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21 February 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 21 February

Portia Bing set a New Zealand national record for the women's 400m hurdles of 55.50 at Sir Graeme Douglas International presented by Harcourts Cooper & Co (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


Sir Graeme Douglas International presented by Harcourts Cooper & Co – Continental Bronze Meeting, Douglas Track and Field, Trusts Arena Waitakere – 20 February 2022
A pair of New Zealand national and resident women’s records highlighted the eighth annual International meeting in Auckland on Sunday.

Portia Bing opened the meeting with a masterful display in the 400m hurdles clocking 55.50, breaking her New Zealand national record of 55.86 and her resident record of 55.99. Sally Gunnell holds the all comers record of 55.38 set at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. Bing’s time was a B performance standard for the Commonwealth Game and just outside the A performance standard of 55.40, which is also the standard for the World Championships.

Bing said that she was stoked as it puts her back on the world rankings list and in a nice position leading into hopefully competing at the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Anna Percy, Rosie Elliott, Georgia Hulls and Livvy Wilson teamed up in the 4x100m relay recording 44.20 to equal the New Zealand national record and better the resident record of 44.60.

Elliott was outstanding at the meeting finishing second to Zoe Hobbs in the 100m in 11.37 and convincingly winning the 400m in a personal best 52.99. The sprints were dominated by Tiaan Whelpton in the men’s 100m in 10.21 +2.5 and by Hobbs in the women’s 100m in 11.18 +2.1. Zachary Saunders (18) was second in the 100m in a top performance of 10.67.

Hamish Kerr achieved the Commonwealth Games A standard in the high jump of 2.30m and had three unsuccessful attempts at 2.34m, the standard for the World Indoor Championships and a centimetre below the entry standard for the world outdoor championships. Keeley O’Hagan won the women’s high jump with 1.80m.

Seventeen-year-old Lex Revell-Lewis continued his fine form this season heading in a strong field in the 400m in a personal best 47.49. He had earlier clocked a PB 100m of 10.81. 800m specialist James Preston ran a PB of 47.87 in finishing second.

Middle distance victories went to Julian Oakley in the 1500m in 3:42.47 and Laura Nagel with a decisive win in the women’s 1500m in 4:15.37 (PB).

Hayden Wilde after earlier pacing the men’s 1500m easily won the final event on the programme the 5000m in 14:10.71.

Maddison-Lee Wesche was out to her third best ever shot put of 18.49m and Tom Walsh who holds the meet record of 22.67m extended the 7.26kg shot to 21.26m.

Olivia McTaggart cleared 4.45m in the pole vault and Nick Southgate was over the bar at 5.00m. Southgate holds the meet record of 5.30m. Tori Peeters improved on her meet record of 54.47m set last year with a javelin throw of 56.50m.

Felix McDonald won the long jump with 7.30m, Douw Botes the 700g javelin throwing a PB 56.85m.

In the Para Athlete 100m Mitch Joynt recorded 11.93 and Anna Steven 14.08.

Meeting records set:

Hamish Kerr high jump 2.30m

Rosie Elliott 400m 52.99

Portia Bing 400m hurdles 55.50

Tori Peeters javelin throw 56.50m

NZ women 4 x 100m relay (Anna Percy, Rosie Elliiott, Georgia Hulls, Livvy Wilson) 44.20

Summer Throws Series #4, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 19 February 2022
Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 14.33m, 3kg HT 53.01m PB, 4kg SP 11.87m. Kate Hallie 3kg SP 14.03m, 4kg SP 12.60m PB. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 3kg SP 13.49m, DT 43.23m, 3kg HT 35.46m. Jasmine He Ling 3kg HT 43.45m, 4kg HT 34.72m PB. Percy Maka 1.5kg DT 54.53m PB.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 19 February 2022
Tommy Te Puni 100m 10.74 +2.0, 200m 22.33 +1.1. Kurt Sweeney 100m 11.33 +2.0, LJ 6.12m +1.4. Teeka Randell 100m 12.46 +1.3, 200m 25.38 +0.5 PB, 400m 59.05. Sarah Hewlett 100m 13.04 +1.3, 200m 26.28 +2.1. Grace Wisnewski 100m H 15.19 +1.3. Holly Fausett 800m 2:22.34. Sally Gibbs (58) 1500m 5:13.50. Losaline Lose 3kg SP 12.37m. Joshua Hawkins 110m H 14.27 +1.5, Connor Brown 15.19, Nathan Browne 16.39.

