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5 March 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: 5 March

Silver medalist Tom Walsh during the medal ceremony for Men's Shot Put Final. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)


World Athletics Indoor Championships, Emirates Arena Glasgow – 1-3 March 2024

Hamish Kerr produced a golden moment in the high jump claiming the gold medal with a record breaking clearance of 2.36m. Kerr the bronze medallist from the last world indoor championships in Belgrade Serbia.

Kerr cleared five heights between 2.15m and 2.31m on his first attempt. He passed at 2.34m after his first attempt and raised the bar to 2.36m which he achieved on his second attempt.

Kerr was over the moon saying it was awesome to get it done.

“We’ve dreamed about it and discussed it, the team believed it was going to happen but for me it didn’t happen until it happened and now it feels so special.

“I knew I was in good form and the jumps were there and I got a good feeling from the track straight away which was a really good sign. But it was just about trying to calm the nerves and focus on my own thing which got tougher at the end.

“Probably the only thing I could have added to the dream was jumping 2.38m, which is the goal this year.

“It’s confirmation of where I’m at. I knew I was capable, but Paris is going to be a different ball game. There is going to be rounds and added pressure and expectation.”

Another Gold to New Zealand in the men’s 1500m final with Geordie Beamish timing his finishing kick to perfection to outgun the Americans to win in 3:36.54. The 27 year old was just outside his personal best of 3:36.53 from two years ago, in heading in Cole Hocker 3:36.69 and Hobbs Kessler 3:36.72.

Beamish said that for the first few minutes after crossing the finishing line he was in total shock.

“At the bell I thought there was a chance of a medal, any medal and I didn’t care what colour. It was not until 15-20 metres to go did I think that any medal was going to turn into gold. It was a blanket finish and I thought, if I get a medal, it might as well be first.”

Tom Walsh on his 32nd birthday, maintained his shot put medal collecting at the World Indoor Championships claiming the silver medal with his opening throw of 22.07m. The silver now goes with his bronze medal in 2014, gold in 2016 and 2018 and bronze in 2022. Walsh, who holds the New Zealand indoor record of 22.31m, had a series of 22.07, 21.65, 21.06, 22.03, 21.92, 21.51.

He was up against Ryan Crouser who stamped his authority on the event from round one with 22.36m. His series for the gold medal was 22.36, x, 22.00, 22.51, 22.77 (championship record), 22.69.

“It was nice to grab the whole set but I wanted a different birthday present,” said Walsh

“I felt like I gave myself a really good chance to throw a long way, I almost nailed two or three of them which is what we come here to do, so it was a little bit frustrating but I’m also glad I managed to get a medal.”

“I felt I gave myself a chance every round and that’s all I can ask for. This year is an Olympic year and an important one to get right. I feel like I’ve learned a few things this year, I’ve thrown really well I’m just saving one for later in the year.”

Jacko Gill competing alongside Walsh was fifth in the shot put. He was in fifth after opening with 20.76m and dropped to sixth in the next two rounds before reclaiming fifth with 21.69m in round four.

Gill was pretty happy overall with his effort.

“It was good I haven’t thrown much indoors or on the circuit,” he said.

“I take a lot of confidence from today. I thought previously I was a long way off the medals but today I felt I was good throw away from a medal. It was a definite improvement from me compared to the other guys.”

In her first indoor competition Maddison-Lee Wesche was out to a personal best shot put of 19.62m for fourth place. Wesche with a series of x, 15.71, 19.32, 19.33, 19.62 x was just 5cm shy of the bronze medal. Sarah Mitton of Canada won with 20.22m.

Wesche was super happy with her performance.

“It was my first indoor competition, and I couldn’t have asked for more than a PB. Being so close to a medal is tough but this gives me confidence going into Paris.

“Nerves were definitely present for the first two throws but that’s all part of the game, and I’ve been in this position before. Experience took over and I was pumped I could have three more throws. I’m happy with 19.62m and I have lots of takeaways from my first indoor comp. I’m excited to get back home and start the next build up for the outdoor season.”

