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11 November 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up: November 11

New Zealand Competition Results

Dick Quax Memorial Meeting, Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga – 9 November 2019
Josie Taylor of Hamilton highlighted the second Dick Quax Memorial meeting setting a New Zealand under 17 high jump record of 1.83m. The 16 year old added a centimetre to Keeley O’Hagan’s record set at Waitakere in February 2010. Taylor, the New Zealand youth champion, had equalled O’Hagan’s record of 1.82m in Hamilton last month.
Nadia Evans was a convincing winner of the women’s 100m into a stiff head wind in 12.76 -3.9, Mogammad Smith won the sprint double in 11.25 -2.6 and 22.97 -4.4 for 200m. Sophie Atkinson 400m 57.69 PB an improvement on her 58.35 on 26 October. Jayden Williamson HJ 2.00m. Desmond van der Linde 110m H 914mm 15.66 -3.5. Hinewai Knowles 100m H 840mm 15.16 -4.9. National champion Stephanie Wrathall was out to 46.27m in the javelin. Savannah Scheen was second with 41.24m and set a PB in winning the discus with a throw of 45.50m. Zayyaan Smith 200m 26.32 -4.1, LJ 5.49m +4.0.
Cameron Graves led from start to finish in the Dick Quax Memorial 5000m in 14:42.16 winning by a large margin over fellow Bays runner David Moore who clocked a PB 15:23.23. Zane Powell was third in 15:36.81.
Lisa Cross won the women’s 5000m in 17:21.57 from national road champion Katrina Andrew who recorded 18:05.73 with Anneke Grogan third in 18:14.08.

Regional League Meeting, #2, Manawatu Community Athletic Track, Massey University – 9 November 2019
Cody Wilson 100m 10.75 -0.4, 200m 21.94 -1.5. Zac Topping 100m 10.94. Louis Northcott 400m 49.56 PB, 1.75kg DT 45.78m. Joseph Chamberlain 400m 49.88 PB. Mitchell Snell 800m 1:55.44 PB. Liam Back 800m 1:57.41, 1500m 3:58.05. Chris Sanson 3000m 8:42.39, Andres Hernandez 8:46.32. William Sinclair 1500m 3:59.81, 3000m 8:57.73. Jordan Peters LJ 7.21m +2.3, also 7.09m -1.6. Scott Thomson TJ 14.33m -0.7. Joseph Quinn 5kg HT 50.94m. Max Abbot 5kg HT 49.40m PB. Aiden Smith 800g JT 51.14m PB. Tama Bartlett 700g JT 42.90m PB. Lucas Martin 3000m RW 13:36.67 PB.
Sophie Williams 100m 12.16 -0.5. Genna Maples 100m 12.43, 200m 25.92 -2.1. Tayla Brunger 400m 55.44 PB. Emma Douglass 800m 2:13.32 PB. Kara Macdermid 1500m 4:27.56 mx. Sarah Lambert 3000m 10:43.00 mx. Ashleigh Alabaster 2000m St 762 7:28.70. Maggie Jones 300m H 47.05. Anna Thomson TJ 12.22m +1.3. Montaya Wharehinga HT 50.81m. Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg HT 47.27m PB. Hannah Gilberd 3000m RW 18:06.20.

The Agency Group 10,000m Newtown Park Stadium – 9 November 2019
The highlight of the night was Sally Gibbs breaking the World Record for W55s with her time of 36.46.96. Sally holds numerous New Zealand age-group records as well as world titles and New Zealand titles, but she has never broken an age-group world record before. She and several other runners requested NZ World Trail Running representative Tim Rabone pace them through to 36.40. Tim’s pack slowly dwindled away to just Sally. Several times she looked like she was struggling to stay on his heels before rallying and holding on. With about eight laps to go the crowd increasingly realised the world age group record was possible and came down onto the track to urge Sally on. Sally takes the record off Germany’s Silke Schmidt set in Ohrdruf Germany in 2015. Interestingly the W55 world record which was also the New Zealand record had been set at Newtown Park before by Bernie Portenski in 2006 at 37:22.37.
Ruby Muir was the next fastest woman on Saturday at 39:57.63.
In the last race of the night Hamish Carson, paced by Oli Chignell, rapidly pulled away from Oska Baynes and Chris Dryden opening up a big lead. He was not able to sustain the 29 minute pace he set out at but still finished on a blustery night with the fastest time in New Zealand this year and a PB of 29:39.28. Oska and Chris traded the lead a couple of times before Chris made a strong move with a kilometre to go to take second place in a new PB of 30:29.39. Baynes clocked 30:39.36 followed by Hiro Tanimoko 31:54.67, Niam Macdonald 32:20.23, Tama Christensen 32:23.08, Mark Moore 32:33.45, Mark Paterson 32:58.95.
Walk; Sean Lake 1:02: 7.83. Jacqueline Wilson 1:06:50.40.

