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30 October 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: 30 October 2023

Tommy Te Puni was in blistering early season form at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday. Credit: Alisha Lovrich

McKinnon Shield Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 28 October 2023
National U20 100m and 200m champion in 2020 and 2021 Tommy Te Puni won the 60m in a quick 6.79 into a 2.2mps headwind. This is just outside Hamish Gill’s 2019 Auckland record of 6.76. Te Puni then went to the 400m and raced in a field of just three. He took advantage of the strong tailwind in the back straight scorching through the 200m in 21.5 and dug deep on the home run into the wind, running close to Callum Taylor’s Auckland record of 46.13 and Shaun Farrell’s New Zealand record of 46.09, both set in Wanganui on 7 March 1998. But alas the electronic timing failed to record first place and just second Joe Dolphin 49.35 and Kahurangi Cotterill third in 50.14. Te Puni was variously hand timed at under 46 seconds and in one case 45.7. The national record is on the cards for Te Puni in his next outing over the distance.

Dolphin won the 100m in 11.08 -3.7. Talia Van Rooyen 60m 7.89 -3.0, Camryn Smart 100m 12.76 -2.8. Boh Ritchie won the 400m in 59.12, having earlier finished second in the 1500m in 4:39.19. Imogen Barlow won the 1500m in 4:37.99. Thomas Cowan outran early leader Caleb Wagener over the last lap to win the 1500m in 4:03.73.

Noah Retford 0.914 110m H 15.21 -1.9. Rianco Haggard 0.838 100m H 14.19 -1.6. Benjamin Brown 0.762 80m H 14.74 -0.1. Jake Lomas 2000m steeplechase 0.762 6:34.76. Richie Trathen 2000m RW 9:30.23. Scott Thomson TJ 14.55m +2.45 also 14.39m +1.37. Percy Maka 2kg DT 41.87m PB. Troy Maka 1.5kg DT 50.56m PB, Daniel Mullens 41.27m PB, Benaiah Su 37.73m PB. Connor Brown 1.75kg DT 38.43m PB.

Lauren Barrett-Hamilton 0.762 80m H 13.28 -3.1. Grace Meredith 2000m steeplechase 0.762 7:36.85. Yandri Fourie 2000m RW 10:40.33. Suzie Kennelly 3kg SP 13.96m, DT 44.54m. Rina Maka DT 42.69m. Charli Gardiner-Hall 2kg SP 8.49m, her F38 NZ record is 9.09m. Charli Gardiner-Hall 2kg 8.49m, F38 NZ record 9.09m.

Diana Ismagilova TJ 10.58m +3.36, Lauren Barrett-Hamilton 10.31m +4.08. Maya Grundy PV 3.30m PB, Talaya Vorster 3.30m, Elaine Zhai 3.10m, Milana Henderson 3.10m PB.

Aotearoa Relays Festival, Tauranga Domain – 21 October 2023
The second edition of the event doubled the number of clubs represented and tripled the number of competitors from the previous year.

The full range of ages (eight to Masters) were catered for, with an emphasis on participation and fun. Teams were often made up by mixing clubs, so if a club had only three of a certain age, their team was completed by another club.

Eight clubs took part, with the largest entry from Pakuranga. Several races had all eight lanes full of relay teams, others with 20 to 28 in the field. The high jump and shot ‘relays’ (26 competitors in each), were organised by former athlete Kevin Philpot, parents, and current athletes Mariah Ririnui and Brooke Somerfield officiated the sprint and medley relays. Parents also conducted the “little ones” shuttle relays, egg & spoon races, and “relay zone skills” teaching races. James Trathen (Pakuranga), Sophie Hancock (Hamilton Hawks), and Jack Marra (Lake City, Rotorua) were the busiest athletes as they ran in all, or almost all of the distance relays (Paarlauf, 4x400m, & Devil Take the Hindmost), as well as the 4x100m and sprint medley. Jack’s brother, Connor, was in most of them as well, and won the high jump.

Central League #1, TET Stadium – 28 October 2023
Addira Collette 100m 11.90 +1.5, 200m 24.54 +1.6. Chayille Collette 11.96 and 24.92. Nicholas Pittwood 100m 11.42 +0.8, 400m 53.07. Sinead O’Sullivan 3000m RW 17:53.48. Toby O’Rorke 3000m RW 14:10.74. Greta Darke 2000m steeplechase 0.762 7:45.13. Georgia Whitman 300m H 47.29. Forbes Kennedy 200m 23.05 +0.9, LJ 6.48m +1.6. Jacquelyn Kowalewski 3000m 10:34.00, Courtney Fitzgibbon 10:40.71.