Eliza McCartney collected the silver medal in the pole vault after an enthralling contest with winner Molly Caudery of Great Britain. Both cleared 4.55m on their first attempt, Caudery was over at 4.65m on her first attempt and McCartney on her second. McCartney secured 4.75m on her first clearance and Caudery on her second. With the bar at 4.80m Caudery was over on attempt number two and McCartney attempt number three. McCartney missed her first attempt at 4.85m and passed the next two opting for 4.90m, in which she went close in her second attempt. In the meantime Caudery missed her three attempts at 4.85m but won the gold medal on a countback after clearing 4.80m on her second attempt.

McCartney said she was happy to have won the medal.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I am just really stoked to have been a part of such a neat competition.”

McCartney explained that she was keen have a crack at the higher height.

“I was getting exhausted, and I just wanted to look at 4.90m again. It’s been many years, maybe since 2018 since I tried 4.90m. I just really felt I needed that tonight. I’m glad I did because I think I had a good attempt at 4.90 and that’s what I wanted from this competition.”

Zoe Hobbs went very close to taking the bronze medal in the final of the 60m, missing by a hundredth of a second. Hobbs advanced to the final after breaking her own Oceania and New Zealand indoor record of 7.13 from Belgrade in 2022, clocking 7.09. Hobbs improved the record to 7.06 with fourth in the final.

Hobbs said it was an awesome night.

 “I executed the race, and I was only 0.01 away from a medal, I was that close. The biggest takeaway was I was able to back this up through the rounds and I got quicker and quicker.

“I was probably more nervous for the semi-final because I drew a tough heat, and I knew I had to execute that race in order to progress. Once I was in that final, I felt like I could relax a little more which helped.

“I got a good start in the final, but the transition was not so good. I then felt like I was coming home super quick. I only needed another metre to get that medal. It is confidence boost, and all good preparation towards the Paris Olympics.”

Maia Ramsden was tenth in the women’s 1500m final in 4:06.88.

New Zealand indoor records were set by James Preston with 1:47.59 in the heats of the 800m, Maia Ramsden with 4:06.51 PB in the heats of the 1500m and Zoe Hobbs in the semi-final of the 60m 7.09 and in the final 7.06. Hamish Kerr HJ 2.36m.

1 March: Maddison-Lee Wesche shot put final 19.62m PB (4). (x, 15.71, 19.32, 19.33, 19.62, x).   

James Preston 800m heats 1:47.59 (4H1) DNQ. New Zealand indoor record breaks James Harding’s recent 1:48.68 in Brighton Boston MA.
Tiaan Whelpton 60m heats 6.67 (5H1) DNQ.

Maia Ramsden 1500m heats 4:06.51 PB (3H2) Q New Zealand indoor record better than Lucy van Dalen’s 2012 time of 4:11.78 in New York and Ramsden’s recent en-route time of 4:07.18 in New York.     

Geordie Beamish 1500m heats 3:39.17 (3H4) Q 

Tom Walsh shot put final 22.07m (2) (22.07, 21.65, 21.06, 22.03, 21.92, 21.51).      

Jacko Gill shot put final 21.69m (5) (20.76, 21.18, 20.82, 21.69, 21.49, 21.13)

2 March: Zoe Hobbs 60m heats 7.15 (2H4) Q, semi-final 7.09 (3H2) q, final 7.06 (4), PB Oceania and New Zealand indoor record. Eliza McCartney pole vault final 4.80m (2). (4.40-, 4.55o, 4.65xo, 4.75o, 4.80xxo, 4.85x-, 4.90xx).    

3 March: Hamish Kerr high jump final 2.36m (1) (2.15o, 2.20o, 2.24o, 2.28o, 2.31o, 2.34x-, 2.36xo), New Zealand Indoor and National record betters his 2.34m in Slovakia in February last year. Oceania Indoor record and equals Oceania outdoor record with Australians Tim Forsyth and Brandon Starc. Geordie Beamish 1500m final 3:36.54 (1). Maia Ramsden 1500m final 4:06.88 (10).