Gurpreet Singh 100m 11.38 +1.6, 200m 22.97 +1.1 PB.


Athletics Taranaki Championships, TET Stadium – 18 February 2022
Ashleigh Bennett LJ 5.93m +1.3. Jacob Stockwell 100m 11.40 -0.4. Luke Hassan JT 45.96m. Katie Bestall TJ 10.48m +0.8, LJ 4.63m +1.8. Brayden Neilson TJ 12.09m +0.4, 100m 12.38 -0.4, 400m 59.53. Emma Jamieson (15) 1500m 4:55.04 PB. Jacquelyn Kowalewski (14) 800m 2:24.67, 1500m 4:46.50.

Toby O’Rorke (15) 3000m RW 15:08.63 PB. Ari Bennett (14) 3000m RW 16:51.13 PB. Rachel Gilberd 3000m RW 18:11.60, Serena Coombes 18:20.94.


Athletics Manawatu Whanganui Championships, Cooks Gardens – 15 February 2022
Addira Collette 100m 12.18 -0.7, Chayille Collette 12.20. Kimberly Walsh 400m 58.68, Monique Gorrie 58.76, Bella Willis 59.99. Aden Porritt 400m 50.98, Brayden Grant 51.58. Emma Ferguson 1500m 4:38.75, Ellen Schaef 4:40.15, Louise Braybn 4:42.03, Hayley Cornwall 4:50.23, Courtney Fitzgibbon 4:52.15. Amber Trow HJ 1.58m.


Athletics Wellington Championships, Day 2 Rescheduled, Newtown Park – 20 February 2022
5000m: Thomas Strawbridge 15:41.82, Bert Prendergast 15:42.45, Jack Shaw 15:45.89. Sarah Drought 17:21.77, Deborah Lynch 17:30.64 PB, Ruby Muir 17:46.99, Esther George 17:49.16 PB.

Jack Paul 200m 23.10 -0.1, Joshua Lotsu 23.20, Saravee Sos 23.22, Tyrone Trego 23.36, Ben Lambert 23.42. Luca Evett 800m 1:59.49. Nathaniel Sulupo SP 15.70m, DT 48.95m. Dante Ford-Tuveve 5kg SP 12.53m. Nikora Wharehinga-Sime 5kg SP 12.21m, 1.5kg DT 36.77m. Sasha Kilmister 200m 26.58 +0.9 PB, Niamh Gedye 26.21 -0.9. Ruby Barton 800m 2:19.80, Amelia Abernethy 2:20.49 PB, Jessica Mckenzie 2:21.75.

Elizabeth Hewitt SP 11.25m, DT 40.49m. Ana Ellison-Lupena DT 41.11m. Mikayla Sola DT 34.36m.


85th Mahar Cup Meeting, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 19 February
Micayla Whiti 100m 13.00 +0.9, 200m 26.14 +0.4. James Hansen 100m 11.46 +1.7, 200m 23.43 +0.3. Isla Tilbury 400m 60.14. Josh Gill U/20 1500m 3:59.68 PB Mahar Cup record. David Hansen DT 34.45m, SP 11.21m. Daniella Sollitt DT 35.02m, SP 9.46m. Misha Worboys HJ 1.93m PB. Joseph Brooks LJ 6.09m +0.2.


Athletics Canterbury Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 15, 18/19 February 2022
15 February: Max Attwell PV 4.40m, SP 12.63m, DT 40.51m. Jared Neighbours 4.00m, 13.02m and 45.90m PB. Eliza Meekings PV 3.50m, Miah Williams 3.00m.

18 February: Kelsey Berryman 100m 12.44 -0.4, LJ 6.01m NWI. Hannah Maloney 12.62 and 5.58m, Helena Dinnissen 12.72 and 5.71m. Nathan MacDonell 100m 10.90 +1.5, Alizjah Campbell 11.13.

