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20 November 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: 20 November 2023

The 2023 NCAA women’s 1500m champion Maia Ramsden makes her debut in the Black Singlet at the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow on Saturday.

Agency 10,000m Festival Day, incorporating the 2023 NZ 10,000m championship, Newtown Park – 18 November 2023
Oli Chignell claimed the senior men’s title in 29:28.58, to add to previous senior titles in the 5000m, cross country and 10km road. Ronan Lee was second in a PB 29:50.45 and Christopher Dryden third in 29:55.17. Nathan Tse, third last year and third at the national 10km road championships in September, was fourth in 30:36.85. It was a second national silver medal for Lee in two months after coming home second to Daniel Balchin at the New Zealand Road Championships.

Chignell was just under the performance standard of 29:30 for the 2024 World Cross Country Championships in Belgrade, Serbia in March.

Katherine Camp, who has stepped in distance in more recent times having formerly won New Zealand 800m and 1500m titles, collected the women’s 10,000m crown in 34:46.03. Deborah Lynch was second in 37:49.81.

Scarlett Robb runner up in the U16 1500m and 3000m last season won the U20 5000m in a PB 17:18.44 (under the performance standard for the 2024 World Cross Country Championships of 17:25) from Ava Sutherland 17:47.56 and Lucy Jurke 17:56.72.

The community 10,000m were won by Jamie Duncan in 33:37.38 and Genevieve Coffey in 37:05.11. Sally Gibbs, 60, set a New Zealand masters W60 record of 37:38.98 breaking Bernie Portenski’s 2010 time of 39:04.23. Gibbs already holds the W45, W50 and W55 10,000m records and just last week in Whanganui she set a masters W60 3000m record of 11:00.85.

Lucas Martin clocked 1:02:18.52 in the 10,000m race walk with Jacqueline Wilson (77) recording 1:11.09.94, a New Zealand masters W75 record.

Athletics Wellington Twilight Meeting #1, Newtown Park – 15 November 2023
Zack Kimmins 100m 11.51 +1.9, 200m 23.87 -1.0. Max Karamanolis 3000m 8:36.77, Callum Stewart 8:39.38 PB, Thomas White 9:01.75, Max Doherty 9:03.95. Juliet Moorhead 3000m 10:54.18 PB, Issy de Hair 10:56.42 PB. Saravee Sos 200m 23.68 -1.0. Ava Sutherland 1500m 4:50.75 PB. Joe Martin 400m 51.70 PB.

McKinnon Shield #4, Mt Smart Stadium – 18 November 2023
Fergus McLeay collected the sprint double with a 10.89 -0.8 in the 100m and narrowly beat Lex Revell-Lewis in the 200m in 21.87 -0.6. Revell-Lewis recorded 21.89 and he was also second to McLeay in the 100m in 10.97.

Joseph Millar was third on both occasions in 10.99 and 21.16. Charlotte Goldsmith, national U18 long jump champion and runner up in the triple jump, won the 100m in 12.36 -1.9 and the long jump with 5.79m +0.8.

Heptathlete Briana Stephenson was kept busy with a 24.96 -1.4 200m, out to 33.80m with the javelin and a 1.70m clearance in the high jump. Marielle Venida won the 200m in 24.35.

Caleb Wagener maintained the lead throughout the 3000m in 8:41.41, beating Daniel Hayes 8:45.08 PB, Ben Oxford 8:45.89 PB, Charles Buchanan 8:54.23, Joshua Gordon-Glassford 8:54.39 PB and Alexander Wilkins 8:54.74 PB.

Indie Williams came from behind to take the women’s 3000m in a PB 10:23.25 from early leader Jodie Nash 10:38.91 and Emma Ward 10:42.18.

Etienne Calonne 800m 1:57.42, Timothy Wallace 1:58.55 PB, Roman Matson 1:59.06. Amy Shennan 800m 2:14.20, Peyton Leigh 2:15.12, Holly Fausett 2:15.64.

Richie Trathen 3000m race walk 14:39.20, Yandri Fourie 2000m race walk 10:28.73. Sophie Hancock 400m H 65.96 and LJ 5.36m +1.8. Dominique Maltby 200m H 32.03, Amani Farry 300m H 48.44. Noah Retford .838 300m H 39.45 PB, Rianco Haggard .762 300m H 40.02. Benjamin Brown 200m H 30.64.