Out of 133 Countries represented at the Championships, New Zealand with four medals finished third on the Medal Table. USA were first with 20 medals and Belgium second with four having won three gold to New Zealand’s two.


McKinnon Shield #9, Mt Smart Stadium – 2 March 2024

Welrè Olivier, in Auckland before the Sir Graeme Douglas International Presented by Harcourts Cooper & Co, provided some of the best triple jumping seen at Mt Smart since the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.

While not up to the record breaking form of last week in Christchurch where he set a New Zealand resident record of 16.33m, Olivier did soar out over 16 metres with a wind assisted 16.04m.

Olivier was not greatly impressed with his workout.

“Not greatly impressed with my jumping today, but I’ll take it, it was alright.

“The wind wasn’t a bother it was just my timing wasn’t correct so I couldn’t have it the way I wanted it to be.

“The New Zealand record in Christchurch was a lucky jump as I had the legal wind, but the same thing there my timing was out.

“I’m basing myself here in Auckland for the next week and I’ll activate a bit more for the Sir Graeme Douglas meeting,” he said.

Then it is the nationals in Wellington and back to South Africa.

Joseph Millar was sharp in the 60 metres edging out Kadin Taylor in 6.95. Taylor came back later in the day to win the 100m in 10.60. Zachary Orbell a week after setting a T35 Para Athlete 100m record of 13.57 lowered the record further to 13.46 +1.5. Mark Lambert set a New Zealand masters M50 100m record of 11.56 +2.0. This breaks former All Black Bruce McPhail’s 1987 record of 11.57. Wayne Holroyd M47 recorded 54.74 over 400m.

In the Auckland junior mile championships Leo Green set an Auckland B11 record of 5:02.91, breaking Liam Back’s 2014 record of 5:10.53. And Leah Marais set an Auckland G13 record of 5:10.14 breaking Julia Giurgiu 2014 record of 5:27.97.

Caleb Wagener held on well to the pace provided by Luke Hitchcock in the mile to finish second to Hitchcock in a fresh Auckland under 18 record of 4:11.80. This breaks Mathew Mildenhall’s 2005 time of 4:14.13.



60m: Joseph Millar (Whakatane) 6.95 +1.7, Kadin Taylor (Waitakere) 6.96, Matthew Alty (ACA) 7.09.

100m: Taylor 10.60 +2.0, Joe Dolphin (NHB) 10.61, Fergus McLeay (Hill City) 10.69, Millar 10.74. Para Athlete; Zachary Orbell T35 13.46 +1.5 (NZ Open and U/20 Para record).

400m: Wayne Holroyd (NHB) 54.74, Michael Iddon (NHB) 66.61.

Mile: Luke Hitchock (Pakuranga) 4:10.58 PB, Caleb Wagener (Pakuranga) 4:11.80 PB (Auckland under 18 record), Maksis Maulvurfs (Lynndale) 5:01.44.

Mile walk: Richie Trathen (Pakuranga) 7:23.61.

300m hurdles: .762 Rianco Haggard (Pakuranga) 40.48, Jy Gonzales (Lynndale) 48.30. .838 Noah Retford (Pakuranga) 42.77, Ty Gonzales (Lynndale) 43.22.

Javelin Throw: Max Teuruaa (Cook Islands) 45.46m.

Triple jump: Welrè Olivier (Pakuranga) 16.04m +2.1 also 15.83 +1.4, Zhan Bowden (NHB) 13.67m +2.7 also 13.59m +2.0, Samuel Burton (ACA) 12.42m +1.3.


60m: Talia Van Rooyen (NHB) 7.51 +1.6, Emilia Goldsmith (ACA) 7.60, Samantha Lathwood (Takapuna) 7.96.

