WA, 9 March: Josh Gill 1500m 4:05.41 (1).

Southern Invitational, Charleston SC, 15 March: Sam Waldin 5000m 14:17.43 PB (3).

49er Classic, Charlotte NC, 15 March: Emma Douglass 1500m 4:30.34 (2).

Hornet Invite, Sacramento CA, 15 March: Annalies Kalma 200m 24.22 (2RC). 16 March: Annalies Kalma 800m 2:14.59 (2RB). Abbey Moody DT 45.38m (6), JT 44.12m PB (5).

UCF Black and Gold Invite, Soccer and Track Complex, Orlando FL, 15 March: Liam Back 1500m 3:45.72 (1), Zane Powell 3:50.11 (4), William Johnson 3:58.34 (5RB). Tessa Hunt 1500m 4:26.37 (5). 16 March: Kiera Hall 800m 2:11.19 (8).

Falcon Classic, Montevallo AL, 16 March: Jack Elliott 1500m 4:01.55 (6).

West Point Army Open, West Point NY, 16 March: Jared Lautenslager 800m 1:57.70 (2).

TCU Alumni Invitational, Lowdon Complex, Forth Worth TX, 16 March: Josh Gill 5000m 15:08.58 (3).

UTSA Invitational, Park West Athletic Complex, San Antonio TX, 16 March: Josie Taylor HJ 1.70m (3).

Yellow Jacket Invitational, George C Griffin Track, Atlanta GA, 16 March: Brianna Lee 400m 58.44 (5), 1500m 4:38.24 (6RB).

Arizona Spring Break Fiesta, Arena Tucson AZ, 16 March: Tapenisa Havea SP 16.83m PB (1), HT 47.24m (9).

United Airlines Half Marathon, New York, 17 March: Matt Baxter 1:04:12 (8).


Queensland Championships, QSAC, Brisbane, 15 March: Mogammad Smith 100m 10.59 +2.3 (2H6).

South Australia Championships, SA Athletic Stadium, Adelaide, 11 March: Caitlin Shepperson HT 46.34m (3).

New South Wales Championships, SOPAC, Sydney, 17 March: Caitlin Shepperson HT 48.31m (6).

VIC Milers Meeting #5, Tom Kelly Athletics Track, Melbourne, 14 March: Steven Langdon 1500m 3:59.82 (13RB). 



Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 12 March: Greg Darbyshire 16:36, Gavin Eccles 16:47, Andrew Ball 17:26. Tia Knight 19:28, Anne Ewing 19:29, Esther Pullen 20:24.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 13 March: Dann Finlayson 17:28, Andrew Cave 17:34, Andrew Harvey 19:06. Alana Lythe 20:15.

Run Albany 15km, 17 March: 15km; Ben Parker 41:44, Rob Pidgeon 55:43, Caleb Hall 57:17. Rachel O’Brien 1:00:50, Ketina Chivasa 1:07:18, Olivia Hinsch 1:07:50. 10km; Phillip McNamara 35:13, Clinton Loveday 35:18, Julian Ng 35:38. Emma Mackie 43:03, Jess Loo 44:07, Terri Bidwell 44:50. 5km; Michael Tucker 17:38, Stephen Tan 18:36, Mark Carryer 18:38. Katie Wyrill 19:25, Olivia Tan 20:36, Nyah Slade 20:39.


Pauanui Half Marathon, 16 March: Jacob Priddey 1:13:01, Dylan Logan 1:15:28, Sam Schofield 1:16:30. Mish Waylen 1:29:16, Issy Coombes 1:30:40, Emma Poole 1:40:02. 10km; Ben Morris 38:19. Sarah Imbush 42:28.


Hamilton Half Marathon, Hamilton Gardens, 17 March: Casey Thorby 1:11:37, Ben Hennessy 1:14:25, Jamie Hall 1:15:51. Missy Mooney 1:38:06, Christina Patterson 1:38:49, Anna Spencer 1:40:53.


Wellington Scottish Waterfront 5k #19, Oriental Bay, 12 March: Dougal Thorburn 16:12, Bed Twyman 16:21, Bert Prendergast 17:09. Ali Wilson 19:53, Sarah-Grace Breen 19:58, Megan Fahey 22:05.

Trentham 5km Series, Trentham Memorial Park, 12 March: Brian Garmonsway 16:36, Josh Jordan 17:03, Callum Wos 17:25. Madeline Keown 19:50, Zoe Hilton 20:15, Savannah Allen 20:27.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 17 March: Hiro Tanimoto 33:32, Liam Jones 36:59, Paul Hewitson 37:10, Ryan Schomaker 37:44. Kumiko Otani 39:18.


Honest Lawyer 5km Series #6, Monaco, 11 March: Patrick Fauth 18:14, David Maisey 19:48, Nick Lane 20:06. Shinaye Toms 22:13.

Waimea 5km Series, Vineyard course, Richmond, 13 March: Curtis Moore 17:46, Chris Sharland 17:48, Alan Ferguson 18:16. Colette Read 22:26.