Tatiana Kaumoana DT 54.48m PB. Tapenisa Havea DT 53.16m PB, SP 14.51m. Abbey Moody DT 42.68m PB. Max Abbot 6kg SP 13.76m, 1.75kg DT 45.07m. Couper Killick 5kg SP 15.56m, 1.5kg DT 39.54m. James Moore 5kg SP 14.16m. Ethan Gow TJ 14.11m +0.3 PB. 400m; John Wells 49.52, John Mottus 49.68, Jordan Veitch 50.46, Oliver Dunshea 50.52, Ben Kelsey 50.73 PB, Jack Henry 51.87. Chantal MacDonald 400m 58.36.

Daniel Roswell 1500m 3:54.44, Sam Petty 3:56.11, George Varney 3:56.44 PB, Jahko Tohaia 3:56.54 PB, Ethan Smolej 3:56.70. Rosa Twyford 1500m 4:27.86, Eva Pringle 4:30.31 PB, Rosaria Gibson 4:32.69 PB, Kiera Hall 4:33.04 PB. Jared Neighbours DT 45.90m PB.

19 February: Amy Robertson 100m H 0.838m 14.13 +0.5, 200m 25.40 +1.2. Christina Ryan 100m H 14.85, HJ 1.60m. Max Abbot 6kg HT 50.31m. Todd Bates 7.26kg HT 54.51m. Lexi Maples 4kg HT 51.82m, Mayce Ballantyne 50.25m. Jack Henry 110m H 1.067m 14.71 +1.8, James Sandilands 15.34, LJ 6.57m +0.4. Helena Dinnissen 200m 25.91 +1.2 PB, TJ 11.41m -3.2. John Mottus 200m 22.50 -0.2 PB, Joseph Nash 200m 22.60 +0.8. Adam Stack LJ 6.62m -0.2, HJ 1.90m. Asher Pettengell-Brand LJ 6.61m -1.0. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 56.30m. Jack Henry 800g JT 51.84m, HJ 1.80m. Caitlin Bonne 600g JT 43.29m, Abby Moody 44.86m. Ethan Bone HJ 1.90m, Levi Murdoch 1.85m, Ben Walker 1.85m, Jessica Hendren HJ 1.65m. Beau Brackenridge 300m H 0.838m 42.15. Emily Jackson 300m H 0.762m 48.50.

Chanel Muir 800m 1:56.23, Logan Cowie 1:57.91, Dylan Forde 1:58.03, Josh Browne 1:58.65, Liam O’Donnell 1:58.94. Rosa Twyford 800m 2:13.57, Eva Pringle 2:16.57, Tillie Hollyer 2:17.19, Kiera Hall 2:20.02.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 19 February 2022
Fiona Centers 100m 12.64 +2.2, 200m 25.46 +1.8. Jorja Gibbons 100m 12.67. Fergus McLeay 100m 11.28 +1.7, 200m 22.61 +1.6 PB. Schuyler Orr 100m 11.38. Hamish Moore 100m 11.41, 200m 22.88. Cameron Moffitt 200m 22.86 PB, LJ 6.61m +3.4. Jordan Evans-Tobata 800m 2:22.51.

Otago 3000m championship: Janus Staufenberg 8:23.89 PB, Kirk Madgwick 8:35.56, Oliver O’Sullivan 8:46.67 PB. Olivia Thornbury 9:38.60, Hannah Prosser 9:53.63, Zara Geddes 9:59.24 PB.

Luke Moffitt 300m H 0.840m 42.07. Sarah Jamison 300m H 0.762m 47.71 PB. Keira McNeill LJ 5.15m +2.2. Bernice Cullen LJ 5.04m +3.3 also 5.00m +2.0, TJ 10.56m +1.6. Luke Moffitt TJ 13.40m +3.7 also 13.34m +0.7. Kieran Fowler DT 40.83m. Alexa Duff DT 33.52m, 3kg SP 10.98m. Jasmin Millar 1.5kg DT 36.26m, 5kg HT 39.72m, 4kg SP 13.89m. Mike Scholten HT 37.96m. Bernice Cullen TJ 10.56m +1.6 PB.

Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 55.42m, Teagan Ashley 45.17m PB. Katie Wong 4kg HT 33.67m.

Josh Chisholm F40 4kg SP 4.36m, NZ Para Athlete F40 record.

