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6 July 2023 • Community

Athletics NZ partners with Femmi

Athletics NZ and Femmi are excited to be partnering to support the education of those who work with women in our sport. 

Femmi has brought together world leading medical experts in the women’s health space to support athletics coaches to better work women in sport. Femmi Theory Fundamentals is an online course which covers the essentials of female physiology, nutrition, injury prevention, psychology and more. The full course outline is available to view here

Femmi was built by elite runners Lydia O’Donnell and Esther Keown and is a training approach centred around female physiology. They are on a mission to learn from their personal experiences and change the game for young girls and women in athletics. By changing the narrative about women’s bodies, understand and celebrate the menstrual cycle, they aim to create safe spaces for women to thrive and empower coaches to view athletes holistically with a focus on sustainability in sport and enjoyment.

Discount available to Athletics NZ registered coaches:

  • 1-year registered coaches receive access to the course for $50 (a $100 discount)
  • 3-year registered coaches receive the course for $30 (a $120 discount)
  • Discount codes are provided in the coach membership letters.

Athletics NZ registered coaches can access the Femmi Fundamentals course at the link below. You should have received a letter with promotion code, which you can use to redeem your discount.

For more information check out the Femmi website