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7 December 2022 • General

Flexible Membership Options to Launch in April

Athletics NZ is excited to be introducing changes to our membership structure, starting from April next year. The new approach will allow members to choose how they engage with the sport through new flexible membership options.

These significant changes are the outcome of a two-year review and consultation process, supported by the Sport NZ Strengthen and Adapt fund, which included surveys and focus groups with athletics clubs, centres, individual members and other stakeholders.

The strongest message from the review was the need to change how we engage our members, with over 96 percent of members surveyed supportive of introducing more flexible membership options.

Since 2015 there has been a small but consistent decline in Athletics NZ club membership. By adding flexible membership options, we hope to meet the needs of current and future participants and reverse the downward trend.

Some of the membership changes will be universal while others will be optional, with clubs able to choose what to introduce at their club. Every club is different and will know the membership options that best fit the needs of their community.

Athletics NZ Community Manager Hamish Meacheam noted the scale of the change and innovation: “We cannot expect people who want to take part in our sport to adapt their needs, instead we need to change our structures and systems to suit them.”

“Athletics will be the first major sport in New Zealand to offer a wide range of flexible membership options,” said Hamish. “There changes carry some risk, but the nature of sport participation is changing and we need to keep up in order for our sport to grow.”

“We will be reviewing the success of the membership options each year, and evolve our offering based on club and member feedback,” Hamish added.

A top-level summary of the new membership options is provided below. More detailed information will be shared in the new year. 

Rolling Annual Membership – National change

  • Will be introduced nationally from April 1, 2023 (clubs cannot opt out)
  • Available for senior (20+) athletes and social members
  • A 12-month membership, which begins in the month of purchase

Winter Seasonal Membership – Club determined change

  • Membership aligning with the winter distance running season – April-October (National Road Relay Championship)
  • Summer membership “top up” will be available
  • Available for senior (20+) athletes, excluding social members

Quarterly Membership for 15-19 year olds – Club determined change

  • Three-month membership split into four quarters:
    • Q1: Apr-Jun | Q2: Jul-Sep | Q3: Oct-Dec | Q4: Jan-Mar
  • Available for athletes aged 15-19 years to provide flexibility around other seasonal sports

Summer Quarterly Membership for athletes 14 and under – Club determined change

  • Three-month membership available over the summer months
    • Option of Q3: Oct-Dec and/or Q4: Jan-Mar
  • Available for athletes under seven and aged 7-14 years

A FAQ about the membership changes can be found here. Athletics NZ will be hosting a series of online membership workshops for clubs. Dates to be announced in the new year. 

Please contact Community Manager Hamish Meacheam if you have any questions: