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28 February 2022 • General

Weekly Round Up: 28 February

Tatiana Kaumoana competing at the 2021 Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


International Track Meet, Continental Tour Bronze, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 26 February 2022
Hayden Wilde is fast achieving the status of the Iron Man of New Zealand athletics, a mantle once held by the legendry Bill Baillie. A week after pacing the 1500m and then winning the 5000m at the Sir Graeme Douglas International presented by Harcourts Cooper & Co the Tokyo Olympic triathlon bronze medallist showed real grit in edging out Chanel Muir to win the mile in 4:09.24. Wilde and Muir were paced through the first 1000m by Ethan Smolej setting the race up for a close affair over the final lap. Muir had it all but won with Wilde getting the decision dipping on the line.

Muir’s time was 4:09.31 and 18-year-old Charlie Hazlett was third in 4:16.04.

“I normally don’t have a kick, so I was pretty happy with myself getting that dip on the line,” said Wilde adding that it was a great tune-up for the nationals.

The much anticipated clash of James Preston and Sam Tanner in the 800m didn’t disappoint with Preston holding out Tanner in far from ideal conditions in his third best ever time of 1:47.31. Tanner clocked a PB of 1:48.35 with Dominic Devlin a distant third in 1:50.33.

Penelope Salmon won the women’s mile in 4:48.93 from Tillie Hollyer who ran a PB 4:50.73.

Tiaan Whelpton with a strong tail wind was whipped along to a 20.70 clocking in the 200m. Asher Pettengell-Brand was second in 22.08.

Whelpton said that it sets him up well for a fast 100m at the Jennian Homes New Zealand Track & Field Championships on his favourite track in Hastings.

“It was windy, so the goal was just to pick the feet up in the home straight, I was twice as tired as normal,” he said.

Last year at the ITM meeting Whelpton ran a legal 21.28.

Georgia Hulls likewise would have recorded a personal best in the 200m, but for the wind. Her time was 23.01 +3.8 from Rosie Elliott 23.03 with Anna Percy third in 23.82.

“It was pretty windy, but it was an amazing race with Rosie there the whole way. It was nice to get a hit out before nationals, and I can look forward to Hastings where I will hopefully enjoy some good conditions,” said Hulls.

Keeley O’Hagan set a meet record clearing 1.78m in the high jump to break Elizabeth Lamb’s 2010 record of 1.71m. Hamish Kerr was conservative in the conditions winning the men’s high jump with 2.10m.

Katherine Camp showed plenty of strength over the final 200m of the 800m to win in 2:08.94 from Rosa Twyford and Kara Macdermid.

Camp the national champion for the last three years said that the wind was very trying.

“That wind was pretty rough out there, but I knew if I could get to that top 200m and finish strong the wind would push me along, so the last 200m was pretty good,” she said.

Tatiana Kaumoana threw a massive personal best in the discus, her 56.51m being two metres better than her throw at the Canterbury Championships last week and raising her to fourth all-time New Zealand woman.

Kaumoana said that it was really good.

“I was a little bit concerned at the start of the session about the wind, but it turned out well.”

Tapenisa Havea was second with 50.63m and Suzannah Kennelly (16) third with a PB 47.45m. Havea also competed in the shot put which she won with 15.63m.

It was personal bests all round in the men’s discus Kieran Fowler winning with 50.76m  from Jade Zaia 50.66m and Jared Neighbours 46.18m.

Tom Walsh was out to 20.71m in the shot with Nick Palmer second throwing 18.09m.

Anthony Nobilo was 14 centimetres shy of his career best in the hammer, throwing 66.44m and Lauren Bruce was out to 65.88m in the women’s hammer.

National champion Amy Robertson made it over the first two flights of hurdles in the 100m hurdles before pulling up with a possible hamstring injury. Maggie Jones won in 14.48 +3.6. Joshua Hawkins won the 110m hurdles in 14.20 +3.6.

Triple jump honours went to Scott Thomson with 14.62m +4.1 and Anna Thomson with 12.79m +3.6.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting #14, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 26 February 2022
Max Attwell PV 4.50m, Jared Neighbours 3.80m. Niah Williams PV 3.00m. Beau Brackenridge 300m H 0.838m 39.47. Olivia Hereman 300m H 0.762m 47.12, Emily Jackson 47.14. Jonah Cropp 2000m RW 8:52.94, Courtney Ruske 8:56.24, Laura Langley 9:05.83. Alizjah Campbell 100m 10.93 +3.7. Hannah Maloney 100m 12.40 +2.8, Helena Dinnissen 12.58. James Sandilands LJ 6.75m +4.5 also 6.31m +0.7. Jack Henry LJ 6.37m +4.8 also 6.14m +1.2. Kelsey Berryman LJ 5.98m +4.8 also 5.82m +1.0. John Mottus 400m 51.21, Oliver Dunshea 51.95. Brad Grooby 200m 22.24 +5.1, Joshua Price 22.26. Eden Innes 200m 26.11 +4.2. Anton Schroder 800g JT 52.67m. Caitlin Bonne 600g JT 45.62m, Holly Robinson 40.91m.


Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium – 23 February 2022
Holly Manning 800m 2:04.41 PB, Jennie Hauke 2:05.61 PB, Macey Hilton 2:06.87 PB, Samantha Korck 2:15.71, Peyton Leigh 2:17.15, Kate Borton 2:18.19. Charlotte Greenwood 1500m 4:48.14, Leila Daniels 4:52.34, Sascha Letica 4:54.11. Justin Menezes 400m H 58.50, Celine Pearn 62.78. Matthew Alty 200m 22.48 +1.0 PB, Bailey Stewart 22.51, Mitch Joynt T64 23.72. Tomas Barry 800m 1:55.11, Mikael Starzynski 1:55.31. Sam Waldin 1500m 3:58.08, Andre McKay 3:58.50, Angus Monro 3:59.10 PB, Jack Moody 4:00.20 PB.

Simon Mace (44) 10,000m 32:06.87 PB, Mark Boyce (35) 32:41.54 PB, Paul Crowhurst (43) 33:19.54 PB.

McKinnon Shield Meeting #9, Sprints and Hurdles, Mt Smart Stadium – 26 February 2022
Jordan Bolland 100m 10.76 +1.3, Kadin Taylor 11.03. Troy Middleton 200m 22.12 +1.2, Bolland 22.19. Amelie Fairclough 100m 12.09 +0.8, Nadia Evans 12.35, Jade Henley-Smith 12.44, Mia Powell 12.46. Amelie Fairclough 200m 24.69 +0.9, Mia Powell 25.28.

Justin Menezes 400m H 59.63.

Middle Distance, AUT Millennium Stadium North Shore: Abbey Bolton 800m 2:20.30. Bella Earl 3000m 10:09.95, Sophie Robb 10:41.09, Grace Meredith 10:50.06. Georgia Lynch 2000m steeplechase 7:52.4 HT. Andre Mckay 3000m 8:52.34, Lakshay Bawa 8:55.81, Sam Heyes 8:58.71. 

Field Events, Yvette Williams Track, Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga: Evie MacLennan HJ 1.60m. Nora Caffery 3kg SP 11.58m. Te Rina Keenan DT 51.54m, Savannah Scheen 50.83m, Rina Maka 40.46m. Kaelan Paranihi HJ 1.80m, LJ 6.52m +1.2. Ethan Phillips 2kg DT 35.57m. Percy Maka 1.5kg DT 53.64m, Reid Davidson 35.91m. Corran Hanning F12 1.75kg DT 34.52m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 26 February 2022
Grace Wisnewski 300m H 44.69 PB, Sophie Hancock 45.58, LJ 5.16m +2.1 also 5.02m +1.1. Alessandra Macdonald 100m 12.83 +1.3. Amelia de Lautour HJ 1.68m, Mia De Jager 1.60m. Losaline Lose DT 41.50m, 3kg SP 11.62m. Wiremu Knowles 300m H 0.838m 44.37.

Tommy Te Puni 60m 7.00 +0.5, 100m 10.88 +0.5. Kurt Sweeney 100m 11.47, LJ 6.25m 0.0. Jacob Douglas 400m 50.39, Charles Roil 50.48 PB. Harrison McGregor 1.5kg DT 49.87m, 5kg SP 14.20m. Quinn Motley 1.75kg DT 41.81m, 6kg SP 12.13m, 800g JT 35.77m.


Mid-Week Twilight Meeting, Newtown Park – 23 February 2022
Jake Paul 100m 11.21 +1.9, 200m 23.42 -2.7. Joshua Lotsu 11.29 and 23.73. 3000m Seamus Kane 8:35.78, Ronan Lee 8:50.21, Malcolm Hodge 8:54.49. Andrea Peat 10:44.81, Maria Revelant 10:57.75, Eliza Squire 10:58.00.


Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 25 February 2022
Josephine Tappenden 400m 59.77. Amelia Clark (15) 1500m 4:47.60. Ben Walker HJ 1.91m PB.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 26 February 2022
Fiona Centers 100m 12.37 +3.7, 200m 25.09 NWI. Jorja Gibbons 100m 12.85. Schuyler Orr 100m 11.24 +3.1, 200m 23.29 +3.5. Hamish Moore 100m 11.44, Hadlee Edmunds 11.50. Cameron Moffitt 200m 22.74 +3.5. Fergus McLeay 400m 50.80. Todd Bradshaw 110m H 15.96 +6.0. Anna Grimaldi LJ 5.51m +5.7. Luke Moffitt LJ 6.26m +6.3. Alexa Duff DT 35.59m, 500g JT 35.67m PB. Mike Scholten HT 34.67m. Embla Wihk DT 35.46m, HT 35.58m. Jamin Millar 5kg HT 44.34m.

International Results


Northern Arizona University Tune Up Meeting, J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome, Flagstaff AZ, 18 February: Aimee Mackenzie mile 5:50.99 (14).

Conference, Birmingham AL, 19 February: Josie Taylor HJ 1.86m PB (1). (equals New Zealand indoor record of 1.86m set by Tania Murray in February 1991 in Seville). Jack Beaumont 3000m 8:34.66 (10).

Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships, Spokane WA, 19 February: Katherine Badham mile 5:11.02 (8RB).

Soka Indoor, Aliso Viejo CA, 19 February: Maria Sartin 400m 58.90 (1R1).

Great Northwest Athletic Conference Championships, Spokane WA, 21 February: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:15.99 (2H1), final 2:05.09 PB (1).

Sun Belt Indoors Championships, Birmingham AL, 21/22 February: Ben Collerton heptathlon 5731 points PB (2) (60m 7.15, LJ 7.05m, SP 14.29m PB, HJ 2.05m, 60m H 8.27, PV 4.57m PB, 1000m 2:48.30).

Summit League, Grand Forks ND, 25 February: Hinewai Knowles 60m 7.79 (5H3), 60m H 8.80 (3H3). 26 February: Hinewai Knowles 60m H final (6).

Mid-American Conference Championships, Kent OH, 25 February: Toby Gualter 5000m 14:22.96 (2). 26 February: Toby Gualter 3000m 8:22.52 (2).

Lone Star, Lubbock TX, 25 February: Leah Belfield 60m 7.46 (1H1), 200m 23.95 PB (1H2). 26 February: Leah Belfield 60m 7.42 PB (1) (New Zealand Indoor Record breaking Kim Robertson’s 37 year old record of 7.43 set in Paris in 1985), 200m 24.02 (1).

Big East, Chicago IL, 25 February: Angus White mile 4:14.62 (2H2). 26 February: Angus White mile 4:05.50 (5). Liam Back 3000m 7:56.85 (4).

Big Sky, Bozeman MT, 25 February: Theo Quax 800m 1:54.72 (1H3). 26 February: Theo Quax mile 4:12.93 (7). Welrè Olivier TJ 15.36m (3).