100m: Van Rooyen 11.94 -0.7, Goldsmith 12.08, Charlotte Goldsmith (ACA) 12.20.

400m: April Milne (Wgtn) 61.59, Georgina Collinge-Coker 63.60, Grace Parkinson (Lynndale) 69.81.

Mile: Abbey Bolton (ACA) 5:23.85 PB.

Mile walk: Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 8:26.05, Veronique Koole (Pakuranga) 10:27.35, Ruby Walsh (RWA) 10:54.08.

300m hurdles: Hannah McManus (Waitakere) 48.62 PB, Amani Farry (Lynndale) 49.94, Savannah Atoaga (Papatoetoe) 50.35.

2000m steeplechase: Grace Meredith (ACA) 7:18.85 PB.

3000m steeplechase: Saraya Lindsay (NHB) 11:50.03.

Hammer throw: 3kg Fernanda Tirado (NHB) 45.66m. 4kg Melissa Free (Takapuna) 34.03m PB.

Javelin Throw: Tamara Anstis (ACA) 30.13m.

Triple jump: Lauren Barrett-Hamilton (Waitakere) 10.66m +3.0 also 10.38m +0.4, Madison Earley (Waitakere) 10.09m +2w.1 also 10.01m +1.6, Mulan Riseborough (Takapuna) 9.59m +2.7 also 9.39m +1.7.

Pole Vault: Hannah Adye (NHB) 3.60m, Alisha Loverich (NHB) 3.50m, Elaine Zhai (NHB) 3.40m, Maya Grundy (NHB) 3.40m PB, Aria Rhodes (NHB) 3.30m.

Auckland City Athletics Race Night, Mt Smart Stadium – 28 February 2024

Briana Irving 100m 12.03 +0.7, 200m 24.27 +1.4 PB, Abby Goldie 12.12 and 24.84. Charlotte Goldsmith 100m 12.39. Stella Pearless 400m 56.30, Holly Rule 58.65. Lisa Hellyer 800m 2:10.06, Peyton Leigh 2:10.20, Sarah Hellyer 2:13.69 PB, Amy Towers 2:17.23. Laura Nagel 1500m 4:09.38 PB, Holly Manning 4:28.75, Scarlett Robb 4:36.06 PB, Sascha Letica 4:36.08 PB, Asha Edwards 4:36.98 PB. Brigid Dennehy 3000m 9:18.12 PB, Clara Lachurie 9:47.71 PB, Katrina Andrew 9:49.22 PB, Anna Bramley 10:11.78 PB.

Matthew Alty 100m 11.02 +1.1, 200m 22.40 +0.2, James Robertson 11.28 and 23.26. Imrann Mitha 100m 11.43. Conall McLean 800m 1:54.65, Kosta Mills 1:54.81 PB, Jared Monk 1:56.06 PB. Jamie Mora 1500m 3:47.36, Jack Paine 3:50.79, Thomas Cowan 3:59.97 PB. Ronan Lee 3000m 8:41.22, Joel Bickers 8:50.85 PB, Jack Erikson 8:52.51, Logan Griffin 8:55.81 PB.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 2 March 2024

Tori Peeters JT 59.43m, Yuka Sato (Japan) 57.41m, Marija Bogavac (Japan) 47.86m, Briana Tirado 43.78m PB. Douw Botes JT 64.66m. Dian Jacobs 600g JT 50.41m. Hayley Koppens 500g JT 35.87m.
Holly Fausett 400m 59.58, 800m 2:12.54, Aimee Ferguson 2:19.92. Charles Roil 400m 50.22, Jacob Douglas 50.30. Sophie Hancock 200m 26.25 +0.9. Mate Poduje 200m 22.94 +0.8, HJ 2.04m. James Robertson 200m 23.21 +0.8.