Heath Abbot 5kg HT 44.76m, 1.5kg DT 34.59m. Conor Sharkey 5kg HT 35.32m PB. Mikayla Sola 4kg SP 11.76m PB, 4kg HT 43.38m, DT 37.58m. Mirza Abbas LJ 6.35m +0.4 PB, TJ 13.87m +1.1 PB. Ashleigh Bennett 100m 12.45 +1.7 PB, LJ 5.88m -0.3. Lara Hockly 100m 12.96 +1.7 PB, LJ 5.44m +0.5, TJ 10.98m +1.7. Juliet McKinlay LJ 5.19m +1.3 PB, TJ 10.28m +1.8. Queenie Morgan LJ 5.03m +1.1 PB. Milly Marshall-Kirkwood DT F57 (5) 17.89m to better her national senior women’s discus F57 record. Subject to ratification. Norris-Spring HJ 1.60m. Nathaniel Sulupo SP 14.74m, DT 46.66m. Ana Ellison-Lupena DT 37.02m. Shaka Sola DT 34.88m. Aleksandra Domanski TJ 10.05m +0.7. Elliot Wills TJ 13.19m +1.6 PB.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting #3, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 28 October 2023
Jack Henry 110m H 1.067m 14.79 +1.0, LJ 6.70m +1.2. Kieran Sinclair-Lomax 110m H 0.990m 16.56 +1.0, LJ 6.24m +0.5. Harry Williamson 110m H 0.914m 15.33 +1.0 PB, 300m H 0.838 40.08 PB. Daniel Grounds PV 3.25m PB. Hannah Collins TJ 11.74m +2.0. Max Attwell 800g JT 45.06m, SP 12.55m. Josh Woodhead 800g JT 41.96m, LJ 6.32m +2.4. Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey 4kg SP 10.61m, 600g JT 31.47m. Jody McCarthy-Dempsey 100m H .762m 15.45 +0.1 PB.

Bao Zhen Tan 60m 8.02 +2.4, 100m 12.94 +0.6, 200m 26.24 +1.7. Ryan Young 60m 7.11 +0.4, LJ 6.84m +3.7 also 6.58m -1.4. Rylan Noome 100m 10.65 +1.9. AJ Madondo 100m 10.80 PB, 200m 21.89 +0.4. Cooper Wightman 800m 1:52.34 PB fastest time by a 15-year-old in New Zealand, Angus Sevier 1:52.92, Liam O’Donnell 1:54.30 PB. Samantha Lascelles 800m 2:14.31, Niamh Motley 2:17.19. Zara McDonnell HJ 1.59m. Ben Walker HJ 1.94m, Tia Wynyard 1.94m, Ethan Bone 1.84m. Angus Lyver 6kg SP 14.34m PB. James Moore 5kg SP 15.60m, Armani Lemalu 13.95m PB. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 13:23.15, Stacey Hooper 18:34.51. Beau Brackenridge 400m H 58.69. Toby Tasker 3000m 8:40.63. Rosa Twyford 9:49.45 PB, Bridie Restieaux 10:24.26 PB.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 28 October 2023
Fergus McLeay 60m 6.85 +3.7, 100m 10.61 +1.3, 200m 21.53 +3.5. Schuyler Orr 7.05 and 11.09. Sebastian Ferro 11.01 and 22.35. Jorja Gibbons 100m 12.32 +3.1, 200m 25.48 +3.8. Nicolas Alvarez Rey-Virag 800m 1:59.07.

Oli Chignell 3000m 8:18.58. Catherine Lund 3000m 10:25.19. Luke Moffitt U20 400m H 58.96. Emelia Adamson HJ 1.61m, Lisa Lokman 1.58m. Samuel Harris PV 3.60m, Cameron Moffitt 3.50m PB. Keira McNeill TJ 10.40m +2.3. Neve Beattie TJ 10.22m +1.8. Zharna Beattie DT 42.79m. Alexa Duff DT 35.35m, 500g JT 35.91m. Zack Hibbert 6kg HT 35.98m. Jim Blair M90 5kg HT 15.79m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 51.91m, Renee Willis 34.32m.

***In last week’s Athletics in Action we reported that Anna Grimaldi set a national 200m T47 record of 25.97. Unfortunately, this has not been accepted because there was no A Grade track official present. 


