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27 August 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up: August 26

Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round up.This week’s edition includes:

Results from the Auckland, Cambridge, Wellington and Otago Road Championships
International results from France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium and Australia
Road and Trail race results
Murray McKinnon
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New Zealand Competition Results
Auckland Road Championships, Bruce Pulman Park, Takanini – 25 August 2019
Aaron Pulford travelled up from Tauranga to test out the course for the New Zealand road championships in three weeks’ time and came away with a convincing win in the five lap 10km race in 31:31. Pulford finished over a minute ahead of Jacob Hendrickx who outkicked Trent Dodds by four seconds in 32:41. A strong cold wind swept the course making the going tough in parts.

Jono Jackson was fourth in 33:22 with Hayden Rodger fifth in 34:03.

Lisa Cross won the senior women’s 10km in 35:45 from Katrina Andrew 36:49 and Audrey Gregan 38:22.

Greg Darbyshire was the first master in 32:52, with Nick Moore recording 33:26 and Mark Paterson 34:15 for the 10km.

David Moore in a photo finish with Ethan Verner claimed the under 20 8km both timed at 28:12 and in another close finish the camera was used to separate the under 18 6km the title going to Luke Clements from Jahko Tohaia both credited with 20:10.

Emily Hacket Pain won the under 20 5km in 20:55, Catlin Harley the under 18 in 21:38 and Shamiso Sisimayi, a master, won the combined race in 20:00.
Other winners Ronan Codyre U/16 4km 13:33, Arlo Farquhar U/16 4km 15:15, Jack Snedden U/14 3km 10:18, Sophie Robb U/14 3km 10:50, Ben Oxford U/12 2km 7:17, Imogen Barlow U/12 2km 7:31, Tighe Healy U/10 2km 8:00, Biahn Pallister U/10 2km 8:41, John Malins U/8 2km 9:41, Jasmine Wagener U/8 2km 9:27.
Race walk championship; SW 10km: Corinne Smith 59:41, Antonia Martin 1:07:15, Sarah-Amy Rhind 1:11:19. SM 10km: Lyndon Hohaia 56:47. U/20 10km: Troy Sargisson 59:37. U/14 3km: Richie Trathen 26:05.

Auckland Throws Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 24 August 2019
Anthony Barmes 7.26kg HT 53.61m PB, Liam Ngchok-Wulf 5kg SP 13.44m, 1.5kg DT 50.17m, Jayden Williamson 5kg HT 44.94m, Centaine Noom-Duckworth 3kg HT 53.35m, 4kg HT 44.98m PB, Mile Naime 3kg HT 49.42m, Nadja Kumerich DT 34.99m PB, 3kg SP 12.43m PB.

Waikato Bay of Plenty Road Championships, St Peter’s School – 25 August 2019
Michael Voss was impressive in the senior 10km winning by nearly three minutes in 31:04. Iain Macdonald was second in 33:56 and John Mering third in 34:32. Sally Gibbs won the senior women’s 10km in 38:39 from Megan Grant 42:16. Matthew Parsonage MM 10km 34:51, Dean Chiplin 35:09, Keegan Williams 35:20. Vicki Rees-Jones MW 5km 20:09, Bridget Deverell 20:31, Veronica Maree 20:52, Siobhan Griffiths 20:52. Ben Bidois U/18 5km 16:16, Andrew Carr 16:20, Joseph Morgan 16:31. Charli Miller a top run in the U/18 5km in 17:47 from Hannah Gapes 19:27. William Swales U/20 7.5km 27:19. U/16 4km Ian Pugh 14:24 and Mia Fletcher 16:19. U/14 2.5km Elliot Pugh 8:34 and Eleanor Pugh 10:06.

Wellington Road Championships, Wainuiomata – 24 August 2019
Seamus Kane senior 10km 31:49, Isaac Murphy 31:56, Kristian Day 31:59. Brian Garmonsway MM 10km 32:54, Stephen Day 33:05, Andrew Wharton 33:24. M50 Peter Stevens 35:32, Paul Hewitson 35:38, Michael Wray 35:53. Sarah Drought SW 10km 37:41, Melissa Black 38:08, Esther George 38:33. Mel Stevens MW 10km 37:55, Mel Aitken 38:11, Angela Leck 40:48. Thomas Strawbridge U/20 7.5km 24:35, Jack Paine 25:51, Harry McLean 25:54. Mason Waterworth U/18 6km 19:45. Esther Kozniak U/18 5km 18:54, Caitlin Bassett 18:55, Jessica Hughes 19:00. Jayme Maxwell U/20 5km 20:14, Hannah Gordon 21:12. Victoria Humphries W50 20:09. Todd Krieble M60 19:21. U/16 3.5km Jack Hunter 11:15 and Eliza Squire 12:48. U/14 2.5km Max Poland 8:26 and Ava Sutherland 9:16.

Under 18 Cross Country Races, Hansen Park, Opawa – 24 August 2019
Boys 3km, U/18 Chanel Muir 10:59, Cameron Clark 11:12, Louie Howell 11:35. U/16 Theo Walker 11:28, Luca Borcoskie 11:34, Samuel Meecham 11:44. U/14 Daniel Prescott 11:51, Angus Sevier 11:54, Elliot Graves 12:03. Girls 3km, U/18 Ella Mcdonald 13:44, Lydia Robinson 14:12, Haven Drinnan 14:12. U/16 Maddie Sharpe 13:24, Nicole Vance 13:44, Lily Keenan 14:05. U/14 Elspeth McGuinness 13:07, Kate Currie 13:12, Xanthe Jane 13:40. 2km U/12 Harrison Staunton 8:25 and Francheska Sims 8:40. U/10 Noah Madgwick 9:13 and Lily Sewell 9:29.