Samuel Bremer mile 4:10.47, Ben Bidois 4:10.56. Melelosaline Lose 3kg HT 44.44m. Quinn Motley 7.26kg HT 31.23m, 800g JT 39.40m. Nadja Kumerich 4kg HT 52.27m. Jayden Williamson HJ 1.95m. Zarah Rattray TJ 11.03m +2.4 also 10.70 +1.6. Jamie Fell TJ 10.97m +1.4.

Athletics Manawatu Whanganui Championships, Cooks Gardens – 27 February 2024

Jonathan Maples 400m hurdles 53.89 PB. Juliet McKinlay 300m hurdles .762 49.44. Paige Cromarty 400m hurdles 67.77.


Athletics Wellington Twilight Meeting #6, Newtown Park – 28 February 2024

Heath Abbot 5kg HT 61.93m PB. Mikayla Sola 3kg HT 50.93m PB, Ana Ellison-Lupena 43.48m PB, Aurora Carswell 36.40m. Conor Sharkey 4kg HT 36.65m.

Ethan Calder-Cass 100m 11.28 -0.3, 200m 21.94 +1.4 PB. Liam Kilby 200m 23.02, Saravee Sos 23.09, Max Lewer 23.23. Matthew Arnold 800m 1:57.26, Jag Willers 1:57.89 PB.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 2 March 2024

Lilly Morrison 60m 7.83 +1.3, 100m 12.39 +3.0. Trelise Forster 60m 8.14, 100m 13.08, 200m 26.78 +2.7. Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.77m. Meg Edwards LJ 5.12m +0.6. Holly Gray 100m H .838 14.78 +1.0, 400m H .762 64.21 PB. Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey 4kg HT 37.19m. Orla Motley 3kg HT 46.75m, 500g JT 33.24m. 

Hunter Scott 100m 11.04 +2.1, 200m 22.34 -0.1, Xavier Wehi 22.50 PB. Tia Wynyard HJ 2.06m PB, Ben Walker 1.92m, Misha Worboys 1.87m. Jared Neighbours PV 3.80m, 110m H 16.79 +1.0, HT 30.48m PB, JT 53.83m. Keiran Sinclair-Lomax LJ 6.39m 0.0. Ari Keshariya TJ 13.44m +0.8. Beau Brackenridge 110m H .990 16.67 +1.0, 400m H .914 61.61. Bill Quigley 5kg HT 47.88m PB. Tomas Coberger 700g JT 41.95m PB. John Wells 400m 49.64, Joe Berman 50.81, Harrison Laing 50.82. Rosa Twyford 800m 2:12.80, Amelia Henstock 2:16.90. Pai Wynyard 1500m 4:07.29, Louie Howell 4:07.61. Caitlin Bassett 4:40.33 PB, Niamh Motley 4:40.39 PB, Bridie Restieaux 4:40.46 PB. Riley Diver PV 3.30m PB. Joshua Woodhead 800g JT 44.74m PB.

Daniel Prescott 8:22.67 PB, Christopher Dryden 8:34.59, Jack Staples 8:44.78, George Guerin 8:49.85 PB. Tillie Hollyer 9:22.77 PB, Sophie Hicks 9:53.29 PB, Brynne Gordon 10:09.31, Kate Currie 10:14.68, Miriam Clark 10:15.52 PB.

Molly O’Reilly 2000m RW 12:27.71. Lucas Martin 3000m RW 13:37.44.


Athletics Otago Track and Field Championships, Caledonian Ground – 2/3 March 2024

Felix McDonald 100m 10.55 +1.7, John Gerber 10.59 PB, Hayato Yoneto 10.61, 200m 21.69 +2.6. Gerber 400m 47.88 PB. Jorja Gibbons 100m 12.15 +0.4. Niamh Townsend 200m 26.42 +1.4. Phoebe Laker 100m 12.81 +0.7, 200m 25.92 +0.3 PB, 400m 57.40 PB Otago W15, W16, W17 record. Blake Dalton 100m 11.24 +1.0, 200m 22.82 -0.1. Sebastian Ferro 100m 11.16 -0.4, 200m 22.46 +1.5. Finn O’Sullivan 400m 49.61. Jordan Evans-Tobata 400m 57.89. James McLeay 800m 1:57.12. Zara Geddes 1500m 4:39.57, 3000m 10:00.72. Olivia Thornbury 1500m 4:25.36 PB.