Hammer: Anthony Nobilo 67.33m (just under two metres short of his best), Arno van der Westhuizen 51.96m,
Javelin: Etienne Rousseau 46.80m, van der Westhuizen 43.60m,
Long jump: Lewis Arthur 7.51m +2.5, 7.37m +1.2 =PB, Piritau Nga 6.28m +2.4, 6.26m +1.1.
High jump: Rafe Couillault 2.00m, Kalani Mullins 1.85m PB, Oliver Barnett 1.65m.
Hammer: Melissa Free 33.39m.
Javelin: Briana Stephenson 33.80m, Aliyah Johnson 31.13m PB, Tamara Anstis 31.01m.
Long jump: Charlotte Goldsmith 5.79m +0.8, Sophie Hancock 5.36m +1.8, Jacqui Nasrabadi 5.26m +3.2.
High jump: Stephenson 1.70m, Aliya Johnson 1.55m, Megan Cox 1.55m.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 18 November 2023
George Wyllie 800m 1:56.92 PB, 3000m 8:35.38. Callum Murray 800m 1:56.97, Hamish Murray 1:57.35, Elliott Pugh 1:57.41, 3000m 9:02.21. Boh Ritchie 800m 2:11.81, 1500m 4:38.44. Bronwen Rees-Jones 800m 2:17.47 PB. Zarah Rattray 100m H .762 15.38 +2.3, TJ 10.40m. Nathan Browne 110m H .991 14.82 +1.6 PB, 200m 23.06 +1.3 PB. Paul Steyn 110m H .914 14.88 +1.6 PB.

Ben Bidois 3000m 8:36.68, Az Cabusao 8:50.30. Charo Heijnen 3000m 10:05.02 PB, Poppy Martin 10:06.14, Ella Smart 10:19.34 PB. Mia de Jager 200m 24.75 +0.9 PB, HJ 1.60m. Louie Endres 1500m 4:03.82. Melelosaline Lose DT 40.78m, 3kg SP 12.08m, Ruby Jones 36.61m and 11.61m. Saskia Rhind 3kg SP 11.79m. Mariah Ririnui LJ 5.85m.

Para Athlete: Jaxon Woolley T38 200m 26.80 +1.3. Daniel Kits T38 800m 2:39.53, 200m 31.55 +0.6, 1500m 5:44.34. Caelan Harris F44 1.5kg DT 19.38m, 6kg SP 6.86m.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 18 November 2023
Joshua Adegoke 100m 11.02 +0.6 PB, Sebastian Ferro 11.06, 200m 22.46 +1.5. Hunter Scott 200m 22.71. Jorja Gibbons 200m 25.34 +1.8, LJ 5.12m +0.9. Jordan Evans-Tobata 200m 26.39 +1.8 PB. Nicolas Alvarez Rey-Virag 800m 1:57.08 PB, Matthew Bolter 1:59.83 PB. Zara Geddes 3000m 10:24.94. Luke Moffitt 400m H .914 57.63 PB, PV 3.70m. Niamh Motley 2000m steeplechase .762 7:18.26, Millie McFadzien 7:25.08 PB, Kennedy Taylor 7:39.37.

Mate Poduje HJ 1.95m. Samuel Harris PV 3.80m. Keira McNeill LJ 5.06m +2.2, also 5.00m +1.7. Kieran Fowler 2kg DT 46.57m. Alexa Duff DT 38.76m, Carlie Scherp 38.22m, Embla Wihk 35.03m, HT 41.42m. Charlotte Blake DT 34.94m, 3kg SP 10.70m. Zack Hibbert 6kg HT 41.07m PB. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 49.67m, Renee Willis 34.63m, 4kg SP 10.80m. Orla Motley 3kg HT 46.22m PB. Jessie McGrouther 3kg HT 34.43m PB, 3kg SP 11.08m PB. Jim Blair W90 5kg HT 16.90m.

Liz Mitchell Otago W60 records in the 60m 9.12 -1.4 (also New Zealand masters W60 record), 100m 14.47 +1.0 and 200m 30.05 -0.2. Phil Napper Otago M70 800m record 2:51.18.

St Paul’s Memorial Shield Meeting, Surrey Park – 11 November 2023
Trent Hogg SP 13.53m, DT 43.34m PB, HT 34.93m PB. Rico Fisher 1.75kg DT 33.46m PB. Teagan Ashley 4kg HT 41.43m. Carlie Scherp DT 40.92m, 3kg SP 11.83m. Bea Christie 3kg SP 10.13m.

James McLeay mile 4:38.53. Kennedy Taylor mile 5:16.00 PB, Abby O’Boyle 5:18.82 PB, HJ 1.60m. Ollie Davis 100m 11.35 +1.6, 200m 23.25 +0.8, LJ 6.92m +2.1. Quinn Hartley LJ 7.25m +4.2.

Rebecca Peterson LJ 5.43m +3.7. Connor Gilliland 110m H .914 15.91 +0.5 PB, LJ 6.26m +2.4.