Rhythm and Jumps, Christchurch Boys’ High School, Riccarton – 1 November 2019
Marcus Wolton HJ 2.00m, Max Attwell 1.94m, Eli Leifi 1.87m, Andrew Allan 1.86m PB. Jordan Peters LJ 7.40m -0.8, Felix McDonald 7.05m -0.7. Josie Taylor HJ 1.76m, Josephine Reeves 1.75m, Keeley O’Hagan 1.70m. Helena Dinnissen LJ 5.46m -1.4.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 9 November 2019
Shay Veitch 60m 7.16 -4.8, 100m 11.12 -5.6, 200m 21.66 -1.4. Felix McDonald 200m 22.62 -1.4. Nathan Harrison HJ 1.83m PB. Cameron Moffitt PV 3.20m PB. Jade Zaia 2kg DT 46.31m PB. Ethan Walker 700g JT 55.13m. Alexander Brown 3000m RW 14:25.06 PB. Lahana Reeves 3000m 10:46.39 mx. Zara Geddes 2000m St 762 7:35.05 PB, Catherine Lund 7:39.02 PB. Sarah Langsbury 300m H 762 48.19. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 45.43m.

Athletics Southland Twilight Meeting, Surrey Park – 8 November 2019
Sam Colyer LJ 6.51m NWI, Quinn Hartley 6.51m, TJ 12.72m. Takunda Mabonga TJ 12.90m NWI. Trent Hogg 5kg SP 14.15m, 1.5kg DT 39.90m. Norman Tudor 800g JT 41.56m PB. Bernice Cullen LJ 5.11m NWI. Tessa Baird TJ 10.19m NWI. Teagan Ashley 3kg SP 11.38m. Jessica Senior DT 33.60m, 600g JT 35.90m.

International Results

World Para Athletics Championships, Dubai 7/15 November:
7 November: Keegan Pitcher T38 400m heats 56.74 (6H2) DNQ. 8 November: Jack Lewer F20 SP qualification 11.18m q. Mitch Joynt T44/64 200m heats 23.65 +1.8 (5H2) q, 9 November final 23.64 +2.2 (8).

9 November: Lisa Adams F37 SP 14.80m (1) World record, Caitlin Dore F37 SP 9.50m (7) PB. Danielle Aitchison T36 200m heats 30.52 -0.2 (1H2) Q, final 29.86 +1.0 (2). Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 5.50m +1.0 (2). Jack Lewer F20 SP 11.15m (15). Jacob Phillips T35 200m 29.30 +1.1 (6). Anna Steven T64 200m 30.33 -1.9 (7). Ben Tuimaseve F37 SP 12.08m (12).
10 November: Mitch Joynt T64 100m heats 12.40+1.6 (6H3) DNQ. William Stedman T36 100m heats 12.51 +1.5 (6H2) DNQ.

New York Marathon, 3 November: Tim Gould 2:40:39 (208), Daniel Coates 2:44:12 (315), Andrew Brown 2:53:05 (793). Mel Stevens 2:58:56 (98), Anna McRae 3:21:15 (600), Hannah Walton 3:32:56 (1272).

Treloar Shield #4, Blacktown Sydney, 2 November: Liam Webb 100m 11.13 +2.5 (1R3).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country 

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 5 November: Davide Fontana 16:48, Marcus Robertson 17:10, Keith Burrows 17:1. Kerry Ash 20:22, Isabel Emerson 20:36, Rosie Taylor 21:48.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 6 November: Mike Wanden 16:44, James Danvers 20:12, Robert Good 20:12. Claire Badenhorst 20:20.
Owairaka 5km in the Park, 6 November: Peter Kenny 18:49, Hamish Gunns 20:34.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 5 November: John Merring 17:41, Ryan Johns 18:33, Kent Hodgson 18:41. Maria Bentley 19:31, Charli Miller 19:36, Cat Hawco 20:19.

Taranaki Steelformers Mountain Event, 6/7 November: 100 mile solo run: Oliver Vincent the 2016 champion again took out the 100 mile solo event, boldly leading the race from start to finish. Craig Barrett the 50km Walk Commonwealth Games silver medallist and three time Olympian finished a close second. On the final 25km from Okato to New Plymouth, Barrett was reducing Vincent’s lead with each kilometre covered, Vincent bravely held on and crossed the line in 16:22:31 with Barrett a further 2:4 behind in 16:25:12. Erin Vaughan won the women’s solo race in a time of 19:23:14 ahead of Lisa Townsend from Auckland in 23:44:17.
Jon Paul Heather won the 50 mile in 7:38:59 from Paula Moir 9:50:31.

Waterfront 5km, 5 November: Ben Twyman 16:00, Patrick McKenna 16:49, Walter Somerville 17:48. Miranda Spencer 18:49, Sarah Riceman 19:06, Renae Creser 20:10. Walk; Sean Lake 29:44. Andrea Adams 38:30.

Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco, 4 November: Braden Lawson 18:03, Chris Sharland 18:45, Hogan Ward 19:47. Robyn Deane 20:59, Julia Lawson 21:45.


Hastings Athletic Club stalwart Anne Jones died on Thursday 24 October 2019 aged 69. Anne was a Life Member of the Taradale Athletics Club and together with her husband Barry was a tireless worker for Children’s athletics and athletics in general. Anne was the mother of noted race walker Graeme.

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