Otago Road Championships, Forbury Park – 24 August 2019
Janus Staufenberg and Rebekah Greene backed up victories in the Otago cross-country with dominant performances on the streets surrounding the Forbury Park Raceway.

Both opened commanding leads throughout the first half of the 10km course, Greene winning in 36:21, 5:01 clear of Sharon Lequeux.

Staufenberg beat Simon Cromarty by a minute and a half in 31:52 with Jonah Smith third and Nic Bathgate fourth. Nathan Hill won the under 20 8km in 27:01and Josh Hou won the under 18 6km in 21:12.

Lahana Reeves held out a strong challenge from Laura Bungard to win the under 20 5km, by 19 seconds in 20:30.

Alex Brown won the under 20 5km race walk title in 26:46s. Tom Cockerill won the masters men’s title in 38:52.


International Results
IAAF Diamond League, Paris – 24 August 2019
Tom Walsh won the shot put with a season’s best of 22.44m which came in the first round. The world champion had further throws of 22.10m, 22.21m and 22.31m, before a couple of no throws at the end.

Walsh said that he knew that he had something going into the competition.

“I was feeling really good in the circle the last bit. Coming out in the first throw it popped out of my hand and it was really easy, smooth, and I was really happy with that. “Then I had another three good throws which I was really happy with, then I started pushing a bit and it was not exactly what I wanted but I’m really happy for my first comp in two months and my first comp in the build-up to Doha,” he said.

“I’ve just got to keep the ball rolling until Doha and not get ahead of myself. I know what works well for me and if I do that I’ll be fine. If I get caught up with how far this thing is going it won’t go well for me so I have to stick to what I know,” he added.
Joe Kovacs of USA was second with 22.11m and Darlan Romani of Brazil third with 21.56m.

Nick Willis was 14th in the 1500m in 3:37.33, won by Ronald Musagala of Uganda in 3:30.58.

Eliza McCartney competed in the pole vault but no heighted at 4.25m.

Morton Games, Dublin, 21 August: Julian Oakley 5000m 14:05.88 (16).

Scotland Championships, Grangemouth, Falkirk, 18 August: Ariana Harper 800m 2:15.29 (7).

BMC, Watford London, 21 August: Ariana Harper 800m 2:09.82 (4RA).
GBR National Championships, Birmingham, 24 August: Sam Petty 1500m 3:52.94 (7H2).

Grand Prix, Brussells, 23 August: Cameron French 400m H 49.79 (1).
Flanders Cup, Huizingen, 24 August: Samuel Bremer 1500m 3:47.56 PB (6).

Australia Cross Country Championships, Kembla Grange, Wollongong Illawarra, NSW – 24 August 2019
Kirstie Rae won the under 20 6km in 21:24, Aimee Ferguson 22:33 (9), Sarah Lambert 22:46 (12), Liliana Braun 23:03 (14). New Zealand were second in the teams.
Men under 20 8km; Max Karamanolis 26:45 (17), Fletcher Pickworth 27:10 (22), Liam Lamb 27:18 (23), Liam Thomas Mullin 29:09 (48), team fourth.
Men under 18 6km; William Taylor 19:16 (10), Tobias Saxby 19:17 (12), Will Anthony 19:27 (17), McCullum Rowe 19:30 (18), Andres Hernandez 19:32 (19), Zane Powell 19:33 (21), Liam Back 19:43 (27), Reid Livingstone 20:18 (55), George Lambert 20:28 (62), Andre Le Pine-Day 20:56 (80), team third.
Women under 18 4km; Isabella Richardson 14:18 (5), Rebecca Baker 14:44 (19), Natalya Carter 15:01 (30), Arabella White 15:06 (35), Maia Flint 15:06 (36), Jemima Antoniazzi 15:09 (40), Maali Kyle-Ford 15:11 (44), team fourth.
Women under 16 4km; Hannah Prosser 14:14 (6).

Gold Coast Winter Series No 4, Griffith University Athletics Track, Southport, 17 August: Portia Bing 400m H 56.28 (1).

39th de Castella 15km Run, Melbourne, 25 August: Dave Ridley 48:53 (4).


Road and Trail Races Around the Country
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 20 August: Davide Fontana 17:51, Josh Whiteley 17:55, John Mauro 17:58. Isabel Emerson 21:10, Laura Brown 21:16, Rebecca Donnelly 21:51.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 21 August: Mike Wanden 16:44, Damon Nicholas 18:08, Henry Barfoot 18:20. Yeri Kim 22:18.

Mt Maunganui
Mt Maunganui Half Marathon, 24 August: Chris Sanson 1:10:45, Garit Read 1:14:27, Brad Dixon 1:17:30. Margie Campbell 1:19:27, Sarah Gardner 1:24:12, Julia Anderson 1:24:38. 10km; Dom Godfrey 36:17, Hudson Beetham 38:48, Mark Carryer 40:11. Frances Stringfellow 40:21, Taylor Stockman 42:27, Ella Ryan 44:13.

Te Anau
Meridan Hydro Half Marathon, 24 August: Odie Ruegg 1:30:54, Geoff Barnes 1:31:05, Jeff Kennedy 1:31:29. Crystal Brindle 1:28:21, Rebecca Sheffield 1:30:52, Maggie Davies 1:39:31.