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14 June 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 14 June

David Lee returned from injury to win the senior men’s 8km at the Athletics Auckland Teams Cross Country Championships.

New Zealand Competition Results

Athletics Auckland Teams Cross Country Championships and Grand Prix Series #3, Barry Curtis Park East Tamaki – 12 June 2021
David Lee proved he will be a force to reckon with this winter after a solid performance to win the senior men’s 8km in 26:39. Former New Zealand triathlon representative Ryan Sissons pushed Lee all the way and it was only over the final lap that Lee was able to exert some pressure to finish six seconds clear. Jono Jackson was third in 27:05.

Lee said it was a good hit out.

“I faded a little bit in the third lap, but I came back stronger in the fourth and finished well.

“Ryan Sissons, you can never count him out, he’s just so strong, but I knew if I just winded it up over that last 400m it would be enough,” he said.

Lee is pleased to be injury free and back enjoying his running.

“My feet are in perfect condition. I’m off two stress fractures in the last two years so I’m finally getting some training in. I’ve been getting a lot of base training in and I’m starting a build next week towards the nationals.

“I’m with Vaughan Craddock now and his training methods work perfectly with my body, so hopefully there are some good things to come.”

Despite falling on the first lap, Laura Nagel quickly recovered and worked her way back into the race to power through to win the women’s 6km in 22:00. Anneke Grogan, who led over the middle stages, was second in 22:03 and Esther Keown made it a first three for North Harbour Bays in 22:14.

Nagel, national 10km road champion in 2016 and 3000m and 5000m track champion in 2017, said that she tends to roll her ankle quite a lot and so was “not surprised” she fell during the race.

“I felt pretty okay up until that point (of the fall) and then it was just trying to recover and find my groove again,” said Nagel.

“It has been interesting coming back after two years off. I’m still not where I want to be, but it is just part of the process.

“The cross country makes me a lot tougher for track,” she added.

Nagel aims to compete in the New Zealand Cross Country Championships on 7 August.

Fabian Downs was the best of the masters over 8km in 27:22, Andre McKay won the under 20 5km in 17:27 and Christian De Vaal in the same race headed in Ronan Codyre by seven seconds for the under 18 honours in 17:01.

Coen Anderson had a two-way duel with Jack Snedden in the under 16 4km, eventually coming out on top by three seconds in 13:49.

Bridie Hart in the master women 6km ran 25:19, Amelia Green won the under 18 4km in 15:09 and Eryn Westlake collected the under 16 3km in 11:09.

Team results: Senior men; 1 Pakuranga, 2 Whippets, 3 Owairaka. Senior women; North Harbour Bays, Whippets, YMCA. Master men; Owairaka, Pakuranga, YMCA. Master women; YMCA. Under 18/20 men; Pakuranga. Under 18/20 women Papakura. Under 16 men; Pakuranga, Lynndale, Waitakere. Under 16 women; Pakuranga, North Harbour Bays, Lynndale. Under 14 boys; Pakuranga, Auckland City Athletic, Lynndale. Under 14 girls; Waitakere, North Harbour Bays.

Winter Pole Vault Series Indoors, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 12 June 2021
Olivia McTaggart PV 4.40m (4.25m xo, 4.40m o, 4.50 -, 4.60m xxx), Imogen Ayris PV 4.25m (4.25m xo, 4.40m xxx), Eliza McCartney NM (4.05m xr).

Dorne Cup Cross Country Races, Trentham Memorial Park – 12 June 2021
8km: Daniel Jones 25:18, Seamus Kane 25:34, Harry Dixon 25:58. M35 Daniel Clendon 26:51. M50 Grant McLean 30:04. 6km: Susannnah Lynch 22:06, Sarah Drought 23:11, Natasha Rae 23:11. W35 Mel Stevens 23:53. W50 Heather Walker 24:56. W60 Michele Allison 28:52. M60 Todd Krieble 24:46. M70 Brian Hayes 28:42. 4km: Will Anthony 12:02, Henry Beliveau 12:25, Josh Jordan 13:29. W18 Eliza Squire 15:19. W20 Amy Walker 15:55. Under 16 boys 3km Max Poland 10:27. Under 16 girls 3km Amy McHardy 11:31.