Gulf South Conference Championships, Hunterville AL, 21 October: 8km Jack Elliott 26:06 (32).
Mountain East Conference Championships, Wheeling WV, 21 October: 8km Sam Idiens 26:39 (7).
Big Sky Championships, Missoula MT, 27 October: 8km Theo Quax 24:03 (8).
Atlantic 10 Championships, Cedarville OH, 28 October: 8km Chris Devaney 23:49 (1), Taonga Mbambo 24:14 (6), MacCallum Rowe 24:21 (7), Andres Hernandez 24:34 (13). 6km Neve Moulai 22:43 (52).
American Athletic Conference Championships, Greenville NC, 28 October: 6km Macey Hilton 22:44 (51).
Big East Cross Country Championships, Kenosha WI, 28 October: 8km Liam Back 25:23 (8). 6km Kimberley May 20:07 (2), Tessa Hunt 22:09 (40).
Big South Cross Country Championships, Radford VA, 29 October: 5km Joanna Poland 19:27 (35).

Treloar Shield, SOPAC, Sydney, 21 October: Liam Webb 200m 21.79 +0.4 (3).


Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 24 October: Simon Mace 17:12, Mitchel Carlyle 17:24, Haoting Ma 17:39. Tia Knight 21:21, Sophie Hogan 21:56, Emily Richardson 22:23.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 25 October: Andy Kilding 17:15, Joel Martin 19:12, Tom Hanrahan 19:12. Ella Kilding 24:48.
YMCA 10km Series, Auckland Domain, 26 October: Leon Dickison 39:58, James Donovan 42:00, Daniel Yep 42:22.

Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Marathon, Devonport to Victoria Park via St Heliers, 29 October: Daniel Balchin 2:23:09, Luke Cotter (UK) 2:25:41, Robert Collins (Australia) 2:25:48, Brett Ellis 2:28:59, Rodwyn Isaacs 2:29:37 PB, Anthony Ng 2:31:12, Jono Jackson 2:35:49. Alice Mason 2:44:20, Amelia Lythe 2:50:51, Mallory Wordell 2:53:33, Margie Campbell 2:57:52, Emily Roughan 2:58:54, Billie-Lee Haresnape 3:02:00, Sally Gibbs (60) 3:03:22, 1:52 outside Bernie Portenski’s 2010 New Zealand masters W60 record.

Half marathon; Tim Vincent (Australia) 1:04:37 (course record), Julian Oakley 1:05:16, Michael Voss 1:07:07, Jacob Priddey 1:07:23, Jack Moody 1:07:33, Nathan Tse 1:07:37, Seamus Kane 1:07:56 PB. Lisa Cross 1:16:32, Rosie Weber-Kearns (Australia) 1:17:52, Kerry White 1:22:10, Karen Donaldson-Barron 1:22:26, Clara Lachurie 1:22:36, Caitlin Peers 1:23:07, Anna Bramley 1:23:54.

11km; Paulius Auryla (Lithuania) 36:14, Andrew Pointon 37:45, William Harris 38:17. Olivia Gold 43:50, Emma Ward 44:49, Saraya Lindsay 45:01. 5km; Kamil Rahman 17:11, Benjamin Rickerby 17:31, Louay Benaoum 18:01. Scarlett Robb 17:32, Georgia Lynch 18:41, Sophie Robb 19:08.

Mountains to the Sea Half Marathon, 21 October: 42km; Emma Roche 3:45:49, Sam Ng 3:57:59, Nathaniel Burbery 4:06:59. 21km; Kyle Simpson 1:27:02, Aidan Lawrence 1:34:08, Sam Parker 1:37:37. Meg Christie 1:54:28, Courtney Lang 1:54:34, Char Porima 1:56:50. 10km; Julien Marechal 52:23, Max Sexton 58:47, Hollie Mclachlan 1:01:21, Jennifer Hancock 1:02:08, Taylor Woods 1:03:40.

Timaru Ten, Levels Raceway, 28 October: 10km; William Little 29:36 PB, Eris Speakman 29:46 PB, David Lee 29:49 PB, Caden Shields 29:52, Russell Green 30:10 PB, Thomas Richards 31:16 PB, Jesse Kempf 31:26 PB. Katherine Camp 34:24, Brigid Dennehy 35:15 PB, Laura Nagel 35:18, Miriam Clark 38:26 PB, Alex Hawke 38:28.

52nd Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 29 October: 10km; Jono Ryan 37:09, Ryan Whitburn 39:14, Zac Whitley 39:41. Mel Aitken 39:26, Agnetha Korevaar 41:30, Stephanie Wilson 42:05. 5km; Sandor Toth 17:53. Julie Wilson 34:49.