South Region, Mark Bostick Golf Course, Gainsville FL, 10 November: 10km Angus Monro 32:26 (114). 6km Isabella Richardson 20:39 (80).
Southeast Region, Roger Milliken Centre Spartanburg SC, 10 November: 10km Will Anthony 29:04 (7), Toby Gualter 29:37 (21), Sam Waldin 30:24 (58). 6km Joanna Poland 23:41 (200).
South Central Region, Agri Park Course, Fayetteville AR, 10 November: 6km Macey Hilton 22:44 (91), Sequoya Prentice 22:57 (107).
West Region, Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, Sacramento CA, 10 November: 10km Murdoch McIntyre 30:33 (60). 6km Chloe Browne 20:56 (81), Bella Browne 21:03 (92).
NJCAA, John Hunt Course Huntsville AL, 11 November: 8km Josh Gill 24:52 (27).

NCAA Div I Final, Panorama Farms, Charlottesville VA, 18 November: 6km Maia Ramsden 19:31 (10), Hannah Gapes 20:31 (73), Kimberley May 20:47 (116). 10km Chris Devaney 29:40 (31), Will Anthony 30:08 (61), Theo Quax 30:26 (84), Toby Gualter 30:35 (102), Taonga Mbambo 30:48 (128), MacCallum Rowe 31:12 (160).

NCAA Div III, West Region, Riverside CA, 11 November: 8km Colin Kirkpatrick 25:07 (18).
NCAA Div III, Final Big Spring Hill School, Carlisle PA, 18 November: 8km Colin Kirkpatrick 24:57 (27).

Athletics Victoria Shield League, Keilor, 11 November: Ebuka Okpala TJ 14.80 +2.0 (1), Mt Evelyn, 11 November: Ebuka Okpala TJ 14.84m +1.7 (1).
Benita Willis Shield, UQ Athletic Centre, St Lucia Brisbane, 11 November: Mogammad Smith 100m 10.66 +0.3 (6), 200m 21.70 +2.1 (5).

Kerikeri Half Marathon, Okaihau to Kerikeri, 18 November: Joel Bickers 1:11:26, Nathan Ryken 1:12:58, Zebedee Stone 1:13:04 PB, Ben Evans 1:13:08, Sam Rout 1:13:18 PB, Seamus Kelly 1:13:22 PB. Karen Donaldson-Barron 1:20:59, Bella Earl 1:23:02 PB, Jessica Wright 1:24:35. 5km; Charlie Birt 16:59, Denika Clooney 17:36, Luke Schofield 17:56, Polina Klimova 17:57, Sean Heath 18:25.

Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 14 November: Dylan Logan 16:48, Logan Griffin 16:49, Luke Cotter 17:08. Tia Knight 19:55, Kerry Ash 20:16, Emily Lamont 21:23.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 15 November: Joel Martin 19:06, Tom Hanrahan 19:45, Becky Bradley 20:44, Kevin Knowles 20:46.
YMCA 10km Series, Auckland Domain, 16 November: Leon Dickison 39:01, Daniel Yep 42:18, Rudy Baptist 43:21.

Coastal Five, 18/19 November: Half marathon; Hayden Zervos 1:16:45, Olly Norman 1:17:28, Jonny Wright 1:22:25. Erin Vaughan 1:31:08, Nina Lupton 1:32:00, Scarlett Blackburn 1:32:40.

Corporate Challenge 5km, Waitangi Park, Te Aro, 15 November: Kane Armstrong 17:44, Peter Stevens 18:08, Nicholas Bagnall 18:53. Heather Walker 19:10.
The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 19 November: Thomas Callan 34:52, Matt Cryer 38:24, Graeme Morrison 38:57. Madeline Watson 40:28. 5km Ayesha Shafi 18:55.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 13 November: Matthew Moloney 16:33, Mike Beever 19:25, Justin Sim 19:35. Robyn Deane 21:35.
Waimea 5km, 15 November: Jack Cooper 18:00, Curtis Moore 18:12, Mike Gray 20:33. Robyn Deane 21:31.

Queenstown Marathon, 18 November: Daniel Jones 2:31:13, Ben Gatting 2:33:35 PB, Orestas Rimkus 2:38:06. Hannah Oldroyd 2:49:50 (women course record), Alex Barnes (Australia) 2:57:34, Hannah Maher 2:59:05. Half marathon Braden Currie 1:11:12, Paulius Auyla 1:12:58, Mike Phillips 1:14:48. Rebekah Greene 1:16:47 PB (women course record), Katie Morgan 1:22:56 PB, Hannah Berry 1:23:16. 10km Robert Smith 33:35, Luke Nicholson 34:46, Lee Cook 35:07. Lauren Gowland 40:43, Elspeth McGuinness 40:52, Lucy Annan 41:34.

New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletics Association
The Association will be holding a dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Athletic Championships, which were first held in Christchurch in 1973. The dinner will take place at the Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub Lounge and Cafe on Friday 8 December at 7pm following the end of the first day of competition. The event will start with a social gathering with refreshments and nibbles from 7.00pm, a buffet dinner from 7.30pm followed by after dinner speeches and socialising. Contact Bill Grogan at: by 30 November if you wish to attend.