Midwest Conference, Albuquerque NM, 25 February: Murdoch McIntyre 5000m 14:46.64 (13). 26 February: Murdoch McIntyre 3000m 8:38.74 (11).

Ivy League, New York NY, 26 February: Maia Ramsden mile 4:58.44 (1H1).

SEC Championships, College Station TX, 26 February: Nick Moulai 3000m 8:13.93 (11H2).

American Indoors, Birmingham AL, 26 February: Tamara Reeves 3000m 9:59.77 (13).

BYU Cougar Collegiate Invitational, Provo UT, 26 February: Krystie Solomon 800m 2:14.47.

Big 12, Ames IA, 26 February: Isaiah Priddey 3000m 8:10.32 (10).


Victorian Championships, Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, 18 February: Rebekah Greene 1500m 4:24.77 (2). Steven Langdon 1500m 3:58.15 (7H1). 19 February: Steven Langdon 1500m 4:00.34 (13). Jayde Parsons U/18 100m 13.19 +1.3 (5H1).

Western Australia State Championships, WA Athletics Stadium, Perth, 19 February: Warren Button HT 58.14m (1).

Tasmanian Championships, Domain Athletic Centre, Hobart, 19 February: Theunis Pieters 800m 1:57.35 (2H2), 1500m 3:59.39 (6). 20 February: Theunis Pieters 800m 1:54.83 (4).

New South Wales State Championship, Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre, 20 February: Caitlin Shepperson HT 40.09m (10).


Raka Sparet Rundbanelopp, Sollentuna, 19 February: Tim Robertson 1500m 3:54.79 (4).


Copernicus Cup, Toruń, 22 February: Hamish Carson 3000m 7:47.54 (6).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 22 February: David Bagot 17:04, James Parker 18:04, Harrison Craigie 18:24. Carolina Guedes 21:34, Nikki Kahn 21:51, Christine Adamson 22:13.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 23 February: Tom Hanrahan 19:33, Andrew Harvey 21:03, Mike Bates 21:38.

Devonport Half Marathon, 27 February: James Marsh 1:16:50, Matt Kerr 1:17:00, Shae Patten-Wise 1:20:34. Shelley Gurney 1:27:11, Katherine Morgan 1:31:31, Kate Pineda 1:32:41. 10km; Marek Schirnack 33:28, Andrew Pointon 34:31, George Mawson 35:36. 5km; Mark Carryer 19:10, Aron Thompson 19:35, Vincent Sesto 20:08.

8th Continent Marathon and Half Marathon, Auckland Domain, 27 February: Gene Rand 2:48:52, Stephen Mitchell 3:18:55, Matt Hall-White 3:55:42. Half; Andrew Blake 1:25:40, Jonathan Dixon 1:30:49, Carl Byrne 1:33:27.

Bay 5km Run, 23 February: Wyllie George 17:08, Elliott Pugh 17:08, Finnley Oliver 17:21. Lulu Johnson 18:06, Deb Fuller 18:11, Alice Mason 18:42.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 21 February: Nancy Jiang 18:15, Mike Beever 19:58, Paul Heath 20:44.

Christchurch Motorway Half Marathon, 27 February: Oska Baynes 1:06:30, Harry Rattray 1:14:29, Keegan Chin 1:15:35, Hayden Zervos 1:16:46, David Bennetts 1:17:01, Shaun McWhirter 1:17:30, Simon Kerr 1:18:01, Stephen Blackwell 1:19:50. Catherine Calverley 1:26:20 PB, Annie Radecki 1:34:01, Teresa Blackmore 1:39:10. 10km; Alex Witt 35:18, Hamish Murphy 39:26, Peter Richards 40:33.

32nd Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 24 February: 5km; Corey Lewis 17:13, Aaron Eyles 17:55, Casey Pearce 17:56. Kristy Eyles 19:34, Florence Reynolds 20:25. 10km; Alice Macleod 42:32, Wayne Porteous 42:32.