Andrew Reese Memorial Relays, Rakahuri Track, Rangiora – 12 June 2021
Individual 5km senior men: Caden Shields 15:03, Shogo Watanabe 15:45, Chanel Muir 15:47. Teams: Christchurch Avon. Master men: Ryan Kiesanowski 16:17, Nicolas Browne 16:41, Dave King 16:45. Teams: Christchurch Avon. Senior women: Angie Petty 17:53, Anne McLeod 18:08, Olivia Ritchie 18:43. Teams: Don Greig Running Stable. Master women teams: Sumner.

Barnes Handicap Cross Country, Kettle Park – 13 June 2021
5km: Ben Pigou 30:04, Jake Owen 30:07, Oliver Young 30:10. Amanda Waldrom 29:35, Sophie Hicks 30:21, Megan Foster 30:28. 3.75km: Matheson Colquhoun 21:49. Kotomiyo Cowell 21:52.

International Results

NCAA Div 1 Championships, Eugene OR, 9/10 June: Aaron Booth decathlon 7644 points (6) (100m 11.05 -0.6, LJ 7.13m +0.6, SP 13.35m, HJ 1.98m, 400m 51.22, 110m H 15.35 +0.1, DT 42.16m, PV 4.71m, JT 57.24m, 1500m 4:39.95). 9 June: Sam Tanner 1500m 3:38.37 (5H1). 11 June: Sam Tanner 1500m 3:41.78 (10).

Golden Gala – Diamond League, Florence, 10 June: Tom Walsh SP 21.47m (1).

Oceania Invitational Series, Gold Coast Performance Centre, Runaway Bay, 12 June:
Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.27 +2.7 (3H3), Anna Steven T64 100m 13.71 +3.7 (4H1), 200m 30.37 -2.6 (3H1), Portia Bing 400m H 56.37 (1), Josie Taylor HJ 1.73m (4), Maddison-Lee Wesche SP 18.47m PB (1), Kaia Tupu-South SP 16.09m (2), DT 49.15m (4), Natalia Rankin-Chitar SP 13.92m (4), DT 47.16m (5), Lisa Adams F37 3kg SP 15.45m (1), Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.35 +3.0 (4), Mitch Joynt T64 200m 24.33 -1.9 (3H1), James Preston 800m 1:46.52 PB (2), Brad Mathas 800m 1:46.65 (3), James Harding 800m 1:50.66 (4), Nick Palmer SP 17.90m (2), Liam Ngchok-Wulf 6kg SP 16.00m (3), Ben Tuimaseve F37 5kg SP 12.67m (1), Connor Bell DT 61.33m (2), Alexander Parkinson DT 56.02m (3).

National Permit Meeting, Brisbane, 11 June: Connor Bell DT 63.99m (2), Alexander Parkinson DT 57.92m (3). Natalia Rankin-Chitar DT 48.41m (4).

AtletiCAGenève, Geneva, 12 June: Cameron French 400m H 50.99 (6RB).

International Meeting, Nice, 12 June: Hamish Carson 1500m 3:36.86 (6), Eric Speakman 5000m 14:11.01 (16).

47th International Race Walking Festival, Alytus, 11 June: Alana Barber 20km 1:33:25 (6).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 8 June: David Atkinson 16:53, David Bagot 17:29, Keith Burrows 17:38. Tia Knight 19:59, Lana Davison 21:48, Isabel Emerson 21:57.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 9 June: Gene Rand 16:56, Amelia Lythe 18:27, Andrew Harvey 19:21, Tom Hanrahan 19:45.

XTERRA Trail Run, Waitawa Regional Park, 13 June: 20km: Jacob Hendrickx 1:30:21, Max Thomson 1:32:17, David Atkinson 1:33:20. Greer Logue 1:46:34. 14.2km: Aaron Jackson 1:06:01, Frankie McKeefry 1:08:08, Franklin Hamilton 1:12:13. Bridie Hart 1:23:04. 10km: George Mawson 45:38, Nick Hogg 45:42, James Kuegler 46:25. Stella Hammond 50:49. 6.9km: Ottis Oliver-Chambers 32:24, Jacob Hewitt 32:43, Nikko Kelly 36:33. Denika Clooney 35:09.

Mount Difficulty Ascent, Bannockburn, 12 June: 44km: Thomas Hadley 4:46:34, Gavin Dale 4:58:29, Oak Jones 5:00:12. Rose Pearson 5:54:13, Robyn Lesh 6:00:03. Marathon: Aaron Porter 3:42:09. 25km: Ryan Carr 2:28:17. Maeve Kennedy 2:58:43. Half marathon: Lydia Pattillo 1:51:43, Geoffrey Byrne 1:53:40.