International Results


Music City Challenge, Nashville TN, 12 February: Nick Moulai 3000m 8:00.13 PB (8).

Gulf South Conference Indoor Championships, 16 February: Jack Elliott 800m 1:55.98 (9).

Arkansas Qualifier, Randal Tyson Track Centre, Fayetteville AR, 18 February: Isaiah Priddey became the 45th New Zealander to break four minutes for the mile with a time of  3:58.93 for fourth place. This is a PB by six seconds. Christopher Goodwin LJ 7.67m (3), TJ 14.74m (8). Kayla Goodwin TJ 11.75m (10).

Air Force Collegiate Open, Colorado Springs CO, 18 February: Welrè Olivier TJ 15.25m (2).

University North Dakota Tune Up, Grand Forks ND, 19 February: Hinewai Knowles 60m 7.92 (1H2), final 7.80 (3).

JDL DMR Invitational, Winston-Salem NC, 19 February: Maia Ramsden mile 4:39.27 (1).

Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships, Spokane WA, 19 February: Krystie Solomon 800m 2:10.07 PB (5).

Pomona Pitzer, Claremont CA, 19 February: Colin Kirkpatrick 800m 1:52.49 PB (2).

Conference, Birmingham AL, 19 February: Josie Taylor HJ 1.86m PB (1).


Cathy Freeman Shield, QSAC, Brisbane, 12 February: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 2000m steeplechase 6:58.96 (1). Jemima Tennekoon 400m 57.02 (3).

AVSL, Albert Park Melbourne, 12 February: Ebuka Okpala TJ 14.52m NWI (2).

Illawong Track Challenge, Sydney, 12 February: Liam Webb 200m 22.14 (4).

NSW Open Meeting, Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre, 18 February: Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.76 -1.8 (1H1). Liam Webb 400m 47.71 (2H1). 19 February: Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.35 0.0 (1SF3), final 10.28 +0.1 (1). Liam Webb 400m 46.96 PB (4). 20 February: Liam Webb 200m 21.63 +1.0 PB (2H2), 21.50 +2.3 (3RB).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Glenbervie Grind Trail Run, 20 February: 21.1km; Francois Joubert 1:37:19, Patrick Kalin 1:39:57, Simone Ackermann 1:40:38.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 15 February: Simon Mace 16:36, Mitchel Carlyle 16:56, David Bagot 17:04. Katie Evans 19:25, Christine Adamson 21:58.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 16 February: Sam Mayhew 18:16, Haoting Ma 18:36, Tom Hanrahan 19:13. Jacqueline Kemp 22:22.

YMCA 10m, Auckland Domain, 17 February: Zeb Stone 30:05, Carl Byrne 41:08, Daniel Yep 42:15. 5km; Michael Whittaker 19:57, Melissa Kendall 22:44.

Run Auckland, Millwater Parkway, Silverdale, 19 February: 21.1km; Troy Harold 1:18:00, Brent Godfrey 1:19:09, Simon McLean 1:21:26. Karen Donaldson-Barron 2:27:40, Carol Cooper 2:47:28. 10.5km; George Mawson 38:53. 5km; Hanson Ho. Jacqueline Kemp 22:04.

Catalina Bay Run the Point, Hobsonville, 20 February: 15km; Ben Parker 58:20, Craig Butland 58:34, Philip McNamara 58:34. Maria Kroonenberg 1:11:39. 10km; Mark Paterson 34:09, Julian Ng 35:38, Katie Wyrill 39:06. 5km; Troy Gilchrist 18:18, Mark Carryer 18:52, Stephen Tan 19:09. Ruth Gluckman 20:39.

Kapiti 5km Series, Raumati, 14 February: Pat Taylor 17:13, Jeroen Matthews 17:20, Alvig Busa 17:26.

Trentham 5km Series, 15 February: Brian Garmonsway 16:32, Hassan McCall 16:43, Callum Wos 17:27. Madeline Keown 21:31.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 14 February: Mike Beever 19:47, Eddie Hohepa 19:52, John O’Regan 20:30.

Corporate Challenge 5km, North Hagley Park, 16 February: Brendon Fisher 17:50, Michel Holleman 18:03, Chris Andrews 18:33. Emily Lane 20:44, Rose Pearson 21:04, Bayleigh McGuire 21:25.