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2 March 2022 • General

My Favourite – Rosie Elliott

Rosie Elliott competing at the 2021 Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

The charismatic all-round sprinter is enjoying an outstanding season, impressing in the 100m, 200m and 400m. Ahead of the 2022 Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships in Hastings, where the Christchurch Old Boys United athlete plans to ambitiously target all three sprints, Rosie shares a few of her favourite things.

Favourite athletics venue

You can’t beat Rawhiti Domain (in Christchurch) on a good day.

Favourite piece of coaching advice

Just think of the tail wind as overspeed training. 

Favourite training session

I’m a sucker for a tough session. My favourite this Summer has been 2x (350m, 250m) at 90-95%. I’ve only managed to complete it a couple of times.

Favourite athlete of all time

British long jumper Jazmin Sawyers and British 400m sprinter Jodie Williams 

Favourite competition you’ve ever watched

Zoe Hobbs v Connor Hobbs

Favourite athletics website

Not a website, but at the time of writing, the kiwis_cant_fly Instagram page has been active for all of two hours and is an instant favourite.

Favourite school athletics memory

I fell flat on my face at the start of the 80m in Year 5. I wish I could say that was the last time I fell over out of the blocks, but that would be dishonest.

Fav athletics room-mate

Anna Percy. She is the yin to my yang, the order to my chaos.

Favourite pre-competition song

It changes from comp to comp, but this week it’s Broken Boy by Cage the Elephant.

Favourite pre-competition snack

Hit me with a bag of sour squirms (not the yellow and orange ones), a can of blue V, and copious amounts of raspberry flavoured pre-workout.

Favourite other sport


Favourite ice cream flavour

Goody goody gumdrops, but only when it’s 60% melted (non-negotiable).

Favourite YouTube video

Lemongrab eats Lemongrab (Adventure Time)

Favourite toy as a child

I never had a favourite because it gave me crippling guilt that my other toys would develop abandonment issues. 

Favourite animal

Jumping spiders

Favourite thing about New Zealand

I love that you don’t have to go far to find yourself alone amongst the native birds and bush.

Favourite overseas country visited

The Netherlands

Favourite day of the week

Sunday (Father’s Day)

Favourite 80s movie

David Bowie’s Labyrinth

Favourite Treat

Sweet and salty popcorn mixed into Meadow Fresh custard. Dangerous business for a dairy free gal.