Liam Chesney 3000m 8:44.27, Jake Owen 8:58.47. Connor Gilliland .914 110m H 15.11 +1.2 PB, TJ 13.20m -1.7 PB. Cameron Moffitt 110m H 1.067m 15.82 +1.2 PB, Todd Bradshaw 15.87. Luke Moffitt 400m H .914 59.93, PV 3.90m, LJ 6.47m +1.9, TJ 13.63m +0.6. Cameron Moffitt 400m H 54.68 PB, SP 13.16m. Kieran Fowler SP 13.77m, DT 50.96m, JT 42.42m. Hugh McLeod-Jones SP 13.26m, DT 43.39m.

Holly Robinson 4kg SP 11.71m PB, 600g JT 36.01m PB. Charlee Farquhar DT 32.04m. Ryan Enoka 1.5kg DT 36.16m PB. Carlie Scherp DT 40.43m, 3kg HT 43.88m. Alexa Duff DT 41.34m PB, JT 35.10m.

Trent Hogg DT 41.68m. Zharna Beattie DT 46.67m. Zack Lappin F37 DT 32.70m, 600g JT 28.48m. James Tudor JT 43.97m, Toby Henry 43.60m. Todd Bates HT 55.83m, Zack Hibbert 34.15m PB. Embla Wihk 4kg SP 10.51m PB, HT 44.78m. Emilia Adamson HJ 1.63m. Quinn Hartley HJ 1.95m. Samuel Harris PV 4.20m, Toby Martin 3.80m. Ollie Davis LJ 6.35m +2.8 also 6.21m -0.1. Ryan Young TJ 13.56m -0.8. Alex Brown 3000m RW 13:38.67 PB. Wayne Doyle 7.26kg SP 12.19m PB.

Mac Denniston F34 six New Zealand Para Athlete records U/18 DT 16.94m, equals U/16 SP 6.86m, Open, U/20, U/19, U/18 JT 15.86m. Milly Marshall-Kirkwood F57 SW, U/20, U/19, U/18 DT 18.51m.

Otago masters records Liz Mitchell W60 100m 14.23. Phil Napper M70 800m 2:39.31. Canterbury masters record M60 100m H 18.68 +1.1.



MIAA Championships, Indoor Facility, Topeka KS, 24 February: Kayla Goodwin LJ 5.63m (6). 25 February: Kayla Goodwin TJ 12.60m (3). Kayla Goodwin pentathlon 3890 points (1) (60m H 8.90, HJ 1.67m, SP 10.99m, LJ 5.55m, 800m 2:19.38).

UAA Championships, Armory Centre, New York NY, 25 February: James Corbett mile 4:16.64 (1RB).

Missouri Valley Conference, Dr Conrad Worrill Centre, Chicago IL, 25 February: Anthony Barmes WT 21.11m (1). Centaine Noom-Duckworth WT 18.95m (4).

Southland Conference, CrossPlex, Birmingham AL, 25 February: Alex Martin 800m 1:53.13 (1H3). 26 February: Alex Martin 800m 1:52.64 (2).

Trials of Miles at The Armory, New York NY, 2 March: Matt Hill 5000m 14:26.28 (1).

Wartburg Qualifier, Fieldhouse at the W, Waverly IA, 2 March: James Corbett 800m 1:54.38 (3).

Osaka Marathon, 25 February
: Dave Ridley 2:20:41 (94). Nathan Tse 2:25:48 (146). Kiyoto Hirabayahi of Japan won in 2:06:18.


Western Australia Championships, WA Stadium, Perth, 24 February: Nicholas Southgate PV 5.15m (1), (5.00o, 5.15o, 5.30xxx).

Victorian Championships, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, Melbourne, 24 February: Jemima Tennekoon 400m 58.96 (5H2).



Beach to Basin 10km, 3 March: Sam Rout 34:50, Ben Evans 35:13, Ben Hawkins 37:42. Bella Earl 39:34, Mallory Wordell 40:11, Nicky Wellwood 44:30. 6.8km Denika Clooney 26:37 Tommy Earl 27:40.


Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 27 February: Greg Darbyshire 16:22, Gavin Eccles 16:23, James Fisher 17:49. Tia Knight 19:22, Amanda Bethell 21:33, Christine Adamson 22:41.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 28 February: Joel Martin 19:17, Kevin Knowles 21:24, Ben Latch 22:08.

Round the Bays 8.4km, City to St Heliers, 3 March: Cameron Graves 24:35 (race record), Joel Bickers 25:58, Gavin Eccles 26:17, Luke Cameron 26:32, Toby Batchelor 26:37, Tom Moyes 26:52. Georgie Grgec 26:55 (race record), Brigid Dennehy 28:33, Katrina Andrew 28:42, Clara Lachurie 29:39, Lucy Thompson 30:35, Karen Donaldson-Barron 30:40.


Waipa 10km, 3 March: Lane Madsen 33:57, Jake Wilkinson 34:00, Seth Herbert 37:15. Yasmin Campbell 43:15. 5km; Joshua Madsen 17:41, Rico Dorssers 18:23, Vaughan Madsen 18:24. Rowan Torckler 18:56, Melissa O’Brien 19:34, Brooke Devaney 20:29.

Ultimate Beach Run 10km, 2 March: Thomas Lynch 37:08, Grant Hall 39:46, Jake Veza 40:57. Gloria White 44:16, Maddy Vardy 44:44.

Rotorua 21.1km Trail Run, Whakarewarewa, 3 March: Reece Billington 1:24:36, Cameron Jacobsen 1:27:42, Ben Green 1:28:35. Shiraz Mulholland 1:46:06, Jamie Refoy-Butler 1:46:26, Dee Atkinson 1:49:41.


Wellington Scottish Waterfront 5k #17, Oriental Bay, 27 February: Caleb Hathaway and Bert Prendergast 16:38 1=, Will Critchlow 17:56. Sarah Imbush 19:51, Sarah-Grace Breen 20:14, Claudia Harrison 21:44.

Trentham 5km Series, 27 February: Tom Strawbridge 15:57, Callum Wos 16:15, Brian Garmonsway 16:18. Madison Wos 18:39, Zoe Hilton 19:08, Madeline Keown 20:17.


Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco, 26 February: Naoki Kobayashi 17:54, Tony Phillips 18:30, Patrick Fauth 18:39. Emma Burns 23:01.

Waimea 5km Series, Berryfields Course, Richmond, 28 February: Chris Sharland 18:21, Jack Goodman 19:43, Polly Wilcox 19:48.

Christchurch 10km Trail Run, Kaiapoi, 3 March: Barney Hoskins 37:37, Stephen Pope 38:21, Shaun Tocher 38:43. Sophie Lamb 46:24.


Motatapu Ultra Runs, Wanaka to Arrowtown, 2 March: 52km; Cameron Kerr 6:27:31, Luke Wilson (GB) 7:10:19, Will Jones 7:33:27. Crystal Brindle 7:48:19, Hannah Wall 8:09:18, Michelle Ashley 8:38:04. 42.2km; Ben Gatting 3:03:01, Ben Wardhaugh 3:25:16, Cameron Holden 3:26:45. Ella McCartney 3:27:29, Nina Rillstone 4:07:56, Charlotte Cahill 4:11:14. 15km; Ross Gollan 1:10:55, Daniel Jones 1:11:54, Benje Patterson 1:16:14. Ella Smit 1:31:37, Emma Bramley 1:32:09, Claudia Sole 1:33:04.